Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I'm sorry for the lack of updates these past days, but I am very busy with schoolwork at the moment. You can expect new news translations earliest on Thursday, but in the mean time there are many other sites where you can read translated news.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Small news on “Tai Chi”

Myolie Wu, Vincent Zhao, Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma are currently filming new TVB series “Tai Chi” in Kunming. Soon, they will all go to Shanghai where they will continue their filming. Although the scenery is very beautiful in Kunming, the production team usually selects a faraway place. This results in a journey of several hours before they arrives there, so it could become quite awkward when many people wants to use the bathroom at the same time. It is especially more troublesome for the female artists.

Source: Appledaily

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ella Koon wants her boyfriend to have machine-knowledge

Ella Koon, Chin Ka Lok, Dai Mung Mung and Leila Tong attended the “World Heroes Fire Prevention” blessing ceremony yesterday. Currently, Ella is busy filming the movie “至尊無懶”. As the filming alternates during day and night, she is frequently sleep-deprived recently. It is very hard work.

Fire fighters from all around the world participates in the video and the ones from France are very handsome. Asked whether she liked such healthy and buff men, she smiles: “I like well-toned, slender men, not too big and they must know something about machines. [Why?] If they know something about machines, they must now know how to repair them. But most importantly, he has to be good-hearted and he has to like animals.” Referring that her rumoured boyfriend Ron Ng also is a bit muscled, Ella coloured: “Enough! Don’t talk about it again! This scandal is like a fly, can’t get it to go away.”

Ka Lok jeers that there is one old in the family
Earlier, Ka Lok’s girlfriend Lee San San accepted a radio interview, Margie Tsang indicated that Ka Lok is a treasure. Regarding this, Ka Lok jokes: “Yeah! She really treasures me, every family has one old and one treasure (in Chinese they almost sound alike: low and bow)” Later he seriously expressed that he also regards San San as a treasure. Asked if there were any plans after his proposal to San San in the Philippines, he said: “Yes, soon in the future! There will certainly be a banquet.” Regarding to the pictures that a magazine has taken about them quarrelling loudly and breaking up, Ka Lok clarifies: “Only the title is frightening! They (the reporters) really have a lot of imagination, but we and all our friends know that we didn’t!”

Source: Takungpao

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“Room Full of Guests”: Costume fitting

TVB new comedy sitcom “高朋滿座” held its costume fitting yesterday and many artists have attended it, including Cheng Dan Shui who hasn’t film a series for a long time. Ah Dan expressed that earlier he accidentally met King Sir (Chung King Fai) and at that time, they joked that it would be good if they could cooperate with each other. Who could ever thought that the opportunity for that cooperation has really occurred.

From this year’s Miss Hong Kong, Shermon Tang indicated that she is very happy and excited to have this filming opportunity. She says that King Sir was in fact her father’s (Tang Ying Man) teacher in the third acting class. So one could say that King Sir is actually her師公 (Si Gung). Asked whether she has asked her father to give her some pointers on acting, Shermon said: “Not especially, he only told me to learn a lot and to do my best.”

Yesterday, it was Christine Ng’s birthday. Ah Dan represented all the artists from this series and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Christine said that many people don’t find it a good thing to work on one’s birthday, but instead she personally thinks it signifies a good start.

That evening, she went out to dinner with her husband to celebrate her birthday. “The older one gets, the more one appreciate simple things. [What kind of birthday gifts did you receive?] I have chosen a set of ‘underwear nightgown’, but I will ask my husband to pay me back. I thought that if a man wants to buy such things, it would be very awkward. In addition, he probably wouldn’t understand it.”

Source: Wenweipo

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New and old fa dans Sonija Kwok and Margie Tsang praises each other

Margie Tsang is a guest host for the radio program “The Family World” and she invited Sonija Kwok for an interview yesterday. Margie and Sonija are two television fa dans, but at a different time. The two of them were talking a lot about the amusing things when filming series. It is very rare that Margie and Sonija suits ancient as well as modern settings. The same goes for Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung. However, Myolie Wu is more suitable for modern series.

Sonija says that she likes watching Margie’s performances and hopes that she would pick up acting again. Sonija revealed that she will film a modern series in March and as she now has vacation, she plans to travel through Southeast Asia with her mother. But she suddenly received a message from the paparazzi asking her where she will be travelling. She says: “If one has to go travelling like that, then it loses all sense. What if my mother wears a bathing suit, she doesn’t like to be taken her pictures, so my family didn’t want to go!” The reporter said that the paparazzi was probably only interested in the pictures of her new love. Sonija said that she rather finds a journalist to reveal it and then everyone could even take pictures. She frankly says that when someone sneakily take her pictures, it is best for them that she doesn’t discover them. It is like magazines secretly take pictures after artists have shared their love with the magazine, she really doesn’t agree with such a procedure. She also expressed that she doesn’t like to make news for a magazine like that. Although, it didn’t go like planned, she smiles that she still won’t waste her vacation. Every day, she is watching VCD’s at home now.

Source: Takungpao

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LWOLAP episode 40

Lord Yin continues to attack the palace defence with the help of the eight big clans. However, the Mongolian army doesn’t give up that easily. Fung Hang Lit and Hon Pak fight each other at the soldiers’ graveyard. The brothers will use their own life to fight and put an end to this battle. Finally, at the same time they make their final move, their sword and sabre both in the direction of the other… Wun Mun’s army loses the support of the Mongolian army. Yip Sau Tong thus opens the city gate. As Wun Mun was defeated, he flees but was soon captured and brought back to the palace. To save his life, he confesses that he was the one who poisoned Chu Yuen Cheung. After hearing this, Lord Yin was overcome by his emotions. He then said that Chu Yuen Cheung has kept a monk’s clothing, so that his descendants will still have an option. Lord Yin orders Wun Mun to shave his head and sends him to a monastery, where he can reflect about his deeds. The world is more or less decided now and Lord Yin ascends the throne. He will strive for a humane policy, treat the Mongolians well and in the end he wants to accomplish the utopian world where both Hans and Mongolians are one family. Hui Ye Yuet asks for one year’s time to reflect about the triangle love with Lord Yin and Hon Pak. Seeing that the country is stabilizing, Chun Mung Yiu feels reassured. She tells Fan Leung Gik that she can’t accept the leadership duty of the Sacred Sect as well as not going to search for Fung Hang Lit’s whereabouts. She will just go with the flow. Then she bids farewell to Fan Leung Gik and goes travelling. After a few years, at the Mongolian grassland, Chun Mung Yiu sees a magnificent surprise.

~The End~

Source: TVB

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Benny Chan’s gratitude for new series

Benny Chan, Linda Chung, Nancy Wu, Halina Tam and Sunny Chan attended the costume fitting yesterday of new series “搜神傳” (Saw Sang Chuen) produced by Lee Tim Seng. This series will be very similar to “Gods of Honour” and “Journey To The West”, but this has a special significance to him. Because it has been ten years ago since Tim Seng asked him to film “Demi Gods and Semi Devils” and he will be ever grateful to him for that. To be able to cooperate again with Tim Seng, he didn’t even have to consider it and immediately agreed to do it. This series will be his 10th year acting anniversary’s souvenir. His character’s name is Shek ? Tong and every time he gets angry his whole body will inflate. But as the audience also exists of children, he smiles that his underwear will definitely not explode.

