Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Takeshi Kaneshiro in a golden wheat field under the clouds

Takeshi Kaneshiro appeared in Thailand earlier to film an ad for a Mainland tea product as its spokesperson. To express his sincerity, the manufacturer insisted on inviting the co-workers who cooperated with Takeshi on filming the ad. He assembled all their time tables and spent almost half a year time working out a schedule to suit the time of a wheat field, before its harvest, on its most beautiful. One could say he has met repeated difficulties.

The sun shines again after the rain
The director wanted to have a vast gold coloured wheat field background, so he explored the sceneries of China, Australia and New Zealand. He almost went around half the world and in the end, he found his desired wheat field in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Before their depart, there were some political disputes like the disturbance of the Four Faced Buddha and after some consideration, it was postponed. In the end, they could overcome all these difficulties. A group of them arrived in Chiang Mai, but it turns out that it was raining daily. Everybody was worried that the wheat will turn bad due to the excessive rain. This meant that they couldn’t complete their ad. However, the day that Takeshi arrived in Chiang Mai, the sky started to clear and everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Using a ventilator
This is the first time that Takeshi is in Chiang Mai and his mood appears to be extremely relaxed. He worked two days consecutively on a vast wheat field. The director has arranged three people to lift a ventilator above the field on a safe distance to blow wind to express the power of this vast gold coloured wheat field. During the filming period, the weather was extremely good as if the gods had helped them. Because of the weather, the shooting also ended earlier than anticipated. The workers and staff decided to arrange several activities like a spa massage and so on. When asked Takeshi what he wanted to do, he said: “I want to see the elephants…!” The workers and staff didn’t know whether they should laugh or cry… However, as soon as the question was asked, there appeared an elephant from the villa’s and Takeshi excitedly returned to the villa where he was staying. Unfortunately, the elephant just happened to be on his way out ‘to carry guests’. Takeshi heaved a deep sigh, saying that it wasn’t meant to be.

Source: Takungpao

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Won Bin insists on continuing his service

Last year, Won Bin was recruited by the army in November. At the beginning of last month, he had to undergo a surgery because of a knee injury. At the moment, he is recovering at the Korean military hospital in Chuncheon. At the beginning of June he will be examined by the army and then they will decide whether it is necessary to release Won Bin from his army duty in advance. According to the South Korean media reports, Won Bin has already fulfilled all the necessary requirements for an early release, therefore the possibility is very big that he may leave the army earlier. Even before he entered the army, Won Bin was already having problems with his knee and he should have examined it more carefully. However, he was worried that others will accuse him of trying to evade his military service, so he didn’t went through with the check up and enlisted in the army. Afterwards, the condition of his knee worsened so he underwent a surgery last month in a hospital in Gangnam, Seoul. Earlier, Won Bin responded on an event, he expressed he hopes to finish his term and that he will not leave the army earlier because of an ailment.

Source: Takungpao

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yoon Eun Hye longs to film the sequel of “Goong”

The female lead of “Goong” Yoon Eun Hye attended the opening ceremony of a casual clothing’s shop in the Myeong-dong area in Seoul on the 28th of May. She is very interested in filming the sequel of “Goong”, but at the moment many projects still aren’t carried out. So she also doesn’t know if the production company will ask her again.

Yoon Eun Hye said she has received many drama and movie scripts since “Goong”. At the moment, she is still considering many opportunities for different portrayals. Moreover, she has just posed for fashion pictures for a Singaporean magazine, she smilingly told that she isn’t very used to the simmering hot weather of Singapore. Her skin has even turned red. However, on the whole, this photo shoot was a real pleasure.

Source: Takungpao

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Rain reveals his love standards on his birthday party

Rain’s birthday is on 25th of June, but he actually organised the celebration of his birthday in advance on the 28th of this month. His fans congratulated him beforehand on his 25th birthday. The birthday party was held at a university in Seoul and a majority of the attending fans were members of his fan club. At the party, he also politely refused a media interview. Rain is always full of surprises for his fans and on his birthday party, he even acted as a chef. He personally made and shared Korean rice balls.

In addition, he even disclosed some stories to his fans when he was abroad. He expressed that once after finishing a concert in Hong Kong, he was swimming naked with his co-workers in the swimming pool at the roof of his hotel. When asked about the type of girl he likes, Rain said he likes simple women, preferably with a petite figure that isn’t too thin. He also confesses that he rather fancy women older than him. Only one of his former girlfriends was from the same age, all the others were older than him. Moreover, on the 8th of June, Rain will go to Vietnam for promotion. Afterwards, on the 15th and the 16th, he will hold a fan meeting at the Tokyo Budoh-Kan.

Source: Takungpao

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

"Election 2" at Cannes: clips...

Press Conference: "Election 2" - 27/05/2006

Election 2 To respond to questions of journalists, the crew of Election 2, made up of director Johnnie To and actors Simon Yam and Louis Koo, gathered together in the press conference room. Highlights.

Johnnie To on the reason for making this film: "This kind of film is highly popular as one can include many different themes in it: action, brotherhood, honour; all this can be found equally in gangster pictures. But the reason why I made Election 2, was to produce a result somewhat different that would evoke the situation in Hong Kong."

Johnnie To on his actors: "I like working with the same actors because confidence is already established. With new ones, it takes time for this confidence to come into being."

On the work of the actors with Johnnie To:
Louis Koo: "As an actor, I must respect the choices of the director. After working several times with Johnnie To, we've learnt to trust each other. The most important thing is to clearly make the difference between star and actor. What counts above all for me is being a good actor."
Simon Yam: "I've worked with Johnnie To for nearly 10 years, 15 years even. We trust each other. Although we've collaborated together for a very long time, each and every film with him is a surprise. In the past, I've had rather particular experiences as an actor - I've been shot at, threatened with knives, etc. For Election 2, I ended up by developing a certain phobia of hammers."

Johnnie To on the Chinese market: "In Hong Kong, we enjoy the same freedom as anywhere else in the world to do as we wish. When preparing Election 2, I knew that it wasn't the kind of entertainment that fits the Chinese market, but overnight, audiences started to come and see it."

Johnnie To on the place of Chinese cinema on the international marketplace: "Chinese films are becoming more and more accepted throughout the world. I think that if we could make censorship in China somewhat more flexible, this would encourage creativity even more."

On the competition between both actors in the film and the competition at Cannes:
Simon Yam: "The most important thing remains the fact that the film arouses the interest of a varied public. And competition between us may continue, but this doesn't represent a priority. That the film is accepted by one and all is essential. All the rest will follow in due course...
Louis Koo: "It would be nice to be a prize-winner even if I have never felt this kind of pressure before, cooked up by the media. I don't think at all about the prize that we might get."
Johnnie To on the controversy surrounding the film:
"With Election 2, we have a metaphoric film, which corresponds to the situation in the country today. I believe that we are gradually heading toward democracy in Hong Kong."

Out of Competition: "Election 2" by Johnnie To - 27/05/2006

Contrary to the first episode presented last year in competition, Election 2 by Johnnie To is part of the out-of-competition Official Selection. The Hong Kong director focuses once more on the rivalries which reign between bosses of triads, thus reflecting on the economic situation of his country as its backdrop.

