Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Samantha Chow: Maggie Cheung Ho Yee not ready to resurface yet

Jewellery brand Jan Logan invited Samantha Chow and Tracy Yip to demonstrate the 2007 diamond and Southeast-Asian pearl series yesterday. Samantha expressed that she has just ended her contract with her modelling agency and she becomes a free person again. She said: “My relationship with the agency is like a dating relationship. If you don’t feel comfortable anymore, then you should break up. She also disclosed that her good friend Maggie Cheung helped her analyse her problem to end the contract and Maggie also supports her decision. Asked her when Maggie will come back to film series again, Samantha said: “She is currently still resting and she is also enjoying her life abroad a lot. Therefore I think she isn’t ready yet to return.”

Since Miss Hong Kong, no one pursues Tracy
Tracy expressed that she loves jewellery and she plans on following a jewellery design course. Asked her if her dream guy will give her a diamond, would she be extremely happy? She said: “If he treats me well and he gives me diamonds in addition, then he will definitely receive full marks.” Furthermore, she revealed that since the Miss pageant, no one has pursued her. Regarding her relationship with rumoured boyfriend Don Li, she said: “We are just ordinary friends. Once in a while, we will call each other. However, whenever I have problems, I will call him first. His experience is much richer than me.”

Source: Mingpao

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Gigi Lai to become a sassy spinster

Yesterday Gigi Lai and Ray Lui attended a promotional function in Panyu, Guangzhou as ribbon-cutting guests. Thanks to her TVB series, Gigi has received more opportunities to earn money in the Mainland. Besides performing on stage, she also cut ribbons for many new businesses. Her work opportunities increased into the north due to the good responses of her broadcasted series “War and Beauty” and “The Charm Beneath” in the Mainland. Her biggest goal is to make the entire country a place for her to earn money. She plans to buy a flat building with her future money.

Gigi’s greatest investment was to support her brother’s studies financially. Currently his dermatology practice is going very well. In the past, she went with a skin allergy to his practice, but because there were too many patients she couldn’t jump the queue. Gigi joked that now her brother’s business succeeded, it is time for him to repay her. Although her brother has urged her to retire early, but she likes the satisfaction of performing too much. She also joked that her chances of finding a partner became dimmer and dimmer. Therefore, she will have to become a sassy spinster whose brother’s girlfriend will have to be approved by her first.

Ray Lui is currently shooting the movie “Breaking through the Army” directed by Wilson Yip. However, he complained of a slow filming process which disrupts his work routine. He said that they have scheduled five days to film for “Breaking through the Army”, but in the end they only worked one day. As he has to shoot the TV series “Vietnamese King” soon, he feels really helpless because his time is tied up by “Breaking through the Army” yet they aren’t filming.

Source: Mingpao

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kenneth Ma wants to be an irresponsible siu sang

If you can choose, would you like to be like Bowie Lam or Moses Chan? They have important roles in a series, but these male leads are also burdened with the pressure of TV ratings. Or would you rather be like Wayne Lai or Ram Tseung? They are a supporting actor in almost every series. Recently, Kenneth Ma has attracted the attention of many viewers with his character Mak Ka Fai in “To Grow with Love”. He said frankly: “Actually, I am quite an irresponsible artist. When I have the opportunity to carry the ratings, they definitely have to hold you back. At the moment, I want to try out many different roles. Perhaps being a siu sang in one or two series, then it will be good for me.”

People have always seen the TVB acting classes as a kind of Shaolin temple that trains actors. However, not one graduate from the Shaolin temple skyrocketed into popularity in one go. They all had to work hard and climb up the ladder one step after the other. Without three, five or seven years, the viewers will definitely not remember your name. If you have a look at the current upcoming siu sangs like Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng and Sammul Chan, they all started out as kelefe. Even if some of them didn’t go through the acting classes. Can the TVB ratings guarantee today’s position of the artists to the ones who doesn’t work hard for a few years, even a dozen of years? It’s also the same for Kenneth, graduate of the 1999 TVB acting class. He started out as a kelefe as well, however he was more fortunate compared to others. He only needed three years before he had the opportunity to have a true role in a series. After five years he performed important characters in a series. Although the majority of these characters aren’t very pleasing, he believes that the most important thing is to satisfy himself.

Bad characters even more fun
“I think I can satisfy myself even more with bad characters. I have portrayed a character that was so bad that he even caused trouble for his own mother. I have also been a voyeur. These kind of characters are all bad, but just because of that it is fun to play them. You can be those kind of characters that you can’t be in reality. For example, I was a panty voyeur in “Survivor’s Law”. How can you keep on staring at women’s legs in reality? People would definitely say you are a pervert. In addition, I am quite an irresponsible actor. As long as I am not a leading actor, I will not feel the pressure of the TV ratings. This means that I can still take risks for a role and I don’t have to care too much about the opinions of others.”

