Monday, October 30, 2006

Charmaine Sheh wins the positioning war from Myolie Wu

The yearly TVB Anniversary will soon be celebrated again. The competition between Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu for the award of “Best Actress” has already begun early on. At the moment, we still don’t know who would be the winner. However, it is obvious that Charmaine is more favoured by the company. Besides occupying the central spot on the cover, she will also be on the front row with Bowie Lam for the month January. Her position seems to be very secure. Instead Myolie has been arranged to take part in the Anniversary month without becoming the female lead.

Yesterday, TVB issued the pictures of the TVB calendar 2007. For this production, they have invited Thai company Image Publishing Ltd to take care of the concept and the photography. A nearly twenty-head production team arrived in Hong Kong to do the shooting. Therefore the result is very different from the previous years. About 58 artists participated in this calendar shoot which is quite a smaller number than last year. Some of them were kicked out, but there are also many new faces.

Because of their popular series, Liza Wang, Sheren Tang and Angela Tong secured a spot on the calendar. However, the high positions from last year such as Kenix Kwok, Frankie Lam, Winnie Yeung and Mandy Cho were nowhere to be seen.

The calendar of 2007 will feature sixteen individual pictures of fa dans and siu sangs instead of the traditional group photo of the Miss Hong Kong finalists. The favoured ones obviously hold a spot there. Four siu sangs and fa dans occupy the center and they are Gigi Lai, Charmaine, Bowie and Roger Kwok. Others include Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu and Sonija Kwok who all oozes sex-appeal. The twelve months in the calendar all carry out a different theme where many siu sangs and fa dans are put together with newcomers.

Source: Singpao

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TVB calendar: Jessica Hsuan’s position no more

Every year TVB will make a calendar featuring its contracted artists to hand out to the overseas distributors. From the position on the calendar one can determine the degree of favour a certain artist enjoys. Jessica Hsuan just left TVB management, so she didn’t even have an individual picture taken. Her number-one-position is no more.

The cover of the previous calendars usually features a group photo of the Miss Hong Kong finalists, but this year they broke this tradition. Instead it will show sixteen siu sangs and fa dans. Although Jessica’s position has changed, she still holds a place in the calendar like the other appealing and powerful non-contracted artists such as Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Liza Wang, Adam Cheng and Bobby Au-Yeung. They will also take part in group pictures. TVB implements the policy of ‘a warm family’ and ‘friends leads to wealth’.

This time, TVB invested a large sum of money in a Thai image consultancy firm to help them with the concept and photography. They are truly seeking a new angle of calendar shooting.

Source: Oriental Daily

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To Grow with Love episode 6

After Mei Tien knew that Man Chun wasn’t the one who left an imprint on the ad, she was afraid of the impact and her determination sank. In addition Sau Laan and Bo Lok were continuously annoying Mei Tien regarding Man Chun’s matter. Because of this, Mei Tien didn’t want to go home. Dai Hei suggested Mei Tien to visit her home in the Philippines and thus increased her homesickness. Mei Tien then dragged Dai Hei along to buy alcohol to forget her worries. In the end, she fell drunk on the street.

Dai Hei had to exert the strength of nine oxes and two tigers to successfully bring Mei Tien into a hotel room. However, he failed to leave the room as she vomited over his pants. Because Dai Hei didn’t want his family to know, he was forced to sleep in the hotel. When Nim Heung phoned his daughter, he actually heard a stranger say that his daughter was already drunk. So he immediately flew to Hong Kong. Nim Heung arrived at Bo Lok’s house and met Sau Laan. She severely taught him a lesson. Bo Lok expressed her dissatisfaction regarding Mei Tien’s attitude towards Man Chun’s matter. Therefore she took the initiative and went in search of Man Chung with Nim Heung. In the end, Bo Lok discovered that she has blamed a good guy. Sau Laan informed Mei Tien of Nim Heung’s arrival to Hong Kong. After she found out about Mei Tien and Dai Hei’s “affair”, she also helped her to make an appointment with Dai Hei to meet Nim Heung.