Wo Sing is the oldest triad in Hong Kong. Under the authority of its current boss, Lok, it has become the most respected criminal organisation in the city. Jimmy, a cultivated gangster, tries to rehabilitate himself by building a legal industrial empire. The profitability of his affairs makes him an ideal candidate for the next election as its new head.

But his fame also draws the attention of the Chinese authorities, as he is the perfect intermediary to negotiate peaceful coexistence between the central government and the triads. The Peking regime asks him to open up access to the market of the People's Republic by agreeing to lead Wo Sing for two years. All the irony of the situation in no way escapes Jimmy: so now here he is, compelled to become the boss of a triad precisely so as to escape at last their evil influence... As Jimmy undertakes a campaign which promises to be violent, he realises that his future - just like that of Wo Sing - lies in the hands of a power far more dangerous yet.

Johnnie To explains his vision: "For the residents of the island, to be 'Hongkongese' has never meant being 'Chinese'. The political upsets of the last century have given rise to a major dichotomy between these two notions. Over the past nine years, changes have continually progressed hand in hand, and seem to have gradually filled the gap which separates us. China has freed itself from the yoke of an archaic Communist regime to become an economic superpower. The policy of one 'country/two systems' guaranteed Hong Kong political autonomy. A set of judicious economic decisions has equally favoured the stability of the island."

"The residents of Hong Kong look upon all these changes with concern, fear and confusion. Under the veil of economic stability, questions concerning political autonomy remain unanswered. In the shade of that ambiguous giant known as 'China', what does being 'Hongkongese' mean? Has the 'Hongkongese' identity another meaning today? In Election 2, even the gangsters ask themselves questions. While the protagonist, Jimmy, takes over the future of society of triads, he is - like most of the island's residents - incapable of realising what lies in store for Hong Kong."

Press Conference


All credits: Cannes Film Festival
Both clips are dubbed in English

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Cha Tae Hyun publicizes sweet wedding pictures

The always funny Cha Tae Hyun will marry his long-time girlfriend on 1st of June. His management company has recently provided the Korean media some wedding pictures of this lovely pair. In order to have a better result for the pictures, Cha Tae Hyun started to lose weight several months before the shoot. His body looks much more thinner than before. The couple got to know each other in high school and started dating then, so one could say they are childhood lovers. Their wedding ceremony will be held at the Hilton Walker Hill Hotel at Seoul.

Source: Takungpao
Credits pictures: Soompi Forums

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Ju Ji Hoon is fortunate to become the crown prince

Newcomer Ju Ji Hoon in the South Korean acting world came from a modelling background. One could say that he is a very fortunate and lucky guy. The series “Goong” was only his second acting experience and thanks to it, he has become very popular now. The South Korean “Elle Girl” has chosen him to be the most potential newcomer of 2006.

The series “Goong” assumes that South Korea has preserved its constitutional monarchy and tells a modern love story about the crown prince. After the broadcast of “Goong”, it received record ratings. Ju Ji Hoon who portrays the crown prince Lee Shin has rapidly became the new favourite in the advertising world. In one month, he has accepted four ads. The highest spokesperson’s fee amounts to 1,3 million Hong Kong dollar. Soon he will begin filming the second season of “Goong”. Ju Ji Hoon’s current remuneration will be ten times the remuneration of his very first episode.

As soon as someone becomes popular, his past will easily catch up with him. Earlier a picture of Ju Ji Hoon and his ex-girlfriend was publicized online. It also revealed that Ju Ju Hoon was drowning his love sorrows with alcohol every day. He frankly admitted that the girl in the picture was his ex-girlfriend with whom he had broke up. He also expressed that they have been dating for three years so they still had much affection for each other. Regarding that he bought alcohol daily to drown his love sorrows, he also admitted frankly: “After we broke up, I had to drink four or five bottles of beer every day in order to forget my grief.” He feels extremely bad that the pictures of his ex-girlfriend have been publicized like that.

Ju Ji Hoon, who has now turned into an idol, expressed that as long as the girl is straightforward and graceful, he will be easily captured by her!

Source: Wenweipo

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bernice Liu regrets reports about her seeking for attention

Not only does Bernice Liu looks pretty, her body makes many very envious. However, recently there were reports stating that Bernice has received many work opportunities due to her voluptuous body. It also states that she often uses her chest to attract the audience. Yesterday, Bernice went to Metro Radio to do an interview. When she was asked about the report, she reluctantly expressed that she can’t control the way the they write the report. She also doesn’t know what they will be writing about. It also depends on what angle their photographer used to take those pictures. Even if she wore a iee, they could still photograph her as if she is exposing!

Regarding to her body, Bernice indicated that she really has to thank her mother for it because her mother looks like her. She also acknowledges that she has a big chest, but it is definitely pure nature.

Bikini ordered by the company
Asked whether she would cover up more in the future, she said that it usually all depends on the event to decide what clothes she would wear. It is also possible that the company has made arrangements so it often isn’t her choice to decide what to wear. Would she refuse if the company arranges for her to wear a bikini? She said that she has 100% confidence in the company, so if the company arranges that she will definitely do it. Will she ask for the affirmation of Moses Chan first before wearing the bikini? As soon as she heard Moses’ name, she declined to answer.

Source: Takungpao

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pregnant Anita is very friendly

Anita Yuen and Chilam Cheung their ‘pretty B’ (Leng Leng or pretty pretty is Anita's nickname and B stands for baby) will be born this fall. Although she is more than three months pregnant now, she still vomits often. However, it didn’t spoil her mood of going out. Yesterday afternoon, she came out when the rain was pouring down and she seems to be a bit fatter than before. She was friendly to the reporters who wanted to ask her questions and took the opportunity to thank the media for their concern.

Since she found out she is pregnant, Anita has begun preparations for the birth. Besides temporarily stopping her work to focus on her pregnancy, she often eats high-protein food to nurture her body. This is her first pregnancy, so she vomits continuously and lost six pounds. Therefore, the best is to rest at home. However, staying at home for such a long period is also not a solution. Yesterday, Anita couldn’t stay in anymore, she persisted to go out, even with the bad weather and the continuous rainfall.

Careful and considerate
At one o’clock in the afternoon, Anita was driven by Chilam in a station wagon. The two of them left at their house at Bowen Road, then they drove to Waterloo Road where they stopped at a building. At that time, a female emerged from the building and greeted Anita with an umbrella. Anita came out of the care and immediately went to the back of the car to take something out. Afterwards, she went up the stairs with the woman to the big passage near the building. Because it was raining, Anita went up the stairs very carefully. The reporters took this opportunity to congratulate her, Anita smilingly replied: “Thank you! Thank you! [Do you regularly go for a check-up?] I do! I do! [Now that you are pregnant, you have to be careful about your nutrition and take enough rest!] I know! Thank you for your concern!”

Afterwards, when Anita accepted a telephone interview, she expressed that she was feeling very bored at home, so she decided to visit a friend. Regarding her recent condition, she says that she is still vomiting a lot, but it is gradually stabilising.

There has been a lot of good news in the entertainment circle this year including the ones of Faye Wong and Sandra Ng. However numerous people have said something about the attitude of the media. Since Anita’s pregnancy, her mood is much more amiable and she is also easier to approach as well as friendlier to the reporters. It seems that she wants to share the joy of being a mother with everyone!