Has Kenneth never thought about being the male lead? “When you get the opportunity to carry the ratings, the producer will hold you back a lot. I still feel that I should be able to take risks now. Moreover, I am not a very ambitious person.” Asked him whether he has strived for a male leading role, he said surprisingly: “At TVB, you can’t strive for it on your own initiative. If the company thinks that you are OK, then they will look for you. However, I believe I am a very lucky person. Many producers have thought that I was suitable for a specific characters and have thus asked for me. I am very grateful for them to give me so much space (to develop my character). For example, when producer Kwan Wing Chun asked me for “To Grow with Love”, he only said that he had a very cute character for me. As soon as I heard it, I accepted it. Initially, Mak Ka Fai was such a minor character that his personality wasn’t even described. When I understood this character, I told the producer how I wanted to portray him. I even had his appearance and speech in my mind. The producer also gave me a lot of freedom. In the end, if the viewers liked it then I am also happy.”

Grateful for seniors giving me advice
Besides obtaining the favour of the producers, many seniors also treat him very well and often give him advice. However, he wasn’t willing to say which seniors have praised. He only disclosed that Roger Kwok, Benz Hui and Wayne Lai has taught him a lot. Smilingly, he said: “Wayne has once said that being in this profession you have to count on thirty percent of talent and seventy percent of luck. No matter how good you are, if the viewers doesn’t like you then you are dead meat. Therefore it is very important to have a predestined relationship with the audience. Although it seems that I am currently only taking strange roles, I think it is a good thing. I don’t want to be a typical siu sang. I also don’t need to please beautiful girls. If I have to appeal to them, then it is enough to be good-looking. I think that I have already succeeded if I was publicly recognized as a gifted actor. Instead it isn’t important how much I earn. As for when I would be able to do that, I don’t dare to think about it. I will just take it one step at a time. Becoming an actor, you can’t go too fast. I’d rather you tell that I still have room to improve. If you told me that I have already reached the highest that I could get, then I would think it is a very bad situation.”

Having been with TVB for seven years, he has just won his first award. Was it fast or slow? Kenneth only expressed that he has never thought that it would come so fast, because he thought that the competition was very strong. That is why when they announced it, he just stayed motionless and didn’t understand the reaction. He also said that although his body lives in this entertainment industry, but many people has told him that he wasn’t ambitious. He continued to say that the reason he entered this industry is because he loved acting. Asked him about the senior who praised him, after some time he quietly said one sentence: “Won’t the person think that I used them to promote myself?” Asked him about the rumours with Margie Tsang, he wouldn’t care about what has been said as long as the female doesn’t mind it. Actually if others wrote that he was very unhappy after dinner, at that moment, Kenneth seems to resemble Ka Fai a lot.

Source: Singpao

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Se7en fears to stop filming first series due to lawsuits

South Korean dancer and singer Se7en became a leading actor for the first time in the series “Goong S”. Currently he is being accused by the production company of the popular series “Goong”, Eight Peaks, of plagiarism of their work. In addition, the title “Goong” is used unauthorised and lead to confusion towards the audience. They requested the court to issue a prohibition order for the filming and the broadcast later on.

A board member of Eight Peaks Choi Gye Young pointed out that it was actually the company Group Eight that produces “Goong S”. It turns out that Group Eight was established in May this year by workers who were fired from Eight Peaks. Therefore they don’t have the right to produce any works related to “Goong”.

Choi Gye Young added: “Recently, Group Eight have changed the series’ title from “Goong 2” to “Goong S”. However, they still promote their series as a sequel and a special edition of “Goong”. Yet that is actually illegal and plagiarism. Without our agreement, they have used the title “Goong”. In reality, they are stealing!”

He also said angrily that Group Eight have disappointed them and more importantly, they have affected the production of “Goong 2”. He explained: “The appearance of this pirated version of “Goong 2” (he is talking about “Goong S”) also blew up the contract negotiations for the broadcast of “Goong 2” in the other Asian regions. Group Eight exploited the “Goong” trademark to obtain many benefits. In order to avoid such losses again, we already went to court and requested to stop the production of “Goong S”.”

Yoon Eun Hye and Ju Ji Hoon for the original “Goong 2”
Because of this matter, Eight Peaks revealed that they have been planning to film “Goong 2”. Many media and viewers immediately asked them whether the two leads Yoon Eun Hye and Ju Ji Hoon will act in it. Yesterday Choi Gye Young said: “If “Goong 2” will indeed be produced, then the former leads Yoon Eun Hye and Ju Ji Hoon should certainly continue their roles. Although we understand very well what the fans want, we first have to resolve this dispute with Group Eight properly. Only then will we carry out our plans for “Goong 2”.”

Group Eight didn’t care much about Eight Peaks’ indictment. Yesterday they continued filming scenes with Se7en. They weren’t frightened at all that the broadcast will be forbidden.

Source: Singpao

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Steven Ma aiming at the throne of the ‘king of ratings’

With his character Sheung Chi in “Safe Guards”, Steven Ma took home the TVB award for ‘My Most Favourite Character’. His acting skills were recognised by the audience. 2006 is the year that Steven has obtained the best result in his acting career.

