Thursday, March 30, 2006

Myolie Wu sees result of gaining weight

Myolie Wu has been filming TVB new series “Tai Chi” in Shanghai and has especially returned to Hong Kong. Yesterday, she attended the “Top Ten Artists Awards” held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Apart from the seventh place of the “Top Ten Artists Awards”, Myolie also received the “Most Exquisitely Acting Skill Award” as well as the first place of the “Top Ten Series Awards” with her series “War of In-Laws”, filmed together with Liza Wang and Bosco Wong.

Myolie excitedly told: “This year is the first time that I have received this award. Although it is only the seventh place, but for me it is a very happy occasion. After receiving the awards, I will fly back to Shanghai to continue filming this evening.” Yesterday, she wore a low-chest dress to attend this event, but her face seems to be looking fuller. Her sharp face has turned into a round one. Regarding this, Myolie explained that this is because she is preparing for a TVB new series that will begin filming in June. This is the result of her increasing weight. She said: “Every night, I am eating midnight snacks in Shanghai. Before I go to bed, I will also eat chocolate and ramen noodles. I have gained at least five pounds now!” How many pounds does she need to increase, what is her goal? She said that there actually isn’t a fixed number, as long as the others feel that she gained weight then it is fine. She also hasn’t thought about how she will look like after the gain of weight. As there is still three months before the shooting will begin, she will continue to increase her weight! Asked whether she need to buy new underwear, she said that at the moment she doesn’t need to. However, after a little while, she might need to! When saying that increasing is easy, but losing is difficult, Myolie said relieved: “The company has already arranged a slimming company for me, therefore I will not worry. So I can keep on gaining weight!”

Bosco Wong helps clarifying Kate Tsui’s rumours
Yesterday, Bosco Wong received the third place of the “Top Ten Artists Awards” and the “Most Active Artist Award”. Regarding this, Bosco appears to be very excited. When talking about the recent reports concerning Kate Tsui being late and talking back when filming their new series, Bosco explained: “It is a misunderstanding! There isn’t such a matter. Usually when filming I see her talking and chatting with the workers.” About the workers not telling her that she was revealing when filming the water scene, Bosco said: “I don’t think that the workers are fooling around with her. That day, I also paid attention when filming and they did tell her. But she said that it was only revealing her swimming trunks!”

Source: Takungpao

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Bernice Liu overpowers Charmaine Sheh

Yesterday, both Bernice Liu and Charmaine Sheh revealed their back when attending the “Top Ten Artists Awards”. However, it was Bernice who was the most attractive because of her sex appeal.

Regarding this, Bernice said: “This is the first time that I have won an award, so my appearance definitely has to be impressive. Besides, it is Aaron Kwok who will present me the award and with whom I have filmed my first MV. So I am really very happy about it! This dress is from Lane Crawford’s new brand Willow, it is worth more than 10 000 HK dollars. Because they have sewed many beads and lovers on it, it is heavy. All the weight is carried by only two straps from my chest.” Asked her whether this is her real chest, she smilingly told: “My person has always been very real! [Is your inside real?] Actually, this dress reveals my back, so it is difficult to wear underwear underneath it!”

Upon seeing Charmaine yesterday, she seems to be very thin. Regarding this, she said: “Because it was too exhausting filming “Phoenix Quartet” earlier, therefore I have become thinner. I only weigh 98 pounds at the moment! I also hope that I can gain three pounds, so that it can help me surpass the three digits!”

On the other hand, Liza Wang received the fifth place of the “Top Ten Artists Award” and the “Top Ten Series Award” yesterday. She told very happily: “I am very happy that I can receive these awards from Uncle Tin Lam. Today, the three generations of artists, namely old, middle-aged and young, are all present here. And I am part of one of these generations! I am very happy for the opportunities to cooperate and film series with these young people. Hopefully everyone will continue focusing on filming good series.”

Source: Takungpao

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Amigo Chui has locked his target

Last year, being labelled as ‘TVB’s godson’ Amigo Chui Chien Bong has been given many opportunities. Whenever you opened the television, you would see him appear. His exposure rate is often higher than those of some of the popular siu sangs. From a loser to the new favourite of the hosting world, it is because of boxing that he has found back his confidence. Today, he is aiming at a new goal – “To be an outstanding presenter”.

Since he came out four years ago, Amigo already had opportunities to co-host with some of the best known hosts like Eric (Tsang), Ah Lek (Nat Chan) and Fei Jie (Shum Tin Ha). He finds himself to be extremely fortunate, especially when he was cooperating with Eric on “Jade Solid Gold”. He has learned a lot from him, he said: “Everyone knows that Eric’s wit is really fast, he is like a clock. He will suddenly call me over to work on our dialogues. Actually at that time, I was really nervous, so I only could learn all the dialogues by heart.” Regarding that it is due to the support of TVB high executive Chan Chi Wan that he has been promoted so heavily, Amigo hasn’t minded it: “I don’t mind what others say. The company has given me a lot of opportunities and I am grateful for it. So why should I mind it!? I will not think about it. I will only continue to do my best.”

From the afternoon show “E-Buzz” till the evening show “Scoop”, in addition to “Jade Solid Gold” on Wednesday evening, Amigo will daily accompany the viewers. His exposure rate is thus very high, even he unexpectedly moans: “I don’t have any money left?! Firstly, my income isn’t actually that high. Secondly, I like to spend money. Therefore I can’t save money at the moment.” Looking at him, you won’t notice much difference with other young people. He likes to follow the fashion trends. On the day of the interview, he was wearing a pair of sneakers worth 1500 dollars. No wonder he said there isn’t much money left.

Besides following the latest trends, Amigo also bears other similarities with many young people. Like them, he didn’t really have a goal from his child- till his adulthood: “I have always been very lazy?! Before I was twenty, I had no clue what I was doing, I just played video games at home all day long. When I was eighteen, some friends asked me to go with them to learn (a sort of boxing), so I tagged along! Who would know that I would find back my self-confidence there!” Amigo isn’t really tall, but he is quite flexible and lenient. He won his first game in a public competition, afterwards he also won the next five games. With that, he has also won back his confidence. However, his sifu has told him that he couldn’t do it as his occupation and he really understands it: “Boxing gives a very satisfied feeling, but from the beginning my sifu has told me that it is not something you can do for a lifetime. Therefore someone has introduced me to announce the traffic news at the Metro Radio, the wage there was only 2000 dollars. Even my mother told me not to accept it, she said she would rather give me several thousand dollars. But, at that time, I really wanted to be a DJ, so I persisted in continuing this work. And once I began to work there, I have worked a half year there.” Unfortunately, in the end he was fired due to lateness and he was determined not to be lazy any longer: “The shock (of being fired) was quite big at that time and I didn’t dare to be lazy again. At that time, I was really afraid! When the opportunity is gone, you can’t grasp it again anymore!”

