Friday, June 30, 2006

Gigi Leung openly discusses seven-year relationship

Five months after the break-up between Gigi Leung and Ekin Cheng, she finally talks about their relationship of seven years and explained the reason of their break-up. She even acknowledged that she didn’t handle the affaire with Maggie Siu very well. She only wanted to win and didn’t care about the losses. In the end, it made her road more difficult to walk on.

After the official break-up with Ekin, Gigi has tried to leave quickly and to evade, but she has also faced a lot of negative questions. After a “healing period” of more than five months, Gigi is completely focused on her work now. This time Gigi has accepted an interview in order to promote her album. She even talked about her relationship with Ekin.

Gigi mentioned in the interview that it wasn’t marriage pressure that has caused them to break up. She also frankly said that too many version of their break-up has been spread around and she clarifies that it has nothing to do with marriage pressure. She expressed that she has always put her career first and has never thought of getting married. As for the true reason of breaking up, Gigi emphasized that they were too often away from each other and too little together. Gigi believes that love needs time to nurture it, but both of them were working hard on their respective careers. In the end, these two aspects were conflicting. Although the heart was there, the will wasn’t.

Definitely no regrets
She also acknowledged that initially after her break-up with Ekin, it was very difficult to face. So she has decided to go to England for a month to plan how she would look at the future again. Also she disclosed that during her period of sadness she watched the movie “Perhaps Love”. Regarding the female lead’s choice towards love and career, she can entirely understand her feelings. That’s why she has cried from the beginning till the end as one can’t control grieving over a lost love.

Lovers breaking up happens all the time. In most circumstances the female will be pitied, but in Gigi’s case it was actually the opposite. Referring to the affaire with Maggie (Siu) back then, many felt disgusted with her actions. Even Gigi acknowledged that she didn’t handle it well: “I didn’t know how to handle this matter. I only knew that if I was being pursued, it’s OK to accept such love. I thought that dating was simply dating and I didn’t know it would made my own road so difficult to walk on.” However, she certainly does not think that she has wasted these seven years. If you have loved, then you wouldn’t regret because you have been happy once! She also expressed that it was actually a blessing in disguise. If you don’t walk through one fate, another one will not come.

Not possible getting back together again with Ekin
Currently, Gigi doesn’t have any contact anymore with Ekin, but she says they are still maintaining their friendship. Asked her whether they would get back together again, she indicated that she would not consider it. It’s more comfortable and relaxed being friends. However, she needs a transition period so that it would not be awkward when they meet up again. She also openly revealed her marriage standards: tall, handsome, not necessarily rich, has to have taste and understand how to enjoy life!

In addition, when she accepted the interview references were made regarding Mavis Hee being hospitalized because she couldn’t juggle career and love. Whether females have a harder time to bear with setbacks, she expressed that it is difficult to say in general. The most important thing is to find a method to relieve the stress. As for her, she would go travelling and choose to walk away! It doesn’t mean she is evading it, but she is temporarily avoiding to think of such heart problems. She will face the problem again when her mood is back to normal again.


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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wong He’s triumphant return celebrated at TVB

TVB artist Wong He and polar expert Joyce Lee participated in an inspection of the Mount Everest earlier. It was organised by the Xinhua News Agency and CCTV. They left with a production team at Lhasa and bravely climbed up the roof of the world, the Mount Everest. It was a journey of several days, but Wong He successfully reached the altitude of 6381 metres. He broke the climbing record of a Korean artist made at the end of April. Regarding the climbing process of Wong He, TVB will arrange to air the program on the lifestyle station TVSOU. At the same time to celebrate Wong He’s return to Hong Kong, TVB has especially organised a press conference for him yesterday. Besides Wong He, other attendees included TVB general manager Chan Chi Wan and various hosts of the lifestyle station Priscilla Chung, Erica Yuen and Lee Yee Man (Lan Mui).

The day before Wong He returned back to Hong Kong. He expressed that before he has adapted himself to the thin air, so he feels very drunk with the abundance of oxygen at the moment. He wants to sleep all the time and it will probably take him two weeks to recover his body again. During the climbing, he also didn’t have any appetite so he lost three kilos. Asked him whether he has planned more peak challenges, he said: “I have thought about it, however I really have to think through it. I have to take into account my physical strength, my age and my finances. Like this time I have already spent 50 000 for a car, a guide, baggage carriers and so on. Fortunately, I had some sponsors. [What experiences did you have this time?] I discovered that you can also feel the existence of nature in a city. No matter how modern a city is, it is still a part of nature. I also find out that people are very cute, very weak and strong at the same time. So I will never look down on people that easily.”

In addition, TVB has changed to a new ratings’ company, so now it will have the newest ratings daily. And the day before, it has established the best prime time ratings on a single day since “Jewel in the Palace” as the average ratings for “Men in Pain” and “Forensic Heroes” were respectively 35 and 34 points, both peaking at 36 points. The average rating for “15/16” was 30 points, so the average prime time rating for that day was 29 points. The number of viewers consists of 86%. Asked Chan Chi Wan whether they have celebrated this, he smiled: “We will continue to work hard. Today we will celebrate Wong He first.” Also “Beautiful Cooking” is getting more and more popular. Originally, they intended to air ten episodes, but now they have increased it to seventeen episodes. In the final four episodes, they will add some new ideas like the hosts will have to cook for the pretty female guests.

Source: Takungpao

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Wang Lee Hom second male lead for “Lust, Caution”

After Tony Leung has confirmed the male lead in Ang Lee’s new movie “Lust, Caution”, Wang Lee Hom will be second lead. He will portray a patriotic, hot-tempered young student and the boyfriend of female lead Wang Jia-zhi. It is said that when Ang Lee was in Shanghai, he has asked his drama team several times about Lee Hom’s acting quality, acting skills and popularity in the Mainland. Is he competent enough to take up the second male lead role? After receiving the affirmation of his drama team, he has finally decided to cast him in this role.

Earlier, Ang Lee attended the Shanghai International Film Festival and it seems that he was there to choose his female lead. Although many has voiced its opinion during that week, but he still hadn’t made any decisions when he left Shanghai. Soon he will go back to Shanghai to continue his pre-production work. Like last year, he will entirely absorb himself in the filming process. He has almost completed all the proposals regarding the old Shanghai style and scenery of West Nanjing Road and the ground floor tea house where many residents take their break.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Patricia Liu and Amy Kwok slapping each other

ATV’s grand production series “義無反顧” filmed a scene yesterday where Patricia Liu was accused of murder. When attorney Patrick Tam was defending her, she had to open her coat to show Patrick her scar, revealing her bra band. She also had to use her feet to tease Patrick under the table. In another scene, Patricia and Amy Kwok, who portrays a trainee attorney, were slapping each other violently.