Regarding his good results in 2006, Steven said: “This is definitely the best reward! My colleagues and producer were also very happy for me. I will definitely hold a celebration dinner. It will be celebrated with my co-stars and producer from “Safe Guards” as it was this series that gave me an award. However, I will continue to do my best and hopefully I will receive another award next year!” He frankly said he would like to know how it’s like to win the “Best Actor” award. He will set this as his goal. It is another case whether he would succeed or not. It is the most important that he has this initiative. Asked him whether his return to TVB was a correct decision, Steven said: “I considered for half a year. I have talked many times with Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang. Seeing TVB’s sincerity, my confidence in the company grew. In the end, it proofed that my choice wasn’t wrong. I am really grateful for their support as well as the company’s!”

Doesn’t believe that Kevin Cheng’s win was fixed
After the awards ceremony, there was many noise that it was fixed. All of these were pointed at the “Best Actor” Kevin Cheng. However, dark horse Steven wasn’t among them. He reasoned calmly: “Kevin and I are fellow apprentice-brothers. He entered this business a half year before me. I am very happy to see him obtain such a result. Throughout the whole ceremony, some people will be very joyful and others will be disappointed. The most important thing is to obtain the audience’s approval and recognition. Some things will pass very quickly. I understand very well that they have done a lot of hard work at that time. They can only continue their hard work.”

Hoping to release an album again
Talking about the projects for next year, Steven hopes to record another album again. However, he will not anticipate any award for it. He is aware that he is no longer a singer. This kind of awards is better if it stayed with real singers. Steven said: “If I have the opportunity, I would like to try shooting a movie. However, I have a lot of series lined up next year. I will be switching from modern series to ancient series and back again.”

Source: TVB Chinese News Collection

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Kenix Kwok: "Frankie Lam is my singing master"

Kenix Kwok has always appeared with the status of TVB’s big sister on the television screen. Recently, she showed her singing often at CCTV’s big gala. Although she was singing songs from others, her popularity is still very high. She has thus obtained the recognition and approval of the audience and the sponsors.

Before accepting the interview from the reporter, Kenix expressed that she liked to sing a lot. She would often sing karaoke with Frankie Lam at home, however she had never underwent any training for it. Her only singing teacher has been Frankie. Kenix expressed modestly that she approached singing as an amateur. But Frankie is very skilled in it. At the moment, he is preparing his new album. Everyone will be able to enjoy his singing skills soon.

Earlier, Frankie and Kenix attended a function in the Mainland. On stage, Frankie also sang the songs “The Invisible Wings” (by Angela Zhang) and “Goodbye Kiss” (by Jackie Cheung). The audience seemed to be very appreciative of it. At the contract signing ceremony for their new boss, Frankie sang “The Invisible Wings” and brought the release conference to a high atmosphere.

Source: Sina.com.cn

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jack Wu talking fat ‘nonsense’

Roughly estimated Myolie Wu gained about forty pounds. Recently, she has been on the cover of three magazines with a total of almost ten articles. The recipe to increase weight is different for every person, but at least Myolie’s exposure and figure has both expanded greatly.

With the same surname Wu and also gained forty pounds is Jack Wu. However, this Wu definitely isn’t the same as the other Wu. It hadn’t been played up by the media. If it was, at the most it was a little gossip article of hundred till two hundred words, like in our weekly of last week, with the title “Jack Wu becomes fat Wu”.

Whether one is popular or not, the entertainment circle has always been very ruthless. But Jack has gone through even more ruthless times. In 1996, he won a singing contest and in 1997 he became a newcomer in the industry. Suddenly there was a financial crisis. From the newcomer with the most potential, he turned into a ‘businessman’ struggling for money. To earn money, he would often have to depend on doing shows. It is a choice that one often wouldn’t like to choose. In 2000 he joined TVB, beginning from scratch again. No one remembered that he was once a singer.

Working hard for a few years, it wasn’t easy to become a male lead. His co-star is the current rising starlet Myolie Wu. Believing he could rise up in one go, who could imagine he was frozen for the next three years. If it wasn’t for the recent creation of ‘TVB pay channel’, we wouldn’t even have a clue what was called “Net Deception”.

“Being an artist, you can’t control when a series will be aired. As long as you did your best, it is enough.”

Having been through too many situations where hope will turn into disappointment, one has learned to relativise. For example portraying a fat guy this time, it is already enough when has given his all.

“Of course it is good when I become popular with this role. If I don’t, well, I can always try next time. Anyway, at least this time I can eat and drink as much as I want. In the past, I had to watch my figure. I wouldn’t dare to let myself go like this!” Jack has just eaten curry beef noodles followed by toast, chicken wings and a coke. It seems he is talking straight from his heart. So enviable.

Perhaps I am still not good enough
Originally, we wanted to interview Jack Wu when “To Grow with Love” is airing. However, it was said that halfway the series he will start losing his weight. At the moment, he is on his heaviest. Everyone believed it was necessary to have at least a picture as a reminder.

That day, he arrived with a body weight of almost 170 pounds and a 36-inch belly. Sitting down, he was either drinking high-nutritional milk or coke all the time. His mouth never stopped working. He was asked to sit on the ground for a picture, but he couldn’t bend his legs enough. In the end, he had to sit on a chair. Seeing him like this, you would think he was having a hard time.