Although Sau Laan successfully made Nim Heung mistook Dai Hei as his future son-in-law, but Mei Tien feels that love isn’t as simple and perfect as she believed it was. Nim Heung knows that he has hurt Sau Laan in the past. Through Lam Sam, he heard that Sau Laan has some financial problems, so he wished to give her a large sum of money as compensation. However, in front of everyone, Sau Laan tore the check and dropped it on the ground. Yet as she went out, she was so pained by it that she squatted down on the floor. She continuously sighed that she threw away something valuable.

Source: TVB

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To Grow with Love episode 1

Rich girl Ho Mei Tien and her father Ho Nim Heung rely on each other. Mei Tien is actually quite a fat girl and her father is worried that she will have a hard time finding a suitable partner. Because of this, he will arrange everything for her in the hope that she will get married soon. However, Mei Tien is very rejecting towards her father’s arrangements as she believes that true love is finding your own partner with mutual understanding. She even uses her former school mate Carman’s wedding as an excuse to leave the Philippines and go to Hong Kong. Nim Heung is too worried about his daughter and decides to go with her. They happen to meet Dai Hei on the plane and he is prejudiced towards fat people.

Mei Tien and Nim Heung were arguing with each other and thus giving Dai Hei a bad time, who sat in between them. This annoyed him extremely as well as made him feel uncomfortable. After Mei Tien has convinced her father to return to the Philippines, she had dinner in a restaurant. Suddenly she discovered she forgot her wallet. Fortunately, Mei Tien happened to encounter Dai Hei and anxiously asks him to help her. She also vowed to pay him back as soon as possible. Mei Tien will be staying with her cousin, Kwok Bo Lok, who just broke up with her boyfriend. Bo Lok urged Mei Tien to participate in a speed dating event. There Mei Tien realized that Bo Lok had ‘one foot on different boats’. In addition, Bo Lok’s principles of choosing a boyfriend differed from Mei Tien’s. Therefore she made an exhibition of herself at the speed dating event. Bo Lok also advised Mei Tien to change herself otherwise she won’t be able to survive in Hong Kong.

Dai Hei met Mei Tien again when he helped her former school mate Carman create her wedding dress. There he learned that she is one of the bridesmaids. Dai Hei frankly said that his designs weren’t suitable for fat people to wear. However, Mei Tien wasn’t convinced and immediately designed it till it suited her. Because of this, Dai Hei left angrily. Carman wished to wear her mother’s wedding dress, which her mother left her. But all decisions regarding the wedding were taken by Dai Hei. Mei Tien doesn’t agree with such an arrangement. She happens to meet Lam Sam who is searching for Dai Wong Ting for revenge. Accidently, Mei Tien resolved the feud between the two of them. On the other hand, Mei Tien found the person with whom she has a mutual understanding.

Source: TVB

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

To Grow with Love

Plot summary

Click here


Myolie Wu – Ho Mei Tien

24 years

Occupation: D-Day sales woman/ wedding planner

Personality: Carefree and open, every time she encounters some unhappy events she will face them optimistically, vigorously seeking for solutions. She is good-hearted as she helps others enthusiastically, moreover she doesn’t argue and isn’t afraid to suffer losses. Regarding love, she has a lot of expectations. She believes that love is only based on communication and it only has a palpitated feeling, nothing else. She also believes that one day she will meet her perfect partner.

Andy Hui – Dai Hei

33 years

Occupation: Owner of a renowned fashion brand

Personality: His outer appearance is proud and calm. He also depends on his own intelligence and hard work. He will work passionately and worked his way up from rags to riches. In the fashion world, he made great positive results quickly. He established his own brand ‘D-Day’. In a few years, it became the most popular brand in the city. Because of this, he is very confident of himself and self-centered.

