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I'm afraid I don't have time to do translations at the moment as I am writing my graduation thesis now. My deadline is come scaringly near and I still have so much to do *sigh*

All translations (news, episode summaries) will resume after 12th of May.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Myolie Wu gaining weight: increased a cup size

Yesterday, Myolie Wu was invited to be a model for a jewellery where she showed many jade jewels. The total amount was worth 28 000 000 HKD. Vinci Wong also wore a jade valued at 3 000 000 HKD.

Refusing jewellery for fear of disappointing them
Myolie prefers more modern-like jewellery. The most expensive jewel at home is valued at five digits carat. She has bought it for herself. Asked whether some guys has given her jewellery, she said: “I haven’t! Even when I was dating, I would tell my boyfriend not to give me. Because the pressure will be enormous then. You never know what the future will bring. Besides, I am so busy with my work, I even more doesn’t dare to receive it. This way, I can avoid disappointing the other.”

Joking that she has sold her body to the company
As for yesterday’s remuneration, she smiles that it was worth it and said: “The jewellery knows that I am currently diligently gaining weight, yet they were still willing to ask me. I am very happy.” Myolie is gaining weight for her new series and now she already weighs more than 120 pounds. She expressed that she isn’t striving for a certain goal as she only hopes that she will come across as fat. As her body weight increases, her cup size also has increased a little. Although she still doesn’t need to change her bras. Myolie said: “However, I will enjoy this moment. I never had it so big before.” Referring to Tavia Yeung, who has increased her cup to 37D for her new series, complaining that it is very exhausting, Myolie sympathises with her: “It is indeed quite exhausting to stuff two steamed buns (‘maan tou’ meaning breasts) in such hot weather. However, artists often have to make artistic sacrifices.”

As for Korean star Kim Seon Ah who has gained weight for “My Lovely Sam Soon”, but afterwards she failed to lose it. Asked whether Myolie is worried, she joked: “I am only worried that I can’t gain weight. I believe that even if I do fail to lose, the company would still want me. Then I can resort to portraying fat characters. Besides, the company treats me very good, every year they will extend my contracts so it seems that I will have to sell my body to the company.”

Source: Takungpao

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Gigi Lai: bad at tennis

Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Gigi Lai and Yoyo Mung were yesterday filming for new series “Super Cops”. The scene shows them playing tennis. From what we could see, the tennis skills of the two beautiful ladies was only so-so. Especially Gigi, who acts as a bad tennis player in the series, repeatedly suffered defeats. Moses and Kevin were smiling that her tennis skills were really not good.

Gigi admits that she isn’t allowed to do any ferocious sports, because in the past she went skiing in Japan and injured her left knee and ligament. It turns out that she is very fond of surfing, but now she could only do sports with not too much movements. Doesn’t this mean that she can’t film fighting or pursuing scenes? Gigi said: “I also would like to film those, because after my injury I have less opportunities to display these kind of things. I want to portray a fighting girl, but that isn’t possible.”

Moses take off his clothes to play ball
It turns out that both handsome men like to play without shirts, because then they can tan more evenly. Then they can also save time by not going to the solarium. Although Moses isn’t afraid that they will take pictures when he is exercising, but Kevin thinks that if he can avoid it, he will avoid it. Only if the weather is really hot then he will take it off. Asked Kevin what he thought of the tennis skills of the two ladies, he laughed: “Both aren’t that bad, but they might need more time to learn it. Yoyo doesn’t mind the sun, but Gigi obviously isn’t fit enough and afraid of tanning!” Yoyo, who was nearby, immediately ask Kevin to teach her, but he unexpectedly said: “You should find yourself a boyfriend to coach you.”

Source: Takungpao

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

After seven years, Bobby Au Yeung and Jessica Hsuan hope to create sparks again

Yesterday, Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan and Michael Miu attended the blessing ceremony of their new series “Dow Cheung Fung Wan”. Bobby and Jessica have waited till now to cooperate again since their last series “A Recipe for the Heart”. Seven years went by and the moment Bobby saw Jessica, he immediately said smoothly: “Haven’t seen her for such a long time, yet she still looks very youthful and beautiful.” The playful him cheekily revealed that Jessica is constipated. Of course, Jessica wouldn’t let Bobby walk over her like that and she also discloses that he has a nickname called ‘detox prince’. Jessica said: “He has to go three times daily (to the toilet).” Bobby immediately countered: “If you have to go, then you will go! I am not like you, only going once in two weeks.”

The two of them hope to create more sparks with this cooperation than seven years ago. In fact, Bobby is always joking around when filming is going on. For example, there was one scene with Bosco Wong wearing a wig. Bobby exclaimed: “I used to had as much hair as you do now.” Everyone on the set burst out in laughter. Regarding to the paparazzi taking pictures of Adam Cheng wearing a wig, Bobby expressed that he didn’t know about it. Instead, he asked in reply: “Really? Does Adam wear a wig? I really didn’t know that!”

On the other hand, Michael doesn’t only have a love line with Jessica in the series, but they will even have bed scenes and kissing close-ups. Asked whether Michael need to inform his wife beforehand about it, he joked in an authoritative voice: “None of her business. If I also need to tell her about these futile things, how will others see me then?”

Source: Takungpao

I have to make a note here, the last series that Jessica and Bobby cooperated together wasn't "A Recipe for the Heart", which was incidentally made in 1997, but "Witness to a Prosecution" filmed in 1999. I don't know why Takungpao would say that it was ARFTH, but I just wanted to make clear that it actually isn't. Also, as Jessica and Bobby are good friends they often do see each other, so don't take it too literally when Bobby said that it has been a long time since he last saw Jessica.

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Moses Chan: Yuen Biao is my teacher in the movement scenes

Yesterday, Yuen Biao and Moses Chan were filming in a factory building in Shek Kip Mei for their series “Super Cops”. The scene tells of the gifted police officer Yuen Biao and his mole Moses following some suspects. They were filming them jumping off a lorry. As Yuen Biao comes from a trained background, he doesn’t need any directions for this kind of skill. As for Moses who doesn’t have a fighting background, he still lacks some experience. However, they only needed two takes for this particular scene. Yuen Biao expressed that filming these kind of movements one will get more easily hurt than filming kung fu movies. As one has to climb up and down all the time, the foot will easily get sprained. That is why, he has reminded Moses to be careful. Moses is also very willing to accept other’s views and he can display himself very well. He is extremely manly then.