Never slapped a person before

Patricia revealed that they have almost spent two hours on the scar on her back. About her sacrificing herself when she showed her bra band, she joked that she was filming a slimming ad then. She said the happiest scene was the one where she and Amy had to slap each other, because both had to be very rough. Actually, she has never slapped someone before nor has she been slapped. Even splitting up with boyfriends, it always happens under a very peaceful atmosphere.

Patrick indicated that the shooting is very comfortable. It is not the same as filming on his own in the Mainland. When he now goes home, he will sleep with his wife beside him as well as have soup for him to drink.

Source: Takungpao

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Solution of 'Guess the series'

Well, I guess this was really an easy one as it seems that everyone has guessed it. It was indeed "Dance of Passion". I think it's definitely due to the yellowness hehe... Anyway, the scene was actually from episode 18 when Ka Chun Fen (Charmaine Sheh) when they punished her to the Sky Torching ceremony. However, to everyone's surprise Yim Man Hei (Bowie Lam) came to her rescue.

Fortunately, my sister is studying graphic design so she has different programs and one of them is to make mosaics. Therefore, I only have to find enough screencaps and the program will use the screencaps to make the mosaic. What takes most time is the search for screencaps or when I take them myself. I'm now working on the next one, hopefully I can post it soon.

I also want to thank Sidney, Alice, lk, Metal, charmaine, vietchick, Asia and aodinia for participating. Next one should be a little more difficult than this one :D

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Andy Hui filming one series a year in three different places

Yesterday was the first day that Andy Hui filmed his new series “Fei Tin Hei See” in the studio. It was ten years ago since he last filmed a series for TVB, Andy admits he has turned into a problem youngster.

Andy said that he is filming a series a year. The year before, he went to Shanghai to film, last year it was in Taiwan and this year he is filming for TVB. At the same time, it’s also the most exhausting one, because in the Mainland every day there will only be one team that films. However, at TVB an outdoor scene could follow a studio shooting. In addition, regarding the script, it’s often only available last minute, so one has to memorize the dialogue on the set. He thinks it’s very challenging and expectant. Although it is laborious, but Andy didn’t avoid mentioning that it’s about the series’ ratings and that it could help one’s popularity. Asked him whether he has requested a daily resting period, Andy said he didn’t as only heavenly people can request such things. Even Liza Wang doesn’t make such requests.

Talking that the series’ focus point is almost entirely on Myolie Wu, is he worried? Andy generously said that a series is based on cooperation. He admires Myolie’s gain of weight very much as he probably couldn’t manage that. However, if the role was worth it, he wouldn’t mind gaining weight and thus lose out on other jobs.

Source: Wenweipo

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Yoon Eun Hye accepted new KBS series

After the Korean series “Goong” Yoon Eun Hye continues to be very popular. Soon she will begin shooting an entirely new love drama for KBS with Oh Man Seok. In this series, Eun Hye dreams to become a fashion designer. After she has stayed with and learned from a famous fashion designer, she achieved some results. So she decides to establish her own brand. However, she discovered that she doesn’t have enough financial resources, but she hopes that her grandfather will lend her the money. On the other hand, her grandfather is only willing to lend her the money on one condition which is she has to help him take care of the family vineyard for a year. Through her work in her hometown she encountered a guy who also lives in the countryside. The two of them embarks on a beautiful love relationship.

Yoon Eun Hye has already started reading the script as well as memorising the dialogue.

Source: Takungpao

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Monday, June 26, 2006

First 5-star town, my town!!

Three years ago, a television show started and became very popular throughout my country as well as the neighbouring countries. It's called "Fata Morgana" and the purpose of this show is that a town (or city) is set with a challenge. That particular town will have to complete in five days five different tasks and for each succesful completed task they will get a star. An added difficulty to these tasks is that there is no budget. So, the key people will have to rely on the goodwill of others and find as many volunteers as well. If that town succesfully completes the five tasks, then it will be a five-star town.

This year, "Fata Morgana" began again about three weeks ago and last week it was my town that was challenged. We had to revive the Middle Ages again and were set with five tasks. On Monday, the search began for the five key people who will coordinate those five tasks. They were quickly found and the entire week, they were very busy with their tasks. All of them have taken leave from their work, so that they could entirely focus on bringing our town the stars. On Saturday, this Medieval spectacle was carried out with about 15 000 attendees. It was simply fabulous.

The five tasks were:
1) Perform a court dance with at least hundred couples, on the music of the minstrels.

The key people have searched and found a Medieval orchestra with Medieval instruments. A choreographer who specializes in Medieval dances, he taught the participating couples in two days a wonderful Medieval dance. The only big problem was that there was no certainty how many couples were actually willing to participate and the lack of males also formed another problem. Although the performers were a little uncertain and some of them even added some weird steps, but the overall view was very nice. The bailiff has counted 124 couples and so the challenger had to give out the first star.

2) Organise a Medieval market with at least forty crafts

The key person has found over forty crafts, but the bailiff concluded that not all the crafts were Medieval and were thus disallowed. Crafts included a broom binder, an iron blacksmith, a sheep shearer, a jester, a Medieval midwife and many more. In the end, it was a market with 49 crafts and the second star was received.

3) Organise a joust with at least ten knights on horses

This key person did even more than she was asked and has organised an entire Medieval tournament with swordfighting knights, knights threading lances through a ring, striking cauliflowers and so on. The only problem was that the key person has only found six professional knights, so there was an appeal for ordinary horse riders to exercise on the various tournament games. And it was a success as the challenger was deeply impressed, so the third star was handed out.

4) Make an exact copy of the Bayeux tapestry

The only male key person was responsable for a handmade copy of the Bayeux tapestry. This tapestry is 70m long and 50cm high, it portrays scenes commemorating the battle of Hastings in 1066. Over 200 seamstresses were found who worked day and night for three days embroiding the whole thing. The whole tapestry was divided in 280 pieces and it took about seven hours to finish one piece, so time was really running tight. However, on Saturday the bailiff measured exactly 70 metres and the fourth star was in our posession.