Claire Yiu – Song Man Yi

28 years

Occupation: Fashion chain store transport manager

Personality: Intelligent and graceful, frank and straightforward, initiative and decisive, clear and pure mentality. Very stubborn and persistent towards ‘beauty’. She will always maintains a perfect appearance. A very conscientious pursue towards health and beauty. However, she doesn’t accept to be recognized as a ‘vase’ by others. She wants to show her ability through her work. She is also very ambitious and career-minded. With regards to love, she is also very calculative. When choosing a partner, she will pay attention to his personality and future. A very initiative attitude and she will forge ahead.

Selena Li – Kwok Bo Lok

24 years

Occupation: Wedding dress company business clerk

Personality: Very loyal, very generous towards friends, a quick spender. She handles love the same way she manages a business. For her, meeting boyfriends is like an investment. She often plays with her suitors like they are shares. She believes that when they are compatible, then they should be together. If not, they should break up. However, she still longs for a happy marriage and hopes to live with her lover till death.

Jack Wu – Lam Koon Hei

26 years

Occupation: Rich son of a restaurant owner

Personality: Sluggish, likes to escape from reality, not willing to accept defeat, only knows how to seek pleasure. As he is fat, he feels inferior. Because of his inferiority complex, he also turns very arrogant. He often boasts and puts up a rich kid attitude. All day long, he stays inside the restaurant and rejects contact with the outside world. To avoid being teased by others, he often makes the first move and ridicule the others. In the end, he is labelled as ‘bad mouth’. As he wasn’t successful in his education, he turned to food and after many practice, he finally became a good chef.

Gigi Wong – Yeung Sau Laan

Over 40 years

Occupation: Owner of a flower shop

Personality: Emphasizes outer appearance, she dresses appropriately with an attractive outward appearance. Because of her focus on work, she often does several things at the same time and thus lack household skills. Therefore she hires hourly workers to take care of her household. Although she is the owner of a flower shop, she isn’t very good in business management. She doesn’t understand the methods of business management, so she has lost a lot of money. She has many debts and poor finances. Every time she is short of money, she will become very petty with others. She appears to be conservative, but she is actually a love expert.

Eddie Kwan – Cheung Yat Ming

Over 40 years

Occupation: Business man

Personality: Heroic, competent, bold and views people in a small way. Wallowed in the business world for many years, very informed and experienced. He treats people with a kind face, yet cruel heart. He appears to be amiable, tolerant, smooth and even suave. However, he likes to have the controlling power and handles business matters cruel and merciless. When you are in his bad books, he will not know you. Flirty and romantic. If he encounters true love, he will give his heart completely.

Chun Wong – Ho Nim Heung

Over 50 years

Occupation: Philippine rubber king

Personality: Because he is fat since his childhood, he is often being teased by others. Therefore he doesn’t have much self-confidence. Fortunately, he is carefree and simple as he knows how to comfort and open up himself. At home, he is a satisfied and filial son. After his marriage, he is an obedient and forgiving good husband. He is also a responsible and good-hearted father for his children. With his optimism, he isn’t afraid to suffer losses. However this is rather a disadvantage for his business.

Ram Tseung – Dai Fu (Albert)

39 years

Occupation: General manager of fashion company

Personality: Solid and introverted, easy-going and loyal, aloof from the world. Clumsy with words, he doesn’t know how to express himself. He also lacks opinion and he is easily manipulated by others. He is carefree by nature and not afraid to suffer losses. Diligent and hard-working. He also has a lot of experience in the fashion world and thus accumulated many important relations.

Natalie Wong – Lau Ka Man

30 years

Occupation: Fashion shop manager

Personality: Amiable, friendly and all-round perfect. Her working ability isn’t truly remarkable, but she understands to make it up with hard work. Earnest and responsible, she also earns the approval of her bosses Dai Hei and Dai Fu in the company. She appears to have no opinion, but she actually knows her position. She doesn’t have many friends. Therefore she will bury her heart affairs deep inside her and she will not easily reveal her emotions in front of others.

Matthew Ko – Cheung Man Chun (Joe)

24 years

Occupation: Successor of the family business

Personality: Kind-hearted, impulsive, rebellious towards family members and hates business life. His hobbies are arts and sports. He is also very active. He is also very emotional. In order to contend against his family, he acts solitarily.

