Thursday, August 31, 2006

Frankie Lam and Shirley Yeung singing in Singapore

Earlier Frankie Lam, Shirley Yeung and TVB8 host Lee Ka were invited to the Singapore television station ‘Starhub’ where they attended the celebration of their anniversary carnival. Besides playing games with the local fans and giving them gifts, they also treated them with some songs.

Frankie and Shirley’s series were very well-received in Singapore and many fans were hoping to see their idols. When the two of them came out of the airport, they were met with many fans. It turns out that Shirley had her birthday in the beginning of August and her fans took this opportunity to personally give birthday gifts to their idol. The atmosphere at the stage was equally enthusiastic and their singing skills were quite alright. Shirley was the first to sing with the theme song of “The Biter Bitten”, which will be broadcasted in Singapore next year, and Faye Wong’s “Promise”. In addition, two of Shirley’s leading series will be broadcasted in Singapore next year, namely “Always Ready” and “Au Revoir Shanghai”.

Frankie surprised by popularity
When it was Frankie’s turn, he sang the theme songs of the currently broadcasting series “The Herbalist’s Manual” and “Forensic Heroes”. Originally, he was worried that the fans wouldn’t know his songs. However as soon as the background music started, the audience immediately began to shout together. Some fans even sang together with him. Obviously, his series seems to be very well-received with the locals. In the end, the organisers have prepared a birthday cake for birthday girl Shirley. And as the fans were singing ‘Happy Birthday’, she made her first birthday wish for this year.

Source: Takungpao

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Sonija Kwok: more sad by death of beloved dog than disappointment in love

Earlier Sonija Kwok has asked for time-off from the series “The Academy II” after her beloved dog died. At the blessing ceremony of “The Academy II” yesterday, she disclosed that the funeral of her dog Lucky has been taken care of. After he was cremated, she took his ash back home. Regarding the death of her dog, she said: “I have never been this sad in my life! It really is worst than losing one’s love! Before whenever I though of Lucky, I’d start crying, but now my mood is much better.”

Asked Sonija whether she would take in another dog, she said: “I wouldn’t! Lucky is gone now and I still have two dogs and a cat at home. When Lucky died, one of my other dogs has gone blind! So in the future, I will give all my attention to my pets!”

Source: Takungpao

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Gigi Lai seeking for benevolent boyfriend

Gigi Lai went to Singapore earlier to promote a make-up brand. For a seven-figure sum, Gigi became the spokesperson for Asia. She put on cream and facial masks on the participants to remove their spots or whiten their skin. Her performance was very friendly. At the function, she also shared her secrets of a white skin with everybody. However, the media was much more interested in her love life and Gigi expressed that till present her love life is still very empty. She is also eager for the appearance of a kind-hearted boyfriend.

Source: Mingpao

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Melissa Ng’s very professional poses

Melissa Ng has shot a new ad for a make-up brand with purity as the theme. Such a theme requires elegant clothing to suit it. Melissa has chosen a lilac backless dress while the photographer wants to capture Melissa’s beauty when she smilingly turns her head. Following his request, she posed in so many different angles that even the photographer was worried that her neck and arm will ache. Therefore he proposed a little break, but Melissa didn’t want to risk that the shooting time will be extended on her account. Such professionalism definitely needs to be praised.

Source: Mingpao

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Joe Ma promises non-stop kissing

Yesterday, Joe Ma went to Causeway Bay to support the first airing of newcomer Suki’s MV. Due to complaints of too many people barring the street, the police arrived there to see what’s happening. As a fan of Joe, Suki kissed him on a chair. Joe laughed that if the director requests it, he didn’t mind acting passionately in her MV. Joe also performed the theme song of the series “Maiden’s Vow”. He hopes that he could make an album where he’ll sing all the theme songs of the series that he has filmed. Lastly, he said that if the ratings of his new series reached forty points, people can kiss him non-stop for ten minutes at Causeway Bay.

Source: Oriental Daily
Credits Pic: Wenweipo

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New member Sharon Chan portraying previous occupation: a sales lady

TVB sitcom “Welcome to the House” celebrated the news that 120 episodes will be added as well as welcomed two new cast members Sharon Chan and Tseung Chi Kwong. Yesterday they held a promotion function in the studio. ‘Newcomers’ Sharon and Chi Kwong brought a fruit basket and a calligraphy painting with the words ‘Great Progress’ as a welcome gift to the Ko family. Cheng Dan Shui and Christine Ng returned the gesture with a big ginseng to welcome them to join the big Ko family.

To personally experience being a salesperson
Sharon will portray a hard-working, principled saleslady in a shop that sells massage machines and expressed that in order to play this character well, she went to such a shop to practice it for a day. This way she could observe how real salespersons sell their things. Asked her whether she could adapt herself after one day being a saleslady, she frankly said that she was once a saleslady for three years in a perfume shop. So actually, she has a very rich experience in sales! She said: “I remember that even my boss told me not to study anymore and work full-time for her, because I had the highest turn-over. But in the end, I didn’t do it.” Asked jokingly whether Sharon relied on her appearance to sell perfume, she smilingly told: “It’s true that I have sold to many guys. Some even bought perfume every few days. [Perhaps he wanted to pursue you?] A few of them actually did. Besides buying perfume, they also gave me flowers and asked me out for dinner. Although I have never accepted these invitations, but at that time I was feeling afraid and happy at the same time. Thinking back about it still makes me happy now, because it’s been a long time since anyone has pursued me!”