Regarding the praise of senior Yuen Biao, Moses is very happy: “With Yuen Biao looking after me, I am not worried at all. [Do you want him to be your sifu?] Of course, I want that. My only concern is that he doesn’t want to. [Do you often get injured?] I often bruise my hand or foot! Earlier I was rehearsing a fight with Yoyo Mung and her bones bruised my hand.” Moses also disclosed that he has learned many new things while filming this series like ice skating, magic, dancing and being a ‘duck’ (male prostitute). Ice skating was really a test for him, because he has never learned it before. Also he never used to have a good sense of equilibrium. But in order to film it realistically, he won’t use a stand-in to film the ice skating scene with Gigi Lai later.

Source: Takungpao

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La Femme Desperado: episode 3

As Chi Ling is being misunderstood by her family, she is forced to move out of the house. In order to evade Fung, she also doesn’t dare to go back to the motel. So she decides to go back to the office to hide there. There she saw Kiu working overtime. Kiu then told her that she didn’t meet her deadline, so she was fired. This was the last straw and Chi Ling vented out all her suppressed anger. She revealed that she is getting a divorce and that her family is misunderstanding her. However, this time her revelations bring a surprising outcome.

Chi Ling reaches an agreement with the pharmacy to challenge King Loong, but meet with lots of difficulties. On the one hand, King Loong find out through Wing Tim. Chi Ling also hopes to enlist the help of Fung’s grandmother so that the famous pharmacy would assist them. So she went to Lamma island, but she isn’t making any progress there.

Bo Ting and Sai Hing meet up with Kiu for dinner. However, they concealed the fact that Ka Bow was actually the guest of honour, which displeased Kiu. On the other hand, the motel caught Chi Ling cooking in her room and was kicked out, leaving her once again homeless. So she braces herself to stay at Kiu’s place where she accidentally finds out that Kiu makes silent phone calls as well as her mysterious past.

Kiu unites all the brand managers together to implore the pharmacy as part of the negotiations plan. However Nga Kei uses her past to discredit her by accusing her of using the company to solve her personal troubles. Sai Hing therefore cancelled her plan, so Kiu could only use a limited workforce. The situation doesn’t look very optimistic for her.

Source: TVB

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

La Femme Desperado: episode 2

Because of Chai Fung’s intelligence, Chi Ling was able to complete her report smoothly and was even praised by Hoi Kiu. However, Wing Tim saw them together on the street and found Fung’s behaviour suspicious. Without saying anything, he just punched Fung. Chi Ling tries her best to explain, instead Wing Tim reprimanded her that she was a married woman and she should behave like one.

King Loong accepted an invitation from Wing Tim to his house. He found out that to not reveal the truth of them living apart, Chi Ling used his name to give money for the house repairs. He even took some of her savings for the repair expenses for himself.

Only Chi Ling knows of her difficulties and she doesn’t know what to do. Therefore she relies on cake cards to pass through the day in order to save on meals, so that she can pay back the losses. Because King Loong wants to increase the prices of the products to spice up the performances, Kiu pressurizes Chi Ling to force King Loong into a compromise. Kiu even told her that, when necessary, she should blackmail him with a divorce. With such an order, Chi Ling doesn’t dare to tell Kiu the truth about her separation.

At Wing Tim’s birthday, King Loong uses Chi Ling to successfully get rid of his girlfriend who is pressuring him into marriage. However, Fung has publicly revealed the truth and lecture him. King Loong, on the other hand, accuses Chi Ling and Fung of an affair which leads him to go astray. Wing Tim and the other relatives seem to believe King Loong and Chi Ling became the object of much scolding. Her mother, Wai Sin, got so angry and wound up that she faints.

Source: TVB

Click on the banner to another blog where you can download the episodes. Credits for the banner and the uploading of episodes: llSimply-Nicell aka Nancy

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Funny clip

A friend of mine draw my attention to this clip, however it has got noting to do with Asian entertainment. Some ABC's has shoot a short movie about why Asian guys don't get as many girls as his Caucasian counterpart. Very well done and entertaining! Enjoy...

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Sandra Ng gave birth to a baby girl

Note: This is a short summary as I don't have that much time to translate the full article. The picture was taken from the Takungpao site and shot in December 2005.

Saturday, 15th of April, Sandra Ng gave birth to a baby girl. The baby weighs about seven pounds and came about a month too early into this world. Her father is director Peter Chan from the movie "Perhaps Love". It is the first child for Sandra, 41 years, and Peter, 44 years.


Source: Takungpao

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Monday, April 17, 2006

La Femme Desperado: episode 1

Within the Chinese traditional beliefs, ‘men rules the outside, women the inside’ is a justified matter. Chi Ling is precisely born in such a patriarchal family, but then she accidentally found out about her husband’s affair. It made her decide to no longer endure it silently and proposed a divorce. However, it turns out that Chi Ling’s difficult challenges has just begun.

Chi Ling returns home after a business cancellation, where she discovered her husband King Loong’s affair. King Loong doesn’t show any regret, instead he blames her. As Chi Ling couldn’t endure it any longer, she propose a divorce. But as Chi Ling comes from a traditional family, they have a rather conservative way of thinking. Afraid to tell her family, she temporarily moves into a motel to conceal her divorce.

Chi Ling is terrified that she will eat non stop after her divorce, therefore she works out in a fitness center. There she actually encountered the third party with whom King Loong has an affair. She nearly got into a fight with her, where she lost her marriage ring in a boxing glove. It was found by fitness trainer Chai Fung. A misfortune never comes alone, Chi Ling received the news that that her department has changed boss with the former one being dismissed. But her new boss Hoi Kiu treats her really well, like teaching her to buy clothes that suit her. Her attitude confuses Chi Ling until she encountered King Loong during her lunch break. She finally understood that it is because King Loong holds an important position in the company they are cooperating with. Hoi Kiu wants to use her relationship with him, but Chi Ling really doesn’t know what she should do now.

Under the orders of Hoi Kiu, Chi Ling has to fire everyone, so that they could hire high educated staff. It turns out that one of them was Chai Fung, who has just resigned his job as a fitness trainer. This causes Chi Ling to worry, on the one hand, that Chai Fung would reveal her marriage problems and on the other hand, that if she doesn’t work hard enough the ruthless Hoi Kiu would fire her.

Source: TVB

Click on the banner to another blog where you can download the episodes. Credits for the banner and the uploading of episodes: llSimply-Nicell aka Nancy

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Myolie Wu filming a scene revealing her back

Raymond Lam, Melissa Ng and Myolie Wu are filming TVB series “Tai Chi” in the Mainland. There Chiu Man Cheuk took on the job as the local host where he often brings them laughter and entertainment. Myolie even revealed that when she was shooting a bare back scene, he was secretly filming her. This made her quite agitated about it.