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Anita Yuen eight months pregnant, Chilam Cheung doesn’t talk about baby affairs

Anita Yuen is already eight months pregnant and soon-to-be daddy Chilam Cheung said: “We are in a tranquil mood now. We don’t have too many big feelings at the moment, perhaps after some time we would know.”

While Chilam was filming “Crouching Tiger” we did a ten-minutes telephone interview with him. During that interview, he mostly talked about movies while he remained quiet on the subject of his private life. Compared to his girlfriend Anita, she talks much more about the baby in her womb. Asked him about the preparations of the baby’s daily products, he said: “I don’t know. I think we have bought almost everything.” When you want to ask more questions regarding the baby like why he wouldn’t accompany Anita into the delivery room, you simply wouldn’t have the opportunity. Of course, a ten-minutes interview is too short.

In “Crouching Tiger”, Chilam portrays a mobster who is very filial to his ill mother. However, he isn’t that nice towards the prostitutes who earn money for him. He said he will not get tired of portraying such complex characters: “Such a character is very real. In reality, people are also right and evil.”

Although he is playing a mafia member, the drama team didn’t arrange for him to learn from the mafia crime inspection. He teasingly said: “I have been filming for so many years, it wouldn’t form a difficulty for me.” Chilam’s appearance is very unrefined in the movie. His clothing is very classic and he wears a big necklace. He doesn’t have a certain opinion towards his appearance: “A movie is the work of many people. What the stylist suggests I will accept it.”

The producer of “Crouching Tiger” Wong Ching said that they are also filming an undercover story, but the reality of “Crouching Tiger” is much higher. Many plots revolve around true people and facts. It is not like the movie “Infernal Affairs”, so false.

After the reporters have seen “Crouching Tiger”, they feel it is a mix of “Infernal Affairs” and “Election”. Asking Chilam’s opinion, he joked: “I think that “Election” and “Infernal Affairs” are very similar to “Crouching Tiger”.”

With his role in “Crouching Tiger” Francis Ng has been nominated in the “Best Actor” category for the Golden Horse awards. Regarding this, Chilam also doesn’t have a special opinion as he said: “You should ask Francis.” He also said that he will let nature takes its course whether his other works will be nominated in the future. He smilingly said: “I would like to win an Oscar!”

Most scenes with Jordan Chan as his co-star
The cast of “Crouching Tiger” also includes Michael Miu, Eric Tsang, Jordan Chan and Shawn Yue. Chilam mainly co-stars with Jordan as he said: “We have collaborated many times and we are also good friends off the screen. Whether we can create chemistry in a movie all depends on whether a script is splendid or not. If it is not brilliant, then it will turn into a ‘dead situation’.”

Asked him whether there is chemistry this time, he said: “Let the viewers decide.”


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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Myolie Wu stands up for Andy Hui to help him explain

Since the broadcast of “To Grow with Love”, there have been on-going rumours. Earlier there were reports stating that Andy Hui has been crazily sending text messages to pursue Myolie Wu. On the dinner party for the first broadcast, male lead Andy also didn’t attend it. Yesterday, female lead Myolie responded on this matter while attending a function. She said that they should stop talking nonsense as it is very unfair towards Andy.

When Myolie attended TVB’s “Together Fight Aids Evening” function yesterday, she was inquired by the reporters about Andy’s absence on that dinner party with the colleagues from the series as he wasn’t invited. She immediately clarified that the producer did invite him and she also hoped that the reporters would stop talking about Andy pursuing her. There is namely no such matter. “To Grow with Love’ has been broadcasted for a week and many people have complained that Andy’s acting was not satisfactorily. Myolie replied right away that it has only been one week and she asks everyone to not say such things as it isn’t fair towards Andy. Afterwards, the two of them generously posed for a group photo.

Source: Singtao

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Raymond Lam and Bernice Liu bothered by ghosts

After going through two Chinese ghost festivals (this year the seventh month is a leap month), many people are already ready to welcome the western equivalent, Halloween, excitedly. They will take this opportunity to dress up extravagantly with their friends. Two artists who grew up and studied abroad, Raymond Lam and Bernice Liu are also very happy because Halloween is extremely popular abroad, especially in the United States and Canada. In particular children and youngsters will not let go this occasion to spend an evening with ghosts.