The other day Deep Ng has announced that he was dating Nancy Wu for two months now. Yesterday, the reporters congratulated her and she smiled: “Yeah! Happy Birthday!” Obviously, she didn’t want to say anything about her love life. When the reporters persevered again, she expressed that her work will come first. In addition, she will be filming now so her personal life will be temporarily put on a low fire. Asked whether she was very happy when her boyfriend publicly announced his love, she said: “This is a personal matter, I don’t want to say too much about anything than work. I am concentrating on my work now. For the audience, personal matters are only just entertainment. [Did you previously discussed about making it public?] No, we didn’t. Just happened that someone took our pictures.” She also said that she was still a newcomer and her career has just taken off. So she hopes that everyone will focus on her work as that is only normal. But when Deep announced his love, he was very excited. Instead, she seems to be a bit subdued. Nancy said: “Girls will keep such things inside! [Deep said that you were hard to pursue?] Really? No, I am not!” Earlier, they spent Valentine’s Day together and said that they both have given each other a gift. However, she didn’t want to disclose what the gifts were and she pleasantly said: “It is a secret! Can’t say it! I hope it will stay a secret that only I will know .”

Source: Takungpao

I have translated this two days ago, but seems to have forgotten to post it up.

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LWOLAP episode 39

Fung Hang Lit wields his army to attack Lord Yin who immediately defends his city. As the two armies are fighting, numerous casualties are the result. The two of them seeing so many losing their lives, they also don’t feel good about it. Being in the middle of it, Chun Mung Yiu urges the two to meet, hoping that they are able to work out a peaceful coexistence. Unfortunately, Lord Yin and Fung Hang Lit because of their face/ pride couldn’t come to an agreement and they decide to continue the battle. Suddenly, Fung Hang Lit broke through Lord Yin’s army and with this victory he prepares to return to the government. Wun Mun listened with great joy. However, Fung Hang Lit thinks Lord Yin has fled the city and finds the whole thing very suspicious. But Wun Mun didn’t think that Lord Yin could create anymore trouble and Fung Hang Lit powerlessly let him go as well as become less alert. Actually, Lord Yin couldn’t endure the losses and slaughtering at the battlefield, so he decides to put all his stakes in one chance and returns to the capital. At Hon Pak’s mansion they come up with a plan for a surprise attack of the imperial palace. On the eve before the decisive battle, Hon Pak finally understands and recalled the instructions from Long Faan Wang when they were practicing martial arts. He understands the highest level of the Turning Cloud martial arts ‘because of the energy level of emotions (love), therefore there is the energy level of the sabre’. He manages to make the Turning Cloud sabre shine again. With Lord Yin’s attack of the imperial palace, there will be once again many casualties on the battlefield. Chun Mung Yiu couldn’t endure this and looked for Fung Hang Lit at the battlefield. She urges him to give up, but Fung Hang Lit said the matter has already proceeded to such a level that one person’s strength would not be able to stop it. Chun Mung Yiu then suggested that Hon Pak and Fung Hang Lit could fight each other in a duel, using the wuxia guidelines to decide the dynasty.

Source: TVB

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Dayo Wong confident about the ratings

Next week, TVB will air “棟篤狀王” (Hail the Judge) with leading actors Dayo Wong and William So. In order to promote the series, they attended a press conference yesterday. Dayo indicated that the portrayal Song Sai Kit this time, compared to the previous Song Sai Kit performed by Cheung Tat Ming, is much more arrogant. Therefore, he thought that it wasn’t possible to film a sequel again, as there wasn’t a plot to write about anymore.

The series will be aired at the 10 pm time slot. When asked whether Dayo is worried about it, he said that “War of Genders” was also aired at 10 pm and it was well-received by the audience. As the ratings back then were more than reasonable, he hasn’t worried about it at all. “As long as the ratings aren’t lower than 20 points, then all is fine.” TVB rarely airs foreign series during prime time, how come TVB will air “Hail the Judge” with him as a lead? Dayo smiled and said that TVB will not decide to air this series just because of him. He believes that TVB has watched the series and thinks it is good, that is why they would air it. Mentioning about his previous series “To Catch the Uncatchable” that he has filmed for TVB, having good results. Has TVB asked him to film a series again? Dayo indicated that he is still busy filming in Hangzhou, so he doesn’t have time yet. This time, he especially returned to Hong Kong to promote “Hail the Judge”. However, he frankly says that he finds it very comfortable filming outside TVB and he deeply realizes that the resources of TVB are sufficient. If they want anything, they can have anything. It is only a matter of price.

William So consulted a doctor for the role
William’s character in the series is a man who loves his family a lot, but he is frequently worried that his wife has a lover on the side. So he develops schizophrenia. In order to portray the schizophrenia well, he is watching lots of movies related to schizophrenia as well as consults a doctor friend from the neurology department. He smilingly said that his doctor friend has taught him to smell his wife’s clothes. William also indicated that shortly after he will return to the Mainland to film a 20-episode series called “
你是這樣珍惜我” with Miriam Yeung, Edmond Leung and Leo Ku.

Regarding a magazine saying that he has pulled up a female student’s skirt in Thailand, William immediately expressed that his personal life has been talked about numerous time, so from now on he will not respond anymore.

Source: Takungpao

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LWOLAP episode 38

After the death of Long Faan Wang, Hon Pak just stares all day long at the Turning Cloud sabre. Suddenly Hon Pak noticed that the sabre is losing its shine and called everyone together to discuss the matter. Using the ‘Heart of Sword’ martial art, Chun Mung Yiu feels that the soul of the Turning Cloud sabre is dying along with its master and begins to dissipate. After hearing this, Hon Pak feels stimulated again and vows to make the Turning Cloud sabre shine again. So he practices martial arts day and night. As Hon Pak is practicing all the time, he neglects to attend to the government affairs. Wun Mun uses this as an excuse to bestow Fung Hang Lit as the first commanding general, so that he can fully control the army. Fung Hang Lit immediately goes to Lord Yin and wants him to hand over his army power. However, Lord Yin refuses and even accuses Fung Hang Lit of disregarding his conscience. Lord Yin also declares war to the royal government and Fung Hang Lit couldn’t do anything but to return to the capital. Wun Mun then immediately orders Hon Pak to lead an army to fight Lord Yin, but Hon Pak refuses to do so. When Fung Hang Lit wants to join his army with Hon Pak’s, Hon Pak resigns and leaves the army. After the clan of Long Faan Wang has received the news of his death, they went looking for Hon Pak and decides that he will be their clan’s new leader. Chun Mung Yiu tries her best to convince Fung Hang Lit to give up his plan, and even tells him that she is willing to leave with him so that they can live together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, Fung Hang Lit seems unmoved by it. They decide to spend one last day together before the final break-up. After they have left each other, Fung Hang Lit has substituted all the Han leaders in the army with his own Mongolian clansmen. They will drill the soldiers and then Fung Hang Lit decides to attack Lord Yin.

Source: TVB

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Clip: Lantern scene from episode 31

Hello everyone,

I have downloaded this clip some time ago and thought I should share it with you. Very romantic and nice scene.

Due to overlap of the Cantonese and Mandarin voices, I will write out their conversation.

Fung Hang Lit: They say that when the lights flow to the other side of the river, without going out, one's wishes will come true.

Chun Mung Yiu: What did you wish for then?

Fung Hang Lit: The one on the left, I wished to see you again. The one near the (river) bank, I hoped you would forgive me. The one on the right, I wished for us to be together forever.

Chun Mung Yiu: I hope that every light will safely reach the other side.

Fung Hang Lit: Whether a wish can come true lies in our own hands. Marry me. Don't let my identity ruin our relationship.