However, Jack is really enjoying being a fat guy. He is smiling a lot with a mischievous expression. He even swallowed the cold food props into his stomach. “It is not hard work. No matter what, I still have to eat!” he said.

What he is most excited about is not the fact he successfully gained weight. However it was this rare opportunity of performance.

He has waited for nine years, but the moment he might become popular has finally arrived. Jack knows very well what he is doing. This fat guy, his last name definitely is not ‘dead’.

“Nowadays, if I don’t feel full, I would immediately eat something. The way I eat is actually quite frightening. As soon as I wake up I will drink three yakults which help my stomach exercise. Afterwards I drink a glass of high-nutritional milk. For breakfast, I order a regular menu A: noodles with omelette and toast. In the past I would drink tea with milk, but now I drink coke. Before lunch I eat an orange and some chocolate. Then I eat a dish of greasy fried rice plus a chicken buttock. After lunch I drink another glass of high-nutritional milk. When it is tea time I eat a braised chicken bun, rice with shredded meat and vegetables plus a chicken wing with French fries. Before dinner I have two yakults followed by baked pork steak with rice. As for my midnight snack, I usually have a portion of glutinous rice with chicken and another glass of high-nutritional milk.

Besides saying my lines, my mouths is continuously eating. In the past I would go running and go to the gym. At the moment I try to move as little as possible so that I absorb a lot of warmth and energy.

To tell you the truth I am actually quite happy. As an artist, you always have to look after your body. You have to eat many small portions, but you also fear for water absorption. Usually we eat half a dish and then we stop. It is not often that they order me to let myself go food-wise. To be able to let yourself go like this is truly a rare opportunity.

Losing weight in the future are worries for the future. The company has already helped me contact a slimming company. I am a slim person from nature, so losing weight should be easier than gaining weight.

This time the company has arranged a fat role for me to play, it is a very rare and valuable opportunity. Naturally I would give it my all. Many of my friends think that my exposure has been considerably less that Myolie’s. Nobody has ever looked out for me… I admit that. However I can always relativise. She is a pretty girl who gained forty pounds, of course it has caused a sensation. No one noticing me, perhaps I am still not good enough to make others notice me!”

Pre-destined in life
No one really knows Jack Wu. We only know that he was originally a singer. He has filmed a few series and most recently, he is hosting “Scoop”. The background one grows up in often influences one’s personality. Jack should be the best example of it.

“When I was young, my family was really poor. My first memory is that my parents, my younger brother and I lived in a house with one bed for us to sleep on. Afterwards my father became a firefighter. We moved to the firemen living quarters in Kwai Chung. You could call it a richer residence. At that time, we didn’t have a television at home. My younger brother and I would daily sit on the door porch, sticking our legs through the grills of the door. Then we could see the television in the apartment across.

My mother is very smart. She often sews clothes at home. The factory knows that she is very good at it, so she doesn’t need to take those herself. Every week someone will deliver bags full of cloths to our home. My mother knew that we wanted to buy a television. Therefore she accepted an order to sew hundreds of winter coats. After sewing for a couple of months, she has earned enough money.

I grew up in a strict family. My younger brother and I weren’t allowed to play on the street. My mother always had to go with us, she feared that we would mix with a bad crowd.

Talking about it, my family actually exists of five members. After my mother gave birth to my younger brother and I, she wanted to have a daughter. However, she gave birth to another son, yet we loved him very much and treated him as a little prince.

In the second grade of high school, my youngest brother was three years old. I remember very well that one evening, he was suddenly crying of tummy ache. My parents brought him to the hospital. My other younger brother and I carried on like nothing had happened as we were playing computer games at home. We were sleeping till the middle of the night, when father phoned us: “Come quickly to the hospital, your brother doesn’t have long anymore!” Very scary, it is really scary.

The doctor told us that our youngest brother had a hereditary disease. His trachea declined sorrowfully and he would only live till his three years. This had a great impact on us, it was very sudden as there wasn’t any prior decline in his condition. When we returned home, we saw his toys and started crying.

Before this, my other younger brother and I were quite naughty. Afterwards I feel we both have matured. We wouldn’t only care about playing and will voluntarily help out in the household.

My younger brother is currently studying in the United Kingdom. At certain times, he will call back home. He is very reliable.

As for me, you often ask me that Jack Wu doesn’t seem to care about anything. I never compete with anyone. The truth is that from very early on I understood that many things are pre-destined. Fame is just something that passes. We can’t control it, so it is best to let nature take its course. For me, family will always comes first. With my parents’ support I was able to persevere till now. Perhaps in the eyes of many, I am only an unknown kelefe, but for my parents I am the male lead. My father is truly the best father you can have. Since I started out in the entertainment industry, he would record every performance I did. Afterwards he will write the time, place and date on it. The last year, it became very popular to record with VCD, so he transformed all videos in VCD’s. I am very touched by it.”