In addition, Ah Dan disclosed that after the rally by the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, a meeting will be set up between the Guild’s delegates and bureau chief Wong Weng Peng Friday afternoon. They will discuss whether a higher fine and a longer imprisonment will frighten the magazines off more.

Source: Takungpao

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Myolie Wu on a wire: exhausting for stuntmen

After Myolie Wu has finished filming “Lush Fields, Happy Times”, she has slowly started to lose weight. However, it seems that there isn’t much progress as her body still remains quite fat. Therefore three or four stuntmen were needed to pull up the wire when she was filming a Mid-Autumn promo for TVB the evening before. As all the stuntmen were seen to be sweating a lot, it seems that Myolie still weighs quite a lot.

Asked Myolie how she intends to lose weight, she frankly said that she’ll go on a diet and do lots of sport. She also said that the food will have to be made of no fat and no sugar, but most importantly she will have to abstain from junk food. Talking that she could eat non-stop earlier to gain weight, wouldn’t she be looking back on it longingly now she’s dieting? Myolie smilingly said: “No, I wouldn’t. I will encourage myself by saying that I have eaten lots of delicious food earlier. Besides, one will be happier and healthier if one has successfully lost weight. [Did the slimming company set a deadline in which period you will have to successfully lose weight?] They didn’t. They haven’t given me any pressure. [How many pounds have you lost now?] I’m not in a position to disclose it yet. I can only say it’s progressing very well. Hopefully, I’ll become slim again by the Mid-Autumn Festival, but I’m still not certain about it yet.”

Source: Takungpao

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Myolie Wu burst out in tears

Recently there was the incident of Gillian Chung being snapped changing clothes backstage in Malaysia where Twins held a concert. Yesterday, over three hundred artists were assembled at TV City where they used deeds to support the function ‘Privacy, dignity – A matter of the people of Hong Kong’. With this, they hope that the government as well as the legislation can protect the artists. When Myolie Wu was talking about what she has been through, she even wept loudly.

Yesterday, many artists like Jackie Chan, Jaycee Fong, Nat Chan, Andy Lau, Sandra Ng, Rosamund Kwan, TVB fadan and siu sang Myolie Wu and Roger Kwok attended the big meeting regarding snapping. Even Gillian’s rumoured boyfriend Alex Fong appeared. As for the chairman of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Eric Tsang, he was absent due to urgent matters.

Once a victim, Myolie also expressed her feelings. She was filming in a swimsuit earlier for her new series “Lush Fields, Happy Times” and a magazine has pointed out all her exposed parts. The more she talked about it, the more upset she got: “Although I knew that the media had taken my pictures at that time and I was certain that my swimsuit couldn’t move, but I was feeling restless the whole time before the publication of the magazine. In the end, when it was published it talked about my exposed parts. From none, they wrote till that I have.” In the end, she was weeping loudly and it took a long time till her mood turned back normal.

Afterwards, Myolie accepted an interview and said: “Adding squares means there will be a shadow and then they’ll say that I have exposed myself. It’s very stressful. Taking this kind of pictures, it’s very perverse. [Would you request the government and legislature to supervise this?] Haai, this magazine has already been published, everyone has already seen it.”

Regarding newlywed Roger, he also disclosed that he has been subject to aggressive pursuing by the media as he said: “I am just married and the paparazzi has been following my wife all the time. They want to confirm that my wife is pregnant, but there are also others who have rented the flat opposite mine to take pictures. This means that I always have to close my curtains which means I can’t really enjoy my married life.”

Over five hundred artists and media reporters attended the big meeting yesterday and the TVB Grand Hall was almost filled to the roof. In addition with the heavy air-conditioning, two artists were feeling unwell and dizzy. During that period, Jackie has also asked the entertainers to eat chewing gum to energize themselves.

Source: Singtao

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Yoyo Mung didn’t take precautions when changing into swimsuit

Everyone was very indignant when learned about the incident where Gillian Chung was being snapped whilst changing clothes. It also even made the female stars tremble with fear. Yesterday, Linda Chung, Fala Chan and Carrie Lam were filming a swimming scene for the new TVB series produced by Lau Ka Ho. In the changing room, they were all worried whilst changing into their swimsuits. However, only Yoyo Mung doesn’t seem to be vigilant at all, no wonder she expressed she had to consider her approach again.

Yesterday morning, the four female stars arrived at a private swimming pool to film a swim scene. Amongst them, it’s Yoyo who grabbed the most attention with a white bikini as there wasn’t any mention of the three other beautiful girls who all hailed from a beauty pageant background. Although this is the first time that Yoyo films a scene in a swimsuit, but she indicated that she wasn’t nervous. She isn’t really shy to wear a bikini in front of so many colleagues. Instead Linda and Fala who grew up abroad and returned back to Hong Kong their swimsuit is rather covering. They seemed to be a bit anxious as they often used a towel to cover themselves up.