After he lost his job, Amigo hides all day at home playing video games where he almost turned into an isolated youngster. Several months later, his old boss at Metro has introduced him to another job at the television station as an operator. There he got to know TVB executive Chan Chi Wan and his career started to take off. A year later, Chan Chi Wan has asked him for an interview at TVB where he was successfully hired. Arrangements were made for him to host the music program “翡翠音樂幹線”. Afterwards, he also hosts “Jade Solid Gold”, “Scoop” and “E-Buzz”. The results were reasonable, Amigo frankly said that he was very happy: “I feel very happy and satisfied about it. I didn’t have a goal in the past, but now my goal is hosting and making programs. This will also leave an impression on others.”

Amigo’s deepest impression is his interview with Deanie Yip, because she is a senior with very high standards. Amigo said that he was very nervous then: “Before I had to interview her I already did a lot of research and I have also asked several TV seniors about some matters concerning her. I know that Deanie Jie is someone with high standards, even when pouring her a tea with milk, the milk also has to be warm. When the interview was taking place, she heard that I even took notice of such small things, she thought that this host was very considerate. So, I was also very happy!”

Saving money to get married
About his love with Natalie Tong, he usually doesn’t say much about it. He only discloses that his love life is very stable. As for whether he would consider marriage, he says that he hasn’t got any money left. He also hasn’t started to save money for a marriage yet.: “At the moment our live is quite stable, but I am still very young! Besides, I haven’t even begun saving, therefore we wouldn’t get married yet for the first several years! Will see after I’m 30 years old!”

Afterwards: talking day and night
The interview with Amigo lasted hours. When the reporter indicated that it was almost finished, he actually said: “Wah! Have you already asked all your questions?” It turns out that he loves to be interviewed. Although he normally has to talk from day till night, he is still very talkative after work. He really likes to do what he do! It seems that he is aiming on achieving his goal ‘to be an excellent host’.

Source: The Sun

More upcoming interviews later. For some reason, the recent news doesn't really attract me, so I have been translating interviews instead.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chin Ka Lok acts as a sexy girl to fool Jordan Chan around

In the movie “Bet to Basic” Chin Ka Lok portrays someone who play mahjong for a living and who hopes that one day he will become a rich gambler. However, his gambler’s luck isn’t good. On the other hand, Jordan Chan is a mahjong genius, his gambler’s luck is extremely good. One scene in the movie tells of Ka Lok introducing a singing and dancing “Malaysian version of Lin Chiling” to Jordan. So, she can cure this shy guy’s lonely heart. In the end, Ka Lok dressed himself up as the female disguise of Andy Lau in “Running out of Time”. He then acts with Jordan in a love scene where they were mutually touching each other’s thighs.

Ka Lok joked: “Compared to Andy, my chest is much more voluptuous, my legs are slimmer, my appearance is also prettier than his. Did you see how smooth my calves are? Therefore Jordan is very fortunate to be able to meet such a sexy lady like me for the love scenes. After hearing this, Jordan awkwardly replied: “Ka Lok’s black panty is very sexy. His muscles feels quite solid which gives a very good sensation. His eyes are also very enchanting which is the best from all the people I know. Together with this very loveable fake Chiling, they could form another pair of Twins.”

Source: Takungpao

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Joey Yung sings “Under the Lion Hill”

Yesterday, the head of the Movie Broadcasting department Chu Pui Hing and his second in command, Ng Shek Fai, attended the celebratory function of RTHK with Joey Yung. It celebrated the fact that RTHK programs of 2005 have taken 42 awards at thirteen different international and Mainland movie and television festivals. It wanted to reward their workers who had won prizes.

Joey is very happy that she will sing a new version of the song “Under the Lion Hill”. It will be mixed with the singing of Roman, her sifu. The result will come out as Joey and Roman singing together. Earlier, when they were recording it, Joey said that the result is really as if she was singing with her sifu. It sounded very real. Therefore, when recording, she felt very satisfied. It was like Roman was really by her side at that time. As this kind of opportunities are very rare, Joey expressed that she will do her best to sing it as good as possible. Although her eyes weren’t teary when recording, but she was remembering many memories about Roman taking her to functions. This new version of “Under the Lion Hill” will be broadcasted on the 14th of May.

Source: Takungpao

You can download Roman's original "Under the Lion Hill" here:

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Artist's blog...

Don't ask me how, but I happened to stumble onto an artist's blog earlier. This blog is from Erica Yuen Lei Ming and she was a Miss Hong Kong 2005 finalist. I believe she signed with TVB afterwards and according to her blog she was/is busy filming "Land of Wealth" and "Super Cops". Oh yeah, the blog is also in English ^_~

Here is the address:

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Did you know that...

This will be a new feature where I will post some little facts about artists from their E-Buzz interviews.

Did you know that...
Jolie Chan (interviewed by Amigo Chui)
Benny Chan (interviewed by Kanin Ngo)

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Benny Chan is trying to increase his luck

Benny Chan, Linda Chung, Sunny Chan, Nancy Wu and Wai Ying Hung attended the blessing ceremony of their new series “Saw Sang Chuen”. After they have cut the roast pig, we could see Benny tear out a piece of the red paper on the roast pig head. Then he put it in the battery of his mobile phone. But there he has already put another piece of golden foil object.

Regarding this, Benny frankly said that he frequently does these kind of things for good luck. As for the golden one, he got the golden foil when he previously went to Thailand, praying in front of the Four Face Buddha. When saying that he, as a male, is quite superstitious, he didn’t agree with it. He said: “These last three or four years, I will go once in a year to Thailand to pray before the Four Face Buddha. It really does work. Every wish I have made there has come true and my luck has also changed for the better. [Are your wishes related to work or to love?] Mainly about material things, like I want to have a six-pack! [No need to pray for love?] Love is something between two people. If only one person strives and prays for it, then it is still wouldn’t happen. Besides, my work and love life is very stable now. At the moment, I am not that young anymore so I will prioritize my career. I have to do my best to earn money so that I could find myself a wife!”

On the other hand, Linda’s eyes were swollen yesterday. She immediately explained: “My eyes aren’t swollen. It is only that I had a water/swim scene earlier, so maybe the dirty water entered my eye and infected it. Also, besides my eyes, my ears are also infected! But because I have to work from day to night and vice versa, I haven’t been to the doctor yet. I can only use some medicine against infection.” Linda even smilingly told: “Originally I didn’t really have an earlobe, but now it turned really big duet to the infection. So it has turned me into a fortunate person. Haha!”

Source: Takungpao

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Eason Chan and Hilary Tsui: a low-key marriage

Yesterday, Eason Chan and Hilary Tsui held their wedding ceremony at the Repulse Bay country club. More than hundred relatives and friends attended the wedding ceremony. Besides the parents of the couple, many of their showbiz friends were also there including Miriam Yeung, Nicholas Tse, Edmond Leung and girlfriend, Wyman Wong, William So, Karen Mok, Bondy Chiu, Stephen Fung, manager Chan Ka Ying, Dik Bo Laai (Nicholas’ mother), Stephanie Che, Ricky Tong with his wife and daughter and many more.