Source: The Sun

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Chin Ka Lok vows to break the predictions of So Man Fung

Yesterday “Justice for All” hosted by Dodo Cheng has invited Chin Ka Lok, Cutie Mui, Sammul Chan, Olivia Cheng, Clifton Ko and Perry Chiu as the guests of this program.

Before the recording began, Dodo discovered that Ka Lok was wearing a Bape watch and asked what makes this watch so expensive. Ka Lok replied that it was expensive because it was a limited edition. Dodo then showed her diamond watch to compare it with the one Ka Lok was wearing as well as letting others to admire it.

There has been many rumours lately regarding the love between Ka Lok and his girlfriend Lee San San being unstable. Cutie was also asking him about this matter. Afterwards, he clarifies that he didn’t broke up with San San. Talking about San San visiting a Chinese doctor, is it possible that she is also pregnant like Anita Yuen? Ka Lok smiles that it isn’t as San San’s visit is about treating her eczema and recovering her body. Asked when the two will be tying the knot, Ka Lok expressed that it won’t be too soon. Regarding that So Man Fung (famous feng shui master) has said that if they don’t get married, they will easily break up. After hearing this, Ka Lok indicated that he will break this prediction, proving that even if they don’t get married they will still not break up.

Olivia has once participated in “Justice for All” and she expressed that this time isn’t the same as the last one. The questions were more difficult, but she isn’t a professional so even if she gave a wrong answer, she will not feel embarrassed. She supports this program greatly, because it can give people a deeper understanding of the law.

Sammul travels to a mysterious Thai island
Earlier, Sammul recharged his batteries by touring through Thailand. This time he went to a mysterious deserted island. He smilingly told: “When I arrived in Thailand, I had to transfer to another flight, then I had to take the boat, afterwards I reach that place by car.” Originally, he thought that he wouldn’t encounter any Hong Kongers at that place, but the moment he reached his destination, there was a person from Hong Kong who wanted to take a group picture.

Source: Takungpao

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Bowie Lam saves a damsel in distress

Numerous actors of “Dance of Passion” like Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan and Kenny Wong attended a promotional function at Olympian City yesterday. The two clans were divided into two groups to play games and they also handed out many mementos of the series. They have thus attracted many residents from the neighbourhood. The atmosphere was very lively!

Gigi sighs that he is a colleague
Originally, Gigi couldn’t make it to this function because she had to film, but as it was raining the outdoor scenes were cancelled and she could make an appearance. During the games, Gigi climbed on the skewed stage, but because she was wearing high heels and she was afraid to fall, she couldn’t find her balance. In the end, Bowie rescued her like a true hero by carrying her down. Afterwards, Gigi praised Bowie very hard as very considerate, someone who knows how to care about others, very manly and basically a very good man. The reporter was laughing that if Bowie was that good, why didn’t she consider him? She said: “Unfortunately, he is in the entertainment circle as well!” As Gigi praises him to be her ideal man, except for the fact that he isn’t from outside the entertainment circle, Bowie joked: “It's useless! She also has… …” Asked further whether Gigi has a boyfriend from outside the entertainment circle, Bowie immediately continued the joke: “ Has stomach cramps! Her stomach hurts all the time!”

Ada still attends
Ada also didn’t lose out, while playing games she suddenly pulls up her skirt in front of the reporters and intentionally reveals a pair of shorts. She hints that even when she immerse herself in the games, she still wouldn’t get exposed! Afterwards, Ada disclosed that she attended this promotion with an injury. She tells: “Because I am too skinny, so I sprained my neck and I also have cramps there. I went to see an acupuncturist and normally I had to walk around with a needle in my neck which I am not allowed to pull it out for two days. However, for this promotion, I had to pull it out. So all I can do now is to go to the doctor again later. [Will it hinder the treatment?] Luckily it is my neck that is stiff and not my whole person! Haha!”

On the other hand, Charmaine who has partly recorded the album “Lady in Red” was only released for one day and is already well-received. Regarding this, she happily tells: “Maybe it is because the television broadcast it every day, so the fans will like it after hearing it so many times. On the release date even I wanted to buy a copy as a souvenir, but in the end I didn’t have time and I had to ask Ms Lok Yi Ling. She gave me a free one then! [As the album sells so well, did it increase your confidence in signing?] Yes, it actually did.”

Source: Takungpao

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lady in Red Lyrics

Lyrics are in Chinese, I might add the pinyin and English translations if I find the time. At the moment, I only have the pinyin of "Golden Sand Lovers" as my friend requested it.

Track 1 - 有過去的女人 (Woman with a Past)

Singer: Miriam Yeung
Lyrics: Lam Yeuk Ning
Music composer: Justin Lo

流淚 也說這是汗


但哪位在乎我 給我禦寒

為了他主理清 令我掌心火燙

再盡努力去換嫁 但我的心已慌


請准許我軟弱 從此擁抱到天光
越去追越迷惘 花也漸黃

Track 2 - 分手 (Break Up)

Singer: Bernice Liu
Lyrics: Chan Si Wai
Composer: Wong Yat Fung

像 望著漆黑的美麗

但 在最終情難自制

心 未放開仍難做好友是愛失救
不必要你開口 講分手因這氣候
就算我想公開 那被接受
如繼續逗留 誰會內疚

或 是讓傷心寫句號

心 未放開仍難做好友別再深究
根本你已開口 講分手那會虛構
如若扮作敵友 會更傷透
我就別回頭 撇脫放開手

不過 放下你仍能做好友就已足夠
懇請你會開口 願接受會作補救
無謂扮作敵友 會更傷透
畢竟都愛過 我已看得透 情愛沒有

Track 3 - 黃沙中的戀人 (Golden Sand Lovers)

Singer: Charmaine Sheh
Lyrics: Shum Wai Chung
Composer: Chan Kwok Leung

不能定結局 也踏出不歸路

* 黃~沙伴我一生 追一個夢
名分更沉重 家 讓我安身 知心欠奉
難道註定承受是傷痛 *
枯腸未免俗 怕被風沙征服
Repeat *

…… ……
…… ……
Repeat *

Track 4 - 幸而 (Fortunately)

Singer: Myolie Wu
Lyrics: Chan Si Wai
Composer: Tang Chi Wai

當天身體貼近 深深愛那用問
深刻的教訓 彷彿對你沒恨

天色不必再暗 彷彿這叫命運
怎麼不配襯 苦海裡也自問

*若未拋開 未能去愛
 然而分開 仍能記載
 當天原來 傷心何來

 未願拋開 幸而有愛
 原來精彩 才能記載
 當天何來 傷心坐大門外
 (可惜從來 根本沒存在)*

假使不可佔據 抽空與我敘敘
早應該撒退 好好再次入睡

風乾的心已碎 怎可叫我入睡
天生的配對 怎麼會背負罪

因我當時 總算擁有快樂我知
在意 誰曾被你重視

Track 5 - Let it Flow

Singer: Stephy Tang
Lyrics: Chan Si Wai
Composer: Tang Chi Wai

找 在世間那位觸碰心弦



* Let it flow Let it flow
I believe Love will flow

Let it flow Let it flow
I believe Love will flow
 試問誰 值得抱緊像寶

天 若看到我演的那齣戲



Track 6 - 發誓 (Swear)