No inspection of the changing room yet
Before shooting, all four of them changed into a swimsuit in a changing room nearby the swimming pool. Afterwards, Yoyo was asked whether they have checked the changing room thoroughly before changing into their swimsuit in order to prevent a similar incident as Gillian. Yoyo suddenly understood: “I totally didn’t thought about it. I’ve only taped my chest at home I immediately went into the changing room to change into my swimsuit when I arrived at the swimming pool. Because I’ve always thought my body isn’t outstanding and in addition quite flat, so I was certain that no one wanted to snap me. That’s the reason why I wasn’t on my guard at all. I should really reconsider this issue again.”

Yoyo then continued: “When artists are shooting outdoor scenes, we often have to change clothes in public places. It’s only that we have learned to change our clothes discreetly. It’s like going to public toilets, I will always touch the mirror with my finger to see if it’s fake or not.”

Carrie’s smart way of changing clothes
As for Linda, Fala and Carrie compared to Yoyo, they are smarter as they remembered Gillian’s incident while changing into their swimsuits. Linda said: “Before I change my clothes, I will look around carefully to see if there are any suspicious holes. I believe that I am very attentive. You know, privacy is a very important issue for a girl, so we can’t let such things occur. If I were being snapped, I’d definitely cry my eyes out.”

Carrie said she has a trick to prevent snapping, so she definitely isn’t afraid. She said: “I will use the best method to change my clothes as I will already wear my bikini underneath it before I undress myself. In this case, you definitely wouldn’t lose out then!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lee San San doesn’t care about racing victories or losses

The evening before, Lee San San acted as a judge of a model election organised by a bar. Today she arrived in Shanghai to participate in a celebrity charity racing match. She smilingly told that she has prepared herself by asking a teacher to teach her some tricks: “I don’t have any driving experience in Hong Kong, therefore I have followed some lessons with a Finnish guy who drives a Renault car. He is also the winner in Germany. However, the competition only comes at a second place as I will put friendship at the first place. I am already satisfied if I could finish the race.”

Regarding to the opportunity to compete with her boyfriend Chin Ka Lok, San San smilingly said: “He will not let me win, besides males and females will be competing separately. Besides for the partner competition, the names are drawn, so we still don’t know if we could compete together!”

In addition, Eric Tsang has already drawn the names yesterday for the celebrity charity racing match. Also yesterday, Bowie Tsang, Ken Wong, Anya and thirty other artists from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan flew to Shanghai for the race.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jeon Ji Hyun’s solid position as the queen of advertisements

The newest issue of South-Korean magazine “時事Journal” has recently asked the organisation “38 Brand Research Institute” to conduct a survey on “The Best advertising Model”. This year Jeon Ji Hyun has successfully overthrown Lee Hyo-Lee as last year’s winner.

Last month the research institute has asked 1475 males and females with 16,27% voting Jeon Ji Hyun as the best advertising model, earning her the title of “The Entertainer with the Biggest Advertising Benefit”. Last year’s winner Lee Hyo-Lee has fell down to the eight position. The second to the fifth position are taken by Jang Dong Gun (9,63%), football player Park Ji Sung (9,49%), Song Hye Kyo (8,95%) and Jo In Sung ((8,81%). The sixth till the tenth position are all taken by beautiful women including Kim Tae Hee (7,59%), Lee Na Young (6,64%), Lee Hyo Lee (5,29%), Han Ga In (4,88%) and Lee Young Ae (4,34%).

Source: Worldjournal

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

“Maiden’s Vow”: Charmaine Sheh portrayed four characters

“Maiden’s Vow” will talk about love from the Qing era till the present as it will reveal the changes that a relationship between two sexes have undergone in the different era’s.

Although there is often negative news like ‘stirring up rumours’ or ‘random electrifying’, but Charmaine Sheh’s position of a first line fadan at TVB is still very solid. “The Saviour of the Soul” will be concluded this week and new series “Maiden’s Vow” will take over starting from next week Monday evening. Main actors in this series include Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Sammul Chan, Elaine Yiu, Lau Dan and Kiki Sheung. Although both Charmaine and Joe will be portraying four characters, but it is Charmaine who is the key character in the whole series and thus she will also have the most screen time.

The producer of this series Chong Wai Kin expressed that in the past all females yearn for love and marriage. However, they can’t completely grasp and decide for these life-changing matters. It isn’t until now that the position of women have been improved greatly. Yet in the case of love, can they truly desire with their whole heart? “This time I have tried a new attempt with the series “Maiden’s Vow” as four love stories will be set separately in the Qing era, the Man Chor period, the sixties and the present. All these stories are related to an old, well-known restaurant. All these stories will be linked with each other in one series. These aren’t merely love stories, but they disclose the changes of love relationships throughout the different periods.

Deciphering the plot
Charmaine and Joe are the leads in the four love stories. In the Qing era, because of the different status and position of the two people, they can only hold back their true feelings till they are old. During the Man Chor period, China experiences one revolution after the other, but in the end a teacher-student relationship is still not commonly accepted. In the sixties it is tradition that ‘the male focuses on the outside, the women on the inside’. However, this view of marriage will have to face a big impact. Originally, both sexes always appear as one, but because of their differences in values they repeatedly end up in conflict. Nowadays, there is gender equality as it is the generation of free love. Relationships are always changing. A marriage certificate isn’t a guarantee for love anymore nor the only way out for women. The two of them now face all sorts of choices.