5) Prepare a Medieval banquet for everyone

One of the big problems was the uncertainty regarding the number of people that will come to this spectacle. The key person went to all the butchers and caterers of our town and they were all willing to provide everyone with food. The banquet consists of over 10 000 apples and pears, more than a ton of meat, hundreds of liters of wine and beer. The guests had to bring their own wooden plates and spoons like the old days. The challenger came and tasted the food, happily she gave out the final star.

Mission accomplished. I officially live in a five-star town now, it was a great week and many friendships has been made. What touched me the most is the bond that has been created between all the town residents, the solidarity and the altruistic behaviour of the many shop owners who provided equipment, food and other things for free. Such challenges are the best activities to unite a town and its people because we were all working for the pride of our town.

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Niki Chow doesn’t care about friends’ family background

Sisters Niki and Kathy Chow went out for dinner with a man together. There were even rumours that her older sister has introduced handsome and rich men to her.

Yesterday, Niki attended a public function and was inquired regarding this matter. Niki expressed that every time she meets a friend for dinner, he will become her rumoured boyfriend. If this was true, then she would have a lot of boyfriends. She also said that the man was her sister’s friend, but not her boyfriend. Asked her whether she will eat and meet less with male friends, she indicated that she wouldn’t. She will not let these reports affect her normal life.

Niki also thinks that eating out with friends is a very normal activity, but she also believes that if it continues like that then she wouldn’t have any friends left anymore. Talking about her friends, it seems that their family background isn’t too bad. She replied that one could hardly ask about someone’s background as soon as you got to know them. She also believes that this focus on value is not correct. She strongly emphasizes that she isn’t a gold digger as she has to like and connect with someone before he could become her boyfriend. Everything else is irrelevant as she also has her own work ability.

Recently Niki, Shine and Ekin Cheng are shooting a movie together. Soon the film team will be heading to Thailand for scenery filming. She smiles that fortunately they have completed the movie part otherwise there will be lots of snapping going on. Besides taking pictures of Ekin’s virility, she will also certainly become the focus of the paparazzi.

Source: Takungpao

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Name Analysis...

Let's analyze the names of some celebrities and see what kind of personality they really have... The analysis was made by the Kabalarians and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Raymond Lam Fung:
Although the name Raymond creates an interest in the deeper aspects of life, we emphasize that it causes an emotional intensity that is hard to control. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the heart, lungs, bronchial area, and nervous system. Your first name of Raymond has given you a clever, deep mind and the talent to excel in highly inspirational lines of endeavour a dramatist, musician, writer or artist. You can be lifted by beauty in all forms and you are at the most creative when inspired. Your expressive, affectionate nature responds very quickly through your feelings, but you must guard against being possessive and jealous. You feel and sense much that you do not fully understand and cannot express. Your delight in mystery could draw you into occult studies or religions.

While the name Fung creates the urge to be self-expressive and happy, we point out that causes a scattered and emotional nature. In the long term, it can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the liver and bloodstream. Your first name of Fung makes you extremely generous. You have a bubbling, spontaneous nature and a happy-go-lucky outlook which helps smooth the pathway of life. Also you are sympathetic to the needs of others. Interested in art, music, singing, dancing, and anything of an artistic nature, you could become a very fine performer.Your spontaneous expression stands you in good stead during arguments or debates, though you are perhaps too outspoken and inclined to sarcasm.

Moses Chan Ho
Although the name Moses creates the urge to understand and work with people, we emphasize that it causes a materialistic approach that frustrates higher humanitarian qualities. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the fluid and reproductive organs. Your first name of Moses has given you an expressive, diplomatic, and gracious nature. Although you have a good appreciation of material values, business ability, and skill in organizing and managing others, your success is limited, at times, by a lack of self-confidence and initiative. You prefer to work with others and rely upon their support and encouragement. You have very expensive tastes, and your desires could well exceed your initiative in providing for them through your own efforts. Personal appearance is important to you. You are always well-groomed yourself, and you judge others by your own standard.

Although the name Ho creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it causes a restless intensity that defies relaxation. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the solar plexus, and through worry and mental tension. The name of Ho creates a quick, analytical, and clever mind; you are creative, versatile, original, and independent. You have large ambitions, and it is difficult for you to be tolerant and understanding of those who desire less in life or who are more slow and methodical by nature. Patience is not your forte. You do, however, have leadership ability and would never be happy in a subservient position. You are ambitious and aggressive by nature. You would be happiest in positions where you are free to express individually and creatively and where opportunities are not restricted; you desire freedom, and do not tolerate being possessed by others. You appreciate change and travel, and the opportunity to meet and mix with others, and to influence them with your creative ideas.

Tavia Yeung Yi
While the name Tavia creates the urge to organize and work with others, we point out that it causes an over-emphasis on material things that frustrates higher humanitarian qualities. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the fluid and reproductive organs. Although your name of Tavia gives you a good appreciation of material values, business ability, and skill in organizing and managing others, your success is limited at times, by a lack of self-confidence and initiative. This name brings out a practical, composed quality, with a strong desire for a good standard of living in an environment where you are in contact with distinguished, successful people. You try to further your interests through pursuing the association of people with influence.

Although the name Yi creates idealism and the urge to help others, we emphasize that it limits self-expression and friendly congeniality with a moody disposition. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the nervous system, heart, lungs and bronchial area. Your name of Yi creates a very sensitive, inspirational, and idealistic nature. You have an appreciation for all the fine and beautiful things in life, and could excel in music, art, drama, or literary undertakings, where you could find an expression for your deeper feelings that you would not find otherwise. As a result of your love of the out-of-doors, you would experience the most peace and harmony out in the quiet of nature. Your sensitive nature causes you to lack self-confidence, and to withdraw from arguments or turmoil, as any discord reflects quickly through your nervous system.

Leila Tong Ning
Although the name Leila creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it frustrates you through a scattered and emotional nature. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the liver, bloodstream, and through worry and mental tension. Your first name of Leila has given you a responsible, expressive, inspirational, and friendly personality. Expression comes naturally to you and you are rarely at a loss for words; in fact, you have to put forth effort at times to curb an over-active tongue. Self-confidence has made it easy for you to meet people and you are well-liked for your spontaneous, happy ways. You sincerely like people and do not often experience loneliness; your work and home-life are likely filled with association.