However, the majority of Hong Kong people aren’t very responsive towards Halloween. If not for a few functions or shopping malls creating atmosphere, then it would go by even more quietly. When Raymond found out that he could celebrate this holiday with Bernice at Ocean’s Park for a half day, he was pleasantly surprised. As for the typical foreign girl Bernice, she immediately imagined that the Halloween designs of ghosts and monsters in the park would be scary as well as funny at the same time!

Before he went to study abroad, Raymond lived in his ancestor’s house in his hometown. Life there is very simple, it doesn’t have as many activities as in cities. However, he was still equally as happy. Most memorable were the cricket fights and flying with beetles. Till now he still remembers them fondly as he smiles from the heart. He doesn’t believe that a simple life doesn’t include fun. Compared to the restricted city life it is a happier life as one can run and play anywhere he likes.

No restrictions is the best
Raymond thinks that although today’s children in cities have as many toys as they want, none of them were as attractive as the toys he had in his childhood, which could all be found in nature. When he grew up, he went to the United States to study. Although life abroad was different from life in his hometown, but it had one thing in common: the freedom to be one with nature. Both lives had no restrictions and one could play safely and with no fear. He has enjoyed the pleasure of celebrating Halloween in the United States as he looked back on it: “I also tried dressing up as a ghost to go ‘trick or treating’, going from door to door. Most adults will open the door and give us a big bag of sweets. It gave me a very happy and heart-warming feeling. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried this in Hong Kong. Since I became an artist I had to work every year. I really would like to go to Lan Kwai Fong and play with a ghost mask. However, I don’t think the chance of that will be big because I’m afraid of the many people and chaos.” This guy is actually very cautious. Even if he wants to play, he will first think about it. He will have to know it clearly as he fears to do something wrong.

Happy, but doesn’t forget to be charitable
As soon as Halloween is mentioned, foreign girl Bernice becomes very happy. She grew up abroad, so her impressions are especially deep. She also knows how to use this holiday to do some charity. Every year as she goes on a trick or treat, she will also carry a money box and ask them to give some money which will be donated to people in need. Mentioning these days, Bernice grinned: “I am very happy. When I have a big bag full of sweets after the trick or treat, I would also exchange some of them with my friends. Living in a house abroad is very safe. However, it seems to be very complex in Hong Kong. I would definitely not dare to go to every family and disturb them. Besides, Hong Kong people aren’t used to celebrate this holiday. Instead, my younger cousin dares to go up and down the building, knocking on door to ask for candy. Fortunately, these families usually doesn’t refuse him as they all know my younger cousin.”

It surpasses Chinese Ghost Festival
That day as we arrived in Ocean’s Park, these two big children looked very happy as well as compatible. In the past, they have collaborated in “Survivor’s Law” and they both are under the same manager. So naturally, they would have more opportunities to see each other. This day of fun was also arranged by their manager, so that they could spend a special Halloween which combines work and play at the same time.

Although Raymond is a guy, it seems that he isn’t as brave as Bernice. Entering the world of Halloween with fear, different types yet lifelike ghosts and monsters would suddenly appear in front, behind, left or right of the two of them. Though Raymond is very alert, he would still jump up when a ghost suddenly appears. Instead Bernice would be laughing out loudly. In addition, Bernice is very brave as she would immediately follow these ‘human ghosts’. It seems that she is playing very crazily. At ‘the cremated scene’ the two of them were playing so happily that they didn’t want to leave. However, when they arrived at ‘the imperial court of violent ghosts’ Raymond was frightened by its gloomy atmosphere and the sudden emerging of the ghosts and monsters. Afterwards he described it as too terrorist and terrifying. Every time he thinks about it, he will have to encourage himself again!