They had been filming “Tai Chi” in Yunnan and Shanghai and they are currently in the final stage. At Shanghai, they are rushing to wrap up. Yet as they are daily rushing through filming, the numerous actors are still all broadly smiling. It turns out that Man Cheuk is often entertaining them. Melissa, who is one of Man Cheuk’s love interests in this series, praises him: “This first collaboration with him gave me a very good feeling, I have enjoyed these three months a lot.” However, Myolie has been pranked several times by Man Cheuk, yet she still continuously praises him: “There was a scene where I thought that we had sexual relations and the director wanted me to bare my back. He actually used his mobile phone to film me. I was quite anxious then. He is also continuously fooling me around, scaring me a lot. However, he is very professional and has taught me many things.” In the series, Raymond portrays Man Cheuk’s opponent and founds fighting with him very comfortable: “Fighting with him is much more comfortable than fights using martial arts. He will teach me how to fight without using too much strengths and movements, yet the outcome is still beautiful.”

The three of them only have praise for Man Cheuk. No wonder that they insisted on celebrating his birthday earlier. Melissa joked: “Unfortunately, I returned to Hong Kong that day, or Myolie and I would do a striptease for him to watch.” Myolie, who is often being pranked, immediately revealed: “He received 999 roses and someone sang a birthday song for him. So I don’t think he need us to dance for him.” Upon hearing this, Man Cheuk immediately turned red. Asked whether it was from his girlfriend, he could only smile sweetly to express his awkwardness.

Source: The Sun
News posted by Fung's Label and picture found at:

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Wang Lee Hom signs 10 000 times causing hand infection

The night before yesterday, Wang Lee Hom attended a music concert held at the APM mall in Kwun Tong where he attracted more than a thousand viewers. Besides singing, Lee Hom also played games with his fans. The atmosphere was very warm. During the show, the organisation has arranged two children, a boy and a girl, wearing Chinese opera clothes to perform Chinese opera. Lee Hom was happy to see that the Chinese opera attitude and appearance of the two children was very special and he was continuously chatting to them. Afterwards, Lee Hom wanted to take a look at the clothes of the little girl, but because she was so shy and was so frightened by Lee Hom that she started crying. It turned a little awkward then.

Turning into a hand shake meeting
After the event ended, he immediately rushed to the Red Hall to see good friend David Tao’s concert. Because David has injured his finger, Lee Hom frankly said that he is worried about his condition. It turned out that he had a similar experience. Earlier, he held a signature meeting in Malaysia where he has signed more than 10 000 times his signature which caused his left hand to be infected. He couldn’t play the piano anymore. After the injury, he had to give his left hand as much rest as possible. Lee Hom said that he was originally planned to do another signature meeting in Taiwan after the one in Malaysia. However, because of the infection, they had to change the signature meeting into a hand shake meeting to avoid his injury worsening.

Source: Takungpao

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cast of "La Femme Desperado"

Melissa Ng – Ko Chi Ling

Age : 32 years

Profession : assistant manager Pluto

Sheren Tang – Hoi Kiu

Age: 37 years

Profession: manager Pluto

Raymond Lam – Chai Fung

Age : 25 years

Profession: salesman Pluto, job on the side as fitness trainer

Kate Tsui – Hoi Suen

Age: 24 years

Profession: waiter in sushi bar

Michael Tse – Man King Loong

Age: 38

Profession: business manager Please

Kenneth Ma – Ko Chi Lik

Age: 29 years

Profession: sushi chef

Cindy Au – Kong Ching Ching

Age: 21 years

Profession: daughter of the owner of Please

Jacqueline Law – Huen Bo Ting

Age: 37 years

Profession: public figure/ housewife

Savio Tsang – Ma Sai Hing

Age: 45 years

Profession: owner of Pluto

Lee Ka Sing – Ko Chi Lan

Age: 35 years

Profession: taxi driver

Wife: Kwan Ka Jung (Nathalie Wong)

Mary Hon – Tong Lai Chu

Age: 47 years

Profession: medicine shop owner/ housewife

Leung Ka Yan – Ko Wing Tim

Age: 55 years

Profession: warehouse supervisor Pluto

Wife: Lau Wai Sin (Ching Ho Wai)

Episode summaries

Episode 1
Episode 2

I am really looking forward to this series as I want to know how they would pull of this older woman, younger man relationship. It is quite a big age gap actually, namely seven years. Personally, I could never accept a younger man, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in it lol... I will try to translate the episode summaries as well, but I am quite busy at the moment.

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Steven Ma: a test for his popularity

“Safe Guards” is the first series of Steven Ma after his ‘return’ to TVB. After many years away from the screen, he sees this series as a touchstone that will create another peak for him. It also forms an important connection with his former series. Success or failure doesn’t really give him pressure. For the others, the first week’s ratings of 29 points meant it was coldly received, but he was actually full of confidence!

Before he signed a management contract with TVB, many people didn’t believe that he has left TVB for a while. He didn’t do many work outside (TVB) before he ‘returns’, Steven smilingly told that it is a very strange feeling. He said: “Before I have signed a preliminary contract with TVB. A long time before, I already had many shows booked. Only for “Virtues of Harmony II” I have already filmed about 44 episodes. Afterwards, my contract wasn’t ended yet that year, therefore I was allowed to choose a script. I could decide whether I will do it or not. I didn’t leave TVB at all. It was only a revision of the manager’s new contract. Actually, that year I did a lot of things: six concerts in the US and Canada, filmed a series in the Mainland and shot some ads. That period was a good year to make money!”

Although the outside world is very beautiful, but his working relationship with TVB is still very good. The cooperation with his last manager has ended, last July he has signed TVB as his only manager. As soon as the contract became effective, he took on this series. This is regarded as a test to measure his popularity. Some of the harvest is actually not something that bystanders would understand. “The producer of my first series “The Duke of Mount Deer 1998” Lee Tim Seng, you could say that he is the producer who initiated everything as well as a teacher whom I am grateful for. This time I have come back again to TVB, this first series is very important for me. Once again, the producer is Tim Seng. The two important first times for me were both given by him. You could say it is fate!”

Steven only had to take one look at the script of “Safe Guards” and he felt confident about this series. In addition, it is produced by Tim Seng and the interaction with the other actors in this series should be no problem. Besides from the female lead Elaine Yiu being a newcomer, the other artists are all qualified and experienced seniors with good acting skills. During the filming process of three months his confidence steadily increased.