Their view on acting
Charmaine Sheh: “During the filming period, we have to shoot several stories at the same time. One of the most exaggerated times was that we had to change seven times our costumes in one day. Every time I have to change my character, I will need some time to think about it. I will have to pull myself out of one character and get into another one all over again. I especially had difficulties with the filming of my character in the sixties. Besides asking advice from my seniors, I have also deliberately observed some old Cantonese movies, so I could learn the speech and the attitude of the people in those times.”

Joe Ma: “Compared with other series, this series needs even more reflection. Like an actor, the director and the screenwriter also had to sedulously deduct the different era’s that the stories are set in. The goal is to intensify the contrast, to display the changes in the environment, the culture and the personality of people. Although the shooting was very tough, but it is a good opportunity to train my acting skills.”

Sammul Chan: “If you only keep on portraying good policemen or nice twentysomethings, then you would be typecasted all the time and thus become inflexible. This time I will play a rich guy who will ruin his own family and who doesn’t know to feel sorry for the things that he has done. [In most of the series that Sammul has played in, he has always portrayed a good guy. However, in this series, he will play Charmaine’s husband in the Qing era. Although he comes from a rich family background, he often dominates others and is arrogant. He is also addicted to gambling and in the end, he loses his entire family fortune.] For me personally, this is my first breakthrough.”

The life of a main character: four times ‘Charmaine Sheh’

Ngai Yu Fung (Qing era)
Ngai Yu Fung’s family fortune is on the decline and she was forced to marry Wong Yuk Lun (Sammul Chan). Afterwards, he squandered his family business. In the end, Fung had to sell her engagement gift from her first love Yu Chi (Joe Ma) to establish a restaurant called ‘The Phoenix’.

Wong Zhi Kwan (Man Chor period)
The daughter of Fung Wong Zhi Kwan eloped with her teacher Lee Gat Yeung (Joe Ma) to Tianjin. Together, they experienced many twists and turns, but in the end they still broke up. With regret, Kwan returned to Beijing, but ‘The Phoenix’ has already become a bad business.

Bak Wai Zhan (the sixties)
Fung’s granddaughter Bak Wai Zhan works behind the back of her husband Dai Lap Yan (Joe Ma). In retaliation, Yan had an affair and their marriage came to an end. But destiny brought the two of them back together as they were asked to prepare a promo plan for ‘The Phoenix’.

Dai Sze Ka (the present)
The twenty-first century. Fung’s great-granddaughter Dai Sze Ka and Fong Ka On (Joe Ma) has ended their relationship and co-habitation due to personal differences. After they separated, Ka uses the family recipes from her great-grandmother’s ‘The Phoenix’ restaurant to open a ‘sie fong choi’ also called ‘The Phoenix’. She wants to re-establish her hundred-year-old family business.


'Sie fong choi' has become an important part in the Hong Kong eating culture. These are restaurants that are opened in one's own home and mostly prepare family food. They usually rely on mouth-to-mouth.

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Wang Lee Hom’s opening concert: undressing to please fans

Wang Lee Hom held two consecutive concerts of his “Heroes of the Earth Tour” in Hong Kong. Yesterday evening, it was unveiled at the Coliseum. Stages were built in four directions and no seat was left. Lee Hom first came on stage wearing a long golden beaded gown, waving a dragon flag. His hard trained work was immediately put to use on stage. Around him an imposing dragon dance was performed suiting the dazzling fireworks. This raises the concert to another level.

Afterwards Lee Hom even took his clothes off to please his fans as he took off his long gown and revealed a white vest underneath it. This made the entire audience and fans scream out loudly. He also walked out to the audience to shake hands with them. While he was playing on his guitar, he said in broken Cantonese: “I have been thinking about you! From my first concert till the present, you all have grown up quite a lot!”

This concert has also attracted Deanie Yip, Nancy Sit, Rain Li and her younger brother to see the show. The part that Deanie was most absorbed into the show was, she stood in front of her seat and yelled continuously. This degree of craziness shouldn’t be underestimated when compared with that of the younger generation. In addition, Jacky Cheung was a performing guest at yesterday’s show. Jacky is Lee Hom’s idol and holding a concert in Hong Kong, he didn’t forget to invite him to attend.

Source: Singpao

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Friday, August 25, 2006

First fadan Kenix Kwok attends CCTV party

The huge fine arts party was held at the Guangdong Olympic Stadium. This large scale party was sponsored by the Guangzhou government and the country’s Air Defence Agency. Besides the workers of the drama department of CCTV, they have also invited artists from Hong Kong like Nicholas Tse, Carina Lau, Twins and Kenix Kwok as well as from Taiwan like David Tao and Shin. Famous Korean stars also attended it like Jang Nara and Lee Jung Hyun. Other Mainland artists included Mao Ning, Yu Quan and Pu Shu. Many of these artists shared the stage in their performances leading the party to a high atmosphere.

The party has invited many famous singers to sing there, besides them they have also invited TVB fadan Kenix Kwok. With Kenix joining, this is the first time that “Happy Chinese Line” has invited a TVB fadan. Sending this diplomat, the TVB fadan was also asked to sing ‘a fadan song’ at this party in the Mainland. This is the first time in five years that the party is held in Guangzhou. As most of the invited guests are very well-known in the South-Chinese area and to be able to attend this CCTV party proves that they are all very influential artists in the country’s entertainment world. It goes without saying that Kenix’ popularity in the Mainland is very high.