Singer: Linda Chung
Lyrics: Chan Si Wai
Composer: Tang Chi Wai

發誓從此 絕無兒嬉
讓愛戀隨心細味 餘生愛著你
如死怕忘記 共誰入戲

還未置身這事外 換來漫天塵埃
難道有害 何以不再

*發誓從此 絕無兒嬉
 令我堅守 也全是你
 因 這段情 告別明日痛悲
 讓愛戀隨心細味 明知愛著你
 難得再共你 是誰造美*

其實你早已預備 感覺曾經垂死
從未怯避 連你雙臂

發誓從此 絕無兒嬉
令我堅守 也全是你
因 這段情 告別明日痛悲
讓愛戀隨心細味 餘生愛著你
如死怕忘記 共誰入戲

Track 7 - 逐格重播

Singer: Sharon Chan
Lyrics: Cheng Ying Leung
Composer: Tang Chi Wai/Yip Siu Zhong

相對的氣溫 人若如漸靠近
在家一角兩個 事情不多
就這樣對著坐 便已極滿足的我

*將影像留住了 呼吸像凝住了

 給想像留住你 哭聲像無動機

家裡的吊燈 存在誰沒過問
沒有光暗襯托 未來坎坷
就算扮作硬朗 亦要認怕黑一個

怎去將那日抹走 意識刻意遷就
無奈 當那天你就要走
已不跟我牽手 我還是沒有開口

Track 8 - 偏愛 (Biased Love)

Singers: Stephy Tang and Kary Ng
Lyrics: Cheng Ying Leung
Composer: Tang Chi Wai

相信一個他 深愛一個他
偏偏太害怕 每日每夜晚
知我總太差 迫你聽說話

知你深愛他 知你需要他
不知道辦法 你共我合拍
知你不算差 終有真愛吧

 轉瞬之間 不斷掙扎

 時間讓愛轉淡 愛未怕*

知你相信他 知你深愛他
陰天你未慣 兩夜你別怕
知你聲太沙 請你不說話

Track 9 - 別怪他 (Don't Blame Him)

Singer: Vivien Yeo
Lyrics: Chan Si Wai
Composer: Tang Chi Wai

不相信愛我能永久 只想到我也曾棄舊
曾經 就算痛苦仍捉緊你手
怎相信最後你竟 隨她愉快遠走
如放任 仍放任 我也知醜

*別怪他 別怪他 別再傷心對吧
 從遇見的一剎 是捉緊了嗎
 別怪他 別怪他 別再敷衍對話

她怎計算也無對手 畢竟你我確曾邂逅
如果 沒有記憶也不必顫抖
怎相信最後你竟 隨她愉快遠走
如放任 仍放任 難過更傷透
Repeat *

別怪他 別怪他 別再傷心對吧
從遇見的一剎 是捉緊了嗎
別怪他 別怪他
經歲月去感化 或許不再害怕

Track 10 - 實情(Truth)

Singer: Bernice Liu
Lyrics: Cheng Ying Leung
Composer: Tang Chi Wai

迷戀往事 想千遍
那管無意義 追縱百萬次
分析微細意思 尋找千里
卻別離 情理歪曲真諷刺
行近看 明白當初不過無知

如望著塵埃 穿灰塵望向外
朦朦地尋找所愛 疲累沒離開
心僅存著意外 其實舊情已不再

* 沈溺往事 幾千次
悔心無意義 花光氣力試
終枉然欠意思 如光影照
正面時 常理般推測不智
行近了 能讓親手敲破無知 *

迷路在人海 玻璃層疊意外
無奈實情透不過 無話別離開
不甘在眼內 期望拾回往昔愛
Repeat *

Credits: Yahoo! Music
All songs can be downloaded at Metal's or kitson's blog...

I will add the pinyin lyric of "Golden Sand Lovers" later...

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Andy Hui is grateful filming a series for TVB

Recently, there were reports that Andy Hui was contending for a role in TVB series “Fei Tien Hei Sie” produced by Tommy Leung. He successfully pushed out Alex Fong. Yesterday, Andy attended together with Jordan Chan, Yumiko Cheng, Jade Kwan and Jolie Chan the press conference for “獅子會愛心善心金禧夜”. When the reporters were asking about the competition for this series, Andy replied with consternation: “Why do you say something like that? How can that be! I really don’t know, I can only smile about such reports!”

Definitely sincerity
Rumours are saying that Andy has forced out Alex, regarding this Andy said: “It isn’t important if I did that or not. I am really committed to TVB, you could even say that I am repaying them as well. I have known Tommy for more than ten years. At that time when I was filming my first series with TVB, Tommy was the director then. There will also be pressure while filming this time, because when you film series elsewhere they will only use one machine, but TVB uses three cameras. So I am afraid that I am not used to that and will annoy the others. Actually, TVB is like a platform. If a series is well-received it will help a lot, as it can help them earn money in other ways!” He also stressed that it wasn’t because of the money that he films this series, but definitely because of sincerity.

Andy also expressed that he and Alex has the same fitness trainer as well as train at the same fitness school. Sometimes, when he sees Alex he will also say hello and their relationship is OK. Andy has always liked to watch football matches, but at the same as the World Cup he will have to begin shooting this series. He smiles that the biggest sacrifice for filming this series was not being able to watch football, but he believes that career comes first.

Hopes to sing the theme song with Myolie Wu
Referring to Myolie Wu’s weight has reached 140 pounds, there will be scenes where Andy will have to hug and embrace her. Andy said: Earlier I went to the TV station to meet Myolie. She asked me if she was fat enough already and at that time, I didn’t dare to look at her because I was afraid that she would feel uncomfortable. After I talked to her, I find her to be very talkative and very nice. I believe that this will be a very happy cooperation!” Will Andy sing the theme song of this series? He frankly said that he wants to sing it. He hasn’t heard Myolie’s singing yet, but Tommy has praised her to be quite good. Therefore, he hopes to duet with her.

Source: Takungpao

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After 20 years, Yuen Siu Fai performs with his son in “Under the Lion Hill”

RTHK will air the second episode of “Under the Lion Hill” called “Night Cat” this Sunday. This is the first time that Yuen Tak Cheung will collaborate with his parents Yuen Siu Fai and Wan Fei Yin. Yuen Siu Fai once acted in one episode of the 1977 version of “Under the Lion Hill” called “Pure”. At that time, he portrayed a market hawker facing the pressure of life, yet still upholding a relaxed and humorous outlook. Who could have thought that his son will also be a part of this version of “Under the Lion Hill”. In “Night Cat” Yuen Tak Cheung will portray an university graduate facing life’s difficulties. He will depend on his own strength to start all over again in an unfamiliar place. Father and son will also portray a father and son in this series. This portrayal might reveal their true sentiments. This episode also includes Annie Lau who will portray Kwok Siu Dip, a student from the university of Beijing who comes to Hong Kong to study folk music.

Source: Takungpao

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Rain’s first Chinese MV

The actual MV "手記"

The making of the MV

Korean idol Rain filmed an ad for the mobile phone brand ‘Pantech’ recently. In this ad, there were four first times including the first time he sang a Chinese song, the first time he filmed an ad for mobile phones, the first time he filmed a MV in Shanghai and the first time he collaborates with Mainland star Sun Li. In coordination with the advertisement, he has also filmed a MV “手記” with a length of 6min30secs. This song is also sang in Chinese, but it also shows a series of new and hot dance moves with a minute long individual performance.