Not allowing others to forget
Actually Jack Wu entered this profession as the winner of the ‘Big Echo Summer Karaoke Contest’ in 1996. Readers with a good memory will remember that the winner before Jack was Joey Yung.

Two winners, but not the same fate. However, there is one positive note, men do not age that quickly. Working hard for the past ten years, Jack is already 28 years old. He might suddenly become another Leo Ku or Kevin Cheng in another few years’ time, which is not too bad.

“When I was young I have dreamt about following my father’s footsteps and become a firefighter. However, I developed nearsightedness afterwards. At that time, laser corrections weren’t really popular, so I had to eliminate this thought. Actually, when I was growing up I have never dreamt of becoming a celebrity. Participating in a singing contest, it was sheer greed to win the car. In the end, I really won it.

In 1997, I signed a contract with Wah Laap (record company) and in October, my album came out. The title was “1997 Wah Laap newest star Jack Wu – one promise” (Jack’s Chinese name is Lok Yin which means promise). It was quite cool. However at the end of the year, there was a financial crisis and all plans were shelved.

The following two years I had a lot of free time as I only had some singles out once in a while. My friends knew that I have to look after my family, so they introduced many mall and hotel shows to me to sing. It was actually quite awkward sometimes. You are singing, but the elderly audience doesn’t have a clue who you are. They are just eating. However to continue living, I can’t not do it. The funniest was after I have been a guest at the fitness centre for a few times, they gave me a free membership. Whenever I have free time or have nothing to do, I will go to the gym.

In 1999 Wah Laap ended the contract and introduced me into TVB. In the very beginning I did a weekend music show. Before when I was a singer, everything was arranged for me. But then I suddenly had to read the announcements myself to know whether I had to go to work or not. I really wasn’t used to it. However, there was nothing I could do, but adapt myself.

What I was less accustomed to was that I had to go to the recording studio to interview Edmond Leung. I have to such studio’s before, but this time my identity was a host. I didn’t belong there anymore. Although I was filming with a smile, my heart really felt sour.

I am actually quite fortunate. Before I was only a newcomer who just started out, coming from a normal family. Now I am only starting all over again.

Afterwards other artists taught me that only being a music host wasn’t enough. I should go upstairs and introduce myself to the producers, then I would have more opportunities. So I bravely went to look for Leung Coi Yuen: “Uncle Coi, my name is Jack Wu. I have just signed an artists’ contract…” Actually, I was quite afraid back then. He didn’t even know me at all. Fortunately, he had a new series “Lost in Love” afterwards and he really asked me. That was my first series. I was very happy then.

Recently, I have had quite a lot of opportunities. [Do you think that is dangerous?] I have never thought that. I have never been a first-line siu sang. Why should I feel pressured? (wry laugh) Raymond Lam, Ron Ng and Kevin Cheng; they are truly tall and handsome. I can’t be compared with them.

Naturally I dream of singing. In the past I would think when I could be on stage again. I want to let them know that Jack Wu also sings. However, I would ask myself: based on what can I ask everyone to buy my album? Even I can’t convince myself. If in the future I have the opportunity to participate in something like the album “All About Men” and sing one or two song, then I would already be very satisfied.

Currently I will focus on filming series. The most important thing is to keep on having work. Not allowing myself to be sifted out nor to be forgotten by the audience. Hopefully one day I will recognized by everyone. Looking at it broadly, shooting series is also satisfying. If someone calls me ‘Siu Fu Yun’ (his character’s name in “Real Kung Fu”) on the street, then I would be happy for the rest of the evening.”

Epilogue: Would you like to try it?
Inside Jack’s backpack, he has a package of yakults and four cans of high-nutritional milk. All stocked on each other.

“It isn’t actually that heavy. This kind of milk was recommended to me by a nutritionist. It especially increases fat very quickly. Fluids are much easier to take in. Let’s drink it first and worry later!”

It says on the can: “High energy, highly nutritional. Before or after an operation, during or after sickness. Suitable for middle-aged and elder people…”

“Would you like to try it? The taste is actually quite good. Give it a try.”

Wah, so fat. Of course I won’t try it, no matter how good it is. In Hong Kong gaining weight so happily, I believe there is only Jack Wu.

Source: Sudden Weekly 7th July 2006

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Many fa dans showing diamonds at TVB Anniversary

Every year at the TVB Anniversary, the numerous fa dans would compare their jewelry besides competing colourfully for certain awards. However yesterday, Liza Wang’s two sets of diamonds were valued over thirty million dollars (HKD). She was sponsored by the Italian brand Damini. The two sets included a necklace from the Sophia Loren series, 81 carats of beautiful diamonds with a platinum inlay. She also had a bracelet and ring of 298,5 carats. The other set is called the Tosca set. As for the two sets that Carol Cheng wore, they were valued at 26 million. It included a 93,88 carat necklace, earrings and ring. Her other set of ruby jewellery comprised of a 65,74 carat ruby and a 149,04 carat diamond.