Although the name Ning creates idealism and the urge to help others, we emphasize that it causes a materialistic approach that frustrates higher humanitarian qualities. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the nervous system, and reproductive organs. Your name of Ning has brought you enjoyment in working with people in circumstances in which you can organize and direct their efforts, preferably in an executive position. You are self-expressive, philanthropic, clever, and ambitious. You like to specialize in whatever you undertake. This name gives you an optimistic outlook on life. You appreciate good quality in all things and want the best money can buy. You have big ideals and dreams about the things you would like but you are not always willing to put forth the necessary effort, particularly if it means being subservient to others or having to work in an unimportant, menial capacity. Position and means are important to you and, in order to create this impression of affluence, you will spend even when it is not prudent to do so. You like to give the impression that you have everything under control.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Roger Kwok as laughing stock

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au’s seven-year relationship received a strong attack as reports wrote that Charmaine Sheh used her coyness to intrude in their relationship. Roger and Charmaine are currently working on their new series “Pearl of the Orient”. Cindy has also been followed and seen walking on her own, buying dog food as well as watched a movie on her own.

Immediately reporting to his girlfriend
Regarding these rumours, confirmation was sought by Roger and he loudly laughed upon hearing them. He expressed that these rumours with Charmaine are a joke. He can’t believe that “Pearl of the Orient” has just finished the night before and only yesterday rumours has appeared. He said: “Perhaps the magazine thought that my relationship with Cindy is very boring, so they probably wanted to spice things up to influence our lives.” He also indicated that when they were shooting outdoor scenes there were also reporters present. They were asking about his relationship with Charmaine, so he immediately knew that someone is trying to stir things up and thus called his girlfriend about it. Instead Cindy comforted him and told him to not mind those rumours. Asked whether it would be uncomfortable cooperating with Charmaine again in the future, Roger responded that they were both professional actors and they would not let these rumours affect their tacit understanding. He will happily read these reports and regard them as jokes.

Roger has heard about these rumours through his maid yesterday and he pretended to be a Philippine maid saying in Cantonese: “Mister, your face is in the magazines, but I’m afraid those are very unintelligible rumours. Do you think that anyone would buy it?” Roger also said that he will not be influenced by rumours and that he will focus on his work. Soon, he will begin filming a movie.

Cindy denies a change in their relationship
Cindy’s manager responded to the rumours. She expressed that Roger is working on his series, so shopping on her own doesn’t mean that their relationship has changed. Lovers or couples still have their own separate life. About the rumour of Charmaine coming between Roger and Cindy, Charmaine actually has a cheerful personality. She’s also good friends with Bobby Au Yeung, but were there any reports about her intruding in his marriage? All these made up rumours, Cindy will simply not regard them as a serious matter.

Source: Mingpao

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Joyce Tang busy shooting ads

Recently, Joyce Tang has filmed four advertisements including a cosmetic, Chinese medicine, moon cakes and clothing ads. Asked her about her remuneration, she didn’t respond directly and only laughed. However, her face showed a very satisfied expression, so it is quite obvious that the remuneration for the four ads were more than reasonable. She also excitedly said: “I’m still in the middle of discussing some other ads!”

Source: Mingpao

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Kenny Wong hopes the media will leave Maggie Siu alone

Rumours that Ekin Cheng and Maggie Siu are getting back together again are getting stronger. The night before, Maggie’s rumoured boyfriend Kenny Wong attended a public activity and he was asked about Ekin and Maggie being a couple again. Instead, he asked the reporters back: “Is it true?”. Asked whether he has called Maggie for confirmation, he said: “No, I didn’t as it has nothing to do with me. Anyway, I hope that they each are happy and that the media will not bother them anymore.”

Source: Mingpao

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Raymond Lam: I am not ‘brokeback’

Raymond Lam is currently filming his new series “New Breath of Love” in Shanghai. Many fans has made a long and tiring journey to visit him on the set. They have especially organised a fans meeting the day before with 300 fans as they were worried for their safety as well as a possible delay of the filming process. Raymond appeared in a white ‘Prince Charming’ look, replying every question of his fans.

Asked whether he would date a fan, he smiled that he would not rule out this possibility as the most important thing is communication. What qualities does he look for in a girlfriend? He said that she has to have long hair, whether she is pretty is not important and he will also not date someone from the entertainment circle. Upon asked when he wants to be a husband, he awkwardly said that he didn’t have any plans as he will only consider it after he has build a basis for his career as well as achieved some results. When mentioning that there were rumours about a ‘brokeback’ relationship with his good mate Ron Ng, he responded loudly: “I am not ‘brokeback’!”

Source: Mingpao

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Wong He breaks the record of a Korean entertainer

Without the necessary oxygen equipment, Hong Kong artist Wong He has succeeded this Tuesday (20th June) at 1.31 pm. From the mountain base at 5200 metres, he climbed to 6381 metres of the Mount Everest (approximately 12 times the height of Victoria Peak). Hereby, he has broken the record set by a Korean entertainer at 6189 metres at the end of April this year. He has even planted the flag of Hong Kong SAR there, writing a new Mount Everest entertaining record.

Wong He has climbed 16 kilometres in less than 20 hours. Thursday (22th June), he has safely returned to Lhasa and accepted a long-distance telephone interview. He frankly said that he has paid his own expenses for this project. He hopes that doing this it would make people happy regardless whether they like him or not. According to the early plans, he has almost 50 000 dollars on this trip. Asked him whether it was worth it, he said: “When you see the photos, you know that you had a very joyful feeling once. Then you know it was worth it.”

Disregarding leading a hermit life in Qinghai
As for breaking the record of the Korean entertainer, Wong He expressed that he didn’t have any special feelings. Because when they were taking pictures, they were also resting and drinking water. But Heaven decided it was time for a blizzard and the group leader has ordered to return to the base at 5800 metres. This weather change has altered Wong He’s intention to live a temporarily reclusive life in Qinghai, he explained: “The night of the weather change, I caught a cold and had a fever. In my mind, I repeatedly thought of one sentence ‘since birth hoping for another day’. Afterwards, a decision was made to change the itinerary. As long as I could descend the mountain, I could go home as soon as possible.”

Source: Takungpao

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Dicky Cheung appointed as UNICEF goodwill ambassador

Yesterday, Dicky Cheung was appointed by UNICEF as a Chinese goodwill ambassador and thus became the fourth Hong Kong celebrity entrusted with such a heavy responsibility. Although Dicky is very busy at the moment, yesterday afternoon he has especially flown to Shanghai for the press conference. Yesterday evening, he also performed at the charity concert in the Shanghai Stadium.