Couldn’t stop smiling
At half past two in the afternoon, the newlyweds and their numerous relatives and friends arrived at the country club where they attended a simple yet wonderful wedding ceremony. The marriage registration council has especially appointed a special commissioner to lead the wedding ceremony. It was held at the outdoor lawn of the club. Eason and his wife respectively wore a costume and a wedding dress, while their daughter was also dressed up like a princess. With their numerous relatives and friends as their witness, they read out their vows. Maybe they were too overjoyed, but the couple couldn’t stop smiling. After the last ‘I do’ and the exchange of rings, they have finally tied the knot and become husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony took about thirty minutes and at around three o’clock in the afternoon, the guests started to leave one after the other. And Constance was brought home by Hilary’s mother and brother. Mama Tsui was worried that they will be snapped, she continuously called her maid to hold down her granddaughter’s head, so that the reporters couldn’t take her pictures. When Eason arrived, upon seeing the mass of reporters, in order to avoid the reporter’s lenses, he didn’t hesitate to violate the traffic laws. Arriving at the country club, he quickly drove ‘safely’ into the club entrance from the opposite lane.

A romantic wedding banquet
Eason continuously kept the marriage a secret as he didn’t want any media coverage. The news was still leaked out. Reporters heard the rumours. As the weather wasn’t too good yesterday, it was continuously drizzling. In spite of the rain, the reporters were waiting outside in the hope of a glimpse of the newlyweds. However, Eason and Hilary have always maintained their principles and they didn’t accept media interviews. In addition, at the wedding banquet, Eason has spent one million on fireworks to receive Hilary, but the club’s spokesperson indicated that there wasn’t such a matter. It is namely strictly prohibited to light fireworks in the club. Apparently, Eason has only organised a firework act similar to the one at his concerts. This added a romantic touch to the wedding banquet. Eason cordially received his friends and relatives at the country club with ten tables. In the evening the newlyweds went to a karaoke bar in Happy Valley with their good friends from the entertainment circle to continue to celebrate.

Source: Takungpao

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Raymond Lam prefers Mainland girls

Raymond bending backwards movement seems to go smoothly, he obviously prepared very good for it.

Raymond welcomes his female fans who gather around him for pictures and chats

Raymond Lam, Vincent Zhao and Myolie Wu are currently filming new TVB series “Tai Chi” in Shanghai. When talking about this series TVB fa dan Myolie Wu, Raymond expressed that he has already cooperated with quite a lot of fa dans before. So there isn’t always a refreshing feeling anymore. Instead, he wants to cooperate with Mainland stars as he hopes that it will create different sparks.

TVB’s grand production “Tai Chi” is proceeding very smoothly and fast in Shanghai. Earlier there were reports that male lead Raymond ‘bought’ a girl Mei Mei with a month salary of 2000 yuan. The two of them shared an intimate meal together, they even shared a warmth bag and gloves. Their relationship seems to be more than normal. Raymond clarifies that their relationship is only that of a boss and a subordinate. Although it was a front page coverage, Raymond is still very popular in the Mainland. Every time he appears at a place there would be many people following the stars (more specifically Raymond).

Filming fighting scenes: a taste of suffering
Filming “Tai Chi” Raymond has suffered many hardships, he performs many fighting scenes himself. Therefore, he is often hurt and bruised, he said: “Because this is my first time filming a real kung fu series. Earlier, I have only filmed wuxia series, so in the many fighting scenes you didn’t need to use your full strength. However, this time you have to use real power, therefore you will easily get hurt. Fortunately, Vincent is looking after me and I have had about ten classes of martial arts, so it makes it a bit easier when doing the fighting scenes.”

Raymond plays the son of a wealthy family in the series who is infatuated by Myolie. He frankly said that filming with TVB fa dans doesn’t give him a refreshing feeling anymore. Therefore, he hopes he can film Mainland series, he said: “I have already cooperated with all TVB fa dans, therefore I really hope that I can cooperate with Mainland female artists. And in reality? A girlfriend, even if I like someone then what? But I don’t dare to think about this question, because everywhere in Hong Kong there is paparazzi. I don’t even dare to eat out with a girl anymore.”

Raymond has quite a lot of fighting scenes in “Tai Chi”, earlier he had to fight with an artist on a wire

Recently, Raymond has hired a Mainland female assistant, Mei Mei, resulting in rumours

Source: Apple Daily
News posted by Fung's Label

Seems like it won't be too long before Raymond will concentrate on the Mainland market as well. Of course, I hope that he will stay with TVB, but it sounds like he enjoy the Mainland much more. Think he is a bit fed up with the Hong Kong paparazzi especially, and maybe also with filming with the same actors over and over again.

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Niki Chow: dating comes with a lot of pressure

Her series “The Gentle Crackdown” and “Under the Canopy of Love”, both had successful ratings. Coming from a model background, Niki Chow has turned twenty-six this year and has successfully entered the house (TVB). Her maiden album also sold very well. She has thus became a popular singing, movie and television idol.

After “Hard Fate”, they once again acted as a pair of lovers in “Under the Canopy of Love”. Niki and Kevin Cheng, who is 34 years old this year, are now known as the perfect couple. Therefore the rumours about Ko Yat Sie and Shum Long are unstoppable.

Since Niki has entered the entertainment circle, there were many love matters. There was rarely news about her love life though. Niki, who has a silly big sister’s image, has had three loves which she will always remember. However, for more than four years her love life has been a blank page, although she has always longed for love. Last year, she even secretly meet someone from the opposite sex. Unfortunately, before this love actually started blossoming, it already couldn’t withstand the pressure and it was ended.

Niki and Kevin’s rumours started in 2003 when they first cooperated with each other for “Hard Fate”. At that time, they said that Kevin’s false sentiments in the series has turned into real emotions and thus he took the initiative to pursue the girl. Last September, in the period that they were filming for “Under the Canopy of Love” there were reports that Niki had one feet in two boats (dating two people at the same time). On the one hand, ‘real boyfriend’ Max Mok’s nephew Jordan and on the other hand, a burning love with Kevin.

When talking with Niki about, known as, wealthy kid, there were reports that Jordan helped her enter the showbiz. Upon hearing this, she laughed loudly and said: “This is a classic, it truly is a classic. I have known Jordan for a very long time now. I have many friends like him. Why can’t I have male friends? Why is it that they will assume my male friends are my boyfriends? When I have female friends, they will assume that we are lesbians. I don’t care anymore. As long as I know, then it is OK.”

Recently, there were rumours with Kevin, she said: “I think this is a very normal matter. No need to be afraid! For example, if there were no rumours they will probably say that he’s homosexual. Or else that we didn’t see eye to eye with each other. I remember this time when we were preparing for our positions, he said to me: “Pretty sister, you again. Once more, we will have rumours again!” We already don’t care about these kind of matters and we also don’t think about it anymore. Working together with him, as this is already our second relationship, there is a tacit understanding between us. It is very comfortable. I can say that we are good friends in real life.”

