Friday, September 29, 2006

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok happily received ‘health stars award’

Yesterday, Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok attended the awards ceremony for “the ten healthiest stars” organised by Next Magazine. The couple separately took away awards for “the ten healthiest artists” and together “the big healthy and sweet award”.

The host said that Kenix was the main guest of this award and thus Kenix will always be seen with it. The guest who gave away this award, Uncle Wong, told everyone that he likes to drink wine a lot, it’s like an engorgement. However, Kenix expressed she had an engorgement for eating as well. Her portions of food could be enormous, but now she finally understands that health is most important. She will not stuff herself with food anymore and just eat normal portions of food. She also isn’t picky anymore. In addition, she thinks that besides a healthy body, the mind has to be healthy well. Then one is really completely healthy. Asked Kenix how she relieves her stress, she indicated that her way of relieving stress is to chat with friends as she likes talking very much. Therefore she will choose suitable friends with whom she can share her joys and who help her relieve stress. Her whole person will then relax considerably. Frankie expressed that the best way to relieve stress is to do sports. However, most importantly is to have a healthy family life as it could make a person healthy. A happy family is a happiest event, so he attach the most importance to family life. No matter how busy or exhausted he is, he will always find the time to visit his mother as he tries to see her as much as possible. He feels very grateful to his family.

The ratings of Frankie’s series have always been quite OK. Earlier, TVB broadcasted “Forensic Heroes” which have broken the ratings’ record. And “Face to Fate” has taken the first spot in overseas renting. Although TVB continuously invites Frankie to renew their contract, but he expressed that he is very grateful to TVB that they want to renew it so sincerely. However, he hopes that he could try more different things in the future, so he will sign a contract with a Mainland agency company. As for Kenix, she is currently shooting the TV series “Red Powder” in the Jiangzhe region.


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Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Changing Times" press conference...

Just providing a link with pictures of the press conference: Click here


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Handsome men cooking helplessly, providing fun and laughter

TVB program “Beautiful Cooking” is very well-received in Hong Kong, so they have also filmed four special editions of it. One of these editions “Beautiful Men Cooking” was filmed the night before in a shopping centre in Hong Kong. Ronald Cheng, Edmond Leung and Alex Fong have grown used to nitpicking the food that the female contestants had cooked, but this time the roles were changed. Together with Chilam Cheung and Chin Ka Lok, they accepted this challenge. They underwent criticism from the female judges who include ‘the cook from hell’ Ella Koon, ‘the heavenly cook’ Louisa So as well as Carol Cheng and Nancy Sit. The beautiful men had to face eccentric ingredients like insects and turtles. It was obvious that they didn’t know where to begin and seeing their helpless faces, the entire scene burst out laughing.

The competition was divided into three parts. Firstly it was the turn of the three hosts with Alex obtaining the lowest score. Together with the guests Chilam and Ka Lok, he had to do a little tournament. Afterwards, the winner Chilam had to compete against Ronald and Edmond to decide the winner. In the end, Ronald successfully gained the title of ‘heavenly male cook’ with his dish ‘fish soaked in oil’. However, Alex was the worst cook with his two dishes receiving negative points. This episode is planned to be broadcasted on the evening of 15th October.

Taking pleasure in others’ misfortunes

The person who laughed the happiest at the scene was ‘the cook from hell’ Ella. When she previously participated in the program “Beautiful Cooking”, Ella’s cooking, who has never been in a kitchen before, was ‘poisonously’ labelled by the judges and the three hosts as ‘the most hellish food from hell’. This time, it was her turn to take revenge as she could criticize the three hosts to the fullest. It seems that Ella is really taking pleasure in other’s misfortunes during the entire show.


Edmond will get married next year and he has always sold himself as a ‘houseman’. Although he seems to know what he was doing during the competition, but his dish ‘fried sand insects’ was described by the judges as miserable beyond description during the finals. It seems that he has forgotten to get rid of the sand from the sand insects and thus he obtained negative points.