That evening, almost 40 000 residents attended this fabulous party at the Guangdong Olympic Stadium. Kenix sang “At Least I Have You” at the party.

When Kenix was waiting backstage, many in the audience were shouting loudly her name. When she was preparing to get on the stage, many told her ‘to add oil’ and Kenix responded with an enthusiastic smile to them. As Kenix came on stage, the entire atmosphere turned into joy. The entire audience followed her singing rhythm by waving with the fluorescent sticks. Her performance made the residents of Guangzhou very excited bringing the atmosphere to an all-time height.


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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Maggie Siu: earning money and dressing up is better than dating

Recently, Maggie Siu has joined the world of cosmetics as she invested in a cosmetics brand. Regarding to the recent report that Maggie was dissatisfied with Marianne Chan that she often uses Ekin Cheng’s name for promotion, Maggie emphasizes that there wasn’t such a matter. Although her contract with the cosmetic brand has ended, but she expressed that Marianne is still a good friend of hers. Now that she has entered the cosmetics business, she has also asked Marianne for advice.

Yesterday Maggie attended the press conference of the cosmetics brand as a shareholder. Together with the other shareholders, they toasted on their future success. This is her first time that she has invested in a business. In the past, people have asked her to be a co-owner of a restaurant, but she was afraid that the more she ate, the fatter she got. So, in the end, nothing happened. However, this time, she wants to recommend a good cosmetics brand to everyone, therefore she invested her money in it. But she isn’t willing to reveal how much money she has invested in it as she only expressed that she was a small shareholder.

Maggie also indicated that she will study cosmetology. Asked whether she will reduce her filming, she said: “I will try to combine both and continue filming. [But doesn’t that mean it leaves you no more time to date?] Earning money and making yourself more beautiful with a business is much happier.” Earlier, she was the spokesperson of Marianne’s cosmetics brand. Won’t there be a conflict if she invests in another cosmetics brand? Maggie said: “It isn’t related, but I really have to thank Marianne for teaching me so many things. Actually my contract is already terminated.”

Marianne as her example
It is said that she was unhappy with Marianne for using Ekin’s news to promote her brand. Maggie explained: “There isn’t such a matter. Please don’t misunderstand. [Is it true that you weren’t happy that she uses Ekin as a promotion tool?] No, there definitely isn’t such a case. We are very good friends, so don’t misunderstand her. Stop creating gossips about this kind of news. We have both been recommending good brands to each other. [Would you like to become like her?] Of course, I want to be like her!”


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Vivien Yeo has a fuller chest

Earlier when Vivien Yeo was filming for “Forensic Heroes”, she often had to film till very late making her now suffer from endocrine maladjustment. Her whole body is swollen with water. Currently, she still has a chubby face. Bobby Au Yeung and Yoyo Mung always teased her as a ‘water absorbing human machine’. Vivien said: “I’ve always had baby fat and problems with water swelling. At the moment, I am using Marie-Claire Slim Supreme Magic and after a month, my swelling has gone. My oval face shape has even reappeared.”

Vivien also used the Marie Claire eye-face device to massage her chest muscles and the swelling also disappeared. This enhanced her chest much more and became stronger. Therefore, she has also recommended it to her ‘sisters’ Leanne Li and Winnie Shum.

Source: Mingpao

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fung's Label is no more...

I think a lot of people already knew this, but Raymond Lam's official website Fung's Label has closed down and with that, the name will also dissappear. It came very sudden, one day I was still surfing the site and the next day, it was gone. It was a very informative and detailed site which enabled you to keep track of Raymond's whereabouts. The owner of the site, Sasa, has also put in a lot of efforts into the site and I'm sure the numerous fans of Raymond all over the world will always be grateful for devoting so much of her time.

However, like Candy Ma said, we will all respect her decision. For now, all information about Raymond's functions or news could be temporarily found on Candy Ma's blog, who is his manager. This will only be temporarily till a new official website and webmister/mistress will be found. I have to make a note that it's all written in Chinese and she hasn't updated it yet.

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Louis Koo forced to plane travelling

The night before, Louis Koo, Rene Liu, Bowie Tsang, Shaun Tam, Carl Ng and Lawrence Chou were filming in Tsim Sha Tsui East for their new movie “Happy Birthday”. Soon they will be heading for Japan where they will film outdoor scenes for three days.

It turns out that Louis thought that he could rest a bit in Japan as well as try out some delicious food. However, from his manager he found out that they will start filming immediately after they have landed. They will then continuously film till just the moment before they have to leave and get on the plane. After hearing this, he was very disappointed. In addition, he will be attending the Venice Film Festival. Similarly, he will also be staying there for three days. With a forced smile, he said that he will be spending a lot of time on a plane.

Source: Oriental Daily
Credits Pic: Mingpao

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Melissa Ng and Sunny Chan filming an ad as lovers

The final episode of “Love Guaranteed” has just been broadcasted and with average ratings of just above thirty points, results are quite good. Taking this into consideration, the two leads Melissa Ng and Sunny Chan held a celebration feast at the Gateway Restaurant in the Harbour Crystal Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. They have booked two banquets to thank the crew behind the scenes.