These two big children both said: “Halloween is more fun. Our Chinese Ghost Festival is more mysterious and strange. Children feel quite uncomfortable and it could really frighten one a lot. Besides the western ghosts are more playful!”


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Myolie Wu fears it will be hard to lose weight a few years later

“To Grow with Love” received great ratings, Myolie Wu’s fame is rising. Yesterday, she accepted an interview with the program “Cha Duk Chang” at CRHK and was asked about the criticism of her exaggerated acting skills. Myolie told that after she read these reports, she called producer Kwan Wing Chung. He comforted her by saying that some people like a specific character and others don’t. She also doesn’t feel displeased, though she is worried about the viewers’ degree of approval of “To Grow with Love”. Asked her whether she would gain weight again if the ratings justify a sequel, Myolie replied that she doesn’t mind gaining weight again. However, she feels it lacks a stunt then. If there really will be a sequel then the sooner, the better. Because if she has to gain weight a few years later, then she is afraid that it will become very hard to lose it again.

Hopes to become better friends with Andy Hui
‘Fat Tien’ has suitors contending for her. Andy Hui has been rumoured to enter the battle arena to fight Bosco Wong for her affections. Myolie clarified that Andy isn’t pursuing her and feels apologetic towards him to be dragged into it. Fortunately he is a senior so he does know that she can’t do anything about these rumours. She hopes to become better friends with him.

Source: Mingpao

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Kevin Cheng completes Toronto tour, returns to Hong Kong

Earlier Kevin Cheng arrived in Canada to be the guest singer at Francis Yip’s concert. Ling Bo also performed at the same concert. Their performances were well-received by the overseas Chinese people. The two evenings of concerts attracted many American and Canadian fans who especially went to Toronto to enjoy the concert. Kevin also took out time from his schedule to visit the Niagara Falls as well as held a fan meeting in Toronto. As he has completed his Toronto tour, he will return to Hong Kong where he will be busier than ever. Besides shooting a series, he will participate in “The Golden Songs of Our Century” concert. He will duet “人在旅途灑淚時” with Annabelle Lui as well as sing Leslie Cheung’s classic songs.

Source: Mingpao

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Michael Tao digs out hardships

Artists of the TVB series “Cadets on the Beat” Michael Tao, Ron Ng, Chin Ka Lok, Sammul Chan and Yan Ng arrived at the fruit yard in Yau Ma Tei yesterday. There they filmed a scene where the police force were handing out flyers to fight crime.

Earlier there were reports that due to the hot weather, Michael was sweating over his entire body filming a scene for “Cadets on the Beat” on location. According to the drama team that was with him, he said: “Have you seen Leon Lai sweat when filming? He and I are both idols. How come I got so wet due to the hotness?” Yesterday, reporters asked him for clarification and Michael said: “I did say that, however I was just joking around. That scene required me to have a wet body. Besides I truly feel that Leon is an idol. I am also an idol. How come there is such a difference between us? I was only kidding. [Aren’t you afraid that he will take what you have said seriously?] No, I am not afraid. Actually I know Leon and we are quite good friends. He will not get angry over such trivial matters. [Will you call him to clarify this matter?] I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s only a joke. I think everyone will understand that!”

Yesterday’s scene talked about handing out flyers to shop owners in the fruit yard to fight crime. Although they are only filming a series, Sammul said that the flyers were really lifelike. Ka Lok is usually very mischievous, but it turns out he is very popular with females. Yesterday some temporarily female artists were taking pictures of Ka Lok. Afterwards, one of them even took out her ID card and took a group picture with him. It turns out that it was her birthday and she wanted to have a picture with her ID card as a souvenir.

Source: Singtao

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Niki Chow filming series: doesn’t care about image when bawling

In order to continue shooting TVB newest series, Niki Chow only took one day off to promote her new movie “Skywalker”. Niki said: “It is not really hard work doing four interviews consecutively as I only had to recollect some memories of filming the movie. The most memorable scene was when Stephen Fung abandoned me. I was tied at the dock and cried fearfully, my face was full of tears and snivel. My wrist was also wounded by scrubbing the jute rope. I also had to shout and howl loudly. In the end, they had to reschedule the next day’s shooting.” Shouldn’t you be looking after your singer’s image? “The director also told me it was weakened down. Originally, I had to use foul words to agitate Stephen. However, in the end the dialogues were changed in order to pass the censorship.” Niki smiled that she knew how to use foul words, but she will not suddenly say them in daily life.