None of the rumoured names are real
Kevin’s outer appearance is very cool, however Niki actually said: “He is a good person, but very introvert. People who doesn’t know him will think that he is very cool, very ‘rude’. However, he actually has a very kind heart. It is just that he doesn’t know how to express himself. Most of the time, he is very melancholic. It is already enough when friends have a kind heart.” When asked whether they both are single, whether there is an opportunity to develop something more, Niki calmly replied: “There isn’t! Because he will not choose me and I will not choose him. He may not necessarily like the type of girl similar to me.”

Since entering the entertainment circle, every time she cooperates with a male artist, rumours will be spread. She unexpectedly said: “I also wished that one of them was real, because it is very normal that an regular person has love. [Referring to Daniel Chan, Edison (Chen)?] Wah! Don’t want! Don’t want! It is all so ‘classic’. None of them are. [Has someone from the showbiz ever pursued you?] Truly, no one has. Some people said it was a crush, but even when it is a crush, then I would also know. I have a lot of male friends in the showbiz and I have asked them why they didn’t pursue me. They said that they also don’t know why they don’t. Even without this kind of feeling, they all treat me as a friend. I have also asked them what my problem is. Some said that I was too strong, but I am actually not that strong. If I had a boyfriend, I will definitely admit it!”

First crush in form three: crushing over an older schoolmate
Niki frankly said that she has three loves that she will always remember. The first time was when she was in form three. “The opposite party was a schoolmate from form six, he played basketball. Actually, I prefer talented men. He is very good at basketball, so I was attracted by him. We were together for many years, until we finished school and started working. Why we broke up? Because of a third party, I have also once answered her phone call at his home. What I despise most is people hiding things from me. We had one intense quarrel and then we broke up.”

Niki disclosed that during her lovelorn period, a friend has introduced her second boyfriend to her. They were together for four years. “He is a business man. I admire him for teaching me so much. But afterwards I just grew up and became a big girl. I didn’t have that feeling anymore. He is a good person. We are still friends now. It is only that our timing wasn’t right.” As for the third boyfriend, Niki said that he hurt her the most. “It was also a friend that has introduced us. We have dated for two years. However, he frequently lied. Until we broke up, I still didn’t know what his job was. He couldn’t give me any feelings of security, it was hurtful. Not long after I have entered the showbiz, it was ended.”

Last year secret meeting
In reality, Niki wants to date. Last year, she tried a secret meeting with someone, but she refuses to disclose his identity. “He isn’t someone from the entertainment circle. We have met before, but he is quite afraid. Especially because he is from outside the showbiz, so the pressure he receives is quite a lot. Snapping pictures, also afraid that people will investigate his family background, when going to the movies we were like thieves (sneaking around). It is very tiresome. Afterwards, he told me “You seem to be quite busy!”. Then I didn’t hear from him anymore.”

“Actually, my standards for a boyfriend are very simple. It is best that he has a talent to attract me, like playing basketball or a music instrument. He doesn’t need to be all manly and rich. I like men with a single eye fold, taller than me, with ambition, a high EQ and considerate towards me. That is enough for me, because dating with me is very tiresome.”

No dating, quickly becomes crazy
Not having a boyfriend for four years, Niki was asked how she felt about it. She sighed: “Very dry?! I haven’t dated for several years, I’m almost turning crazy! Haha! I am someone who relies on a boyfriend very much. I need to see him daily, frequently contact him. Once I date I will be very involved. I very much want the other to know what I have done every day.” Asked her whether she feels lonely due to her lack of love, she said: “Luckily, my personality is that I get unhappy easily, but I also forget very easily that I was unhappy. If I am unhappy, then I will call my friends out to talk. Moreover, I will write down the unhappy things to vent out as I don’t know how to express myself. On the outside, people would think that I am an open and strong person. I have to clarify that I am really not that strong.”

After becoming famous, besides attracting rumours, Niki has also attracted a lot of gossip. One moment, she is complaining tearfully with her record company for care and favour. The next moment, she has won an award in trade to film another series. Regarding these, Niki said: “I am also not clear, before when filming movies it wasn’t like this. It is only this year that there is a lot of gossip. A great tree attracts the wind! Ha! I am not big. I have asked some seniors and they said that it is very normal. They also said that it is a stage that one has to go through. They comfort me by saying that it is also scary when one doesn’t go through this stage, because that means that no one knows you. There was some time that I was unhappy and I was thinking how come the matter would be completely reversed. But there is nothing that I can do, I can’t control it. I can only do my very best.”

Knowing how to console herself, Niki’s optimistic personality is the same as Ko Yat Sie in the series “Under the Canopy of Love”. As for her maiden album “Pure Niki” being criticised for not reaching the standards yet, Niki said: “I don’t have a singing background, I think that this first time I have already done it to my best ability. Singing is something one will know step by step. At the moment I like singing the most, music gives me a very refreshing feeling. There are a lot of things that I could learn, I think it seems like there is hope every day. For my album, I haven’t filmed a series for more than a year. Even now I am very busy, every week I have three classes with my singing teacher. I also believe that people will think that I have made some progress after they’ve heard my second album. It will come out in April.”

In terms of popularity or being a singer, Niki also acknowledges that TV series has helped her a lot. The most recent news, after “Under the Canopy of Love” was aired, Niki’s record company BMA has successfully received four advertisements for this year. It is reported that ‘SaSa Beauty +’ has given her a large sum to engage her as the new generation’s spokesperson. Asked whether she will earn enough, she only said: “There are indeed more ads, the income will not suddenly turn from much to a lot more. It is according to the proportion. The reward is a happy satisfaction.” Niki firmly refuses to disclose the range of her income increase of this year, but she also expressed that there is a possibility that she may realize her parents’ dream. She said: “This year, I hope I can buy a flat, I suppose I should fulfil this promise. I will buy a flat to live with my parents. In addition, it will also house my two dogs! Although it is very difficult to buy a flat in Hong Kong, but I will do my best!” Niki nodded her head with a firm look. It is exactly the same as with Ko Yat Sie’s firmness and resoluteness when she starts an undertaking.

Source: Mingpao
News posted by TVB Chinese News

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hurrah, I am a celebrity...

Haha... Before my break ends any minute now, just something funny. I stumbled upon this site

When you upload your pic on their site, they will see which celebrity you resemble the most, based on face recognition. Here are my results, apparently I resemble the most to

Kelly Clarkson (72%)

Selma Blair (68%)

Heather Graham (64%)

Guess I am not that bad-looking haha... Seems like all the guys that has rejected me didn't have any taste lol...

If anyone also tries this out, please share your results ;-)

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone for visiting my site and thus already reaching 5000 hits. Yay!!

Next, I will be quite busy with school work as I have two papers and a presentation due for next week. So, news translations will be very scarce this coming week.

Lastly, here are two clips of Lee Hom again. The first one is an interview about his previous album Shangri-La in English and the second one is his mv for his song "花田錯" from his new album.