All credits go to sehseh and you can find many more clips of LWOLAP at her site http://idlemindsehseh.blogspot.com/

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

LWOLAP episode 37

Fung Hang Lit flees, Chu Yuen Cheung and the others continue to celebrate. But suddenly Chu Yuen Cheung was poisoned and before he could change the imperial edict of ascension he died. So Wun Mun could ascend the throne ‘perfectly justified’. It turns out that it was all plotted by Fung Hang Lit, and although it is Wun Mun who ascends the throne, it is Fung Hang Lit who actually hold all the power. The others weren’t willing to let Wun Mun ascend the throne and after some discussion, they have decided that Chun Mung Yiu and Long Faan Wan will accompany Lord Yin back to Pak Peng (his home base). There he will prepare his army to go south and battle with Wun Mun. Hon Pak and the other officials compels Wun Mun to examine the death of Chu Yuen Cheung, he helplessly complies. After Wun Mun retreats, he was very angry and wanted to send someone to fight Hon Pak. However, Fung Hang Lit didn’t allow him. He reminds Wun Mun that Lord Yin is, in fact, his biggest enemy. He wants Lord Yin to remain in the capital so that they could monitor him. Wun Mun immediately orders many people to follow Lord Yin strictly. They successfully called Lord Yin back to the palace when he just wanted to leave. But not much later, Lord Yin could successfully escape the palace. But on his way back to his mansion, he encountered the disciples of the Evil Sect. Hon Pak arrived with its army to protect Lord Yin and Lord Yin could get away. Suddenly Fung Hang Lit appears and Long Faan Wang was forced to help out. During the battle between the two, Lee Chik Mei seizes the chance to assassinate Lord Yin. In order to save Lord Yin, Long Faan Wang was fatally hit by Lee Chik Mei.

Source: TVB

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LWOLAP episode 36

Chun Mung Yiu is taken prisoner, Fan Leung Gik and the others were very much surprised by it. They believe that it is Pong Ban’s doing to obtain the Tossing Rain sword and therefore quickly rushes to the ‘Sacred Sect’. There they discovered that the Tossing Rain has been stolen. Fan Leung Gik immediately goes to the capital to find Lord Yin to discuss any counter measures. Chun Mung Yiu is being held at the mansion of the prime minister. She even threatened to kill herself in order for not letting Fung Hang Lit acquire the marvellous power of the Tossing Rain sword. After Chun Mung Yiu refuses to help him, Fung Hang Lit didn’t know what to do. Then he uses the love story of the Tossing Rain sword to confuse Chun Mung Yiu and she really fell in his trap. So, in the end Fung Hang Lit was able to obtain the inner power of the sword. Lee Chik Mei immediately proposes to kill Chun Mung Yiu, but Fung Hang Lit fiercely prevents it. After Lord Yin receives the news that Chun Mung Yiu has been taken prisoner, he calls everyone together to discuss this matter and finally decide that Hon Pak will lead the search for Chun Mung Yiu. Then Hon Pak succeeds in rescuing her at the mansion of the prime minister, thus exposing Prime Minister Wu’s identity. After Prime Minister Wu’s identity was revealed, he hung himself. This leads to Wun Mun, who was close to the prime minister, to lose his power. Wun Mun confesses that Fung Hang Lit plans on killing Chu Yuen Cheung when he is offering to the heaven. At that moment, Fung Hang Lit really did appear, but as everyone was prepared for it so he could only decide to draw back. Chu Yuen Cheung was overjoyed and punishes the responsible Wun Mun to be a commoner.

Source: TVB

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Raymond Lam: the role suits him well

Earlier, when filming for “Tai Chi”, it was the first time that the reporter saw TVB rising siu sang Raymond Lam. With his energetic personality, he appears to be very much at ease when filming. And when he doesn’t need to film, he is chatting and laughing with the people around him. He also doesn’t forget to satisfy each fan’s request.

No colleague as girlfriend
As he is very handsome, does he frequently revolve around beautiful women? “No, I don’t. You don’t know how fierce the Hong Kong paparazzi are. When I and a female friend or maybe a colleague are at a same place, they will write that she is my rumoured girlfriend. Therefore I will have no beautiful women around me.” When asked which type of girl he likes, he didn’t mind sharing: “Generous, open and bright. It is also very important that her looks are pleasing to the eyes, because the feeling that a girl gives with her first impression is important. You will naturally want to get in touch with her. To know if you suit each other, you can only know that after you have made contact.”

As he is very busy with work, Raymond hasn’t got a girlfriend. If he wants to find love, he expressed that he will definitely not look for a girlfriend in the entertainment circle. “I believe that when two people are together, they each have to have their own personal space. If I find a girlfriend from the entertainment circle, then we will see each other at work and when we get off work we will also see each other. You will easily get fed up with that person. I am someone who doesn’t like people to say what I should and must do. And I also don’t like it when people are always asking me what I am doing at the moment. When looking for a girlfriend, her character can’t be too similar to mine. She certainly has to be able to understand me.”

Want to be an idol and a capable artist
In recent years, Raymond has been idolised by many female fans. He was put by his fans in an idol/ artist spot, regarding such rank Raymond appeared to be very excited: “For putting me in an idol ranking, for me this is a confirmation from my fans. Of course, I am very excited about it. I want to do my best to be an artist who is both an idol and a capable actor. The status of an idol is given by others, however capacity depends on oneself and hard work.”

Because of the screen time in the series “Tai Chi” with Vincent Zhao, Raymond’s fan club posted some messages on the web, worried that he doesn’t have much screen time. So that other artists might steal its limelight. He personally does not approve of such a view. “Actually, the weight of one’s role is not that important, what is more important is whether a role suits oneself. I like my role in “Tai Chi” a lot. The portrayal flexibility is very big, as long as I develop it very good.” He is very grateful for the support of his fans.

After the drama team of “Tai Chi” has shoot in Kunming, the reporter has received many telephone inquiries about the shooting place by Raymond’s fanatics. At the place where they are filming, everyday there will be many fans of Raymond visiting the set. Some come from Chengdu, but also from Hong Kong as well as from many places all over the country. Regarding his fans, Raymond tries to fulfil their wishes as much as possible: “I am very touched, they all come from such far places to see me. I really have to thank them for it.”

After he became popular, he continually received the love of his fans. During the conversation, he has expressed many times his gratitude to his fans. “The support they give me is immense. The most touching time was my birthday from last year. Fans from all over the country came to Hong Kong and organised a very big birthday party for me. Before they blindfolded me, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that big pile of presents. I was so thrilled that I spoke very incoherently. I am really grateful for everyone’s support.”

In his free time, Raymond likes to be peacefully. He also likes to be on his own at home, enjoying his free time. “When I am alone I will surf the net and listen to music. Sometimes I will chat all day with my friends. The majority of my friends are all in the entertainment circle, that is why I spend quite a lot of time with them. I frequently go swimming with them, it is a lot of fun.”

Source: http://lamfung.net/news/20060220.htm
Picture from http://www.ray-lamfung.com

Such an insightful report. The more I read about him and the more I see his acting performances, the more I admire him. He really seems to be a perfect guy. Hopefully I can see more of his acting, but at the moment my favourite role of him is Fung Hang Lit. It really seems that he has improved a lot in this series, especially the emotional scenes.

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Michelle Ye celebrates with her fans

On the 14th of February it was Michelle Ye’s 25th birthday. She celebrated that day with her godfather and a bunch of friends. On another day, she celebrated it with a bunch of faithful fans. That day, she has to film in Kowloon Tong, but her fans were very considerate. So they asked her out for dinner very near to where she was filming. Originally, she thought it was only an ordinary dinner party, but who could imagine that her fans have ordered abalone and birds nest. She was quite embarrassed by it as her fans have made such expenses.