Source: Mingpao

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tse Kwan Ho let me roam his world freely (PART 1 + 2)

Tse Kwan Ho is the youngest representative actor in the history of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre. In 1997, he defeated Leslie Cheung and won the Golden Horse Award for ‘Best Actor’ with the movie “The Mad Phoenix” and thus achieved fame. Afterwards, he performed in the popular stage plays “Leung Juk”, “A Sentimental Journey” and “新傾城之戀”. In 2003, he even accepted the TVB series “Dream of Colours”.

Everyone who knows Tse Kwan Ho knows that he is very stubborn in his support and passion for stage plays. However, in the past two years, his performances on the Hong Kong stage has become quite scarce. He actually hasn’t slowed down. Since the birth of his daughter, Tse Kwan Ho started filming in the Mainland. And suddenly, we are five years later. Saying that he is focusing on the Mainland market, Tse Kwan Ho boldly expressed that he is just going with the flow: “There are artists all over the world. Where there is work, there will I go. I have performed stage plays for many years, when a production company happens to ask me to film in the Mainland. Once you have accepted, you are gone for a few months, therefore there is less time to work in Hong Kong. Actually, I haven’t especially planned when I would change my focus and I also didn’t intentionally develop my Mainland career. I just let nature took its course. It’s just a process and not a result.”

Although he has already built a foundation in the Hong Kong market, he didn’t continue to develop it. However Tse Kwan Ho hasn’t thought about whether he regrets it or not. “This is a question that my manager has to consider. For me, I will just go with the flow. The only thing I care about is whether the script is good or not.” Roaming around, Tse Kwan Ho is opening up an even brighter and wider world. Filming in the Mainland, he uses the metaphor ‘wandering in jiang wu’. And performing stage plays in Hong Kong is like practicing in the Shaolin temple. After he has learned all he could learn from this kungfu, he will have to descend the mountain to see what his own abilities are.

It is like Tse Kwan Ho said, filming in the Mainland is demanding, but of course there are also times that one doesn’t perform on level. He has once collaborated with renowned actresses Siqin Gaowa and Song Chunli in “Second Spring”. It was very memorable for him: “In this series I portrayed the son of Siqin Gaowa. I was really trembling with fear. I was continuously focused on learning more from her. The feeling she gave me is very different from the other Hong Kong actresses. Although she is a first ranked top actress in the Mainland, but she doesn’t have an attitude at all. Besides her drinking ability is excellent. Filming in the Mainland, you can meet many outstanding people. Compared to stage plays, the life experiences that I have acquired are even more and richer.”

Act good or evil, it becomes easy and familiar
In the last five years, Tse Kwan Ho has filmed many series. The most known series should be “Song of Everlasting Sorrow” in which he portrayed Mr Cheng who loved Wong Kei Yiu deeply. Regarding “Song of Youth”, he imitated the revolutionary scholar Yu Wing Zaak. In “Gunfire at the Secret Bureau”, he plays the sinister and ruthless bureau chief Cheung Zhong Nin. Till the recent “The Best Time” in which he cooperates with Stanley Kwan again. Here he returns to sincerity again as he portrays an illiterate tailor. Four completely different roles. Without thinking, he said that they weren’t too difficult to play: “These four characters were written very well. They also had a lot of space for me to develop and create them. A well-written character is the best foundation for an actor. Only bad written characters will be difficult to portray.” Seeing him analyze this so methodically, one could tell he is definitely not arrogant.

In the TV series “Song of Everlasting Sorrow” Tse Kwan Ho portrayed Mr Cheng, but the movie version was played by Tony Leung. Earlier, Tony portrayed Fan Lau Yuen in the stage play “Love in a Fallen City” while it was first Tse Kwan Ho who played Fan Lau Yuen in “Love in a Fallen City”. Talk about a subtle cross-over.