The MV was filmed on the streets of Shanghai, scenes included the night view of the Bund and places like a warehouse. In the MV, Rain will portray a mega star and Sun Li his female fan. There will be singing and dancing as well as a scene with ten thousands of people. Although Rain and Sun Li don’t speak the same language, it doesn’t mean there is a lack of mutual understanding. Rain even praises his co-star as a good actress. Rain’s biggest impression of this ad was the scene where he and Sun Li met for the first time. Who could’ve thought that when they were ready to film, it truly started raining. He joked: “Heaven must really want to welcome ‘Rain’, but many fans were assembled there for the scene so I was worried that they would catch a cold with the heavy rain!”

Source: Takungpao

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Myolie Wu: 130 pounds, eats five times a day to increase weight

Yesterday, Myolie Wu attended the opening ceremony of a sushi branch at Tai Po. Myolie appeared as a sushi chef and was lifted by four men on the stage. Afterwards, she and the bosses hit the cask together to wish the branch good business. It turns out that this was already the fourth time for Myolie to cut the ribbon for this sushi restaurant. Every time her remuneration was increased and when she usually eats there, it is also for free.

Immediately, Myolie went to stand besides the sushi chef yesterday to learn how to make sushi. The chef gave her a sushi knife as a present. Myolie thinks that making sushi is really not that easy, the most difficult part is to make sushi rice. Her weight is recently increased to 130 pounds and she jokes that after filming the series, she will have to eat sushi to lose weight. The reporter was laughing that with four men lifting her whether their job was laborious. Upon hearing it, her face showed embarrassment. She laughs that they seem to have some difficulty and she feared they would hurt their lower backbone.

For her new series, Myolie’s weight has already increased to 130 pounds and she hopes to add another ten pounds. Nowadays, she eats five times a day, but the amount is the same as seven meals for a normal person. She once had difficulty breathing because she ate too much. Myolie expressed that she usually will cook, but her skills are only average. Instead she thinks that if a guy knows cooking, it will definitely add some points. In the past, she has tried to cook for her boyfriend, but she actually prefers to do the washing up.

Source: Takungpao

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Bowie Lam remembers the good food in Shaanxi

Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Chung King Fai and Helen Ma accepted an interview from Metro Radio yesterday. They talked freely about their amusing experiences during the filming of “Dance of Passion”. Bowie tells: “Before we left for Yinchuan, many people thought that place was very backward. So I also brought a lot of food with me. It turns out that there was good food in abundance. Especially the ‘mutton eaten with hands’ and the specially made trotter still makes me very reminiscent. However, because of the big sandstorms, every time we have to work, we were also forced to eat our lunch box filled with yellow sand.”

Hired a long term worker to clean the scene
About Gigi in Shaanxi, as she once found a centipede in her fragrant box, so when they have to go to the even more backward Shanbei for outdoor scenes, she immediately saw that her room was full of marks. In order to avoid more insects to enter, she immediately used moth balls to cover the holes. She also uses strong tape and black adhesive tape to seal the cracks. At her room door, she has placed a string of moth balls as a security. However, the workers were worried that she would suffocate in her room. Furthermore, she has also brought a temporary toilet, so every time she has to go, she will put a plastic bag around it first and afterwards she can throw it away with the plastic bag. As for the movie “The Promise” destroying the environment of Tianchi, did they turn Yinchuan in a garbage pile? Bowie expressed that they didn’t because they have hired a long term worker to clean up the scene every day.

Referring to the suggestion of Charmaine Sheh that if “Dance of Passion” received good ratings, they should all go back to Yinchuan to celebrate. They all unexpectedly expressed their approval. They don’t even mind the backwardness there because the beautiful local scenery makes everything good.

Source: Takungpao

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Preview "Pain of Men"

Pain of Men

This series will be aired on 12th June, after "Trimming Succes". It seems to be an OK series, but I am not really a fan of Ron Ng. Although, I do like Damian Lau and Louisa So, I still think I will give this series a miss. Enjoy it...

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Rumoured couple Maggie Siu and Kenny Wong: even their clothes match

Since the broadcast of “Dance of Passion” Kenny Wong’s popularity has risen greatly and there was also a weekly reporting that he was pursuing Maggie Siu, ignoring his girlfriend. Yesterday, this rumoured has accepted an interview together in a program of Metro Radio. As both of them were wearing dark colours, they were asked whether they matched their colours intentionally. Kenny immediately replied: “Did we? She is in black and I am wearing blue! [Are you really together?] Of course, we aren’t! Gosh!” He said as this is only entertainment news, there is no need to respond to it. As for whether Maggie would get angry over these rumours, she said: “Aren’t I smiling now?”

Kenny expressed that Maggie portrays his wife in the series, so there will be some feelings. She is also a very good co-star whom he feels comfortable with. He smiles: “We are both adults and not children anymore, so we understand it. [But are you worried that your girlfriend will misunderstand?] My girlfriend didn’t say anything about it. [Will you meet up less for dinner with Maggie in the future?] We usually don’t eat together often. We also don’t talk very often as we both aren’t very chatty people.” As for Maggie, she indicated that Kenny has already said what she wanted to say. Asked whether Kenny has the qualities that she looks for in a boyfriend, she frankly said he did. Kenny immediately told her that there is no need to say them. Maggie replied: “Yeah! You are well-trained!”

Source: Takungpao

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deep Ng gives up nightlife

Last month, Deep Ng was filmed leaving his girlfriend Nancy Wu behind and going to the karaoke with two female companions. Immediately rumours were spread that the two had broken up and also that, because of this matter, he was frozen by his company. However, earlier he was riding his bicycle and exercising basketball during the day. In the evening, he went out with his girlfriend to buy midnight snacks and then happily returned to their love nest. It seems like not even the wind can come between them (打風打唔甩).

Deep has always been surrounded by many negative news, but since he has acknowledged that he and Nancy were dating on this year’s Valentine’s Day, he gained many points in regards with his image. However, last month he was filmed to go to a karaoke bar with two female companions behind his girlfriend’s back. One of them was EO2’s member Eddie his girlfriend and the other Jacqueline Zhuang, a girl from a wealthy background. Immediately, there were reports that he was frozen by his company and also because of this matter, that his girlfriend wanted to break up.

Exercising skills for a movie
However, earlier the reporter saw Deep exercising for a new movie during the day and in the evening, he met up with his girlfriend Nancy. It seems that their love hasn’t been influenced by it. Earlier, in the afternoon around four o’clock, Deep was dressed in a cycle attire to ride with his favourite bicycle. He went to a nearby village residence to exercise and after about 45 minutes, he returned home to rest. Not long later, he went to Kwun Tong to play basketball. It turns out that he is exercising recently to prepare for a new movie to be filmed in Shanghai, because there were many movement scenes in this movie. Therefore, he worked hard to train his skills. That evening, around midnight, his girlfriend Nancy brought him home. Nancy parked her car at a public parking spot near Deep’s home and quickly leaves the car with her lover. The reporter only saw Deep holding a bag of goods, which seems to be a midnight snack for the two of them. Although, they have been dating for a while, but from the short walk to his home, it seems that they are still very much in love. Immediately when they reached the building, Deep inserted the password to open the gate and entered the building with his girlfriend. Until very late, Nancy still hasn’t left. Maybe because Deep will leave Hong Kong soon to film a movie, both of them treasure the few opportunities that they can still see each other.