This series has successfully launched Steven on the road of series again, casting aside his scholar image. He is very happy that the audience has positively accepted this kind of heroic performance. However, his looks are still very refined. There is a certain difficulty to this change. In order to perform this character good, his acting skills definitely has progressed. He also had to change a bit about his appearance. He has tanned himself, his speaking manner has also became a bit brutal. When he will be filming “Land of Wealth”, he will not expose himself to the sun anymore so he can turn lighter again.

Filming in Mainland, he has learned to absorb his characters
“In the past, I didn’t know how to absorb a character fully. I didn’t spend many thoughts on the way for conveying emotions. In recent years, I have encountered many different works outside. In this aspect, I have matured.” What has made Steven see sense happened during the contract negotiations with TVB. When he returned to the Mainland to film, he observed that different actors each have their own approach, especially after they have studied their script. How one have to absorb his character is the most significant thing that one can learn.

“No matter which actor, even the supporting ones with few lines, they will all spend a lot of time preparing their character.” When filming “昭君出塞” Steven got to know Mainland actor Sun Chun. In this series, he was only a guest actor. Although his character, a painter, didn’t have many historical references, Sun Chun will still look very diligently for information about this painter. In the end, he found a book in the library with records about that painter. His goal was to get to know this person, how he should portray the painter’s little antics.

Regarding Wayne Lai as his sifu
“I am happiest when they are willing to share these kind of things with me. I am very touched by it. It is them who told me that even if it is only one scene, it is very important. No matter what, your character still has to do its best in that scene. They treat filming as an art behaviour. I should really learn that.” It is very worthwhile to learn from Mainland actors. There are also many senior actors in Hong Kong and Steven wants to learn from them all. The first two episodes, John Chiang, Kwok Fung, Wayne Lai, Suet Nei and Wai Ying Hung, they were all constantly reminding him that although he wasn’t a newcomer anymore, but there is still so much more to learn. He is very grateful for this reminder. He is also very thankful that producer Lee Tim Seng told him how he should communicate his joy of acting.

“These two years I have gained a lot, because many people were willing to teach me. John Chiang was discussing with me how my filming was progressing, but he was actually given me some of his opinion. You could say that Wayne is actually my sifu. I will call him teacher Lai. I enjoy it a lot when people are willing to teach me. Now working means enjoying.” After filming “Land of Wealth” Steven will begin filming a Man Chor series at the end of May. It turns out that in all these years, he has never filmed a Man Chor series yet. This will be a new experience for him, and for him it is also something new that he can learn.

Since “Where The Legend Begins”, Steven has become an ancient series person. Besides filming a Man Chor series, he frankly said that he also wants to shoot modern series again. As he needs to put in a lot of strength to film ancient series, so he finds it a bit tiresome. However, he hasn’t reflected this to the company yet as he believes he doesn’t need to. So he will just let it go with the flow. “The company will not consider what the artist wants to shoot. The company has its own arrangements. Signing the company as my manager, I will not question these things anymore. All I need to do is to do my best filming and singing. That is already enough.”

Source: Singpao
Interview posted by TVB Chinese News

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng: lovers again

Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng will host a brand new TVB food program “為美味喝采” as a pair of lovers. Yesterday, they have recorded the first episode. This episode will concentrate on spicy food. They have invited Ella Koon and Mrs. Fong as the judges.

They were asked whether there are differences when they changed from a series’ pair of lovers to hosting lovers. Kevin said: “We have already cooperated twice in series, but it is the first time in hosting! The tacit understanding of hosting and filming is also different! However, most importantly is that the audience enjoys watching it. I also have to thank the company for giving this opportunity to me.” When talking about spicy food, Kevin expressed that a few years ago, when he was in Taiwan, he has learned to eat spicy food. He has learned to eat extra spicy hot pot which gives someone an almost ‘comatose’ feeling.

As for Niki, she indicated that this is her second time hosting. The previous one, she hosted together with Dodo Cheng “香港先生競選”. For Niki, hosting isn’t that easy as she said: “Being a host, you need to coordinate your dialogues and you also have to memorise a lot. The whole course has to be very clear. Luckily, this time it is not that serious, but much more relaxed!” When asked whether she likes spicy food, she expressed that she doesn’t eat spicy food, but she rather prefers sour food!

On the other hand, Ella said: “I like spicy food a lot! Some people say that eating spicy food will give one a foul temper, but I don’t think that! I am very happy to see Mrs Fong again today. When I was younger, I used to live in the same street as Mrs Fong where I occasionally ran into her. I really admired her cooking skills, you could tie your husband down with it. [Didn’t she divorce?] I don’t know about the private life of others. I only feel that if you can cook well, it can make your family happy!”

Source: Takungpao

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Liza Wang deceived in "Pearl of Orient"

Liza Wang is currently busy filming for “Pearl of the Orient”. Yesterday, she was filming with Kwan Kuk Ying and Wong Ching at the Pak Kung Café in To Kwa Wan. This scene tells of Liza impatiently searching for her son and was cheated of all her money by Wong Ching. As this series is set in the sixties and seventies, they all wore appropriate clothing that reminds us of those times.

This is the first time that Liza came to such a café. When asked whether it was very tiring filming this series, she said: “You can’t avoid some exhaustion. Filming day and night, I need to eat a lot. Otherwise, I can’t deal with the lack of physical strength. Although, I don’t need to provide for my own clothes, but I think that the clothes from those times are still fashionable nowadays. It doesn’t seem to be too old-fashioned.”

Kwan Kuk Ying being told off
Kwan Kuk Ying hasn’t filmed series for a while and she smiled that she still hasn’t got used to the filming schedule: “Filming series is quite exhausting as it is a very tight schedule. So you don’t have much time to take a rest, but I am very happy to be able to cooperate with Liza.” She also said: “In this series, we portray a pair of good sisters. She teaches me how to react immediately. We will also have a fight in the series. To be able to work with such an experienced actress, I enjoy the filming a lot.”

Source: Takungpao

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kevin Cheng laughs crazily when asked about gay teacher

Although Kevin Cheng is surrounded by rumours recently, but his misfortune turned into a good thing as it has brought him quite a lot of work. Yesterday, he modelled for a clothing brand. He frankly said that as he rarely walks the catwalk, he is quite nervous about it.

However, being a model is a very relaxed job where you can easily earn money. Of course, the one will complement the other. Although, filming series can be exhausting, but it can raise one’s profile as well as bringing more work. He smilingly said: “Should treat it as a dessert (sweets)! It is repayment.” Asked whether Kevin would accept walking the catwalk in swimming trunks, he said that he has to diligently train first, because he wouldn’t know if it is necessary at that time. But he is a lazy person as he hasn’t worked out for two years. It is only recently that he has started to go to the fitness. Shortly afterwards, he will shoot an ad and he may have to show some flesh. That is why he will have to make an extra effort. When asked whether he has a sixpack, Kevin said that two years earlier he doesn’t need to do anything to have a sixpack, because when one is that thin, a sixpack will automatically appear. But as he grew older, it began to disappear. Kevin also said that every time he has to work he will eat midnight snacks. Then he will gain weight, so therefore he will have to fitness more.