The two sets of Charmaine Sheh had a total value of nine million dollars. As for Sonija Kwok’s diamond necklace of 50 carats, it was worth 2,6 million dollars and was sponsored by Chow Tai Fook. Gigi Lai wore a set of 250 carats, worth 30 million dollars. The diamond earrings, watch and bracelet of Bernice Liu were valued at one million dollars together. She also spent an additional five thousand dollars to paint TVB’s logo on six fingers (representing Uncle Six). The male artists weren’t left behind in this aspect. Eric Tsang wore a diamond watch, valued at 1,6 million dollars. The same applies for Bosco Wong with a diamond watch worth eight hundred dollars.

Source: Takungpao

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To Grow with Love episode 21 [The End]

Mei Tien was imagining that Dai Hei was taking her away like Ka Fai, but it was only a dream. She then received a text message from Dai Hei saying that he was waiting for her at the company. However it turned out to be a lie from Ka Fai. Mei Tien told Ka Fai that she didn’t want Dai Hei to lose everything because of her. Ka Fai suggested that Mei Tien send a text message to Dai Hei to let him know that she is returning to the Philippines. Because of this, Ka Fai sent about twenty text messages to him, but he didn’t respond to any of them. Mei Tien left disappointedly.

Bo Lok questioned Lam Sam why Koon Hei had been missing for a certain period. Lam Sam said that his son went to Africa to visit Candy. Bo Lok let it sink in slowly, but jealously as well. She wasn’t even interested when Man Chun suddenly appeared. Man Chun continued to help Koon Hei prepare a secret wedding, he even asked Sau Laan to organise all the flowers for ‘Yat Nim’s wedding’. Sau Laan committed herself fully for this big job. On the day of the wedding, she saw Lam Sam arriving in formal clothing which surprised Sau Laan a lot. Throughout the wedding, Bo Lok didn’t see Koon Hei and felt sad. With the help of Man Chun, Koon Hei unexpectedly arrived with a slim body! Koon Hei even expressed that he lost weight entirely because of Bo Lok and immediately proposed to her.

After Sau Laan learned the truth, she was furious. Lam Sam saw the expression on her face and immediately hid away. Dai Hei successfully participated in the fashion contest and even obtained large orders. Man Yi generously accepted her defeat. However, Dai Hei couldn’t share his success with Mei Tien. The only thing he could do, was to write it all down in his diary. In the Philippines, Mei Tien sat there alone watching the sunset but…

Source: TVB

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To Grow with Love episode 20

With hard work, Mei Tien has finally slimmed down a bit. She also told Koon Hei that this kind of sacrifice for love is worth it. Koon Hei also discovered that he had fallen in love with Bo Lok. Wong Ting and his wife were seeking for Mei Tien’s help as they wanted her to help the Dai family to sew clothes. It turned out that Man Yi was trying to prevent Dai Hei from participating the fashion contest. Therefore she has reassigned all workers to help the new designer.

During all the confusion, Mei Tien appeared to help Dai Hei. However, Dai Hei was afraid that he will blurt out about the bet to her and made her worry. Mei Tien felt very happy knowing that Dai Hei insisted on continuing the large clothing line because of her. She even started imagining the wonderful scene with her successfully slimmed down figure. It turned out that Man Yi used this to strike Dai Hei and thus made him give up and leave D-Day. However, she didn’t foresee that Mei Tien was able to cheer Dai Hei up again. A market study revealed that Dai Hei had fifty percent chance of winning. Therefore Man Yi cold-heartedly used her last weapon. Sau Laan discovered that Mei Tien was eating slimming pills in order to help herself lose weight and was unable to restrain herself from scolding Mei Tien. Ka Fai came to her defence and Mei Tien was so moved that she started crying. He also used this opportunity to tell her that he was actually her most ideal partner.

Man Yi intentionally told Mei Tien the wrong news and even informed her of the ongoing bet. She even requested Mei Tien to stop Dai Hei continuing this bet. When Mei Tien visited Dai Hei, they had a huge row about it and Mei Tien fainted. It was only then that Dai Hei found out that Mei Tien was losing weight for him. Mei Tien didn’t want Dai Hei to lose his career and thus gave him a hard time. Ka Fai proposed to Mei Tien to return to the Philippines for a while to rethink things.

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To Grow with Love episode 19

Koon Hei saw that Lam Sam is especially caring towards Sau Laan. When he had clarified Lam Sam’s intention, Bo Lok and he encouraged Lam Sam to pursue Sau Laan. Man Chun saw that Yat Nim wanted to pursue Man Yi. Therefore he took Yat Nim to Sau Laan’s flower shop to ask her for advice on the best pursuing method. Bo Lok told Lam Sam to organise a mysterious and romantic wedding to obtain Sau Laan’s favour.

Mei Tien wanted to attend Dai Hei’s fashion contest with the best figure, so she took up boxing as a way to lose weight. However, she couldn’t sustain it and fainted. Ka Fai requested that they should lose weight together, therefore they could look after each other. Yat Nim allowed the whole company to know that he was pursuing Man Yi and Dai Hei even expressed that he didn’t mind. On the other hand, Yat Nim and Man Yi were still opposed to the fact that Dai Hei wanted to continue his large clothing line. Yat Nim even proposed a bet with Dai Hei’s shares as the stake. If the sales of the large clothing line failed, then Dai Hei will give all his shares to Man Yi and resign. Dai Hei quickly accepted the bet. In order to guarantee her career, Man Yi privately discussed with Yat Nim to promote the designs of a new person as an assurance.