Miserable beyond description

Carol expressed that she hadn’t thought that making this program would be such a pain as she had to eat many things that people would never eat. Upon seeing Edmond’s dish of sand insects, she already felt choked by its strange smell before eating it. Her face already told us what she was feeling.

Short of success

Chilam, who will soon be a father, has showed his culinary skills. He also demonstrated his wok skills, which were very professional. Unfortunately, he hasn’t prepared the texture of his pig brains with his dish ‘fried eggs with pig brains’. It was also still raw, so he lose out to Ronald.


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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nick Cheung takes care of daughter, his wife can shop comfortably

Earlier Nick Cheung carried his eight months’ old daughter Brittany as he appeared in an eyeglass shop with his wife, Esther Kwan, nearby Lan Kwai Fong in Central. In the shop, Nick carried his daughter all the time and he often played with her to make her happy. This allowed his wife to concentrate on the variety of glasses. Nick truly is a very loyal father and husband.

Nick and Esther really dotes on their daughter Brittany. As they both went shopping, they didn’t leave their daughter behind. Nick sat in the shop with toys in his hands to please his daughter. During the entire time in the shop, Brittany remained very good, especially with a father carrying and playing with you all the time. She didn’t cry once and was really very cute. While Nick looked after their daughter, Esther could focus entirely on what she wanted to buy. They were in the shop for about half an hour before they left.

Afterwards Nick was asked whether he missed his daughter too much to leave her at home, he smilingly said: “Yeah, I did. My daughter is already eight months’ old. Whenever I have time I’d like to bring her out, so she can encounter many different things. She is also very happy, because she loves to go out. Besides, my wife needs new glasses, therefore I’m looking after our daughter. It really can be quite exhausting.”

The reporter praised Nick for his adoration and he proudly said: “My wife even studied children psychology to understand our daughter more. I thought that looking after a baby is the same as taking care of a puppy. If it’s good and obedient, you only have to reward him. However, my wife said you have to explain it patiently and share it with her. Till its three years, a baby doesn’t know this. That’s why I’d like to spend as much time as possible with her and do everything myself.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Kenix Kwok hopes the Bao family will look after themselves

At the age of 84, veteran actor Bao Fong passed away at Ruttonjee Hospital due to illness. In 1999, Bao Fong Yu was filming a series in the Mainland when he suffered from a stroke. Since then he has withdrawn himself from the entertainment circle and stopped acting. He was engaged in the movie industry for over sixty years and he was in over hundred works. TVB star Kenix Kwok has once cooperated with Mr Bao and she fondly remembers his acting.

Kenix said: “When I just started in the industry, I have once collaborated with Mr Bao Fong in the ghost play “Shade of Darkness”. It was about 1993, 1994.He played my father’s boyfriend. The impression he gave me was very friendly/ However Mr Bao’s health hasn’t been well for several years and he hasn’t filmed anything anymore since he’s sick. Therefore, I didn’t have an opportunity anymore to work with him again.84 years is a good age to die so I hope his family won’t be feeling too sad and that they will take care of themselves.”


For the ones interested, this is Kenix’ blog: However it’s written in Chinese.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Visiting the set of new TVB series “An Enjoyable Life”

New TVB series “An Enjoyable Life” is now in the midst of filming exciting scenes. Te main actors in this series are Gigi Lai, Kevin Cheng, Paul Chun, Natalie Tong and Evergreen Mak. Yesterday reporters visited the set, witnessing the romantic gesture of Kevin giving flowers to Gigi to express his love. TVB anniversary will be held in November, but the battle for awards has already begun. Earlier Charmaine Sheh has invited TVB high executives to secure the award for “Best Actress”. Although both Gigi and Kevin have popular series this year, the two of them have expressed that they have no intention to fight for awards.