Source: The Sun

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“La Femme Desperado” ending: new record, ratings peaked at 41 points

TVB recent great work “La Femme Desperado” broadcasted its ending episodes last Sunday. The average ratings of the final episodes were 37 points and it peaked at 41 points. It has broken this year’s ratings of the broadcasted final episodes on a Sunday. Earlier, when the final episode of “A Pillowcase of Mystery” were aired on Sunday, the ratings were 37 points, peaking at 39 points.

In order to increase the ratings of the final episodes, TVB has especially arranged Dodo Cheng and some of the leading artists to make a special program “It is truly hard to be a woman”. They have arranged to air this program around the final episodes of last Sunday. Although, this special program has only managed to obtain a mere 24 points, but you could say it has reached its promotional goal. It allowed the final episodes to break the ratings’ record. That evening, “La Femme Desperado” has aired two different kind of endings and the second ending has received the highest ratings with 38 points. However, the ratings of the following series “Prince Turned into Frog”, which also broadcasted its finale, was not very well-received. The average ratings were only 18 points. So it seems that after the finale of “La Femme Desperado” was aired, more than half of the audience has left.

As for the ratings of the broadcast of “La Femme Desperado” during the last week, it peaked at 38 points with an average of 34 points. The grand production “Dance of Passion” has obtained an average rating of 33 points, peaking at 35 points. So, it maintained its results of previous week. “Welcome to the House” has also sustained the same ratings with an average rating of 28 points, peaking at 32 points.

Sheren Tang thanks all the mothers in Hong Kong
Regarding the record ratings of “La Femme Desperado”, Sheren Tang said that she would like to thank all the mothers in Hong Kong. She said: “Many viewers told me that in order to go home and watch the finale, they had an earlier dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day. Therefore, I have to express my gratitude to all the mothers in Hong Kong, because they are the ones who are in charge. If not, we wouldn’t even have such a good finale.” As the series is very well-received, the entire cast had celebrated it with dinner last Saturday invited by Sheren, Melissa Ng and Michael Tse. Sheren also became the focus point of the paparazzi, asked whether she doesn’t have freedom anymore, she said: “Quite, but I will not get agitated over it. Because when I get nervous or feel pressured, my muscles will get sensitive. The doctor also told me to relax more.”

Source: Takungpao

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Song Hye Kyo films an ad in a sea of flowers

This is the actual ad that she has filmed.

A clip from behind the scenes, unfortunately it is in Korean.

Recently, Song Hye Kyo is busy filming the movie “黃真依”, but earlier she made a new advertising set for the Korean brand ‘Innisfree’ as a true model.

The advertisement was filmed in Jejudo island. In order to give it a country feeling, the company has planted down lavender, chrysanthemum and other kind of flowers on the grass field. It is estimated that the number of flowers reached one million. The ad hopes to put Song Hye Kyo in the centre of this flower world, so that it seems to be as attractive as a watercolour painting.

Source: Takungpao

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Moses Chan pretends to be a chef: pizza didn’t work out

Yesterday, Moses Chan attended the opening ceremony of the flagship store of a French-style bistro at Causeway Bay. He received a chef’s attire with his name sewed on it. He immediately put it on and followed the chef to learn to make French pizza’s. Generally, he likes to cook, but this was his first time making pizza, so at the beginning he was quite clumsy. His second pizza was a success, though.

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, but since his mother has gone back to Australia, he could only wish his mother happiness and a good health through the media. He said: “My mother’s health isn’t very good, that is why this morning the first thing I did when I got up was to send her a message. [What gift did you give to your mother?] I didn’t give her anything! I will make it up to her when she returns to Hong Kong again. Actually my mother doesn’t want anything. As long as my brothers and I are happy and healthy, she will also be happy. Actually, all the mothers are the same. They all want more time to talk to their children instead of more gifts. [Your mother doesn’t want material things, but will she urge you to get married and give her grandsons?] I haven’t heard her say these kind of things!” He also said that holidays aren’t that significant to him, because as soon as he finishes work he will immediately go home.

Full of confidence for the series “Dance of Passion”
In addition, referring to the falling ratings of “Dance of Passion” in the first week, he expressed that he isn’t worried that it will continue to fall. Because there is definitely no problem with the quality of this series. He believes that the ratings will become better and better. As for the fans saying that the plot is very poor, he said that about this question one should ask the producer. To his knowledge, it was the producer who intentionally arranged the subplot as he hoped that the audience would have more things to contemplate about. Therefore, there will be continuously surprises. Regarding the fans of Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai having an online war of words, he urges them not to fight over the fact who has the best performance. The best is that everyone did a great job.

Source: Takungpao

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Bosco Wong makes noodles to honour his mother

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, so Bosco Wong and his mother attended a function together. Bosco immediately tried to learn some skills from the noodles sifu as he wanted to personally make noodles for his mother. When he was cutting the noodles, he appeared to be very considerate. Even his mother and sifu praised him. In addition, Bosco revealed that his mother’s dish with prawn wan tan, cooked with beef brisket and sesame oil chicken soup is the most tasteful delicacy. He was also talking about the best way of eating Demae non-fried noodles. He likes to drink red wine with the ‘Oyster sauce abalone flavour’ or the ‘XO sauce lobster flavour’ noodles. This guy really knows how to eat.

Source: Takungpao

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kevin Cheng and others promoting new series at Stanley

Tomorrow evening will be the first broadcast of new TVB series “Trimming Success”. Yesterday, numerous artists went to Stanley to attend the promotion function, including Kevin Cheng, Nnadia Chan, Lau Dan, Halina Tam, Wayne Lai and Yan Ying. There they visited an old-style hair salon and old neighbourhood with its residents. They also handed out pink cloves to celebrate Mother’s Day.

One foot on two boats is not allowed
They also went to the hair salon that they have used during the filming period where coincidentally an official is having a hair cut. Kevin immediately took the scissors from the hair stylist to cut the customer’s hair. Under Lau Dan and the stylist’s instructions, he cut it like a professional. The official even took out his mobile phone with a satisfied expression to take a picture with Kevin as a souvenir.

In addition, when talking about the series that Nnadia and Sharon will compete with each other over one guy, Kevin. He was asked whether he was involved in such a situation before in real life. Regarding this, he said: “In high school, there was one time when several girls liked me. I went to a boy’s school and after school, the girls will come over to my school gate and wait for me! But after I grew up and started dating, this has never happened before. I will also definitely not allow these kind of situations to happen. A triangle love is very difficult and I will not voluntarily look up trouble.

Nnadia will not pay attention to the internal bomb
Moreover, earlier Nnadia discovered a tumour in her womb that requires surgery. Asked whether she has arranged the time yet, she frankly said: “I want to bring out my new album first! [Isn’t that almost the same as having a time bomb in your body?] I just went to the doctor and he said that I don’t need to worry too much about my condition. Therefore, I want to use this time period to do the things that I want to do first. However, the surgery will be carried out within this year.”