That evening, besides the crew behind the scenes, Shek Sau, Paul Chun and Tseung Chi Kwong also attended it. Melissa frankly said that this is already the third time that they are celebrating the series “Love Guaranteed”. It isn’t important whether they spend a lot or a little money as the most important thing is that their hard work paid off. She also disclosed that soon she and Sunny will shoot a real estate ad in the Mainland. She said: “The real estate agency is enchanted by us as a golden couple. The set-up of the ad is also very relaxed as we only have to walk around the garden and that’s it.” After this ad, Melissa will begin her vacation of a few months. She tells us: “I don’t know where I want to go yet! I think I’ll stay in Hong Kong anyway, because I have promised to do some shows earlier.”

After “Love Guaranteed”, Sunny is already busy filming another new TVB series set in the ancient times. The night before, he sneaked out from the set and showed up at the celebration feast. With an ancient hairstyle he arrived at the restaurant and gave everyone a pleasant surprise.

Credits Pic: Mingpao

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Steven Ma worries he’ll die of an accident at 49 years

The costume fitting for new TVB series “Predicting Fate” with the leading actors Shirley Yeung and Steven Ma attending it. Steven will portray an unlucky criminal in ancient times. He said: “I have just read the script of the first two episodes and I will be mistreated for an episode and a half already.”

Steven admits that he isn’t superstitious, but he once saw a fortune teller who told him that he will die of a flight accident when he is 49 years old. Till the present, he is still worried about it. If I am 49 years and I have an opportunity to earn money where I have to go abroad, I’d still use alternative ways to get there.” In addition, there were internet reports saying that he got in a traffic accident with five other cars and that he was severely injured. Regarding this, Steven angrily said: “I think they are really getting over the top! This time they are talking about dead people and injured people, you can’t joke about things like this!”

Moreover, Shirley is trying her costume as a Sitdan girl, she smilingly told: “In this series I will eat a lot as well as very strong, haha!” When mentioning that Shirley hasn’t filmed an ancient series for a long time, she said: “I am not afraid of the heat, I actually fear the cold.”

Source: Singpao

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Akina Hong has fierceness

In the just broadcasted finale of “Men in Pain”, Akina Hong portrayed nightclub PR head Au Yeung Lei Lei. She understands the men’s heart and is flirty. Therefore, her character is popular with the male audience. In reality, Akina’s attitude and movements also give out such a feeling to others. She talks in a soft and gentle manner. No wonder she always portrays such flirty female characters so realistically. However, Akina personally is getting tired of playing these characters as she expressed: “These kind of characters are a lot of fun to portray, but after playing them for so many years it’s really getting a little bit boring! I am actually quite fierce. I really would like to try out other different kind of characters!” Aged over thirty, she still possess perfect body measurements (34C-23-33,5). Her skin still remains to be very supple. Generally, this is also what she means with fierce.

Akina participated the Miss Hong Kong contest in 1994. She has been in the industry for twelve years, but the majority of her characters were almost always flirtatious types, bad women or third parties. It is also this image that has left the deepest impression on the viewers. That day, Akina moaned about it: “Actually I didn’t portray that many ‘third party’ characters. For example in “Armed Reaction” I was a bar owner, a big sister. Even this time in “Men in Pain”, although I was a mama-san, but in the end I did not intrude in someone else’s marriage.”

Coyness is fun to play
Off the TV screen, Akina’s tone is quite coy. Her movements are also very feminine and enchanting. Asked her whether this is the reason that many producers ask her for these kind of roles, she joked: “Perhaps my face resembles these kind of women a lot! Actually I really don’t think that I am that coy! Many producers even complain that I am not coy enough.”

Akina said that in reality others often comment that she is rather cool and rude. “However, when they get to know me more they know I like to play very much. Like in the recently filmed “Pearl of the Orient”, my character likes Roger Kwok. Off the screen, we know each other well. Usually, before we start filming, I will go very coy on him, pretending to ‘electrify’ him. This will make him laugh so hard that his tummy hurts!”

Entertaining everybody
Although it is fun to play, but after portraying these characters for so many years, Akina frankly said she is getting very tired of these roles. “Actually, I really want to portray characters that are sad and weak, bullied by others or mute. It is because I am still very fierce, so I truly want to try more things!”

In reality, the so-called fierceness that Akina talks about, besides the state of mind, also includes her fine body measurements 34C-23-33,5 and white skin. Every time she attends a function, Akina knows how to be the spokesperson of sexiness. At the same time, she uses her favourite body part, her chest, to grab the attention. Regarding this matter, she doesn’t mind: “Going to functions, of course one has to be a bit sharper, more beautiful. If you appear casually, who would take your pictures? After all, I am an artist. Appearing prettier and sexier, it is just entertainment for everyone.” This is what we call knowing how to earn money.

Source: Express Weekly 12 July 2006

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Sorry for the lack of updates these few days, but my internet connection crashed down for some reason. I have been trying to get on the net, but nothing showed up. Suddenly, I could go online again today, but I don't know how stable it is so it is possible that I can't get online again tomorrow or even this evening. Hope you all will bear with me till I have found out what the real cause is... Thanks!

Anyway, since I am online now, I'll update with an Akina Hong article that I have translated some time ago. Hope you like it!