But, what moved Michelle the most was that because she had to film again, she couldn’t eat the birds nest. Therefore, her fans have packed the birds nest and delivered it to the set where she could eat it. This made her very happy. Apart from inviting her to dinner, her fans have also given her gifts such as crystal and make up. She said: “Actually, the most important thing of giving a gift is the heart. It doesn’t matter if it is cheap or expensive. I am very touched by it. Hopefully my fans will not spend so much money and give me such expensive gifts anymore.”

Source: Takungpao

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chin Ka Lok proposes to Lee San San

Chin Ka Lok and Lee San San have been dating for eight years. The other day, along with the celebrity football team he went to the Philippines to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Ka Lok, Eric Tsang, Alan Tam, Chan Bak Keung (Ah Lik) and Simon Yam attended the anniversary dinner banquet together with Carlo Ng, whose wedding is coming up. The others seized the opportunity to call Ka Lok to propose to San San. Ka Lok really held a rose in his hands and Ah Lik gave him a paper ring. He, then, knelt down and proposed to his girlfriend. All his mates and Law Ka Ying sang together with Ka Lok: “I propose to you, I beg you to accept…” Afterwards, they went on stage, hand in hand, sang a love song and toasted. That is how an ordinary dinner turned into a happy feast.

Lai Hon Chi said that the astrological numbers of the couple were very compatible and that they will bear three children in four year’s time. Although San San didn’t immediately accept the proposal, she was beaming from ear to ear: “Everyone shouldn’t worry about it, we will do it. Just be patient! We have to save money to buy wedding things, many thanks everyone!” Then Ah Lik asks San San why she has chosen Ka Lok, but she wouldn’t say. However Ka Lok said: “San San has chosen me, so that is already very good. But she could have chosen even better, yet she still chooses me. I would like to thank her. Hopefully we could be like the celebrity team and have a 20 year anniversary, 30 years, 40 years.”

Ka Lok also says that it was Eric who urged him to propose, he did the same with Hacken Lee. But now they have completed their missions. He also jokes: “Eric and so said that they will sponsor my wedding banquet. If all added up, I think it will be around 50 tables. So without spending any money, I will still gain on human standing. I plan to have three weddings in a year. [Have you decided on a wedding date yet?] We don’t know yet. After we return to Hong Kong, we will think about it clearly.”

This time the celebrity team went to the Philippines with about 200 people to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Altogether, they have been there three days and two nights. Over there, they have played a game with the US Air Force drawing at 1-1. The second game, they played against the Guanzhou female football team. Although the female team had many national team members, but they also have a draw with 1-1. Even though, they were having lots of fun there, they didn’t forget to do good deeds. They have donated about 2 million pesos to the local victims of the devastating landslide. Eric happily indicated that over the past twenty years the celebrity team has raised over 2 billion and helped many persons in need. Only thinking about it makes him feel proud.

Source: Takungpao

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Moses Chan has to act as a gigolo for new series

Moses Chan will portray a police officer in the new series “Super Cops”. He will also have many scenes with Yuen Biao and as he is very fit, Moses frankly says that he feels some pressure. Moses even plans to exercise once or twice. But there is still an advantage when fighting with martial artists, at least you understand what positions you need to take. At the moment, Moses is filming “Land of Wealth”, so he can only begin filming this one at the end of next month. He plans to become more in shape during this period, even though he doesn’t have to expose his body in this series. So when he loses two pounds, then he wouldn’t get tired so quickly after doing fight scenes.

In the plot of the series, they have also arranged for Moses to be an undercover ‘duck’ (meaning gigolo) from Thailand. Yesterday, Yoyo Mung openly teases him to portray his old job. However, Moses is fully confident in portraying a gigolo as he smilingly told: “I believe it isn’t that difficult. The movements are very much alike to when I was a model. It should be lots of fun portraying it and at the same time hilarious to watch.”

Referring to the fact that Moses feels pressured by the fighting scenes with him, Yuen Biao said: “No need to worry! [Would you give him advice?] I wouldn’t dare to, actually it is inevitable to not get injured when filming action scenes. If you are afraid of that, then you shouldn’t be an actor.”

Yuen Biao is now filming “BB Project” from Jackie Chan. In this series, he will play a police officer with a sixth sense. He will also be paired up with Maggie Siu. For the present time, he will be busy with these two assignments. Asked whether he would film more series in the future, he expressed that he would not. This time, he only films another series because last time filming “Real Kungfu” his confidence has increased. In addition, this is a modern series, so he hopes that he will be able to learn something more.

Source: Takungpao

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Cartoon of Fung Hang Lit

This was before he wears his Mongolian clothes

Found these very cute cartoons of Fung Hang Lit at http://www.lam-fung.com/

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LWOLAP episode 35

Chun Mung Yiu, accompanied by Fan Leung Gik, went to Gok Ji Sin to heal her heart. As soon as she arrives, she asks Gok Ji Sin for alcohol. Gok Ji Sin took the opportunity to teach her to make wine, while at the same time she urges Chun Mung Yiu to leave everything behind her. But that very evening, Chun Mung Yiu gets drunk and wants to jump off the cliff to commit suicide. The next morning, everyone sees her near the cliff, fainted and with blood on her. After Chun Mung Yiu awakes, everyone was worried that she would try to kill herself again. Instead, she said that it was actually because of Gok Ji Sin’s wine that she continued to think of all the previous events and memories. In the end, her vital energy’s circulation was reversed, so she only throws up some blood and then fainted. After this event, Chun Mung Yiu could finally let go of the past and concentrates on the resistance of the influence of the Evil Master Valley. Hon Pak was punished and hung on a tree. However, he didn’t show remorse, making Hon Tien Dak so angry that he slapped him. Long Faan Wang took him to see Chu Yuen Cheung whom confirmed that general Hui loved his country and people. Finally, Hon Pak could let go of the past and sees the world in a different view. Hon Pak also told Hui Ye Yuet that she wasn’t general Hui’s real daughter. She doesn’t know what she should do with this piece of information. In front of Pong Ban’s grave, Fung Hang Lit swore that he would not give up on their undertaking to change the country. Coincidentally, it was Chu Yuen Cheung’s 70th birthday. Fung Hang Lit decides to execute his plan and intentionally appeared in front of Chun Mung Yiu.

Source: TVB

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Angela Tong’s wicked side gives boyfriend a refreshing feeling

Earlier there were reports that when Angela Tong attended a Gucci function, she was surrounded by three severe men and in the end she was led away by a handsome man. Yesterday, she attended a charity function and upon asked about this matter, she explained: “The three men are actually my assistant, my hairstylist and 王賢誌 , the one in the car was my assistant”.

Regarding the reports about this matter, Angela wasn’t angry about it, instead she smilingly told that she could use this to make her boyfriend jealous. She believes that a girl can’t comply 100% to her boyfriend, sometimes she has to act a bit wayward. Otherwise, the boyfriend will be easily bored. Wouldn’t her boyfriend get jealous then, she smilingly told that she isn’t worried because her boyfriend knows the three males. She also said: “Luckily, me and my boyfriend have a very stable relationship. [Was your boyfriend especially anxious because of these reports?] I don’t know, haven’t asked him yet”.