Source: Takungpao

So, it is a tumour and not a cyst now?? Quite confusing *sigh*

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Promoting a series using rifts?

Recently, the sun is shining brightly for TVB as their series are ‘hot’ again. This includes “Dance of Passion”, a fierce and violent battle set in a yellow-earthed highland full of sandstorms. It also consists of several actresses fighting from the front till behind the scenes as well as a verbal war between the fans off and on line. In addition, it is explicitly confronted with the series “La Femme Desperado” lead by Sheren Tang who portrayed Yu Fei in “War and Beauty”. So it naturally became another logical, underground struggle.

This seems to be a recent trend (or policy) and characteristic of the TVB series (or maybe even TVB itself).

Whether they are promoting fake or true facts isn’t important anymore as the fadans who are involved will always deny everything. Especially during public functions, everybody will display something close to sisterly affection towards each other as well as saying that they admire and appreciate each other. However, the related news reports have never ended, instead it describes even more the tricks, through words and appearance, used in the fights for more attention, screen time, singing the theme song, even for nominations and awards. These kind of sensational stories and twisted plots really can’t be compared to those in the TV series.

Of course, I believe that part of these rumours are possible over exaggerated, but they also aren’t completely fabricated. No matter whether these matters were constructed by the artists themselves or by their managers, the promotional goal of the artists are realized as well as drawn more attention to the series. However, at the same time, it will also affect the artist’s image as everyone will feel that they are stuck at the level of the celebrities. As they can only appear in the papers through this kind of competition news and not through their acting skills or a character which leaves a deep impression behind. So that they could achieve something bigger in their professional as well as personal life and share the results of it with the audience.

It is said that it is very difficult to encounter a good script and co-stars, especially if there is the opportunity to portray an important character in such a series. Yet, we never hear about their techniques to approach their character development. Instead, they will say that they will learn their script early in the morning to understand their character thoroughly. However, when it comes to performing it, there is no such matter anymore as the producer will call ‘stop’ when he is satisfied. It is only after the series is broadcasted that everyone can see that the artists haven’t developed fully the character that they portray.

Additionally, this kind of news will divert one’s attention as it will surpass the story development and thus also the result of the hard work of everyone before and behind the scenes. This hard work will also become inferior to the TV ratings which could lead to discouragement. However, it is reported that some of the TVB executives feel very pleased with themselves because of these kind of news reports. They believe it demonstrates the influential power of the TV station and the popularity of the artists. But, they haven’t considered the long term disadvantages of the negative news reports.

Source: Takungpao

This is just the opinion of one of the reporters.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nnadia Chan’s company clarifies uterus cancer rumours

Recently there were reports that the uterus cancer that Nnadia Chan has successfully fought ten years ago, has recurred and the tumour is even bigger than a tennis ball. There were also plans to undergo surgery abroad. Today, Nnadia’s company has published an open letter to clarify this matter. The full text is as follows:

To all the fans and media who cares about Nnadia Chan:

Recently, there were some news reports saying that ‘Nnadia’s uterus cancer has recurred’. As soon as this news appeared, Nnadia has received many phone calls and mails from her friends as well as fans. Everybody was inquiring about the genuineness of this news. Ms Nnadia Chan wants to express her gratitude to the concerns of her fans. She has also entrusted her management company to clarify this misunderstanding.

Nnadia is not diagnosed with uterus cancer, but with an ovary cyst. There is a significant difference with the media reports. The cyst is quite a common benign disease for the females. Last autumn, Nnadia has already undergone a cyst removal surgery. The fans shouldn’t worry too much as an ovary cyst is certainly not the same as a tumour. The majority of the cysts are benign and can disappear on their own. However, many of them needs a surgery.

Nnadia’s body is healing very well. Many adult women can easily have an ovary cyst. Nnadia (Chung Chung) has therefore advised all her good friends to go for a gynaecological exam every six months.

Currently, Nnadia’s health is very good and she will be able to carry on her work as usual. She is very grateful for all the support and the consideration that she has received!

Origin: China Broadcast on May 13 News

Source: Takungpao

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Charmaine Sheh and Stephy Tang: red shoes Twins

Charmaine Sheh and Stephy Tang made an effort to dress up for the press conference yesterday, but both have coincidentally chosen the same shoes. They wore the same red high heeled shoes. Stephy expressed that she only discovered it after she has arrived, but she doesn’t think clashing shoes are a big deal as the company has instructed them to wear red. And red shoes weren’t easy to find. Like the dress that Miriam Yeung wore yesterday, she originally wanted to buy it as she thinks it looks good. Asked whether clashing shoes will make her feel awkward, she smiled that it wouldn’t as they all had a different style. As long as they are all beautiful, then it is fine.

Not awkward
Charmaine also expressed that she doesn’t feel awkward about it. This pair of shoes is very pretty and she thinks they both wear it very well. This is the first time that she will sing a song professionally. She will sing the sub theme song of “Dance of Passion” called “Lovers in the Yellow Sand”. What did her friends think of her singing? Charmaine revealed that her friends couldn’t believe that her singing was that pleasant to hear. Some of them didn’t even know that she was singing this song. However, Charmaine indicated that she has much more confidence in filming series as she felt pressurised when she sang. Has she thought of becoming a singer? Charmaine joked that she will have to wait till she doesn’t feel so nervous first as well as practising her singing skills. Instead Charmaine wants to learn to sing Cantonese opera because her mother loves to sing it and often will ask her to learn it together.

On the other hand, there were also some reports yesterday that when filming “Dance of Passion” Kenny Wong and Maggie Siu their love sparks has become real. Charmaine said that it is not possible as earlier they were saying it about Kenny and Ada Choi. The reporter joked that how come Charmaine isn’t involved? She joked: “He (Kenny) wish. But he is a very good person and a gentleman, so it isn’t very extraordinary that he will have rumours with females. Let him have some peach blossom’s luck (luck in love)!”

Source: Takungpao

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Steven Ma openly praises Bernice Liu, ignores Moses Chan

Currently Steven Ma and Bernice Liu are busy filming for their new series “Breakthrough Action”. A day earlier, both of them were filming outdoor scenes at Chung Hom Kok. This scene is about them remembering their youth, at that time Bernice was 16 years old. For her appearance, she has combed two pigtails as well as wore a school uniform. Steven portrays a 20-year old university student. Steven has a crush on Bernice and meets up with her at Chung Hom Kok.

This scene required a rainy scenery, however the sun was shining. So the drama team needs to wheel out the water wagon to reproduce ‘artificial’ rain. In addition to the rain, they were also exposed to the sun, so they had a hard time. The worst was that there are many mosquitoes in these suburbs. Bernice and the drama team all became a target for the mosquitoes, but Steven didn’t have any. He was actually teased by numerous people that his flesh wasn’t sweet enough. Steven will help Bernice ease her itching as he chats with her the whole time when they don’t have to film.

Very compatible with her
He even praised Bernice’s appearance as a school girl to be very realistic, he said: “Bernice is very hard-working. She came to Hong Kong when she was still studying in Canada. Her grasp of Chinese wasn’t very good, but she will write down the pinyin pronunciations. And when she doesn’t understand, she will ask the drama team for help.” When asked whether he had a similar first love experience, he awkwardly said: “I don’t remember! It was too long ago!”