Mischievous puppy wrecks ‘romance’
The plot goes that Kevin follows an evening course after his work hours with Paul teaching him Mandarin Chinese. He is very versatile, but his daughter Gigi, whose right hand is disabled, is entangled in a love affair. Yesterday, they have filmed the final episode of “An Enjoyable Life”. Between Kevin and Gigi exists a misunderstanding and in order to salvage their love, Kevin has especially decorated a big garden in a grassland. Gigi has once told him that the most beautiful place in her dreams is a garden full of rare flowers and grass. Therefore, he has invited Paul, Evergreen, Natalie and other relatives and friends and in front of everyone, he publicly apologizes to Gigi.

According to the plot such a beautiful gesture isn’t sufficient yet. Kevin’s dog was supposed to come over with a bouquet of roses in his mouth and Kevin will use these roses as a last gesture. This will make Gigi beam from ear to ear and successfully move her heart. However, as the dog wasn’t very obedient, this romantic scene turned into something very chaotic. The dog has tried over ten times to hold the flowers halfway his mouth, but he just rejected the flowers. He also had to run with the flowers in his mouth, but when he came over he has eaten all the flowers. The real owner was continuously giving instructions and was so worked up that he was sweating the whole time. Kevin also stood there helplessly as he said to the mischievous dog: “Please be good. How about you help us with this scene and afterwards Gigi will sing “White Shirt” for you?” In the end, it took them almost an hour to finish this scene.

Gigi finally becomes ‘innocent’ again
Gigi expressed that this role will give the viewers a refreshing feeling: “No matter in “War and Beauty”, “The Charm Beneath” and “Dance of Passion” I always portrayed rather strong and shrew characters. However, this time it’s different as I am into painting and calligraphy. My character is also a very gentle girl. Her appearance is also very innocent – long hair, white dress. It’s been a very long time since I have appeared like this on screen.”

“An Enjoyable Life” is a heart-warming love story set in modern times. Gigi said that although the shooting went smoothly and comfortable, it wasn’t without difficulties: “In the series, I will become disabled and due to my hard work I will become a famous cartoonist. Such an experience is quite complicated. As my right hand is disabled, I had to use my left hand to paint and write. It really wasn’t easy to give a life-like performance.” She also said that the plot is fresh and enlightening: “I want to tell everyone that they should learn to relax and to live an enjoyable life.”

That day, her ‘boyfriend’ has created her ‘dream garden’ in the final scene. Gigi smiled that she has never encountered such a nice gesture: “Perhaps all my ex-boyfriends weren’t the romantic type.” Reporters asked her whether she longs for such romantic scenes: “Of course I do, but not like this one. Here the sun is too strong… Hopefully, I will have such an event myself later.” Gigi indicated that after she has finished this series, she will take a long vacation. “I have been filming non-stop for 7 or 8 months, I want to begin filming again in January next year.”

The two leads won’t fight for awards
November is the month of the TVB anniversary and the battle for the award for “Best Actress” has always been the focus in the media. The year before, Gigi won it thanks to her performance in “War and Beauty” and this year, she will also have a representative work in “Dance of Passion”. Therefore she will be counted as one of the strong contenders for this award. Regarding to the rumour of her ‘rival’ Charmaine inviting executives to pave the way, Gigi expressed that she hasn’t read entertainment news for a long time. So she is not willing to comment on it. When reporters asked her whether she has a favourite this year, Gigi smoothly answered: “Every person has a chance. The anniversary is actually one big party, the most important thing is that everyone is happy. All this competition for awards, it’s only a way of promoting. I will attend it with a tranquil heart and I will be happy for the one who wins the award.”

As for Kevin, he is also considered one of the hot favourites for the award “Best Actor” because of his series “Under the Canopy of Love”. However, he isn’t very confident about it: “It will depend on many factors and I dare not have any expectations.”