Also, earlier Angela went to see an astrologist and told her that she will have prosperous peach blossoms this year (meaning her love life will be very busy), thus she will have many pursuers. Angela also says that love can grow very slowly, so even when someone is pursuing you, it is also possible that you wouldn’t know it. If there really is someone pursuing her, then she will also have to consider the past as well as think about the future. It is also possible that one would think of going with him, but she hasn’t thought about it yet.

Source: Takungpao

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Roger Kwok and Ron Ng doing a show at Ocean’s Park

Roger Kwok and Ron Ng, two TVB siu sangs, attended a show “3M-思高海洋公園樂滿Fun” at Ocean’s Park as its honoured guests. Before they went on stage, they walked near the basin to enjoy the performances of the sea animals. They said in unison: “Some people from the audience could come on stage with the porpoise. When the sea lions were playing, we all have to raise our hands. However, the staff was afraid that we would wet our body, so they didn’t select us which was quite disappointing”. But they did take the opportunity to take pictures of the porpoise and the sea lions with their mobile phone. They were very excited about the fact that they could get so close to enjoy the sea life.

When they came on stage to perform, the audience responded very warmly. Roger even went over to shake hands with the audience, he excitedly said: “It was like doing a show in Hung Hom concert hall”. When asked whether he helped out at home, Roger frankly said that he has a cleaner. He also hopes that someone will invent a dog’s toilet, so that it is less trouble for the dog.

Virgo Ron has a cleaning obsession as well as having cats and dogs, he will also clean up after his cleaner has came. Asked whether he would take paper handkerchiefs when going out, he said: “Usually, in Hong Kong, there is no need to be worried about it. When filming in remote areas in the Mainland, then I will bring some with me”.

Source: Takungpao

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Michelle Ye films sequel

Michelle Ye, Soler, Ella Koon and Rain Li attended a function yesterday. When Rain was performing her songs on stage, the microphone malfunctioned twice, making her feel awkward.

Michelle will begin filming the sequel of “Central Affairs”. In this series she portrays a character who comes to Hong Kong from Mainland China who works in a real estate company as a female agent. Originally, the girl is very innocent, but afterwards she was raped and even more, murdered a person. Finally, she becomes a tough business woman in the real estate world. Referring to the airing of the previous series, they have received many complaints from the insurance brokers. Asked whether she is worried that they will be sued again, she said that she is not worried as they are portraying the problems of humans and not of the profession itself. Talking about the rewards of filming this series, she indicated a raise in salary which she is very satisfied of.

Soler will soon be in Taiwan preparing their tour, they expressed that they will promote the tour on 17 different locations as well as on a Taiwanese television program. Referring to the television program that it loves to play singers very much, the two of them expressed that they are not worried. Because they have already stated beforehand that they wouldn’t do any illegal things. They stressed that Soler only uses music to attract people. Earlier there were reports that Ella was very close to a female DJ, implying she was a lesbian. Ella immediately clears the rumour and says that she like guys. Upon seeing the report, she didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Source: Takungpao

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Monkey magic casts spell in Asia

An ambitious remake of Japan's most successful television drama Saiyuki (Monkey) is causing a stir across Asia.

The new version of the 1978 drama broke ratings records last month with one in three Japanese viewers tuning in.

Companies in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore have secured rights and makers Fuji TV have had inquiries from Thailand, China and Malaysia.

It is based on a 16th Century Chinese myth following hero Monkey's journey to India to obtain Buddhist scriptures.

The fantasy drama, first broadcast by Japan's Nippon TV Network, was a mix of lavish special effects, witty performances and martial arts.

The remake has remained faithful to many of the original elements - the fighting stick that shrinks to fit inside the human ear and the magical cloud that Monkey uses to travel great distances.

Fuji Television's most significant decision was to cast Shingo Katori as the show's hero.

Mr Katori is one of five members of SMAP - one of Japan's most popular boy bands. The Japanese heart-throb will be the first actor to play Monkey after Masaaki Sakai more than 25 years ago.

Modern Monkey
However, Monkey purists may be disappointed by the new version. The opening scene of each old episode that retold the legend of his birth from a stone egg on a mountain has been dropped.

The scene where Monkey achieves immortality by gorging himself on 9,000-year-old peaches will also not be included.

A dubbed version of the original was shown in the UK on BBC Two in 1981.

An undisclosed British TV company has secured the rights to the new 11-episode remake and will broadcast the show later this year, reports say.

Source: BBC News

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ekin Cheng refuses discussing rumours about Gigi Leung

Earlier Ekin Cheng was filming a movie in Thailand and has only just returned to Hong Kong. He attended a BMA function and he said that when he was filming in Thailand, he went swimming in his free time. Who could imagine that he was secretly photographed in his swimming trousers and put on the cover of a magazine with the title ‘The reappearance of the red wind’ (meaning it is very large/ very manly). It is also a public secret that Gigi Leung has sent him text messages to reconcile. At the function, Ekin was repeatedly being pestered by the media about these rumours, but he refused to respond on it.

Referring to Gigi’s reconciling text messages, he only said: “No such thing!”. He tried to leave in order to avoid answering everyone’s questions. Asked again whether he has received many text messages, he didn’t say anything about it. He has only received many text messages from the telecommunication company, all asking him to pay his bills. He then continued to talk about his work: “ I am filming “鹹蛋超人” (Ultraman). This is a dream come true, I am really happy to be able to film it”.

Spending Valentine’s Day on a deserted island
After his break up with Gigi, he was asked whether he would focus on work this year: “Every year, I am like that. However, this year I am swamped by so many work. I have just finished filming in Thailand. Then I need to go to Canada, afterwards I will begin a new movie. I also have to visit a disaster area”. Asked how he spent Valentine’s Day this year, Ekin said: “That day, I was shooting pictures on a deserted island”. When asked whether it has been a long time since he has spent a romantic holiday on his own, he smilingly expressed that he can’t remember. Asked if it was a happy time, he smiled it was. He revealed that on the deserted island, as it was Valentine’s Day, a mixed-blood child gave him a gift. It turns out that it was a seven-year-old girl who has filmed a movie with him before. So what did the girl give him? Ekin remained mysterious.

At the function, the two hosts Jerry Lam and Chin Ka Lok were often teasing him, describing him as “the reappearance of the red wind”. Continuously calling him to stand up so that everyone could have a look. It made Ekin feel quite awkward as he helplessly waved to everyone. Then it was time to give the awards, as the money was put in a red pocket, Ka Lok said: “Ekin’s red seal (red wind) has reappeared!”

Not awkward to expose swimming trousers
Afterwards, talking about the matter of the swimming trousers, he said that he didn’t feel awkward about it as it is very normal to wear swimming trousers to go swimming. Asked whether he would be more careful in the future, Ka Lok happened to come by and smilingly told: “It is natural, can’t prevent it”. After hearing it, Ekin immediately asked about his and then expressed that if one has to be careful like that, it is better not to swim at all. He believes that wearing swimming trousers is a very normal thing to do.