When asked further whether he has pursued any girls in high school, whether he has been rejected by them, he said: “I have tried once. I went to an all boys’ school, so I pursued some girls from the nearby girls’ school! This time, Bernice’s appearance is very cute and real. [Aren’t you afraid that someone will be jealous when you’re openly admire her?] I don’t know who you are talking about! I didn’t pay attention to all the rumours in the entertainment circle. I don’t care about it.” Steven continues praising Bernice’s frank attitude and that he feels very compatible with her. However, he states that he is an adult, so regarding to rumours, it will not affect him.

On the other hand, Moses Chan is the owner of a MX-5 cabrio. Yesterday, he was a guest at the unveiling event of a new car model, wearing a pilot uniform.

Source: Takungpao

Chung Hom Kok is a beach on the south side of Hong Kong island.

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Sean Lau: No real feelings when filming

To suit the producer, Sean Lau and Mainland newcomer Fok Si Yin (Mandarin: Huo Si Yan) started filming their new movie “I want to be famous” yesterday. They will portray a love between a teacher and his student. Fok Si Yin revealed to the reporters that Sean is her idol and that she admires him a lot. When filming, he will lead her into the scene. However, Sean modestly replied that it was actually the director and that he didn’t do much.

As they will have a teacher-student love, Sean was asked whether he was worried that the sentiments in the movie will turn real. He expressed that it will be very unlikely to happen as he has been filming movies for twenty years now. But what if the feelings of his co-star turn real? Sean said: “She is very famous in Mainland China. Besides she has filmed numerous TV series so these situations shouldn’t occur.” After filming “I want to be famous”, Sean will move on to a gangster movie by Johnnie To. He will portray a police officer once again. Asked whether this repetitive casting of him as a police officer becomes boring, he said that as it is Johnnie exploiting this theme, it will not be as simple as it seems. It will definitely have a new touch to it.

Source: Takungpao

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Michelle Yip: braveness first

To occupy a spot in the entertainment circle, luck is an essential factor. However, if you only have a ‘we will see’ attitude, it is probably not enough and too easy. Strength is a characteristic that Michelle Yip has learned from a young age. With this kind of personality, she will have a ‘fighting’ heart, determination, perseverance to strive for her own goals. It is only then that she will turn into a famous and wealthy, brave woman.

Free lunch?
Most people in the entertainment circle will sigh loudly ‘fear’ regarding the spreading of rumours. Michelle has been surrounded by many rumours in recent years, real and rumoured love followed each other up. She was branded as the ‘Queen of Rumours’ by the media, but Michelle knows how to handle every piece of news, so she appears to be very generous and natural about it. However, when Michelle was asked whether she is someone who prefers the attention rather than to be neglected, she said: “You can’t say it like that, but I only hope that my career can benefit from it. I have anticipated the attention though, so I also expected that my personal life will be affected. I understand very well that there is no free lunch in this world. If one wants to survive in the entertainment world, one has to sacrifice something. This is the law of nature, no one can violate this rule. Therefore, to some extent, there will have to be some sacrifice.”

Love is as pure as water. Travelling, separate rooms?
From entering the showbiz by participating in a beauty contest till filming TV series till now filming movies, Michelle has had a lot more experiences compared to others. The present her has already achieved what others might achieve when they are forty years old. However, one must not forget is only 26 years old this year and she also has certain expectations towards love. “I hope the most for a very passionate love. But I think that I will have to wait till I retire, when I have accomplished all the fame and wealth, when I don’t need to pursue those kind of things anymore before I can have such a pure relationship. My ideal love life is the same as many other people. The most important is that two people care about each other with mutual affinity. Understanding and supporting each other, I will be quite a considerate girlfriend. But I will not be watching him as a hawk as I definitely need my own personal space. Even when we will go travelling, I will insist on separate rooms. Only this way one can always maintain a refreshing feeling and at the same time it is also a kind of respect towards each other.”

Not a friend, then an enemy?
At the age of eleven, she went to the United States to study. Living on her own, it is unavoidable that she will face some racial discrimination to some extent. However, being a Chinese, Michelle loves peace so she will not clash with other people of different race. Even when foreigners bring up these topics, she will pretend to be not listening. A moment later, she will even forget it completely. “I have lived in the US for eight, nine years, but now that I have lived so long in Hong Kong I am getting more and more used to the lifestyle here. I am also liking this place more and more. At the moment, I really have the feeling that Hong Kong is my home, because here is where my work is, where my flat and friends are. Besides, Hong Kong is a very open-minded place as the people here won’t think of me as a foreigner. I have already integrated in this large Hong Kong family. Maybe it is because of the lack of a family’s warmth when I was young, but my good friends and soul mates has all turned into my family now.”

In her childhood, she was influenced by the divorce of her parents. Since then, her relationship with her family has become reserved. She even thinks that when one’s relationship with others is not that of friends, then it is that of enemies. When one slowly gains more experiences, the more closer contact one has with other, you will notice the value of friendship. You will not easily make enemies with others.

“Now, I value friendship and family a lot. As soon as I have time, I will meet up with friends for a chat. The relationship with my mother has also became closer, whenever I have time I will call her. I also look after my paternal grandparents, no matter how hard it is I will help them pay off the flat. At the moment, I finally understood that family will always be at your side, they will never leave you. They really care about me and I also care about them. I am having more and more friends. If you treat your friends well, there is no reason why you wouldn’t treat your family well. Maybe I didn’t see it that way before. In the past, I was only concerned about myself and I never worry about my family. I think I should repay them, especially my mother.”

She used to be so busy filming TV series that it occupied about three fourth of her time in a year. Now, a movie company has embraced her. Apart from her dream coming true, namely filming movies, Michelle also has more time to relax. Even her skin has improved.

“Filming movies is a very strange kind of work, at the same time it is also the kind of work that I have always wanted to do. My first movie, I already had the opportunity to be nominated for the Golden Horse Award, so I feel very fortunate. At the same time, I see it as an encouragement and support from the others. I am really very happy! I know that everyone hopes to receive this award, but at that time my confidence was only twenty percent as every nominee had twenty percent chance. Winning or not wasn’t the most important thing, instead it has enlightened me. Even though I don’t have much screen time, doing it good is the most important thing. Like Tony Leung said before, even if you have filmed over two hundred movies, the others will only remember some of your important scenes. For me as a newcomer, I think that what he has said is very reasonable. It is not necessarily to count your screen time, as long as you can display yourself. Even though it is only one scene, I still will film it.”

Michelle had to depend on herself in her childhood, so she lacked a lot what children should have at that time. She is now 26 years old and has lost all her baby fat. However, at the appropriate time, she will allow herself to be a bit childlike.

“I like to watch ‘Crayon Shinchan’ very much. You could say it is a bit childish, but besides being childlike when watching, I can also be candid in front of my friends. Earlier, I went hiking in Chengdu, I was that silly that I was competing with my friend. The one who loses will have to bark as a dog. At that moment, I didn’t think about the fact that passer-by’s would laugh and I also didn’t mind how others would see us. I only remembered that at that time I had a lot of fun with my friend and I was really happy!”

Source: The Sun
Posted by TVB Chinese News

This was an interview that I have translated some time ago (March), but forgot to post it. When I was going through my documents today, I happened to find them. Enjoy!

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