Credits to ssgg

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The end of LWOLAP

Well, I have finally finished "Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion". The ending was quite rushed, in my opinion. There are still so many things that were unclear like what happened to Lee Chik Mei or what with the leadership of the 'Lo Gah' clan. Hon Pak was supposed to be the leader, but he went off with Ye Yuet. And then the parts of Fung Hang Lit and Chun Mung Yiu, they had so little screen time in the end considering that they are supposed to be the main protagonists. All in all, I am still satisfied that it is a happy ending. Although, I usually prefer open endings so that I could let my own imagination work. Great series, and really worth watching! It has been quite some time since I was really hooked on a TVB series.

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The three women of Kevin Cheng

He has been a siu sang for some time, one can call him manly, handsome and righteous. Kevin Cheng has a favourable position at the television station now. When he was in Taiwan, every day was a dark day. When he returns to Hong Kong, his career leapt forward. This was all because of the three consecutively women behind him.

“The women in my life are very important,” said Kevin with sincerity.

Kevin and Niki Chow once again acts as a pair of lover in the new series “Under the canopy of love” which is airing now. This has brought them more popularity. Niki, who acts as well as sings, also says that Kevin is manly, handsome and righteous, however popularity-wise, he is still overlooked a bit. In order to let his star shine more, should call all the boys and girls of Hong Kong to TVB City to scream for Kevin. It isn’t that easy to follow into Louis Koo’s footsteps. It is like this hot cup of tea before him, bringing his hands forward. However, Kevin’s happy face reveals a very happy personality.

“ ”Under the canopy of love” has influenced me a lot. From a young age, I have difficulties adapting myself to strange environments. I will never strike up a conversation with someone else first. However, my character in this series is totally the opposite. He is socially very good, but this is my weakest point in real life.”

“This character has one habit, namely collecting business cards. I am also starting to have this habit. One card more means that I can contact one person more. It is very difficult to me to make contact with someone on my own initiative. But I am working on it now. Hopefully, I will be able to make a huge progress. It is a necessity when working in the entertainment circle. Social skills are very important. After all a person’s strength is limited. In fact, besides being serious at work, can relax during free time. There is no need to be so strict, then one will be happier. Also will be more at ease with colleagues, so why not?”

The first woman
“My family consists of four people. I have an elder sister. Since I was small, my father has been doing business everywhere. Sometimes several months will go by before he returns home. An unmarried maid ‘Ling Jie’ has raised me up. She washed me, fed me. She took me to the nearby park to play. So the one who has left the deepest impression on me, in my childhood, was her. Ling Jie passed away when I was in the fourth grade of secondary school. I was really devastated at that time! She is already part of my family.”

The second woman
“I was born in the United States. Basically, all my relatives are already immigrated to the US. Now all my cousins can’t speak Chinese anymore. In the fourth grade, the majority of my school mates have chosen to study in Canada. I was supposed to go to the United States, because it was cheaper. However, to satisfy me, my mother allowed me to study in Canada. But after several years, I went to the US in the end. My mother is a nurse, so she is at least three or four days not at home. My father was also not at home. Maybe they felt guilty, but they loved me a lot. However, when I was too mischievous, they will slap me. But, my mother hasn’t slapped me anymore since I was eight or nine years old! If I don’t listen, they will reason with me. When I was grown up, my mother will also still reason with me. At that time, I wanted to be a singer. Although they thought that line of business was very unstable, they sill silently supported me. At my most difficult time, they only gently said to me: “Enough, you’ve played enough! Why don’t you find a proper job?””

The third woman
“In the past, my sister was living with relatives, so we didn’t see each other a lot. But after everyone emigrated to the US, we still didn’t see each other much. However, blood is really thicker than water, family love is really very close. We don’t have much to talk about now, she is living in the US now. So I will watch the time when calling her (time zones), sometimes we will talk about when we were still little. I remember that we also used to fight, but a girl hits puberty faster than a boy, so every time we fought she would win. When the time came that I was growing, she already left, haha!”

“In the whole family, my father has left me the deepest impression. Well, children are like that. You definitely have to spend time with them. Although I grew up in a family where the parents often didn’t have time to spend with us, it didn’t have a profound influence. I only find that people who grew up in a large family are more open.”

“Now is the time to concentrate on my career. At the moment, I will not think about love matters. However, I do hope that one day I will have my own family. Then I will take my children, wife, the entire family to go eat dim sum (yum cha), to go shopping. Actually, a happy family live, it is not that easy.”

Afterwards, a bounced check
Beside his gratitude to these three women in his life, there is also one more person that Kevin has to express his gratitude. She is the producer of “Under the canopy of love”, Wong Sam Wai: “She has given me many opportunities.”

Kevin said: “I really have to thank her.” Afterwards, Kevin also said that regarding his generous, supportive mother, he has signed her a bounced check: “I promised my mother, when I am capable, I will give her a flat… In the past, I have written her many bounced checks in the hope for quick cash.” Kevin was laughing loudly when telling this with a touch of bitterness.

Source: The Sun

Very insightful, never knew that he finds it so difficult to make contact with other people. He comes across as very open and easy to approach.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nancy Wu will forever love Deep Ng

When mentioning Nancy Wu, one will immediately think of her other half Deep Ng. The two never wanted to acknowledge their love, until recently when they have been snapped dating. So they were forced to reveal their relationship. Deep has already recognized the other’s position in his heart very early on and Nancy said one sentence: “I am very happy to now.” All is put in these significant words.

Every year, there are many newcomers that emerge from the television station. So to be famous in the entertainment circle, sex appeal and rumours may provide to be a possible shortcut. Since entering the entertainment circle, Nancy has had many rumours but the one who has left the deepest impression is certainly ‘her prince charming’ Deep.

The pair of lovers were shopping in the supermarket, buying groceries when their pictures were taken. So with their relationship exposed, they didn’t have a choice than to make public their love. Talking about that time, Nancy wouldn’t answer questions relating her love. She frankly said that if she had a choice, she rather wants it to remain a mystery. She said: “Actually it’s not that I mind saying it, but I really hope that we wouldn’t be talking about the same topic every time. If they didn’t have taken our pictures sneakily, I would have chosen not to disclose it. I’d rather have everyone continue guessing.”

The process of meeting Deep began with her participation of the singing contest “新秀歌唱大賽”. At that time, Nancy wholeheartedly hoped to be a singer with her own album. She said: “Initially, I participated in the singing and “Cover Girl” contest. It was afterwards that I wanted to be a singer. Until today, I still haven’t given up on this dream. Because I really love singing. Actually the company (TVB) has arranged for me to do a sound test, so I hope that one day I will realize my own aspiration.”

Although she wasn’t noticed by a record company, but in 2001 she participated again in the “TVB Cover Girl Contest”. She took the first place and signed a contract with TVB to be an artist. In recent years, she even became one of the promoted fa dans. After entering, the series where she had her first performance even had a big cast. It was “Triumph in the Skies”. She has also benefited a lot from it, she excitedly said: “If you ask me which scene has the deepest impression on me, then it definitely is the scene with the death of Joe Ma. That is because he and Flora Chan really treated and loved me like a little sister. Therefore, when the plot told about his death, it was like I have really lost an older brother. So I got into my character quite fast. Also at that time, they have taught me a lot of methods to act. That’s why my impression of them is especially deep.”