No opinion
When asked whether fitness can make him forget his worries, he smilingly said that he was a bit troubled earlier, but he played tennis to vent out his frustrations. It has changed for the better now and he has handed all those matters to his lawyer. Regarding a weekly saying that Dai Si Chung allows foreign students to stay at his place in the past, suggesting some ‘Brokeback’ (gay) relations. Upon hearing this, Kevin continuously shakes his head and laughs out loud. He expressed that the didn’t have an opinion about this matter. He even asked the reporter not to fool him as he doesn’t know about it.

Source: Takungpao

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Charmaine Sheh doesn’t keep a five carat diamond ring

Yesterday, Myolie Wu and Charmaine Sheh attended the opening of the ninth branch of a jewellery. They were each respectively wearing the sapphires “閃爍星群” worth 770 000 dollars and “心藍” valued at 580 000 dollars. Both of them looked very gracious wearing these jewels. In order to thank Charmaine and Myolie, they each received jewellery valued at a five digit number.

Asked whether Myolie has ever received ornaments from others, she answered that she didn’t. She hopes that her future boyfriend will know what he has to do then. It turns out that Myolie’s stepmother has quite a lot of ornaments which will be used as a trousseau for her. Myolie also disclosed that many slimming companies has contacted her, but she hasn’t made her decision yet. When asked whether she is willing to shoot an ad in a bikini, she expressed that if it is aesthetic, she is willing to try it.

As Charmaine has once been invited to cut the ribbon for the opening of the first branch, she was asked whether there was an increase in reward for this ninth branch. She joked that it has increased nine times. Charmaine is a filial daughter as she is planning to buy her mother a jewel. She also revealed that she has once received a five carat diamond ring. The reporter immediately asked whether it was a gift from her rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan. Charmaine only expressed that it was from another friend of the opposite sex, but as she rarely wears it she has given it to her mother in the end. She was asked whether it was an engagement ring. Charmaine immediately replied that if it was an engagement ring then it should be bigger than her hand palm. Of course, money doesn’t play a role in the marriage, but she frankly said that that friend was indeed wealthy. She emphasized that her future marriage will follow the Chinese traditional ceremony. She will wear a marriage qipao (gwaa), a golden pig necklace and golden bracelets.

Source: Takungpao

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Ron Ng is a Snoopy fanatic

Ron Ng attended the “Snoopy Easter entertainment park opening ceremony” yesterday. Besides singing, he also played games with the supporters and the atmosphere was very lively. Ron expressed that he has always liked Snoopy stuff and watched its cartoons. Also because his older sister has collected many Snoopy dolls to put above her bed and as he had to face it day and night, he gradually grew to like this cartoon character. Every time he goes abroad, he will look for Snoopy printed glasses. He has now about 25 of these glasses at home.

Ron said: “At home, I have room where I put all the stuff that I like. My Snoopy glasses are also put in that room In addition, there is also a lot of toys, models (e.g. planes,…) and a picture with my mother.”

Source: Wenweipo

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Linda Chung taught English, satisfying her wish

Yesterday, Linda Chung and Maria Chan attended a gas company’s function “Cooking For Fun兒童英語學習坊”. They appeared as English teachers who used cooking to teach the children English. When the commercial manager of the gas company came on stage, a bunch of the company’s subordinates were protesting outside, constantly yelling “Give me my holiday bonus”. Linda and Maria, who were backstage, expressed that they didn’t know what the matter was about. When asked whether they were afraid it would kill the mood, Linda smilingly said that they will have to be louder than them. Linda also disclosed that before she entered the showbiz, she wanted to be a teacher. Therefore, yesterday’s function satisfied her wish in a way. Asked whether she wasn’t afraid that it is very difficult to teach children, she smiles that as long as there is affection, then there is nothing to be afraid of. Also, her mother returned to Hong Kong from Vancouver to visit Linda. These days, she has drank a lot more soup compared to when she was living on her own.

Source: Wenweipo

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Myolie Wu hasn’t bought insurance yet

Myolie Wu, Patricia Liu and Charles Szeto attended an insurance function yesterday to promote the message of ‘total health management’ to the residents. However, it turns out that Myolie herself hasn’t bought this insurance. She said: “I have only bought an insurance for my father, but I don’t have one. Luckily I haven’t had any serious illnesses. After this function, I will consider to buy one. Hopefully, I will get a discount for promoting it. Because as far as I know, an insurance is more expensive for artists compared to the residents.”

On the other hand, Myolie has to gain weight for her leading role in “Fei Teen Hei Sie”. She will cooperate with Andy Hui, whose popularity seems to be going downhill. At the same time, it is said that Andy is prepared to take up this series with the goal to give his popularity a boost. Regarding this, Myolie said: “I am not very sure about it. It is a good thing that there is an opportunity to cooperate with Andy. I liked him when I was younger. [They are saying that he is filming series to give his career a boost?] You can’t say it like that. Andy is someone who takes his work seriously. He hasn’t filmed series for a long time, so it will give the audience a refreshing feeling.”

Source: Takungpao

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Liu Kai Chi’s son dies of leukaemia

The son of Liu Kai Chi and Chan Man Yee, Liu Man Nok, has fought against cancer for more than two years. He passed away on the 5th of April from a pneumonia, weakened by the leukaemia. He was only five years old. Because the couple have prepared themselves psychologically and with the support of their belief, their mood has gradually returned to regular. Soon, they will hold a funeral for their beloved son.

Support from their belief
Less than one month after Man Nok’s third birthday, it was confirmed that he had leukaemia. From then on, his battle began. At fixed times, he will have to draw out marrow, draw blood, take his medicine and even have marrow transplantation. Last year, Liu Kai Chi has said that he was sick, then he was cured, but in the end he fell sick again. This period was an emotional rollercoaster for them, but because of their belief it gave them a vent out. He said: “Belief is a very big strength as it can stabilize one’s mood. So there won’t be too many mood-swings.” When Man Nok was sick last year, the doctor said that his recovery chances has decreased to only forty percent. Although it was a big blow, but because of their belief they were relaxed instead. His belief told him: It is not the doctor nor the parents who can decide over life, but it is God. As long as the parents take responsibility, hoping that their child will recover and hoping that God will reduce their child’s pain and suffering. All the other things, you should leave it to God and he will take care of it.