At a rare opportunity for Dai Hei and Mei Tien to meet up, Dai Hei ordered a lot of delicious food for her. However, Mei Tien secretly ordered the food as take-away to give it to Ka Fai. Seeing Mei Tien suffering so much, Ka Fai told her to bite in her own arm and pretend it to be steak. Koon Hei wanted Lam Sam to give Sau Laan flowers. Although Lam Sam is afraid of embarrassment, but in the end he used a mysterious, anonymous identity to send her flowers.

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To Grow with Love episode 18

By the sunflowers, Dai Hei expressed to Mei Tien that they will face all problems together. When Man Yi knew that Dai Hei wanted to break up with herself, she pretended to be casual and elegant about it in front of them. Man Yi had one request when Dai Hei broke up with her which is that he gave up D-Day’s large clothing line. As soon as Yat Nim learned about this matter, he expressed his love for Man Yi but was actually rejected by her. She also said that at the moment she only has her dignity and career left.

When Sau Laan found out that Mei Tien’s dream came true, he wanted Dai Hei to buy all the flowers in the shop for his girlfriend. In the end, Mei Tien was fired and Sau Laan allowed her to open her own company as a wedding planner called “Fei Tien Hei See”. Because of sickness, Ka Fai was admitted to the hospital again. When Mei Tien and Dai Hei visited him together, Ka Fai wanted to pursue Mei Tien again. Mei Tien didn’t oppose against Ka Fai’s persistence and allowed him 24 hours to express his sincerity. In order to move Mei Tien, Ka Fai has committed himself fully to help her construct her company. He didn’t force her to date him at all. Although Mei Tien is deeply grateful, she also let him know that some things can’t be forced. Understanding it, Ka Fai finally gave up.

Seeing the two of them so happily, Nim Heung urged them to get married. Dai Hei wished to have some beautiful memories of his dating period with Mei Tien. Therefore, he put down his work for a while and went on a 24 hours date marathon with Mei Tien. In a restaurant, the two of them encountered Dai Hei’s colleagues and Mei Tien made a fool of herself in front of them. On the other hand, Man Yi thought that Dai Hei was too influenced by love so he couldn’t focus on his work anymore. Yat Nim took this opportunity to instigate it.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 17

Sau Laan saw Mei Tien working hard on Dai Hei’s wedding and unexpectedly told her to snatch back Dai Hei. Mei Tien opposed. Bo Lok still couldn’t forget about Man Chun and she took the opportunity to express her love for him again. However, she was once again rejected by him. Because Dai Hei requested his wedding will be held at D-Day, Mei Tien feared that she would hinder him in his work during the day. Therefore she especially inspected the location during the evening and she happened to meet Dai Hei who was doing late work.

Man Yi returned to Hong Kong from her business trip and mentioned that the response to the large clothing line wasn’t very ideal in South-East Asia. Yat Nim and Man Yi both agreed to stop the production, but Dai Hei continued stubbornly. Dai Hei’s work didn’t go smoothly and took out the pictures of Mei Tien trying on clothes to look at. At the same time, Mei Tien text messaged him which made Dai Hei have an inexplicably warm feeling. A magazine published the rumours between Dai Hei and Mei Tien. Dai Hei thought that it was part of Yat Nim’s publicity plan, but didn’t think that it was actually arranged by Man Yi. Dai Hei was shaken up by the words of Yat Nim and Dai Fu. Sau Laan believed that the timing is right and organised an opportunity for the two to meet. However, she was scolded by Mei Tien for stirring up trouble, so Sau Laan left indignantly.

Dai Hei suddenly ‘woke up’ and sent a text message to Man Yi saying “sorry”. Man Yi’s heart sank deeply upon seeing it. The Dai family understood that Dai Hei had Mei Tien in his heart and intentionally made Mei Tien read his diary to understand him. Dai Hei told her the truth and Mei Tien was so touched that she started crying. Out of rage, Sau Laan locked herself at home. Lam Sam was worried and visited her with food. Koon Hei said he didn’t mind having her as his stepmother.

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To Grow with Love episode 16

As Bo Lok didn’t succeed in marrying, she went off to a park and cried bitterly. Koon Hei became the one whom she vented out all her frustrations, however he didn’t complain at all. Ka Fai’s parents and Nim Heung saw that Mei Tien and Ka Fai were doing things their own way, so they angrily returned to the Philippines. Bo Lok forced Mei Tien to move out and Sau Laan immediately arranged for her to stay at the roof apartment. At the office, manager Chu wanted to fire Mei Tien. However at the same time, Man Yi requested Mei Tien to be her wedding planner.