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Joey Yung doesn’t believe Sonija Kwok is bad

There were weeklies stating that Sonija Kwok wasn’t too happy about her status of second female lead with the first lead going to Joey Yung in the series “The Academy II”. Earlier, she also didn’t appear on the set due to sickness. The weeklies stated that it was obvious that she wanted to play a trick on Joey whom she was inseparable with back then. However, Sonija explained that her mood was very affected by the death of her eleven-year-old dog, so she asked for some leave.

Yesterday, Joey was filming for “The Academy II” when she responded on this related report as she indicated: “I don’t care about this kind of news as it is a rare opportunity for me to shoot a series, so I really hope that I can enjoy the pleasure of filming a series. Sonija and I have also discussed this matter. Actually, there is nothing between us, I even told her to not feel too pressured when she reads it. Whether it’s the death of a person or a dog, one will still feel miserable. I don’t know what I would do if my cat died.” Joey also expressed that she gets along with the other actors very well, especially Michael Tao who always gives in to her. Once he let her film her scene first, so that she can finish her work early. However, she denies that people are jealous of her because of this.

Ron Ng denies that they are on bad terms
In addition, the rumours between the cast of “The Academy II” are following each other rapidly as there are reports saying that Ron Ng and Sammul Chan didn’t get along. However, yesterday on the set, the two of them were chatting happily when they were working. They were even often playing and goofing around. It seems that there really aren’t any problems between them. Ron also indicated: “We aren’t on bad terms. We have worked together for a long time, so as long the two of us know the truth then it’s fine.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Flora Chan's Column

Credits: Express Weekly

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Moses Chan invites drama team for abalone to please them

Yesterday, Moses Chan, Linda Chung and Louis Yuen were filming for their new series at a seafood shop in Sheung Wan. Moses expressed that in this series he and Louis will portray uncle and nephew. As for Linda, she will play a friend of his. In this scene, Linda wants to borrow money, but Louis, who plays the uncle, isn’t very happy about it. He even called her a ‘pak sou’ (北嫂). Louis laughed that he will distinguish between ‘pak mui’ (北妹), ‘pak gu’ (北姑) and ‘pak sou’, but ‘pak sou’ is definitely the worst kind, haha!

Asked Moses whether the plot has provided him and Linda a love line, he expressed that the two of them only share a friendship. According to him, they wouldn’t be lovers in the script. Louis, who was standing nearby, joked that there is definitely no love line for them in the script, but in reality they are actually lovers.

Louis praised Moses as considerate
Being laughed at by Louis, Moses then expressed that as they are filming in a seafood shop this time, he has also bought abalone for everyone to eat. He said: “It’s quite rare to see such delicious abalone, therefore I have bought some for everyone. However, once they all left early, so they didn’t have the opportunity to eat it.” Asked Louis whether this is the first time that he collaborates with Moses, he said: “This is the first time, but I have discovered that he is very good and considerate. We often have to film till very late and Moses will then make coffee for everyone. Personally making it is really hard to come by and the flavour isn’t too bad either.”

Being scolded at is quite sad
In this scene, Linda has been made out for ‘pak sou’ by Louis as she indicated she understood the meaning of it. It means low or what is currently described as prostitute. Asked her how it feels to be scolded at, she said: “If this happens in reality, I would feel miserable and very unhappy. However, this is only acting.” Linda also smiled that in reality she often lends people money, but rarely borrows it from others.

Source: Singpao

Actually, '北妹', '北姑' and '北嫂' are all terms that are used to refer to the women who came from the Mainland to work in Hong Kong.

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Bosco Wong’s ex-girlfriend participates in Miss Asia

Yesterday, Miss Asia held its second preliminary interview in bikini with 27 participants smoothly going through to the next round. The participants’ figure and quality were only average and the participant with the best figure is number fifteen Leung Choi Fan. It turns out that participant number three Tsang Wing Shan used to be Bosco Wong’s girlfriend. Asked about their dating history, she said: “This happened a very long time ago, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. We don’t have much contact anymore.” Bosco Wong didn’t respond to the announcement of the participation of his former girlfriend.

The participant with the highest quality is the model-like number eight Yip Yin labelled as the ‘Mainland Aimee Chan’. Her appearance resembles Miss Hong Kong winner Aimee Chan a lot and she also hopes to have the same result as Aimee. When Andrew Yuen went on stage to give her flowers, she highly praised him as handsome. As for number two Chiu Kin Wah, who introduced herself as ‘siu siu’, she was being mocked by Benny Chan.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Andy Hui’s shoulder glued to Sharon Chan

Earlier, Andy Hui filmed an MV for his new song “Mr Pig” for TVB. The director has especially created two homes for him at TVB City. One of them was a rebuild pavilion outside the TVB City restaurant. The filming period happen to coincide with lunch, so it attracted many artists to this five stars home.

Like in Phuket
Regarding the fact that the pavilion has changed into a home full of furniture, Andy smilingly said: “It is really a refreshing feeling. In addition of this beautiful weather today, I can really imagine myself on Phuket!” Andy even joked that if his house is as open as this one, then when the paparazzi wants to snap pictures of his home life he will definitely invite them in. “I will even take a bottle of liquor with me and have a drink or two with them. Then I will wait till they are drunk and then delete their pictures.”

Very awkward
Moreover, they have asked Sharon Chan to be the female lead in this MV. During the filming, a funny thing occurred. One scene required Sharon to lean on Andy’s shoulder, but after the director called ‘cut’, Sharon still looked very infatuated. One after the other scene, the workers were joking that Andy’s shoulder is a very good cushion, making Sharon very awkward. The equally awkward Andy helped her to stop them by saying: “She didn’t hear the director call ‘cut’, so don’t laugh at her!”