Setting out for the big silver screen
Since entering more than three years ago, Nancy has filmed many series as well as performed many kinds of roles. However for a stable career in the entertainment circle, one has to make big efforts. Asked what her current goals are, she said: “I know that I am still a baby in this stage and that everything is still beginning. Every aspect is still very new for me, therefore I hope I will progress with every job. And that my performances will gradually mature.”

Soon, she will begin filming ancient series “Saw Sang Chuen”. In this series, Nancy will have the opportunity to portray a cold, distant character, so it is very challenging. She said: “This character has many scenes involving the inner emotions, because she appears to be a cold-blooded person. Therefore all her emotions can’t be expressed with her appearance, so the difficulty level is quite high. However, it does create displaying opportunities.” Nancy also hopes that one day she will see herself on the big screen: “To see myself on such a big screen with such powerful sound, the feeling must be very different.”

Her boyfriend has had many negative news and being the woman behind him, Nancy silently supported him all the time. As for whether their love can withstand ordeals, Nancy only said one line: “Actually our love now is still not steady.” Is it because their work background isn’t the same? Each is busy with their own thing, does it make her more reluctant? Nancy didn’t explain it in detail, but she is confident that they will overcome their difficulties: “I am confident that the relationship will last a long time. Either I don’t date, but when I do date I will invest a lot of love in that person. If I think that the relationship won’t last, I will not start it. Therefore if you ask me whether I am confident it is quite unnecessary, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have started!”

Nancy admitted that she is a very single-minded woman concerning love. She can count all her dating experiences from the past on one hand. She also reveals their big future plans, she smilingly said: “I take love very seriously. Every time I date, I will see the other as my future other half. I hope that I will be married around thirty years and the most ideal will be giving birth to a pair of twins, because I think they are very cute…” Regarding the present situation, Nancy is very satisfied and she replied with a sweet smile: “I am currently very happy!”

The television has always received ‘girls next door’ very well. Current fa dans Charmaine Sheh, Shirley Yeung are some successful examples, but Nancy also gives one this kind of feeling. Although she is wearing fitted clothes, short skirt, but it doesn’t give out a flaunting, mature feeling. Instead one is attracted by her warm, familiar smile. However, Nancy hopes instead that she break through this circle: “I like the ‘girls next door’ image as well as the feminine one. But being an artist, one hopes to have many transformations. This way it will not limit me to one kind of role.”

Source: The Sun

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Lee Hom Clip

As you might have noticed or not, but I am a huge fan of Wang Lee Hom. I admire his musical talents, I love his looks and shyness, but most importantly his slow songs always manages to touch my heart. You must understand how thrilled I was upon finding this clip. I have already seen it before when renting videos, but I always wanted to see it again. This was from "Jade Starbizz" two or three years ago, I think. It is very funny because the host (Fai Jai) was bullying and hitting him in the beginning. Lee Hom's Cantonese is all mixed up in the end, so it was very cute. Definitely a must see! Enjoy the clip!

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Sammul Chan’s evil role: the more it develops, the more frightening

Sammul Chan, Vivien Yeo, Ben Wong and Kate Tsui were filming in a garden for TVB new series “Thousand Lies, Various Schemes” yesterday. The scene tells of Sammul going to the hospital for a visit. The plot then narrates that his evil side intends to poison Ben and Kate. This way, they will fall in a coma and become a ‘vegetable’. He also pretends that he is a good person by pushing them in a wheelchair out in the sun.

Sammul used to portray a lot of good guys in the past, so he doesn’t deny that this performance is a big test for his skills. He said: “When I received the script in the beginning, I thought this was my chance for a new image. It would give the audience a refreshing feeling. The more the plot develops, the more evil the character becomes: poisoning, murder, everything that isn’t legal. Instead, I am now a bit worried how the audience would see me! In addition, the moods of this character are very intense. One moment, I am smiling and the next I am in dark mood. I am also filming another series at the same time “Phoenix Quartet”. In that series, I have to rape Charmaine Sheh three times as well as gay scenes with Joe Ma. It really turns me into a schizophrenic!” After filming these two series, he plans on a rest period. He will recharge his batteries as well as use this period to pull him out of his roles.

On the other hand, Kate’s character will be in a vegetative state so it will be quite easy for her first time: “It is quite good to play the role of a patient. Can rest at work. They teach me how I should lie down and sleep, so that I would portray it the best.”

Source: Takungpao

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Wang Lee Hom: love talk at his concert

“Wang Lee Hom Heroes of the World concert” was held the night before at the Taipei Dome. The entire arena was full, 13 000 seats were all taken. Many people from the entertainment circle also came to support him, including Karen Mok, Dylan Kuo, the rumoured couple Alan Luo and Seline were there before and after. Although Vivian Hsu, Shu Qi and Johnny Yan didn’t go, they had all sent a congratulatory gift. However, rumoured girlfriend A-mei wasn’t present. This is the first time that Lee Hom holds a concert in the Taipei Dome and so he is very excited. As soon as he was on stage, he called out: “Dome! Here I come!” The present fans were very warm-hearted and three fans even fainted. Luckily, it wasn’t very problematic. Lee Hom continued to say to them: “I love you!”

The concert was full of Eastern flavours. Children from the Beijing Opera opened the prologue doing somersaults, while Lee Hom was wearing a golden long gown waving a big flag. He stood on a hanging stage, greeting his fans. At the same time, he demonstrates his ‘musical genius’ talents. While singing, he played many different instruments like drums, er hu (Chinese ancient instrument), a violin, the piano and so on. With the guests of that evening, Westlife, they sang “You Raise Me Up” together, bringing it to a climax.

Performing a sexy dance with female dancer
Another climax for the audience was when Lee Hom and a female dancer performed a spicy dance, while singing the fast song “
我就喜歡”. The two of them were hugging and kissing on stage, and both their bodies seems to be locked together. Afterwards the female dancer moved downwards and knelt in front of his ‘important’ spot. At the same time tearing Lee Hom’s vest away with all her strength. So he revealed his chest which made his fans scream non-stop. Lee Hom revealed thus the result of his hard work (exercising). All night, he didn’t mind showing his muscles.

第一個清晨” expressing his heart
Lee Hom even reveals his own love life at the concert. While playing the guitar, he was saying: “My love life, it is not flying around, however it is focused on the long distance. So it will easily let me give up hope on love, but I will not surrender like that. Occasionally, I can still feel pure love, like when a love first starts to blossom. When one haven’t been hurt by it, when one haven
't harmed the other, therefore I have written this song "第一個清晨” last year, so that I can sing out this kind of feeling.” Some fans were calling out ‘Ah Mui’ (A-mei), while others were so moved that they were crying.

Source: Takungpao

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Michael Miu: wife shouldn’t be worried

After Michael Miu (third brother) has returned to the television screen, he has once again became a housewife killer. Many young female artists admire him a lot. Yesterday, Niki Chow attended a TVB function and smiled that Michael has always been her idol. Afterwards, she shyly posed for a group photo with Michael, looking like a small fan.