Pain of the chemotherapy
During the period that Man Nok was sick, Liu Kai Chi arrived early to the hospital and will stay more than ten hours to accompany his son. He said that the chemotherapy is an unusual long and painful process. Although Man Nok was only five years old, he remembered very well how painful the first chemotherapy was yet he still resisted it. After the treatment of the other sick children has ended, they could probably forget it all and be playing again the next moment. But Man Nok was more tenacious, his memory was very good. Every morning, he opened his eyes, his mind would replay the pain of the previous day. So he was continuously in pain. In order to let him forget the pain, Liu Kai Chi and his wife Chan Man Yee would constantly tell him stories and play games with him to divert his attention.

After a battle of two years, Man Nok finally couldn’t conquer the cancer and has left his loving parents, returning to God. Liu Kai Chi and Chan Man Yee have three sons with the eldest Man Zit being eleven years old and the second, Man Sun, is seven years old.

Source: Takungpao

RIP Liu Man Nok
I hope his parents and brothers will find the strenght to overcome this immense sadness. My thoughts are with them in these difficult times.

Music, when soft voices die by Percy Bysshe Shelly

Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory,
Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
Live within the sense they quicken.

Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heaped for the beloved's bed;
And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Christine Ng: support of her husband

Image Hosted by

Yesterday, new TVB sitcom “Room Full of Guests” held its press conference with the attendance of leading actors Christine Ng, Cheng Dan Shui, Chung King Fai, Gregory Lee and Raymond Cho. Besides the cutting cake ceremony with producer Lo Weng Yin, they were also divided into two groups to play games like pushing a dim sum vehicle giving out maa laai kuo to the customers and afterwards they have to call the customers to sign cards.

Recently, Christine is busy filming the series “CIB”. She expressed that she already didn’t sleep much for two weeks. Fortunately, she still has time to take a shower, but every day she will carry a toilet bag with her. It contains a towel and a toothbrush to facilitate her. Asked whether her husband Kasey Lin has been complaining, she said he didn’t. When she returns home, her husband will only ask if she is tired. She will answer that although she is tired, she is actually happy. Her husband will then immediately reply that if she is happy, she should continue to endure it. As she is busy with her work, she dressed herself up with consideration yesterday to be the focus of attention.

Ah Dan regards Chung King Fai as his father
Ah Dan frankly said that filming the sitcom is very comfortable, because the time is very regular so they don’t need to suffer through the night. This cooperation with King sir is also a happy occasion, he said: “King sir portrays my father. As my father lives in Toronto, therefore I will consider King sir as my father here. Not only are King sir’s performing skills very good, but he is also very good at singing English songs. I have proposed for him to go on the program “Super Mix”.” “Room Full of Guests” will provisionally film 120 episodes. Ah Dan said that he is confident about the TV ratings. Although he can’t control the ratings, but if the executives didn’t believe in it they wouldn’t start filming it. When holding a meeting, he will also request for the producer’s opinion.

Gregory doesn’t mind girlfriend’s sex appeal
On the other hand, Shirley Yeung was showing swimwear the other day. She accidentally revealed the padding and tape. Regarding this asking her boyfriend Gregory, he expressed that he didn’t see the pictures. Because he is busy with work, he didn’t talk much to Shirley. However, he already knew beforehand about this swimwear show and he also knew that it will be quite sexy. Did he feel that Shirley has lost out? He said: “Being in this profession, you need experience for some matters. Besides Shirley knows her boundaries, so it will not be too sexy and she will also talk about it with me. [Did Shirley tearfully complain to you?] Should be nothing, it is ok! Actually I haven’t seen the pictures yet, so I can’t really comment on it. [Will you not allow Shirley to be sexy again the next time?] No, I wouldn’t. I can’t restrict her.” Regarding his lease dispute earlier, he said that it is already cleared with the opposite party.

Source: Takungpao

Some extra information: Lo Weng Yin was also the producer of "Life Begins at Forty", "Angels of Mission", "Split Second" and "Always Ready".

No news tomorrow as I will be away the whole day.

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Jeon Ji Hyun in Hong Kong again as the honoured guest

“Daisy” will be screened in Hong Kong on Thursday and the three leading actors Jeon Ji Hyun, Jeon Woo Seong and Lee Sung Jae will arrive in Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon for a three-day promotion. That evening, they will immediately attend the premiere with director Andrew Lau. So, they don’t waste time promoting in Hong Kong.

To give the Hong Kong fans an opportunity for a closer contact, the three stars will attend the charity function “愛心滿栽《雛菊》花之禮讚” at East Point City on Saturday afternoon. There they will help Unicef raise funds. Although the promotion time in Hong Kong is very pressing, the three of them especially stayed in Hong Kong to attend the “25th Hong Kong Film Awards” at the Hung Hom arena. They will be the honoured guests of the annually film festival. The trio will also give out the “Best Movie Award”.

They will leave Hong Kong at noon on Sunday, so that they can make the best preparations for their next destination. Although their travelling schedule is very tight, but Jeon Ji Hyun expressed that she is looking forward to come to Hong Kong again. The two male leads, for whom it is their first visit, have also indicated that they can’t wait to come.

Source: Takungpao

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Steven Ma surrounded by fans in Guangzhou

Earlier, Steven Ma was invited to the opening celebration of a shoe shop in Guangzhou. There, he also sang the “Safe Guards” theme song “會友之鄉”. It seems that all the four floors of the mall were full with fans with the number of people nearing a thousand. It looked quite chaotic and there was lots of screaming. As soon as the fans saw Steven, they screamed ‘sei cheung gwai’ (四掌櫃). Steven immediately smiled: “No! ‘Sei cheung gwai’ has now became ‘dai cheung gwai’, it should be ‘dai cheung gwai’!”

When Steven was singing, his fans lifted up their signs to show their support. Some friends were even humming along with him. His fans continuously came on stage to give him flowers and Doreamon plush toys that Steven likes very much. After the opening ceremony, Steven immediately went back to Hong Kong. After, he entered his car his fans came up from everywhere. They all surrounded the car and almost hit some of them. Some of his fans were saying teary-eyed: “Steven, please sign it! I come from Guanxi and had a more than 10 hours journey before I came here.” However, the security pulled them away, but Steven told them to stop it and gave out his signature to his fans.