Sau Laan told this matter to Ka Fai who questioned Dai Hei about it. It was only then that Dai Hei knew Man Yi asked Mei Tien for help. Mei Tien understood that Man Yi was actually trying her out, so in front of everyone she expressed that Dai Hei and her is already history. Therefore she joyfully accepted this wedding preparation. Mei Tien felt really happy knowing that Dai Hei’s large clothing line was completed smoothly. Man Yi and Dai Hei invited Mei Tien to be a model. Sau Laan told Mei Tien that this was a good opportunity to vindicate all fat people and Mei Tien complied. After Bo Lok lost her man and job, she didn’t have anything to do all day. She wanted Man Chun to accompany her to have fun. Man Chun arranged for her to work at D-Day and she became Mei Tien’s image consultant. At work, Bo Lok was always complicating things for Mei Tien. Dai Hei couldn’t endure her attitude any longer and said that Ka Fai has once sought him. Because of this, Bo Lok and Mei Tien became friends again.

D-Day’s large clothing line came on the market and was met with criticism from its picky clients. They said that fat people wearing these clothes looked unattractive and even said that they could better asked a pig to be a model rather than Mei Tien. Dai Hei especially followed her out to comfort her. Mei Tien was very happy with Dai Hei’ s transformation and told him that she will do her best to organise his wedding. Because of her busy work schedule, Man Yi asked Mei Tien to substitute her at her wedding rehearsal. Dai Hei was starting to get doubts seeing Mei Tien’s joyous face.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 15

Seeing her wedding photos for the first time, Bo Lok couldn’t bear to look at them and she couldn’t help feeling extremely sad. Because of this, Ka Fai discovered that Bo Lok is also quite cute. Bo Lok agreed on a condition with Ka Fai: if she manages to gain weight till Ka Fai’s standards, then she will become his wife. When Bo Lok was eating a lot in restaurant Sam to increase her weight, she found out there that Koon Hei had pneumonia because he shielded her from the rain. However, she hided this in order to not let Lam Sam know. Bo Lok then visited Koon Hei with Candy and even made Candy leave jealously.

Bo Lok received from Ka Fai’s parents a black golden card as a present and felt her dreams will come true. When Ka Fai’s parents proposed to meet her parents, she said that they have already passed away. However, the truth is that they have already divorced a long time and she didn’t know where they were. Bo Lok hoped that Mei Tien and Nim Heung will attend her wedding together and invited the two of them for dinner in the hope that they will make up. But at the same time, Man Chun suddenly appeared and expressed his love for Bo Lok. This made Bo Lok doubt and everyone understood then that she didn’t earnestly wanted to marry Ka Fai. Once again, it was Sau Laan who had arranged this all. She told Bo Lok the words that Mei Tien used for her good friends. This made Bo Lok misunderstood that Mei Tien was jealous of her, it made her dislike her.

At the wedding rehearsal, Ka Fai suddenly went missing and Bo Lok became worried that she wouldn’t succeed in marrying a rich guy, so she vented out her frustrations on Mei Tien. It turns out that Ka Fai went to the Philippines to seek Dai Hei who was there for business. He wanted Dai Hei to promise him to look after Mei Tien. Dai Hei rejected his request and told him that he successfully asked Man Yi to marry him. After Ka Fai returned to Hong Kong, he discovered that he still couldn’t let go of Mei Tien. In the end, he asked Mei Tien to cancel his wedding for him. She really felt awkward and difficult.

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To Grow with Love episode 14

When Nim Heung woke up in hospital, he immediately wanted Mei Tien to apologize to Ka Fai. Because Mei Tien doesn’t want to hurt Ka Fai even more, she sticked with her own decision. However, Nim Heung perseveres in wanting Mei Tien to marry Ka Fai, so Sau Laan took Mei Tien away. Nim Heung didn’t have a clue how to explain it to Ka Fai’s parents, so he cut of their father-daughter ties. Mei Tien was very scared and begged Nim Heung to forgive her, but he actually fiercely slapped her.

Mei Tien cried all night and in the morning, she prepared a huge breakfast in the hope that her father will calm down. Unfortunately, Nim Heung announced in front of everyone that he has adopted Candy as his daughter and emphasized again that they don’t have any ties anymore. Sau Laan tried to reason with Nim Heung, but he got angry and disappeared. He wouldn’t listen to anyone. Nim Heung has invited all the neighbours, but Sau Laan also took Mei Tien with her to the drink. In the end, everyone decided to take Sau Laan’s side. It made Nim Heung terminate the adoption. But it turned out that this was all Sau Laan’s plan to allow him to not lose face. Unfortunately, in the end all efforts were wasted. Mei Tien felt really helpless, so she threw herself into her work. However, because she was labelled a runaway bride, nobody asked her for help. Therefore, she was scolded by her manager.

To avenge Mei Tien running away from their marriage, Ka Fai wanted her to continue follow up her own wedding plan. He even wanted Mei Tien to find him a suitable bride. In order to satisfy Ka Fai’s requests and standards, Bo Lok asked for the help of Koon Hei’s female friends. He was very displeased with it, so Bo Lok apologised to him. Ka Fai was not content with all the candidates. Like Dai Hei, Ka Fai also made a wedding dress and he requested Mei Tien to wear it.

Source: TVB

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