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Monday, September 18, 2006

Four leads leaving “Goong”: new formation to be arranged for sequel

The immensely popular “Goong – Sassy Princess” is scheduled to begin shooting its sequel in October. However, it was still unclear whether the original leads will continue their performance. On the 15th, when director Hwang Inroe accepted an interview, he finally revealed and confirmed that “Goong II” will have an entirely new cast. The four leads Ju Ji Hoon, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Jung Hoon and Song Ji Hyo will not participate in the sequel.

Although many fans of “Goong” were filled with anticipation for the confirmation of the four leads, but they will have to be disappointed. Hwang Inroe, who is responsible for the shooting of “Goong II”, expressed: “Both Ju Ji Hoon and Song Ji Hyo have decided to do another work. Yoon Eun Hye has another reason, but the three of them have told me that they were unable to film the sequel. Only Kim Jung Hoon has promised to accept it. Therefore “Goong II” will be shown to the viewers with an entirely new cast as well as a different plot.” Regarding the fact that he has to prepare four new people to take up these characters, Hwang Inroe could hardly conceal that he feels abandoned.

Hwang Inroe indicated that “Goong II” will continue with the theme of a fictional South Korean monarchy, showing how tradition and the present can co-exist together. The plot will also be tied to the first series. The ending of “Goong” revealed that ultimately Lee Shin and Lee Yul didn’t inherit the throne, leading to the temporarily ascension of Shin’s sister Hyemyeong. The sequel will thus continue with this plot as the palace discovers the existence of a royal grandson living among commoners. In turns out that he have absolutely no clue about his identity. After he graduated from high school, he works as a delivery boy. He didn’t know until the palace invited him to come and he suddenly became a member of the imperial family in one night. Upon his entrance in the palace, he began his training. He will be groomed to become emperor. The inspiration for this plot came from the true story of the Joseon dynasty where a commoner became the emperor.

Currently, the drama team of “Goong II” is building a new scenery nearby Hwaseong, Suwon. They are also diligently trying out different filming angles. After the new leads are confirmed begin October, they will immediately start filming. It will then be broadcasted next year in January.


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Charmaine Sheh on the look-out for cheaters

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Sherming Yiu and Ben Wong attended a promotional function for their TVB series “Maiden’s Vow”. Charmaine and her ‘sisters’ went into a hotel to catch some cheaters. In the end, Joe got his ear twisted by Charmaine and was forced to held up his potty. As everyone was wearing nightwear, the scene was very funny and chaotic. In the midst of it, Ben accidentally touched Tse Yiu Wan (Noodles in “Beautiful Cooking”).

Charmaine and Joe have been rumoured together, so when the two of them were asked on the topic of unfaithfulness, Charmaine responded: “Actually, I haven’t encountered such a situation, but I will not carry a weapon to find him. I will ask a group of female friends to help me.” Did you ever suspect a boyfriend before? “Of course I have, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding afterwards.” And the other way around? “Then you will have to ask my ex-boyfriend, I don’t know.”

Joe said: “My partner has never had any suspicions about me. She rarely will ask me about the reports of the weeklies and I don’t need to give her explanations all the time.” No troubles in your marriage? “Nothing at all, it’s very stable. We have been together for so many years, so there is a lot of trust between us.” Have you had any experiences catching cheaters? “I did try it once, helping a friend which ultimately ended in a divorce.” Will it make you cherish the present more? “It’s not related. I saw with my own eyes that my friend insisted on a divorce, but afterwards they continued trying to patch things up. Perhaps it was really true love.”

Source: Mingpao

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Cheung Tit Lam wants to be a middle-aged idol: no more ancient series

During an interview, Cheung Tit Lam suddenly indicated that he doesn’t want to shoot ancient series anymore, because he doesn’t want the viewers to be aesthetically blasé. He really hopes to act in young idol series now and thus become a middle-aged idol.