The ratings of “Safe Guards” peaked at 40 points last week with an average of 34 points. It was even higher than the peak of “Under the Canopy of Love” at 37 points. When asked whether he would put on swimwear and celebrate it with a dinner party, Steven smilingly said: “I have promised earlier to ask Elaine Yiu to put on her swimwear and I will be responsible for looking at her.” However, Steven has already decided to treat them to dinner this evening. He will probably reserve four or five tables.

Source: Takungpao

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Moses Chan: not enough experience yet, need to soak some more

The entertainment circle is a place where one can easily turn from red to white and vice versa (meaning one day you’re famous and the next you can be lying on the ground again). From last year till this one, Moses Chan has been continuously filming which resulted in 110 episodes of series. However, he didn’t start to float because of that. That is because he understands that it is not the quantity that counts.

A bald Moses said that last year was definitely a hardworking and earning money period. In one year time he has filmed 110 episodes of TV series, breaking his own record. He has also rose to the position of the siu sangs. However, this fact isn’t something that he is pleased of yet, instead he now has a better angle to look at his own insufficiencies. After all, he has been working hard in the entertainment circle for ten years, he knows the rules of this kind of profession. “Maybe people from outside the circle don’t see it. I think that my person in front of the curtains is only sixty or seventy percent. And at this moment, this isn’t my best self yet. If you film a lot of series, you will definitely improve your skills. However if you only focus on filming series for a long period, accepting one series after the other, in between you wouldn’t have enough time to wash off your previous character before accepting a new one. You also won’t have enough time to find all your background information. During filming, you can only rely on your wit and talent. Often when the filming is nearing its finish, I will often feel that I could have done even better. I often end up in these kind of situations. I don’t know whether I should be annoyed by it or happy that it can give me strength. Anyway, it is very difficult to redo it anymore!”

Because he now has reached the level of siu sang, last year’s anniversary his chances for the award of male lead were quite high. In the end, it was Roger Kwok who took the award, but Moses doesn’t feel indignation at all: “I have entered the showbiz for some time, one may say that it is now my turn. However, I will look more comprehensively at many things. A person should know its own position. At the moment, I haven’t reached that position yet, it still needs a lot of factors combined at the right time. Besides, the result isn’t about winning. If I win it only because I have filmed a lot, then I also would feel embarrassed about it! Actually, I am happy that I didn’t win the award so early yet because it is unavoidable that one will feel levitated about it. As I have confessed that I only use sixty to seventy percent of my efforts, if that already results in the approval of the others. Winning an award will often impact one’s life suddenly. Instead, I think I would rather progress slowly. Progressing in an orderly way is more ideal.” Sometimes, he thinks it is fortunate that he didn’t win the award last year. This way, he will set higher standards for himself. Thus the fire (passion) in his heart won’t be burnt out that early.

Moses used to have many rumours surrounding him, recently his only rumoured girlfriend has been Bernice Liu. This rumoured pair of lovers doesn’t mind working together. They even cooperated for an advertisement. Seems like when there is money to earn, they should earn it together. Usually, the way he treats Bernice is all in his manner, if it can be avoided, all matters regarding his rumoured girlfriend, he didn’t mention any of them.

“Every person has love, this is very natural. However, I believe that the love of an artist should remain to him or herself. There is no need to make it public neither to say something about it. I didn’t want to create these rumours, others gave them to me. All I can do is to avoid them.”

Although he doesn’t say anything about the rumours, he doesn’t agree that love will affect a career. He believes that one can have both love and career, he said: “How can a person not have love? I don’t think that dating is distracting, influencing one’s work. Instead one will have more life experience. The more experience one have, the more it can help when performing, especially when acting in love series. If I meet my ideal partner I will date her. I am a simple person. When I date, I hope to maintain a long-lasting relationship with the other, because I am not someone who likes casual dating.”

Moses declares that he is a very ordinary, traditional and conservative man, but in recent years the media has continuously labelled him as a ‘housewife killer’. The image of a good man is very popular, however he thinks that there is still a lot of distance between the image and the reality. He said: “I am only a normal person. If you get to know me more, you would probably think that I am a boring person, because I enjoy being alone. A good man should have a strong sense of responsibility, knows how to take care of people and is very flexible and creative at solving problems. At the moment I have only achieved this for sixty percent.”

Many people in the showbiz has praised Moses’ charm and humour, because in between filming scenes, he can fool around very crazily bringing everybody a lot of laughter. But after he leaves the filming studio, he rarely goes out or meet up with them. As soon as the work ends, he rushes home. He also acknowledges his eccentric personality: “Maybe I have to work continuously every day, I crave more and more for some personal time. In addition, it is also more difficult to befriend someone in the entertainment circle. Several years ago, I have also withdrawn myself from the nightlife, therefore I will not hang out with other anymore. So I don’t have that many friends and I have also known the majority of them for quite some years.”

Speaking of friends, although he and his former manager Clarence Hui has had many money troubles, yet he has still phoned Clarence with new year’s greetings at Lunar New Year. They are even planning on meeting to catch up with each other. Regarding friends, he is very broad-minded and forgiving: “The media has characterized him as too awful, he actually treat others with a good heart. I believe that every person is compassionate and in some aspects weaker. His financial management skills are clearly weaker, but making friends means that you also have to accept the weaknesses of them. Concerning the financial problems, should let him slowly resolve it.”

Besides Clarence, director Teddy Chen is also one of Moses’ good friends, he said: “I remember the period where I was still trying to work my way up, he has given me opportunities. When starting a series he would interrogate me and I am still grateful to him for that. Until now, I still remember it. I think that the relation between humans is becoming more and more trivial as their heart is often neglecting gratitude.”

Source: The Sun
Interview posted by TVB Chinese News

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Did You Know That...

Tavia Yeung (interviewed by Kanin Ngo)
Here is a three minutes part of the interview:

Anne Heung (interviewed by Vinci Wong)

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Chae Rim’s marriage of three years is over

Chae Rim, known as Korea’s sweet jie, and her 14 year older singer husband Lee Seung-Hwan has finished their short marriage of three years. Both have announced through their respective company that they have agreed to start the divorce procedure. As for the concrete reason of their break-up, it was not made public.

Chae Rim, 26 years old, became famous with her cute and loveable character Jin Sun-Mi in “All About Eve” and has also became one of the ‘Hallyu’s’ mega stars. She is very popular in the Chinese diaspora and is one of the first Korean artists who has filmed Taiwanese and Mainland TV series. At the peak of her career in 2003, she married Lee Seung-Hwan whom she dated for many years. At the day of their grand wedding ceremony Lee Seung-Hwan has even pledged: “My love for Chae Rim will never change, no matter we are young or old. I also hope that we can be together with our beautiful love till judgement day.” This moved Chae Rim to tears. But after their marriage, they were often away from each other as Chae Rim is usually filming abroad for a long period. This have affected greatly the love of the couple. There were also reports that from December last year, the couple was already living apart. After a four-month period of careful consideration, they couple have finally decided to divorce. The result is that even a romantic pledge can’t save the marriage, which is very regrettable.