In this one year, Dicky will personally set an example and participate in the numerous charity activities like visiting mountainous areas, participating in long-distance learning activities in these areas as well as attending charity functions in different places. In October, he will be in Australia for a charity function. He will also promote it in front of his friends, hoping that with their support he will find more funds to help as many Mainland school drop outs and impoverished children as possible. That evening, besides Dicky, over ten artists participated in the performance celebrating the 25th anniversary of UNICEF China as well as the fifth organisation of the UNICEF activity day. It is an appeal to the entire society to take more notice of children and to build a safe and healthy environment in which children could grow up.

Source: Takungpao

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

“Forensic Heroes” collides with World Cup: satisfied with 28 points

TVB series “Forensic Heroes” actors Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung and Florence Kwok have accepted an interview with the Metro Radio program “The Family World” yesterday. In its first week “Forensic Heroes” has only reached 28 points. Are they satisfied with this number? Yoyo said: “I am satisfied, because the time slot happens to collide with the live broadcast of the World Cup. After airing this series, many friends have asked me about the plot. This has never happened in the past.” And Frankie smilingly told: “Actually to know if a series is enjoyable to watch, one should definitely have to ask the editing colleagues. If they frequently ask whether there are new scenes to edit, then it means the series must be good.”

Frankie also talks about the shooting of this series and that he once visited a laboratory where they examined skulls. And one of the doctors there appeared on screen to perform a part of the procedure. Frankie said: “This scene had many complex and specialized terms. Even the doctor, who is specialized, has said the wrong dialogues several times. Luckily, I didn’t have to say them! In this scene, I have also NG’ed quite some times. It was really very difficult!” He also said: “I have heard some rumours that this series is used to fight (with the World Cup). Of course, the company has to believe in its chances to air it at this time slot! The most important thing is that all the workers, before and behind the scenes, have all worked very happily together!”

Asked whether they wanted to film a sequel, Yoyo expressed that if there is the opportunity, she would hope to film a sequel. She also admits that she doesn’t mind portraying a ‘Madam’ once more.

Source: Wenweipo

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Gigi Lai shooting in busy streets

Gigi Lai physique is attractive and she is labelled as someone who likes beauty. However, when she was filming outdoor scenes the night before in Causeway Bay with Ricky Fan, Vivien Yeo, Yoyo Mung and JoJo Shum for “Super Cops”, she has disguised her pretty figure.

Gigi was wearing a red long wig and a plastic frame as well as a mini skirt showing off her long legs and a flashy pink top. To complete it, she wore a fluorine yellow vest on top of it. Her appearance was extremely weird. Even a passer-by couldn’t hold back and comment on it: “Which celebrity is so ugly?” When he found out that it was actually Gigi, he said: “Does Gigi really look that ugly? I didn’t know that her figure was that bad.” Luckily, Gigi didn’t hear the remarks of this passer-by. Regarding the clothes hiding her good figure, Gigi smiled: “Even if I wouldn’t wear the vest, they still wouldn’t look.”

In addition, when Ricky, Vivien and Jojo were shooting a simple interaction scene, they have NG’ed over six times. During this period, Ricky and Vivien were chatting happily while JoJo was left out.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Angela Tong learning to cook to maintain family’s reputation

The night before last, Angela Tong appeared with her mother on the recording of “Beautiful Cooking”. Angela will host a cooking program on TVB’s pay channel soon. She was afraid that if the hosts of “Beautiful Cooking” found this out, they will intentionally decrease her points. So she continuously kept her mouth shut. Earlier it was Father’s Day and although Father Tong hasn’t returned to Hong Kong yet, Angela has already celebrated it cooking for her mother and family. Her mother has given her full marks.

Because Angela’s family runs a restaurant, as soon as Mother Tong found out that her daughter will host a cooking program, she said to her: “Perhaps our restaurant will produce a great chef in the future.” In order to maintain her family’s reputation, before attending the program “Beautiful Cooking” Angela has already read many related books as well as asked her mother for advice.

Source: Singpao

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Cheung Kwok Laap sees with his own eyes Miriam Yeung’s ‘laughing power’

Miriam Yeung is shooting “相約在擂台” in Shanghai where she collaborates with Cheung Kwok Laap and Wallace Huo. Miriam portrays a fighting girl and has almost eighty fight scenes. In addition, she has to be wired most of the time, so her whole body is bruised. However, what surprises Cheung Kwok Laap the most is not her fighting, but her ‘laughing power’. He said: “Previously, I have already heard that Miriam was a loud laughing lady, but I have never thought that she is really that funny. Whatever we shoot, she will be laughing loudly. This time I could see it with my own eyes! Of course, her fighting is also very good.”

Miriam Yeung portrays Mou Sap Long and she shoots 14 hours daily. She feels like she is staying in a school, everyone has to work according to the instructions, she said: “Given the opportunity for me to learn fighting, I am confident that I could explore and develop this road of a fighting girl.”

Source: Mingpao

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Guess the series...

In a "desperate" attempt (not really lol... I'm quite satisfied with the traffic that my blog is attracting, so thank you all the active and silent readers!) to create some interaction, I am trying to implement a guessing feature. It's actually quite straightforward. I've taken a scene from a series and made a mosaic from more screenshots from the series. So the smaller screenshots could be seen as a big hint. After a week I will post the original picture of the scene and then you could see how different or similar it looks. And of course, find out if you have guessed right :D You could use my shoutbox or the comments for your guesses.

For this first time, it should be an easy guess. (Hey, if I made it too difficult, you could already give up guessing before this feature has properly started lol...) If you want, you could also guess from which episode I have taken this scene, that could add some difficulty ;-)

If the picture is too small, you could just click on the picture itself for a bigger size. Maybe you could even see the small screenshots in detail then...

Also, I would love to hear (read) your opinion about this feature. Do you like it? Is it a boring one? Other ideas? Just let me know!

Credits screenshots: TVB

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Gallen Lo to show off his acting skills in series

Gallen Lo was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Ninth Shanghai Film Festival, at the moment he is currently shooting a series called “胡笳漢月”. The female lead Ning Zing and the investment company also walked down the red carpet together with him. This is the first time that Gallen appeared as a Mainland television actor at this kind of functions and the feeling is quite refreshing.

In this series, Gallen plays a scholar with no ambition, but thanks to the favour of the queen, portrayed by Ning Zing, his career took off. This kind of favour is very open, so everyone shouldn’t think wrongly about it. Besides Ning Zing, his co-stars are Tang Guoqiang and Ha Yu. They are all great actors, so he could learn a lot from them. As they are still shooting this series, Gallen left immediately after the cocktail party on a 4-hour-journey to Hengdian where he will continue filming.