Source: Takungpao

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BES' Blabberings IV...

Guess I still don't understand the concept of regular updates lol... Anyway, it's been quite a busy month for me with my summer job, but I've earned enough spending money for my New York trip now. Unfortunately, the recent events in London have severed the security on all flights to the US and until now, no hand luggage is allowed unless in a plastic transparant bag. Also still no fluids can be taken on the plane. I just hope that by the time we go, these security rules will have loosened up a bit.

In further preparation of the trip, anyone familiar with New York who can provide lots of tips for cheap eating and shopping, things to do there,... You are all welcome to mail me! I'll be in New York from 1st-10th September.

Thank you everyone who has left me a message on the chatbox!

Crazed: I have removed all spam and of course I want to exchange my links!

Aodinia: Hi! I'm glad you like my new layout... Yeah, I've heard that my content comes under my sidebar when you use IE. I use Mozilla and it's fine there, so I really didn't know until someone told me...

Kay: Thanks! I'm a fan of Ada Choi as well and I stumbled upon your blog when I was browsing on the net... You've got a lovely blog and am looking forward to more of your articles!

Tu: Hey, no problem I'll add you... It's great to see a blog about Korean entertainment as there aren't many in my opinion. With your blog, it would be easier to keep up to date with what's happening in South-Korea.

Alice: Finished SG and I'm really glad you kept on brainwashing me until I gave in and watch it hehe... I've also finished "The Biter Bitten" and now moved on to "Forensic Heroes". Still have to start reviewing the former two though...

Fearless: Did you send me a second mail? I've checked my inbox and I only have received one mail from you... Thanks for adding me so quickly!

Jello: You're welcome! I've actually never heard of the book "The world is flat". What is is about? Could you also give me the name of the author, so I might go to the library to see if I could find it... Thanks!

Sidney: I still got another one that I'll update tomorrow ;-) I will definitely relax myself! Already booked an appointment for a facial next week, can't wait hehe...

MC3: No problem, I'm glad you liked it!

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Bernice Liu filming a new series

The blessing ceremony for new series “Murderous City Scheme” in the presence of Bernice Liu, Angela Tong and Sunny Chan. Bernice said: “I have already filmed two weeks for this series and this time it is indeed quite exhausting. This is because we often have to go to the outback for outdoor scenes where I have been bitten by many mosquitoes. Even my face was bitten twice!” Bernice hasn’t yet cooperated with the majority of the cast, but the collaboration has been a very happy one.

When mentioning her similar Chinese illiterate co-star Angela, Bernice smiled: “Mine and her script is written in pinyin as we often have to rely on pinyin. Earlier, we had a scene together and the staff placed a bet as in who will speak English first. In the end, I lost!”

In addition, Bernice disclosed that on a previous evening she almost forget her mobile phone in the lavatory. Fortunately, a sanitary worker returned it to her as she expressed: “Actually, this is already the second time that I have left my mobile phone behind.”

In this series, Angela plays a girl from the minority Miao. She disclosed that an accident happened when she was holding a snake earlier as the string around the snake’s mouth was suddenly released. She said: “I was so scared I didn’t know what to do! My entire person stood still. Later, I also have to film in a snake cave. I will wear a tube top and a snake has to move across my body. I am very afraid of snakes, so I will have a chat with the producer about a special arrangement!”

Source: Singpao

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Tavia Yeung beat fellow players in a game of Taiwanese mahjong

Yesterday, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma and Vivien Yeo attended a promotional function with Amigo Chui as the MC. The artists all participated in a game of Taiwanese mahjong. It took Vivien the most time to throw out her tiles and the big crowd of onlookers frequently called her ‘station master’. Although Tavia doesn’t know how to play the Taiwanese style, but with her sexy low cut top she did put pressure on her surroundings. Perhaps, because of this imposing manner, this ‘newcomer’ often wins. In the end, she even became the big winner. Afterwards, Tavia expressed: “I have actually never played the Taiwanese style and when playing Cantonese mahjong, I am rather slow. Once a director and other artists have invited me to play with them, but I was quite embarrassed that they always had to wait for my tiles!” This day, she appeared in quite sexy attire and she didn’t conceal that she hopes to attract more advertisement shooting with this dress up.

Source: Singpao

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

BES' Blabberings III...

Aiya, I've truly neglected this blog these past weeks. Shame on me! It's just that I've already made many prior engagements before this summer job was presented to me, so I usually came back home around10 pm-ish. An hour later, I'm already in my bed as I have to wake up early to get ready for work. This means I don't have much time left to do some translating, especially when it has to involve me staring at a computer screen again. However, my parents are back from Hong Kong and they have brought back many weeklies so I am translating some of those articles instead. It's progressing slowly though as I have to look up the words manually now, but my Akina Hong article is almost finished. This upcoming week is also my last work week, so bear with me for the lack of updates.

In the meantime, I've got a treat for the fans of Flora Chan. Apparently, she has an English column in Express Weekly. Her news became quite rare since she left TVB, so I was quite excited to discover she actually had a column. I've scanned it and decided to share with you. Enjoy!

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