Source: Takungpao

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LWOLAP episode 34

Pong Ban could break out of the palace and retrieved the seriously injured Fung Hang Lit back to the Evil Master Valley. To rescue Fung Hang Lit, Pong Ban transferred all his martial arts that he has learned in his life to him. Fung Hang Lit recovers immediately, but this action has drained out all life out of Pong Ban. After the transfer, he passed away with a smile. From then on, the Evil Master Sect and the eight Mongolian clans are under Fung Hang Lit’s command. The ‘death’ of Fung Hang Lit has made numerous people feels sorrowful, especially Chun Mung Yiu. In reason, Fung Hang Lit collaborating with Pong Ban makes him deserve the death. However, in her heart, she can’t accept the fact that she has personally killed the love of her life. She was so heartbroken that she didn’t eat nor drink anymore. Upon seeing this, Long Faan Wang proposes to Fan Leung Gik to take her to Gok Ji Sin’s house, away from the capital. Fan Leung Gik complies. On the other hand, although Chu Yuen Cheung has witnessed Fung Hang Lit’s fatal injury with his own eyes, he still doesn’t feel at ease. He orders the elimination of the Mongolian clansmen. He also blames Wun Mun for knowing the wrong people. Wun Mun can’t hold on to his position anymore, now he has collaborated with Fung Hang Lit. Hon Pak loses his resolve after the many shocks he had and he even sees Lord Yin and Hui Ye Yuet together. Ignoring the instructions of Long Faan Wang about the Turning Cloud sabre, he practices these martial arts to release the tension. In the end, he turned evil [走火入魔] and wields the sabre towards Long Faan Wang. After the latter could get rid of Hon Pak’s evilness, he ties him up a tree. There he wants Hon Pak to think through and comprehend the principle behind the Turning Cloud Sabre, ‘intense emotions, intense use of the sabre’.

Source: TVB

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LWOLAP episode 33

Hon Pak was extremely saddened by the tragic death of general Hui. But it was Fung Hang Lit who was most shocked by it and he immediately looked for Pong Ban to duel him. Fung Hang Lit was so angry that he nearly injured Pong Ban with all his strength and accused him for being a murderous person. He then left in an angry mood. Not only was Pong Ban not disgruntled by it, but he was overjoyed that Fung Hang Lit’s martial arts have improved so much. On the funeral of general Hui, the whole country was in mourning. Instead it fuels Hon Pak’s heart with revenge and he practices his martial arts. It turns out that before his death, general Hui has leaved a letter behind for Long Faan Wang. The content of the letter reveals Fung Hang Lit’s identity. Long Faan Wang immediately invites Chun Mung Yiu and Lord Yin to discuss the matter. The three of them decides to divide them to search for the truth behind matter and most importantly if Fung Hang Lit played a part in it. On the one hand, Lord Yin immediately looks for Wun Mun. It seems that he was completely left in the dark and knew nothing about it. On the other hand, Long Faan Wang goes to Chu Yuen Cheung so that he could take protection measures and tells him that the Mongolian royal descent was still alive. However, Chun Mung Yiu doesn’t know what she should do as she didn’t want to misunderstand Fung Hang Lit again. After knowing the information that the Mongolian royal descent was still alive, Chu Yuen Cheung was all day long very restless. So he issued an order to kill the eight Mongolian leaders, compelling Fung Hang Lit to appear. Fung Hang Lit pretended to surrender to Long Faan Wang and Chun Mung Yiu when in fact it was a trick. Accompanied by Pong Ban, he went to assassinate Chu Yuen Cheung. Chun Mung Yiu then rushes out with the intention to kill, however Fung Hang Lit does not dodge nor evade it.

Source: TVB

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LWOLAP episode 32

Fung Hang Lit has been accused for stealing the sword and disappointedly returns to the capital. There he complained about it to Hon Pak when general Hui unexpectedly allows Hon Pak to contact each other again. Lee Chek Mei discovered that the Tossing Rain sword is in the hands of Chun Mung Yiu and immediately proposes to eliminate her. However, this was prevented by Pong Ban as he predicted that one day Fung Hang Lit and Chun Mung Yiu would fight each other according to their own beliefs. General Hui finally revealed to Hon Pak that Hui Ye Yuet wasn’t his own flesh and blood and encourages him to pursue her. The general also prompt Hon Pak to duel with Fung Hang Lit. Suddenly Hon Pak uses all his powers and forces Fung Hang Lit to use the ‘Evil Heart’ martial arts which Pong Ban has taught him. But general Hui, who was standing aside observing them, recognised that the same person who stole the bones of Kublai Khan was in fact Fung Hang Lit. Therefore, he lies to Hon Pak that he was going to Long Faan Wang’s clan mansion to visit him. Instead, he lead an army to the Mongolian grassland where he captures the Mongolian leader and forces them to disclose Fung Hang Lit’s identity. Prime Minister Wu receives this news and worriedly reports back to Fung Hang Lit and proposes to assassinate general Hui, but Fung Hang Lit was opposed to that. General Hui was bringing the Mongolian leader back to the government and on his way, in the Evil Master Valley, he was ambushed by its disciples. General Hui was severely injured by Lee Chik Mei and all he could do was retreat. Suddenly Pong Ban appears and tells him that Fung Hang Lit was the sole survivor of the Mongolian royal family. As he now knows the truth, Pong Ban kills him. Hon Pak arrived too late and have to witness his father pass away.

Source: TVB

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The New World clip

Currently I am really anticipating this movie with Christian Bale and Colin Farrell as I have always been intrigued by the story of Pocahontas. So, I was really happy when I came upon a clip that tells the entire story in a mere 18 minutes. What makes this clip so beautiful is the fact that it is a mute clip. Except for the background music, you will not hear any conversations nor any sounds. It is a pure visual description. This really intensifies the feelings that are portrayed in the movie. Based on the Disney portrayal, I always had a soft spot for John Smith and was utterly dismayed that Pocahontas chose John Rolfe in the sequel. Even though, it was probably the first time that Disney ever stayed true to the real story. However, after seeing this clip, I totally changed my mind. Although, I won't deny that my aversion for Colin Farrell has played a role in it. I understand now why she has chosen for John Rolfe and not Smith. While Smith was touched by her beauty, Rolfe by her kindness. And for that, I prefer Rolfe above Smith as well.

Sit back and enjoy the clip:

Can't wait till it comes out in March over here...

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Margie hopes to film with Bobby once more

Last year, Margie Tsang was a radio host for a program and now recently Metro Radio has asked her again as a guest host for the program ‘The Family World’. She has invited Bobby Au Yeung to accept her interview. Margie expressed that the main reason for stopping her radio work last year was her son just entering elementary school. After her son got used to it, she hoped to continue to work again.

Apart from radio work, she would also like the opportunity to film a series again, preferably with Bobby as he always attract high ratings for TVB. She smilingly told: “Hopefully, he would rub off some of his good fortune on me!” She remembered that in the last TVB series she has filmed “前世冤家”, Bobby still wasn’t a leading actor. At that time, he was only the second male lead, but cooperating with him is a very happy occasion because he is very mischievous. Bobby also indicated that the co-actor is very important. If the co-actor is a very playful person, then even filming hard is worth it. Margie revealed that Mainland and Taiwanese companies have asked her to perform again in their series, but she has turned them down as she has to take care of her son.

Source: Takungpao

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Bobby Au Yeung urges Justin Lo to not mind getting bald

Yesterday, Bobby Au Yeung and Kenix Kwok accepted a radio interview. During the New Year’s period, Bobby travelled to Las Vegas and Canada. He has only returned to Hong Kong recently. When he learned that the ratings for his new series “A Pillowcase of Mystery” peaked at 35 points, he was very happy. He believes that there is a very high chance that they will film a sequel. Does Bobby have confidence that his series will bring him the ‘Best Actor’ award? Bobby indicated that everything will goes as it goes. Instead, during the past years, he has also received many prizes.

Referring to Bobby’s hair balding, he generously expressed that he no longer minded those hair questions. He also wouldn’t intentionally conceal it anymore and when taking top shots pictures, no one is surprised anymore. As well as no one calls him ugly any longer. When saying that Justin Lo is bothered by his receding hairline, Bobby says that he shouldn’t mind it. He believes it is only for a temporarily period. If Justin is willing to show it, it is better. Concealing it can actually make one feel very bad. Bobby also says that he is more attractive with less hair. Before, his hair used to be very thick, making people don’t like his appearance. That is also why he didn’t have much audience (fans) then.