Source: Takungpao

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sharon Chan emphasizes her beauty with sex appeal

Yesterday Stephy Tang, Sharon Chan and Vivien Yeo attended a special promotion function for “Lady in Red” and celebrated Father’s Day as well. Recently, Stephy often dresses sexily in coordination with her ads, but yesterday she retracted her sex appeal. She dressed up simply while Vivien, in a short skirt, and Sharon, in hotpants and spaghetti top, took away quite a lot of attention. However, her fans responded the warmest.

Asked Stephy why she dressed down, she said that her fans have been complaining recently that she dresses too sexily. Therefore, she dressed down a bit for this function. She also thinks that appearing sexily too often, people will easily get tired of it, so remaining a bit of mystery is much better. One of her songs in the album “Lady in Red” will be the theme song for “Love Guaranteed”. She hopes that the song as well as the series will be well-received. She also frankly said that she is interested in filming a series. In the past, she has filmed “Aqua Heroes”, but at that time she was still young and not many people knew her. So she hopes to be able to film another series and that more mothers will recognize her. Stephy is most interested in collaborating with the senior actors like Lau Dan and Liza Wang, because she will learn many things when shooting with them. This will help her acting skill improve then. Especially Liza’s “War of In-Laws” has left a deep impression on the viewers. If in reality, she really has a ‘sassy mother-in-law’, she truly wouldn’t know what to do. She has heard many friends relate their stories between mother- and daughter-in-laws and it could really give one a headache. She said: “I’m quite fearful that my future husband will only listen to her mother and not to me!”

Sharon Chan is accused of dressing like that to draw all the attention. She expressed that recently she has gotten a healthy colour with sunbathing and that’s why she appeared with a summer look. She doesn’t think this is a case of taking all the attention, because they each have their own qualities. And during the concert that evening, she didn’t wear sexy clothes but a long trouser. She thinks the most important thing is to be beautiful, so she doesn’t mind a healthy, sexy image! She also doesn’t mind to be snapped wearing a bikini while swimming and sunbathing. She will not give up her favourite water sports because of this. If she has the opportunity to go to a nude beach, will she be interested to try out sunbathing naked? She replied: “I will not do that! My principle is to not reveal any important places!”

Source: Takungpao

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Joey Yung wears red on birthday, hoping it would bring more prosperity

Today it’s Joey Yung’s birthday, but EEG has already held a birthday party for her the night before. Guests who attended were the owner Yeung Sau Sing and his wife, her manager Mani, Yumiko, Kenny Kwan, Vincy Chan and Boy’z. Big brother Jackie Chan also suddenly appeared, which was a very pleasant surprise for Joey. That night, the birthday girl especially wore a red top implying it would bring her more prosperity. Besides singing karaoke with the many guests as a celebration, they also enjoyed the World Cup. The atmosphere was very lively.

Hoping for a rise in salary
At midnight, Joey cut the birthday cake which weighs about fifteen pounds. Afterwards Mrs Yeung and Jackie left one after the other. Jackie expressed that he is currently very busy, so he didn’t have time yet to buy a birthday gift for the birthday girl. He could only give her birthday kisses as a present. After that, Joey was asked what her birthday wish was and she expressed that she hopes for her work to go smoothly, that her Taiwanese album will sell well and for herself to become more intelligent as well as a salary increase. Upon hearing the word ‘add’, Mani expressed that she will try her best to fulfil Joey’s wish of a holiday in Japan where she could attend Madonna’s concert. However, there is one condition and that is that she will accompany her. Joey said that she doesn’t mind and also indicated that a holiday is priceless. That evening Joey has also received many presents including a fashion dress from Mrs Yeung and an I-Pod Hifi from Kenny. Asked Kenny why he didn’t give her underwear, he frankly said that he didn’t know Joey’s size. She looks quite slim, so he thinks size S would fit her. He added that it was also a size S tope (that she was wearing). And Boy’z has given her a robot trouser hang chain, smiling that Joey is as hardworking as a robot.

Same date as Fish Leong
In addition, Joey shares her birthday with Taiwanese love song singer Fish Leong. Earlier, Joey went to Taiwan to film her new Mandarin MV and the record company has especially arranged a surprise birthday party for her. Fish quietly came by to celebrate her birthday together and moved Joey to tears. The two of them became good friends on the program “Jade Solid Gold” three years ago. So they know each other well, but meeting opportunities between them are very rare. However, they frequently use MSN to maintain their friendship. On that birthday, Joey and Fish had the same birthday wish and that is to be both nominated for the “Best Female Singer” award.

Source: Takungpao

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Finished shooting “Man Lai Kwan”: Lee Bing Bing feels down

Lee Bing Bing just finished filming for the series “Man Lai Kwan” and the entire team is very happy about it. However, that is not the case for Lee Bing Bing. She said that she isn’t happy because she is lovelorn.

She said: “Actually, after filming every series and when the time has come to say goodbye to every character, there will be a lovelorn kind of feeling. Being connected with each other for several months, you will really feel like you are that character. It’s like killing love, saying goodbye to a character. The next time you see her, it will be on television. How can one not feel down?”

Yet, Lee Bing Bing has a very good eye on “Man Lai Kwan” as she thinks it is even better than “徽娘宛心” (Hui Niang Wan Xin) because the script is very good. It has also invested in a lot more aspects than the latter. She said: “Crying bitterly in the series is not only a big test for your acting skills, it is also a test for your stamina. In the last few episodes, I had one or two crying scenes daily. Crying like that has truly exhausted me.”

Lee Bing Bing also said that during the filming period, everyone was tired. In this series, she has about 75% screen time, so when she asks for leave the entire drama team will also have to stop their work. The work load is very tight which almost leaves her no time to breathe. However, when it is time to leave it behind, this bereaved kind of feeling will not go away for a few days.

Source: Takungpao

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“Men in Pain” content receives complaints

“Men in Pain”, portrayed by Damian Lau and Louisa So, has a content which includes many bed matters between both sexes. Damian suffers from impotency due to stress and in his performance with Louisa, their palpable dialogue and vague body language was sued by some viewers. Yesterday, this newspaper and the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority have separately received complaints. They find that “Men in Pain” contains ‘category four’ (porn) material.

“Men in Pain” producer Poon Ka Tak expressed that the theme of this series is very frontal, but it definitely isn’t labelled ‘category four’. His previous produced series “La Femme Desperado” also had a similar theme. Poon Ka Tak says: “A relationship between men and women is a must in every life, so it is a very normal theme for a realistic series. Besides, we also have our censor department and it is only released after a strict inspection of the series. In addition, the time slot of “Men in Pain” is a PG-rated period, meaning it should only be watched with parental supervision. I believe that the adult viewers have the ability to explain it to a younger audience.”