Michael said that he is watching “Under the canopy of love” recently and that Niki is actually his idol. He hopes that there will be an opportunity to cooperate with Niki, where they can develop an unforgettable love. After hearing it, Niki couldn’t stop laughing. Michael said that many newcomers have a natural way of expressing. Like earlier he has worked with Fiona Sit and was very pleasantly surprised. Although Niki has only made two series, she displays herself quite well.

Reporters are joking that the artists who portray Michael’s girlfriends are getting younger and younger. Michael agreed with that. Soon he will act as lovers with Jessica Hsuan in the new series “Dow Cheung Fung Wan”. Asked whether he has confidence in himself, he smiled that cooperating with younger opponents gives a refreshing feeling. Also his personality has always been very young.

Earlier there were rumours that his wife Jamie Chik would come back again, Michael expressed that he hasn’t heard of it. If his wife is interested in filming, he will not stop her. However, to his knowledge TVB hasn’t asked her to film a series yet. There are many pretty girls in the entertainment circle, will his wife be worried that he will be seduced? Michael smiled that if his wife was worried, then she has been worrying for about twenty years as he has always been working with pretty girls. He will not do anything that is not good behaviour. Will he drive his female colleagues then? He believes that driving female colleagues home is very gentlemanly and his wife knows that he is a gentleman. He smiles that nowadays there are so many paparazzi, so lots of informers. His wife shouldn’t be worried, because it is even better than she tracking him.

Source: Takungpao

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Virginia Yung: another baby next year

Tracy Yip, Virginia Yung and Anne Heung attended “慧妍心連心慈善巡遊” function yesterday afternoon. There were also more than 30 Mini Coopers present, led by the black Ferrari in which Tracy sat. Tracy expressed that she isn’t afraid of the strong horsepower of the black Ferrari, but she personally doesn’t like speeding. When choosing a boyfriend, he also has to be stable, she said: “I want to buy a car with seven seats, so my parents and four dogs can go with me.”

Virginia took her 5-year-old son to the function, she said: “Next year, I want to have another baby. This time I want to have a daughter so that it will become the character ‘good’ ( is formed by the characters for girl and son)”

Anne is a safe driver, she said: “I have witnessed a serious traffic accident in Canada once. Also a friend of mine also had an accident which led to a pregnant lady losing her baby. So I don’t want to affect anyone due to my own negligence.” Talking about her love life, Anne expressed that it is still empty. All her friends want to introduce some guys to her, but she believes it should all go by the flow.

Source: Mingpao
Requested by Anne Heung Fan

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Raymond Lam’s biggest fear is female co-stars falling for him

Popular saying ‘actors don’t have love’. Raymond Lam, who comes from a wealthy background, is someone with lots of love. He has been in the entertainment circle for eight years now and was rumoured with six female artists. He has cooperated with five of them when filming series. On the set, there is often love around. Raymond is aware that he has a lot of affection. Each time he films a series with a female artist, he would have a crush on the set. Then it ends. However, he is worried all the time that the female party would misunderstand this kind of love.

Raymond comes from a wealthy background. His father, Lam Wah Kwok, is involved with real estate in the Mainland market with a legacy of six hundred million. He is called the ‘Xiamen’s Lee Ka Sing’. Being the Lam’s family oldest son, Raymond lives in a mansion at Old Peak Road, drives a Benz cabrio and even all the workers at TVB will call him ‘Siu Yèh’ (little master). Being a handsome guy with fame and wealth, so pursuing girls would be no doubt logical.

Without some fancy, can’t perform in a series
Fala Chan, Sharon Chan, Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, Michelle Ye and Rain Li have all been his rumoured girlfriends. Besides Fala Chan, the other five have all cooperated with Raymond which lead to these rumours. Before the camera, they will be lovey-dovey and when they are back in reality, it may be still confusing or not clear. Be it true love, misunderstood love or universal love, only the person themselves will know.

Regarding to questions about emotions when filming, he said: “Without some desire, it is very difficult to portray in a series. We are not robots, we have to get involved. Not for one or two expressions, one has to get into its character. When one falls in love with a person, then one really loves that person. Afterwards, there would be no such matter anymore. This is a necessary condition for being an actor. Definitely have to have some desire, if not how can one portray it? But wanting to pursue? No.

Actually if one is able to calm down again, it can make things more difficult than necessary (start imagining things). It can interfere with work and that could mislead oneself. I am very lucky that it didn’t happen to me (while filming pretence becomes real). Sometimes when one is too involved, it can frighten the other party (to fall in love with oneself).”

Picky about choosing girls, shouldn’t be too smart
Every time filming a series, there will be rumours with girls. In the past he will get all worked up about it, however now he just responds by smiling: “Actually rumours and reality are two different things. You can’t avoid it that some of the audience will believe it. Also shouldn’t care how they think about it. However, the people by my side, my friends haven’t inquired about it. Management also believes a lot in me. Most important thing is that friends don’t affect each other.”

Raymond continues to explain his view of love: “In reality, I am not a very laid-back person. If not I wouldn’t have that many friends by my side. People who knows me all know that I am picky. It is like a shield. The girls I choose can’t be too smart, but she can’t be not intelligent as well. I don’t like to explain it. If I have to say it every time, then it means that we are not suitable.

Going drinking or eating with a bunch of friends, these are perfectly normal activities. Every time there will be guys as well as girls. If you take a fancy into someone of the opposite sex, then you can allow yourself to go a step further. However, either yourself are anxious or the other has startled you. I only want to have dinner in an ordinary way, which I haven’t done since entering the entertainment circle.”

Must respect actors with emotions
In the entertainment circle for eight years, Raymond has already cooperated with many senior actors. However, the ones he values their advice and instructions the most are Gallen Lo and Louis Koo, he said: “Gallen has taught me how to act in series. He treats me really good. Also when conversing, I will listen to him talking about the principles of being a human being. From personal life to work, he is always willing to teach. He once said to me that being an actor is something worth respecting. Everyone is always saying that actors don’t have emotions, but we are actually the ones with the most love. When filming series, we are actually deceiving our own emotions to entertain the audience. That is why I respect this occupation very much.

The other one is Louis, he has taught me some methods to deal with rumours. He told me that I shouldn’t respond when it is not a fact. I don’t like to explain. If you believe it, then you believe it. If not, no matter how I explain it, you still won’t believe it so it is no use to do so.”

Ron Ng: rival as well as friend
TVB has been strongly promoting Raymond, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma as the new generation of siu sangs. Of the four of them, Raymond was the earliest to enter the entertainment circle. In 2000, he was entrusted an important role in the big production “A Step into The Past”. Unfortunately, he couldn’t continue on this influence and in recent years, Ron and Bosco has caught up swiftly. However, Raymond said: “I entered early, their extent is bigger. The more people in the whole industry, the more energy there is. So one should be happy about it. Comparisons are not necessarily a bad thing. This will keep one on its toes, so one won’t stop progressing.”