Cheung Tit Lam, Cheung Kwok Laap and Wang Kang are nicknamed ‘the on-screen iron trio’. However currently it seems that this iron trio will disappear as Cheung Tit Lam doesn’t want to film ancient series anymore. Regarding this, he indicated that he indeed is thinking about not filming ancient series anymore. He said that he has collaborated with Cheung Kwok Laap and Wang Kang for a long time. Although they are popular, he has always thought that the viewers needed something fresh and new. Recently, Cheung Tit Lam has accepted the idol series “Want to Fly” with Yin Xiaotin, Li Xiaoran and Beatrice Hsu. He smiled that he has always wanted to try an entirely different role and nowadays it’s the era with popular idols. So he thinks that when one is middle-aged, it’s time to see what it’s like to be an idol. On the other hand, Cheung Tit Lam also wants to expand his career and pick up singing. He said that he has once cooperated with Andy Lau. The Heavenly King Lau told him that his voice wasn’t too bad and that his prospects were quite good if he wanted to develop a singing career. Therefore, he would also try out singing.


You will all know Cheung Tit Lam as emperor Qian Long in "Huan Zhu Ge Ge". The popular trio are the main male leads in "The Bronze Teeth".

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm back...

Hello everyone!

Gosh, I know I should have resumed the translations by now, but since I've got back from New York I've been very busy and I just didn't find the time.

New York was just great and I've had an amazing time there, but tiring as well. As soon as I have the pictures I will post some up, but I'm still waiting for my friend to burn them on a DVD (we've taken over 1000 pictures in only 10 days' time!).

I've started a course Mandarin Chinese two evenings a week, but it's only progressing very slowly. I also had have two job interviews, but I'm not too confident about them. Oh well, they said they'll reply me this upcoming week whether I can go through the second round, so I'm getting quite nervous now.

Finally, while I'm still translating some interviews, here are links to my reviews of TVB series:

La Femme Desperado

Dream of Colours

Family Man

Vigilante Force

Wars of In-Laws

Oh, according to, the airing dates for "Lush Fields, Happy Times" and "Pearl of the Orient" are respectively 23rd of October and 6th of November.

Thanks for your support and bear with me...

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Friday, September 01, 2006

New York, here I come

Well everyone, I'm off to the airport now. Hope you're all well and posting will resume on the 12th or 13th Sep...

Take care!

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Chilam Cheung loyally accompanies Anita Yuen to give birth

It was the premiere of the movie “Crouching Tiger” yesterday with Chilam Cheung, Sonija Kwok and Kenny Wong. This premiere was sponsored by an electronics business and the three artistes each received a big television. Although Chilam rarely portrays evil characters, but in this movie he plays a big villain. He even poisoned the son of Francis Ng and Chilam smiled that is character is really a nasty piece of work. However as he doesn’t have many opportunities to portray evil characters, so he was very interested in this movie.

Now that Anita Yuen has finished filming “Disciple”, she can patiently wait for the birth. Asked him whether he often accompanies Anita to the doctor and Chilam smiled that he definitely would. He certainly wouldn’t be that unreliable. Although the sex of the baby is kept a secret, but earlier Anita was heard to ask Chingmy Yau to keep the clothes of her two daughters and give it to her. Immediately it was guessed that the baby is a girl. Chilam said that Chingmy does have two daughters, but the Shen family has boys and girls. Basically, whether the baby is a boy or a girl, as long as he knows it’s good.

Nearly suffering from a heatstroke filming in Hengdian
Chilam will soon head to Suzhou to film a Man Chor series which will only be completed by the end of the year. However, as Anita is due to give birth in November, Chilam will definitely protect her. By then, he will certainly accompany her. But good work isn’t that easy to receive. He said that he has filmed a series in Hengdian earlier and the temperatures will daily reach forty degrees Celsius. So he almost suffered a heatstroke there. He had change his underpants a few times a day as the changed ones were really leaking with water.

Kenny portrays a rascal and has the most interaction with Francis. He praises Francis’ acting to be very creative as he will not always follow the script and improvise his lines. Soon, Kenny will start a new work in which he will play a karate master.

Source: Takungpao

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