Source: TVB Chinese News

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Ichikawa Yui to film sequel of “Nana”

Last year, the movie “Nana” was very good received in Japan. Although, the production department has always hoped to film a sequel, one of the main actresses Aoi Miyazaki made a fuss and refused to portray the character of Nana Komatsu (Hachi) anymore. Because of this, it still hasn’t started yet. Recently, the news came that the film company has decided to replace Aoi Miyazaki and they have invited another female star, Ichikawa Yui, to portray Nana Komatsu. Some of the rumoured reasons of her refusal to film the sequel of “Nana” are ‘the focus is mainly on Mika Nakashima’, ‘there isn’t a schedule for showing the movie in a cinema yet’, ‘the movie has a low artistic feeling’ and ‘don’t want to film a bed movie’. The movie company also didn’t sign a contract with the actresses for a sequel when filming for the first part, therefore Aoi Miyazaki won’t have any losses. Regarding the acting skills and their star appeal, there seems to be a difference between Ichikawa Yui and Aoi Miyazaki. However, if Ichikawa Yui manages to portray this character well, she will definitely turn popular. Therefore it is believed that she doesn’t have any reason to reject this opportunity.

Source: Takungpao

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Peach blossoms in life: Benny Chan

Benny Chan has believed in fate since he was a little boy. A fortune teller once told him: “You were born with a good face, clear eyebrows and outstanding eyes. A life without worries.” He actually has to believe in it. Already in his first TV series, he was the male lead. He hasn’t suffered any hardships and he has never been a kelefe. “In the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, in each of these places there is a series that the audience remembers. Not one actor from the same generation has managed to achieve the title ‘ratings champion’.” To be able to say this with confidence, that is Benny’s personality.

He is 36 years old this year. His nose will bring him fortune as a fortune teller said that his nose has a similar length like Jackie Chan’s so he will be able to save money. This also came true. In recent years, he developed a career in the Mainland and Taiwan where he has earned real money. This guarantees him to find work quickly. At Lunar New Year, he went to seek for signs (kau cim) and the interpreter didn’t said that there will be bad fortune next year. He only said: “Drive carefully.”

He didn’t ask about his marriage fate, though. “A man asking about his marriage fate? People will laugh loudly when they hear that. If one has confidence in himself, then he doesn’t need to ask.” Actually, it is the reporter who really wanted to ask which point his relationship with Charmaine Sheh has reached. “We don’t have a boy- and girlfriend relationship. Such a relationship is too superficial. Our friendship goes through life and death (生死之交).”

Benny is a sweet-talker and he has many rumours. Weeklies often write that he is seeking pleasure in certain districts and his view is: “A fortune teller told me that my life is a peach blossom with especially a lot of love fate. They told me to cut the peach blossom and then they ask money to do it. Asking money for it is not a good thing.”

Peach blossoms: fate with the audience is also one kind. Being an artist, how can you cut the peach blossom then?

We aren’t in a position to not believe it. For several years, he didn’t have a series aired in Hong Kong. “A Pillowcase of Mystery” has just finished its broadcast and throughout the ratings stayed above the twenty points. Some people said it was boring, but who could have thought that the finale last Sunday averaged on 37 points, thus supported by 2,4 million viewers. His peach blossoms are truly blossoming.

Willing to sacrifice for Charmaine
Benny also understands that superstition isn’t good, but every time we talk about experiences he will unexpectedly relate it to fortune-telling. “Sifu said that my life is a peach blossom and I will have much love or marriage fate.” His rumours are too many to count. The public sees him as a charming sweet-talker who knows how to please the opposite sex. He uses astrology to explain it. “I am a Libra, so I will look at the big picture. In English, it’s called all-rounded. It means to be complete in every aspect. I understand how to create a more harmonious atmosphere. Making others happy just by saying a few lines. Even if I was in a bad mood, I will also act like that because I am understand very well what my role is. It is to make everyone feel more at ease with each other.”

The media describes him as very flirtatious. Michelle Yip once mentioned something without stating a name. She suggested that he was having one foot on two boats. That was the reason why she left him. He explained: “Because I am a good person and in addition, I have a lot of fate with females. In other words, I am not flirtatious. I don’t have a hidden agenda with them. They trust me. That’s why the media always say they see so many girls around me. I don’t treat them as guys, but I have never thought of becoming their boyfriend.”

“I have a high IQ and I am considerate. However, you can’t label me as a bad guy. Making others happy is a form of politeness. I don’t think you like me to harm you? If it is not you, then it is me. It is either me or you. It is very simple.”

His relationship with Charmaine has been rumoured for many years. Living together and marriage has also been rumoured a few times. Throughout, the two of them haven’t admitted anything. Perhaps he has filmed too many ancient series, he talks in a gentile way: “We aren’t lovers. She is my best friend (through life and death). The former is too superficial, but for the latter I am willing to sacrifice myself to help them. How many best friends can you have in a lifetime?”

Girls take the initiative to express their love
He says that currently is a hard-working period, so he doesn’t want to worry about love. “However, no matter whom I am dating I will not tell, because I don’t like others to know.” Others believe that he is very skilled in pursuing girls, however he doesn’t agree: “I had my first love when I was studying at Lingnan University. In the past, it was usually the girls who liked me first. I have to see and observe that they like me, before I start a relationship with them. If there are no feelings from their side, I will not pursue them. This is my nature, I will choose an easy way. One has to spend time and consideration to pursue someone, I don’t like to do that. Why don’t I just take it conveniently and find someone who already likes me!”

Benny thinks he is considerate, but not romantic. He is realistic. In the past, when he spent Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend, he will not give her roses. “I will give them electronics like a CD player or a photo camera. On Valentine’s Day, the prices of these products will not be increased. If it doesn’t come in handy for her, I could use it.”

Recently, he has had many negative news. They were saying that when he was filming in the Mainland for “The Biter Bitten” seeking ‘pleasure’, he offended some local influential people and also implicated Shirley Yeung and Linda Chung.