Likes ancient, too lazy to take care of hair
Raymond’s career is moving slowly, besides being implicated by rumours, filming too many ancient series also has its influence. In fact, many siu sangs become reluctant when mentioning ancient. Firstly, it is difficult to become popular with ancient series. Secondly, the clothes are very thick. Thirdly, the long dialogues are hard to remember. One also has to wear wigs or shave its head. However, Raymond has been acting in one ancient series after the other and he is still gladly carrying on with it.

Ron once emphasized that he himself was someone for modern series, ancient series should be remained for Raymond. After hearing it, Raymond smiled only: “It is best if an actor can do ancient as well as modern, then it would allow him to develop fully. There will be many opportunities for series.”

Raymond and Ron have been friends for a long time, work-wise they are actually rivals. Asked Raymond how he could maintain friendships in this kind of business, he said: “I regularly meet up with Ron to talk about personal matters. Can assume we have a very solid friendship, he is an entertainment friend with whom I can talk about personal matters. We have said previously that we shouldn’t think that we wouldn’t be rivals. There will be definitely competition. I know that others can say bad things about you, everyone will also hear these kind of words. But in reality there might not be such an issue. Our personal matters can be approached in a bad way. We all know it, so we won’t be influenced by what the others say. We will both encourage (force) each other to progress which is a good thing.”

Nowadays, Ron has a lot of rumours, Raymond will fully support his old friend. He said: “He is a very straight-forward person. I don’t think he has a bad side. He hasn’t changed since I initially met him.”

Small bio
Age: 26

Education: University of California, USA; first year; major in architecture, minor in music

Entering the entertainment circle: 1998 acting class, contract afterwards and became an actor

Series: Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, Yummy Yummy, The Last Breakthrough, Twins of Brothers, Blade Heart, Survivor’s Law, Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, Golden Faith, Eternal Happiness, A Step into The Past

Awards: 2004 My Favourite Character Award for “Twins of Brothers”; 2003 Most Improved Actor Award

Source: Appledaily
Posted by Fung's Label and more pics at:

There will be probably many translating mistakes as I did it in quite a hurry. So if anyone sees one, please let me know so that I can correct it. Enjoy it!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gigi Lai sacrificing her appearance

Gigi Lai is known for her image of pretty girl, but for her new series “Super Cops” she will undergo a 180°-transformation. She play a character with big teeth and glasses. Even though, she will have to reveal her tooth, Gigi emphasizes she doesn’t mind playing the role of an ugly girl. She hopes that every series will portray a different ‘Gigi Lai’.

Yesterday, Gigi was filming outdoor scenes in Mong Kok with Leung Ka Yan, who plays her father in the series. From a distance there wasn’t really a big difference in her resemblance. It turns out that Gigi was wearing fake teeth, but when saying her dialogue it was like ‘pulling all her muscles’, so there was a certain degree of difficulty: “Actually, I have been practicing the speaking for some time at home. My family has already gotten used to it. However, it still hurts my teeth a bit. Fortunately, it hasn’t affected my standard of performances.”

Producer suggests to gain twenty pounds
Gigi explained that the producer didn’t have the intention to let her play an ugly character. He only thought that her appearance was too fine with her big eyes. Therefore, he wants her to wear glasses and put on a fake teeth, so that it gives her face some imperfection.

Initially, two months before the shooting began, the producer suggested that Gigi should gain twenty pounds for her performance. However, the idea wasn’t carried out in the end. Gigi said: “As I had to shoot a fashion ad at the beginning of March, I couldn’t gain weight for it. Actually, I don’t mind an ugly character or even a deceitful one. I will play them all. But I don’t want to play a pretty ‘Gigi Lai’ in every series. I want to have an image with hundreds of transformations. No matter how pretty I am, filming series also requires some ugliness.”

What is most funny to Gigi is that she has put up her fake teeth when taking a group photo, but a fan didn’t notice it at all. Gigi jokes: “I am afraid that the audience thinks I am ugly in real life.”

Source: The Sun

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Lee San San reveals all on a press conference

Lee San San and Chin Ka Lok have been dating for eight years. Since Ka Lok has proposed to San San in the Philippines, apart from the news that they were going to marry, there were also reports that San San was pregnant, that they have broken up and earlier even that San San has committed suicide. Yesterday, San San was at the press conference of the slimming centre of which she is the spokesperson. She clarifies that she wasn’t pregnant, nor are there marriage plans. She hopes that they would give her and Ka Lok a certain degree of freedom. Referred that she has gained some weight, she explained that she has had eczema for many years. So she takes medicine for it and that leads to her body holding up water.

Steroids: body holding up water
San San attended the press conference with the consent of her manager. Referring to her pregnancy rumour, she expressed that filming “Burning Flame” in 1998, there was one scene where she was soaked in a mountain putty. Since then, she has eczema. She has been going to the doctor for many years now as well as taking medicine, but it is still not healed. As she has it for many years, every time it is winter, when her skin is dry, there will appear marks on her skin and she wouldn’t be able to sleep. However, the worst place is her thigh. She also said that the medicine include a steroid, so it makes a body hold up water. In addition, when she has eczema, she can’t go through with the slimming treatment. Then everyone will misunderstand that she is fat and even thinks she is pregnant. Regarding her condition, she feels helpless. A doctor has told her that if they could control her condition in two years, then it can be healed easily. Unfortunately, it has become more serious.

Asked how many pounds she has gained, she frankly said that she didn’t count as she only wants it to cure faster. She was also asked whether she planned to have babies, she said: “Haven’t thought about it. Guess not. Don’t have plans about it.” San San hopes that the love between her and Ka Lok can develop freely, so everyone shouldn’t assume things about them. Whether or not they marry or have babies, she hopes that they will give them a degree of freedom. She said: “Not getting married doesn’t mean that we have broken up. I don’t mind the paparazzi, but they shouldn’t draw conclusions from my life and us. Saying that our love has many crises. Guessing that I am compelled into marriage. That is very unhealthy and it also gives us a lot of pressure.”

Can’t infect when in the same bed
San San smiles that Ka Lok has always been a ‘carefree baby bear’, rumours won’t influence him. However her mood is often affected by it, San San hopes that everyone will wish them a happy life. If they would get married or have babies, then everyone will definitely know it. She said: “Committing suicide is a very critical thing. I am not afraid of what everyone writes. However, saying that I have committed suicide will upset my friends.” About her eczema, she was asked whether she and Ka Lok will have to sleep in separate rooms. San San said that it shouldn’t be infectious. She also sees that Ka Lok’s skin is very good. She said: “Don’t see something wrong with him, although we still sleep in the same bed…” She couldn’t stop smiling when saying that. About her marriage, she thanks everyone for their worries about their future. But they really haven’t planned anything yet. They will just go with the flow. In the mean time, they will not get married on impulse. She smilingly said: “Have to wait till I have cured my eczema. Should ask Mr Chin to help me with medicine then.”

Source: Takungpao

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