Bobby and his wife has been married for many years now, without children though. When the host wished him to have many children, he said that he would prefer a boy first. However, he and his wife feels the same, both don’t have a big child wish.

Kenix: next week celebrating it with a meal
Regarding the series high ratings, Kenix happily indicated: “Hopefully, it would continue to rise as the second part is even better!” Kenix thinks that the high ratings are due to the fact that the audience prefer relaxing series more. She frankly said that her role in the series is quite rough and it will give completely her feelings. This is something that one can difficult obtain in modern series. Therefore, she likes this role very much. Hubby Frankie Lam has also praised her role to be very amusing.

When asked if they will celebrate it, she indicated: “Probably at the beginning of next week. Dinner is certain, swimming suit not. But we must have the dinner, so we can express our appreciation. Although some of the colleagues has already left TVB, like Annie Man, hopefully they will also come and celebrate. As well as catching up with each other”.

Source: Takungpao

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Referring to Dicky’s proposal, Cheung Sai couldn’t stop smiling

When interviewing Cheung Sai, she talks about a memorable Valentine’s Day

She indicated that one year, her boyfriend Dicky Cheung found out that she has never used the Hong Kong ferryboats. So he took her on one and when they embarked, they saw that all the seats were already occupied except for four. Unfortunately, those four seats were all facing the passengers, and at that moment it was very awkward. In addition, she also saw that every female passenger had a flower in her hands. She was the only one with empty hands. When Dicky saw it, he immediately said that he wouldn’t give flowers as it is old-fashioned. Then he tightly holds her hand and softly whispered in her ears: “I love you”. It gave her a very sweet and romantic feeling.

This year’s Valentine’s Day, she gave Dicky a tie, but hasn’t received anything from him yet. Her birthday is on the 18th February and she said that Dicky definitely won’t escape then. She will make sure that he will give her a gift then. If Dicky proposes to her on her birthday, would she accept? She couldn’t stop smiling and answered that she would accept with pleasure.

Source: Takungpao

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TVB manager visits Raymond Lam in “Tai Chi”

Raymond Lam, Vincent Zhao and Myolie Wu are filming for TVB’s new series “Tai Chi”. Last month, the production team went to Yunnan, Jiangshu, Kunming and Shanghai to select sceneries. It is estimated that they will complete the outdoor scenes in April and then return to Hong Kong. The other day, TVB’s general manager Chan Chi Wang and the supervising manufacture and film assistant manager Leung Ka Shu went to Kunming to visit the crew. They were there to support the artists and the workers.

The series is set in the Man Chor period. Vincent Zhao and Raymond Lam have many fighting scenes together, while Myolie Wu and Melissa Ng separately have a love line with them. How about Kenneth Ma? Last scene, he had to bare his upper body.

Source: Mingpao

For picture: go to http://lamfung.net/news/20060216.htm

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Eason Chan slapped himself

As it was Valentine’s Day, Eason was happy to see that even the audience of his concert were also in pairs, including Sir Run Run Shaw and his wife, Candy Lo and her boyfriend. However, Karena Lam arrived on her own.

Although in the beginning, Eason performed while he was not feeling well, it seems that he has restored his condition now. Only when singing “Shall we talk” there he forgot some of his lyrics, he immediately slapped himself. But the audience didn’t mind and even sang with him to show their support.

In the background, they have hung a rain cloud and with the effect of falling rain, making Eason slip on stage. But he immediately crawled up and continued performing. Eason even sang “大開眼戒” to wish the audience a Happy Valentine’s Day. Hilary Tsui and Candy Lo, who were in the audience, got so excited that they jumped on their seats to dance. After the show, the audience hadn’t completely left yet when the workers started to partially take down the background. Suddenly a big iron chain fell down and with a ‘waah’ sound the audience covered their fear. Afterwards, they expressed that every day they will take down the background, but it was possible that then the workers were a bit impatient. And so they had upset the audience. Asked why Eason was slapping himself, he expressed that it was because of his high standards. He also said that the slip didn’t hurt him and he felt no pain.

Source: Takungpao

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Christine Ng clarifies the abortion rumour

Christine Ng, Bowie Lam, Queenie Chu and Maggie Siu attended the opening ceremony for the new TVB series “CIB Criminal Information Branch”.

Earlier Christine has been hospitalized, but reports were saying that it was for an abortion. She sighed: “I have been attacked by bacteria, the same situation as with Eason Chan before. The doctor says that the bacteria is still very strong, so if I don’t have enough rest it will be difficult to fight it”.

Regarding the reports about her having an abortion, she frankly says that it is very hurtful: “Because of my belief, I will not abort. Although I am usually always shouting and jumping around, I will definitely not do something like that. Instead the one who writes this is immoral. When I have read the report, I immediately burnt some incense for the Goddess of Mercy to make clear that I didn’t do that”.

Bowie Lam satisfied about TVB
This is the first time that Queenie Chu will film a series, no wonder she is unfamiliar with it. But she counts on it that the cooperation with the other artists will be a happy occasion. She will play Maggie’s subordinate, a person with different identities.

As Valentine’s Day has just passed, how did she celebrate it? Queenie smilingly told that now the best Valentine’s Day is one where she will have to work. She is very grateful that the company gives her so many opportunities. She has gained a lot.

Last year, Bowie Lam signed under the TVB management. After one year of cooperation, everyone is very satisfied.

Source: Takungpao

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Nickname annoys Natalie Tong

TVB new series “Under the canopy of love” will be airing next week, which suits the theme of Valentine’s Day. The night before they held a promotion function in Mongkok where the several leads were playing an indecent game. Males and females were both kissing each other. After Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow have kissed, it was Bosco Wong’s turn. Although, it was a bit inclined, the onlooking fans were shouting ‘Wah’ from all directions. Afterwards, the artists also played a proposing game. In front of the female artist’s chest they have hung two strings of grapes and the male artists will have to compete as fast possible eating it. It is like playing the bride. In addition, Niki and Kevin separately sang a song. In the end, the artists gave fresh flowers and gifts to the audience.

‘Vigorous aunt’ plays with fire
When Kevin and Natalie Tong were playing the proposing game, Kevin smilingly told that in the series they are siblings. So he doesn’t even know how he should propose to his ‘sister’. He told her to pretend he was the host of “Jade Solid Gold”. Who could imagine that Cha Kang Ning publicly announces the host’s name ‘Amigo Chui’. He also says that Natalie was a ‘vigorous aunt’ and upon hearing it Natalie’s face turned black, saying: “You have been saying it for many times!”. But Cha Kang Ning braced the death and turned to the attending fans: “She tells you to say it one more time!”.

Afterwards, Natalie acknowledges they were making fun of her. Because her nickname ‘vigorous aunt’ sounds so cheesy, she prefers one calls her real name. She also expressed that her love with her boyfriend is very stable, but her boyfriend hasn’t invited her for Valentine’s Day yet. When referring that he doesn’t need to record for “Jade Solid Gold”, shouldn’t he have some free time? She acts dumb and says: “I don’t know! [Did someone propose to you?] No. [Do you want to receive a diamond ring on Valentine’s Day?] No, it won’t happen. I think guys should usually be more thoughtful when giving gifts and not only when it is a holiday”. Natalie also disclosed that when she dated the first time, her boyfriend has already give her a diamond ring. Kevin clarifies that it was not him who gave her the nickname, he also believes that Natalie wouldn’t mind being made fun of. Because they have already cooperated in two series as well as had dinner once. So if she is really angry about it, he would treat her to dinner to calm her down.