Attacked in Dongguan and not imprisoned
“Actually it is half fabricated. The part about being attacked is true, however the part about offending someone makes a very good laugh. Whatever the reason is behind it, I still don’t know, it is still a riddle. That day, we were celebrating a birthday at the karaoke. When we left, a group of people dashed towards us. In the beginning, I thought they wanted our signatures, but it turned out they didn’t. They wanted to hit us, so we all dispersed. Some people ran away, but they still couldn’t evade and got injured. At that moment, I was paying the bill, so I couldn’t see it clearly. Regarding this matter, we are not in the wrong, but it was highly exaggerated.”

Facing this kind of news, he sometimes doesn’t know how to explain them. The more he says, the more versions there appears, turning into a rashomon effect. Last year, a newspaper wrote that he had a date with a porn star. At that time, he was actually in Taiwan. So he clarified it and requested an apology from across the ocean. “I wasn’t angry, because I had hard proof. They wrote a big article about all the wrong stuff, but the apology was written in very small letters as big as a stamp. It certainly isn’t very proportional, but I don’t want to spend anymore time worrying about this newspaper.”

“Earlier, there was a news report about a beautiful Taiwanese celebrity who had a love affair with a male celebrity before she was popular. Without any evidence or proof, they wrote that me or Deric Wan were the most suspicious. What is the meaning of that? If it is, then it is. If it isn’t then it isn’t. So what do they mean with most suspicious? They write in a very intelligent way as they will not write it in a very solid manner, so there will be no opportunity for you to sue them. “Everyone has a different level, so there is no need to put yourself on the same level as them. I am not talking about the celebrity, but the ones who wrote this article. Every day, they produce nonsense stories for everyone to read during their spare time, what is the meaning of that? Why should I be like them?”

Bitten by a tiger, didn’t contract rabies
Benny believes very much in his own luck. Last year, he filmed “The Biter Bitten” portraying a trainer in the zoo. In Dongguan he was bitten by a tiger cub which made his leg bleed. Others told him to get an injection to prevent rabies. “I didn’t get one as I don’t think it would be that coincidental. Luckily, I still am not afraid of light or water. A friend of mine joked: “After being bitten by a tiger, you’re still not dead so I guess more luck is coming your way.””

He believes that he was born with a good destiny. A fortune teller told him that the lines on his hand palm are good, his big nose means that he will earn money, his eyes are bright and his birth numbers are good as well. He believes in all of it. “Some people say that it is now the turn of my nose to bring me good luck. It is similar to Jackie Chan’s nose. And it is true, these few years I have earned a lot more money.”

Ten years ago, he signed with TVB. In his first TV series “The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” he portrayed the male lead Duan Yu. “Others asked me what kind of sufferings I had undergone, so I told them I didn’t had any. Did you went through acting classes? I didn’t go to the acting classes. What kind of secondary roles did you portray? I’m sorry, but I didn’t portrayed any of those. I am not bragging, but I truly have never been unsuccessful.” He said that these kind of growing experiences allowed him to not worry too much about his future. He has an optimistic personality, so he isn’t afraid of the future.

He even became popular in Taiwan thanks to his role of Na Zha in “Gods of Honour”. The Taiwanese audience has nicknamed him ‘third crown prince’. Ask him which six lottery numbers he uses, he will also just give them out. He superstitiously believes that he is a lucky person and he doesn’t mind sharing it with others. “Looking broadly, I am very lucky to have a series that is remembered by the viewers in every place. In Hong Kong, there is “Journey to the West (II)”; in the Mainland it is “The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” and in Taiwan “The Gods of Honour”. They have all received very strong ratings. Not many actors from my generation can achieve that.”

Divine series are especially advantageous
The past year, he spent 330 days filming series. The remaining 20 odd days, he recorded an album which resulted in a singing award from the Mainland. “Singing is only an embellishment. I know that I don’t sing that good as I am not that gifted in it. It’s only a form of commercial supply and demand. The people in Taiwan and the Mainland like it though, and a record company wants me to produce a record. With my singing ability, if my financial situation could handle a stop of a year, then I could justify making a record.”

Benny is very suave, when he talks he seems to convey a feeling of experience. He has participated in most of the divine series in the nineties. He began with “Dark Tales” and then continued with “Journey of the West (II)”, “Dragon Love”, “Whatever It Takes” and “Gods of Honour”. Recently, he began filming “Sau Sang Chuen”. In these series, he mostly portrayed characters who turned very capable in the end.

“Personally, I am not that lively. I am quite obtuse and I often don’t want to move. I don’t have an interest in anything. Like when filming in the Mainland, other entertainers wants to explore and take in everything from that unknown place. However, I am not interested in that. When someone says to go out for a stroll, I will tell them to not count me in. If it’s cold outside, I will complain about the cold. If it is warm, I will also complain about it. Actually, I am quite annoying.” If workers from the drama team invites him for a drink, the chance is bigger that he will go out of politeness. Then, it’s unavoidable that he will drink several glasses of alcohol. Luckily, he can take alcohol very well, so he can avoid situations of doing something wrong out of drunkenness. “If you refuse a drink from Mandarin-speaking people, if you don’t drink it, then you don’t give him face. Whether you can drink alcohol or not, you still have to drink a glass. I could take alcohol very well since I was little. It’s something you are born with, you can’t practice it.” In the future, if the paparazzi could secretly snap him going to night places in the Mainland or Taiwan, there is no need to write that he is drunk as he says: “I will not be that drunk that I lose control or that I have to carried by someone else. It will not be me. For the last five or six years, I haven’t been drunk once.”

Cars and dreams
Benny has two dreams: the first one is to buy a Ferrari and the second one is to ski in Switzerland. “In my childhood, I had a very strange thinking pattern. I thought that if someone could ski in Switzerland, then he must be a rich man. This was a goal and if I could achieve that, it meant that I was quite wealthy.”

Regarding his dream car, he still isn’t able to buy a Ferrari. Last year, he has bought a Porsche. Currently, he owns two cars: besides the Porsche, he also has a Jaguar. “Cars are the toys of a man, every career person wants to have a beautiful car. However, I am very well-educated about cars. What is performance? I don’t know. I only like the appearance of a car. If you give me a Ferrari with a Honda engine, I will not even know that.” He says that he is a practical person. A car is used as a substitute for walking. However, he still is a bit vain and wants to have a convertible for its prestige. “Ferrari has a very auspicious name (sounds like ‘faat la nei’ in Cantonese). I am very trend-sensitive, I always hope to buy the latest model. In the past, I like (type) 360 and when 430 came out, I started to think that 430 is much more beautiful than 360. So, my goal has changed to 430 and I hope to buy it as soon as possible.”

Source: Mingpao
Posted by TVB Chinese News in March

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