Filming in the Mainland: little together, often away
It is said that the reason for the divorce is that Lee Seung-Hwan thinks that their personalities don’t match, there is a big difference. However, they have not made the actual reason public. Although, they are divorcing now, it is said that they still treasure a deep affection for each other. Therefore they will also maintain their good friendship.

After their marriage, Chae Rim wasn’t very often in Korea. Instead, she was continuously filming in the Mainland and Taiwan, like “Love at the Aegean Sea”, “Warriors of the Yang Clan”, “Princess Shengping” and “Mysterious Snow City”. She has been filming one series after the other. In addition, Chae Rim’s ancient look is very attractive, it made many people forget that she is actually Korean. Earlier, she attended the opening ceremony press conference of the new series “康朝秘史” in Beijing with Mainland artist Xia Yu and Taiwan artist Wallace Chung. A few days later, she announced her upcoming divorce. In recent years, Chae Rim certainly didn’t film many Korean series. Her previous series was “Oh! Pil-Seung Bong Soong Yeung” with Ahn Jae Wook.

Source: Wenweipo

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First ad of Marco Ngai and Joyce Tang

Yesterday, Marco Ngai and his girlfriend Joyce Tang shot an ad for a health product. Regarding the remuneration, both felt very satisfied about it. Marco said: “This is the first time that we have a shot an ad together! But the remuneration still has six digits. I have always been this product’s spokesperson, therefore I have also asked her to be one! However, I will ask her a sixty percent commission and leave her a few thousand dollars as a travel allowance.”

The attending reporters discovered that one of the health products is named “Gin Ting” (just think of it is a kind of Viagra). Joyce joked that she didn’t know whether her boyfriend has stolen some of this product. Afterwards, the reporter asked whether Marco has tried the “Gin Ting” and he laughed: “If I have eaten this medicine, then Joyce will be in life danger!”

Source: The Sun

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Daniel Wu likes to wear suits now

Yesterday, Daniel Wu wore an Armani suit to attend the fashion show, looking very suave. However, it turns out that Daniel didn’t like to wear suits in the past, because he was still young at that time. But as he is now over thirty years, he thought that he should be more mature and started to accept wearing suits. He also revealed that his girlfriend likes him wearing suits and will also give her opinion about his attire. Yet she will not buy him clothes. He believes that it is best to buy your own suits as they will fit you the most. As for his casual clothing, his girlfriend will choose and purchase them for him. He smilingly told: “My fashion sense is quite lousy. My girlfriend is a model, so she will give me her opinion. However sometimes I will not agree with her, yet she will not force me.”

Revealing a ‘M’ forehead to the audience
Earlier Daniel and his girlfriend have been secretly taken their pictures and he strongly approves of holding a big protest march. But Eric Tsang has recently expressed that he has not thought of holding a march. He understands that Daniel is unhappy about the sneaky pictures, but he doesn’t need to hold a march to divulge that. He believes that the law will not change their rules because of the entertainers and the media. It mainly aims at the resident’s benefit. As for the matter of the sneaky pictures, he will also be very careful at home. However, Daniel has not thought that he will also have to evade the paparazzi at his own home, at most he only had to close his curtains when he returns home. He also indicated that his girlfriend wasn’t really angry about it, but she has been unhappy because of it. He doesn’t understand why they have to focus at the women every time. Why don’t they write about him? He knows that he is an artist, so he expects them to write about him. But he doesn’t understand why they have written this piece only attacking the woman. He feels not respected. Maybe because of this matter, it will affect all women wanting to keep fit. Also because of it, they will often need to pay attention to their outer behaviour. He thinks that even though they have to write about it, they shouldn’t use such daunting words.

On the other hand, there were reports saying that he has a ‘M’ forehead , but he doesn’t mind it. Afterwards, he even asked the attending reporters if he really had a ‘M’ forehead after he put his fingers through his forehead hair. As for his former girlfriend Maggie Q once again dating Edison Chen, Daniel indicated that he hasn’t contacted her. Therefore he doesn’t know anything about it.

Source: Takungpao

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Adam Cheng will host again after twenty years

Yesterday, Adam Cheng continued recording for the documentary “故宮帝皇秘傳”. This program will have a total of sixteen episodes. Next Monday, they will start releasing the first nine episodes. More than twenty years ago, he co-hosted the singing contest “十八區歌唱比賽” with Liza Wang, this time Adam will take up hosting again. He indicated that he has continuously filmed ancient series, so he is very interested in palaces and their functioning. He is especially fascinated by the imperial palaces of the Ming and Qing dynasties. You could say that this time he took up this program to entertain himself. He will also be responsible for the theme song. For this grand show, TVB has especially ordered sixteen sets of suits so that he will have new clothes for every episode.

Although hosting is more relaxed than filming series, but every time they record it will be four or five episodes. To continuously talk like that is also very strenuously. Luckily, it is not aired live, otherwise the pressure is much bigger. When asked whether he has many NG’s, Adam smilingly told: “This time I play a storyteller. There are NG’s, but they told me that my efficiency is very high. When they have planned seven hours for recording, I will do it in about five hours. [Recording four or five episodes a day, isn’t that much better than filming series?] But the remuneration isn’t the same as filming series!”

Doing research on the internet
As for whether he would do more hosting work afterwards, he smilingly said: “It is good to host a bit. My wife has also told me to do more hosting instead of filming series as it is less exhausting, but I don’t know the effect of this time yet.” Although the program has scriptwriters who draft up the script, Adam also made a lot of efforts. He surfed the net to look for the correct pronunciation of some difficult characters. He said: “To make this program we had to use the (bak gwaa) well, it is all about feng shui.” In the past, Adam has portrayed emperor Yong Zheng, emperor Qian Long and emperor Zeng Dak. If he has the opportunity, he would like to portray emperor Guan Sui because of his tragic love story with concubine Chen. It is the most romantic yet agonizing story in the Forbidden City. And if he has the opportunity to play a woman, he would choose the role of Cixi because she has ruled the country for 34 years.

Source: Takungpao

I think everyone will know concubine Chen better as the Pearl concubine. She was the favourite concubine of emperor Guan Sui (Guanxu) and at the order of empress-dowager Cixi, she was pushed down into a well after begging her to let the emperor stay in the Forbidden City to negotiatie with the foreign powers.

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