Male fans kneel down to propose
When playing the grapes game, Bosco must compete to finish the grapes, hanging in front of Niki’s chest, as fast as possible. When eating, he was referring to Niki: “Her fluctuation is not very stable (her breathing).” Kevin then interrupts by saying: “She always wasn’t very big!” Niki immediately retorts by asking: “What did you say?” Kevin explained that he was only referring to the cardboard in front of Niki’s chest for not being big enough and that there was no need to be so sensitive. About him kissing Bosco and then Niki, he frankly said that they didn’t want to use their mouth at all. But for promoting, he doesn’t have any choice. Regarding eating the grapes resembling playing 3P, when asked Bosco if he was satisfied with being so indecent, he smilingly told: “I was quite startled to take out the banana once again! That is why they were playing that game after the marriage, I didn’t think that it was played at that moment!” He also explained that Niki’s breathing wasn’t regular. Mainly because she couldn’t stop breathing, making the grapes going up and down all the time. So it was very difficult for him to aim and eat.

After playing the grapes game, Niki looked quite anxious. She was even sweating. She said it was because the heads of the two guys were rushing up very fast, luckily they didn’t touch any ‘important’ spots. When Kevin smiled about her posture not being very big, Niki sighed that he was like that too while they were filming. She even talked about the game, saying that she wasn’t afraid that it will affect her girly image as she never had one.

In addition, before the activities began, six male fans of Niki, while grasping the flowers and chocolates moved towards the stage. Cha Kang Ning called Niki to stand in front of them. Who could imagine that the six would kneel down and propose to her, saying: “Niki Chow, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day”. Niki was surprised by their act and said: “I never thought that they would kneel down. They say that when guys kneel down, you will have gold (eg. marriage). Maybe it is because they know I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m really happy and surprised”.

Source: Takungpao

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Fan Bing Bing turning into a seductress

Fan Bing Bing had to work during the New Year period. She has just finished filming an ad in Japan and now she is flying to Hengdian where she will start her new series “封神榜”. In the series she will play the character of Ngo Thaan Kei, but this time Ngo Thaan Kei is a good woman and not a sinister seductress. It turns out that Fan Bing Bing was selected by the drama team to perform Ngo Thaan Kei.

The new edition of “封神榜” will have 60 episodes, so it will be divided in two. In the series, Fan Bing Bing will play 2 roles. Besides Ngo Thaan Kei, she will also play Ngo Thaan Kei possessed by a seductress. Good and evil will distinct the two roles. Fan Bing Bing says that it is very original and fresh.

Source: Wenweipo

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

LWOLAP episode 31

The internal injuries that Pong Ban and Long Faan Wang have incurred, are finally fully healed. Their martial arts have even gained another level. Pong Ban knows that in order to defeat Long Faan Wang, he needs the Tossing Rain sword. But the divine sword is missing, leaving him no other choice. Fan Leung Gik comes clean with Wan Qing, but she couldn’t accept the truth. So Fan Leung Gik could only leave gloomily. Hui Ye Yuet and Lord Yin are travelling around to relax and ease their moods, but Hui Ye Yuet still often thinks about Hon Pak. However, Lord Yin has a magical weapon and manages to successfully divert Hui Ye Yuet’s attention. Their relationship is growing every day. Hon Pak and Fung Hang Lit reconciles, but when general Hui finds out afterwards he accuses Hon Pak of being too naïve. He is worried that Fung Hang Lit is using Hon Pak, so he discusses about this matter with Hon Tien Dak. The two of them decide that they will expose Fung Hang Lit’s scheming. Then it was revealed that the mountain thieves were actually Mongolians in disguise. General Hui now suspects even more that Fung Hang Lit is manipulating Wun Mun. Fan Leung Gik is focusing on opening the seals of the Tossing Rain sword and trying every means. This makes Wan Qing sees him in a new light. Fung Hang Lit arrives at the Sacred Sect to try and win back Chun Mung Yiu. But everyone is worried that he will manipulate her in giving him the Tossing Rain sword. However, there is no mention of the divine sword. Suddenly, the Tossing Rain sword is missing and Chun Mung Yiu immediately accuses Fung Hang Lit.

Source: TVB

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Felix Wong: changing role to respect wife

Felix Wong and his wife Leung Chie Wah have been married for more than 10 years, so they already are an old, doting couple. But on Valentine’s day, the day to make all females happy, Felix will give it a new meaning. He hopes that every year he will be able to give his wife a honeysweet feeling.

Usually, Felix will start preparing for Valentine’s Day two days in advance. He will start by giving her some small gifts, it turns out that no female is able to resist receiving gifts. He will also learn to cook some dishes to honour his wife. So he will reverse the roles and change into the role of a housekeeper to help out in the household.

As Felix often has to work on Valentine’s Day, there aren’t many memorable ones. But recently there have been some changes, he won’t be so stiff anymore as he will try to be more thoughtful. When asked whether he will send flowers, he said he didn’t approve of such gestures: “Why does women like flowers so much? My wife rather like serious, practical things, so I will give her practical things”.

Felix sincerely said: “If treating her good, everyday will be Valentine’s Day. The most important thing is to notice her and to care more about her”. Seems like this is also on of their principles of love.

Source: Wenweipo

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Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung as lovers

Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung still aren’t attached, but it seems that they will spend Valentine’s Day filming for their respective series which dampens their mood. Luckily, Ron and Tavia who are good on-screen partners could comfort each other and they have decided to be temporarily lovers. They will share a western-style Valentine’s meal and talk about love, so they can fill up their lonely heart for the time being.

They have maintained a sincere and personal friendship since they met 7, 8 years ago. Every time they meet, they will be bickering or teasing each other. So even for them to be lovers, it would be difficult to create a romantic atmosphere. However, those are happy and lively circumstances. Ron mischievously fed Tavia a forkful of noodles, making her smile with her mouth full.

In return, Tavia wanted to revenge herself by feeding Ron food, but he said: “You have a cold so don’t infect me. I still have to film later, so don’t make me look for my bed”. But Tavia’s attempt was successful as she smeared it all over Ron’s face.

Talking about Valentine’s Day, Ron jeered: “I haven’t have a lover for several years. When I see lovers dating and I have to spend it working, it really gives me a cold feeling. So, it actually is quite memorable.” Tavia smilingly said: “Before I only have crushes on someone. I haven’t dated. During training class, I used to have a crush on Ron. Actually, I really want to have a romantic Valentine’s Day. Especially if the guy will give me a handmade present”.

Ron frankly said that he isn’t a romantic person. When he was 17, he ushered his parents out of the house to make his girlfriend happy by cooking for her. Tavia then squealed: “That is so romantic! I should learn how to be more feminine and gentle. I hope that my lover will be sympathetic, considerate, filial, loving and good. Ron’s demands should be almost the same, because we are both virgo’s”.

Ron says: “Everyone has different views. If my girlfriend is independent and dresses well, I will worry all the time that she will be harassed by someone. In addition, I am very conservative as I will not accept a third party. These kind of relations will be hurtful from beginning till end.” Tavia responds to this: “If you really have set your heart to develop this relation, you will wait for the other to have ended its love before to start another one. Ron and I are very mature. But usually there aren’t many gossips and love matters, unless the other will voluntarily tell it.”

Source: Mingpao

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