Comparing skills with Tony, each has its brilliance
Tse Kwan Ho saw Tony’s performance and thought there was a big difference with his own. “Tony’s Mr Cheng is quite suave who knows how to say no. My Mr Cheng is not worldly and will not say no. About Fan Lau Yuen, I was much deeper. I didn’t want Bak Lau Sou to be able to look through me. Tony’s performance was much opener. This comes from the actor’s own interpretation and is probably related to personality.”

Recently, more and more entertainers have started their own blog and since last year Tse Kwan Ho also has his own blog. He mostly writes about life in the Mainland when he is filming series there and once in a while he also mentions his five-year-old daughter. Lately, he also shares his daughter’s home video’s and drawings which is very heart-warming. As soon as his daughter is mentioned, this father smiles especially sweet: “She frequently tells me that she is thinking of me. Every time I return home, she will ask me to play with her all the time during the day. In the evenings, she want me to tuck her in. Sometimes she will also throw a tantrum. Like this morning when I went out, she was hugging me tightly and told me not to give this interview.”

Separated in two places, it’s hard to be a loving father
Tse Kwan Ho is frequently filming series in the Mainland, so he has missed many moments of his daughter’s upbringing. This is what he regrets the most. Fortunately, his daughter is very intelligent and she understands her father has to work. Tse Kwan Ho said smilingly: “I often tell her that her father has to earn money to pay her studies!” Even his five-year-old daughter understands his work, so does his wife. “The most important thing is that everyone understand and support it. We phone each other every day. She has never complained once. However, I know even if she doesn’t say it. Of course, in her hear she wants me to spend more time in Hong Kong. But it is hard to say at some moments as we accept one job after the other.”

It is unavoidable that one feels lonely when he is shooting a series for a long period in the Mainland while his family resides in Hong Kong. However, for a carefree and easy-going person like Tse Kwan Ho, he never felt bored. “The advantage of filming in the Mainland is that there aren’t many social events. When you are done with filming, you can go home. Having dinner with colleagues is a good way to spend your free time. In Hong Kong, you also have to go to promotion functions besides filming. You always will have a very busy feeling.”

Satisfied, not chasing fame and fortune
One of the major tendencies recently is that Hong Kong artists are expanding their career in the Mainland. Besides entering the Mainland market, another attraction are the prosperous pay checks for their services. Tse Kwan Ho has also earned quite some money during these few years, however it hasn’t changed his view on money. “Having money or not, it is all the same. Fake shark fin soup and fish ball noodles can also be a good meal. Most importantly is that you live your life happily. If you can look back on your own achievements, then you will feel satisfied.” Asked him how satisfied he currently is, he said without thinking: “Completely! I think you don’t need to wish for too much. Life is like a game. Besides doing your best, it’s more important to have fun. I think that if you play your game well, then you can justify it to yourself.” Saying this so frankly, it is obvious that Tse Kwan Ho has satisfaction written all over his face.

The stage is also his life
Tse Kwan Ho grew up in a strict family, but he has a mischievous personality. When he was young, his school mate hit his hand strongly while playing ‘tiger crane paired form fist’. After he returned home, he didn’t dare to tell his mother. However, one can’t cover fire with paper, so when his mother discovered it, he had to suffer slapping from his mother.

During his study period, he was very fond of subjects like Chinese, literature and history. He loves to read extracurricular books. Besides biographies, he likes to read historical folk tales as well. When he finished the fifth grade at New Asia Middle School, he studied very hard to resit his certificate examinations. He even retook the sixth grade at Ng Yuk Secondary School, because he failed his certificate exam for advanced English. This means he couldn’t realize his dream of reading literature at university.

High school and acting, can’t be separated
In his last year of high school, the first connection with the stage was made. At that moment, his school was holding a theatre play competition. With his school mate’s recommendation, he accepted his first role in the play “Thunderstorm” Chow Ping. It was
with this performance that Tse Kwan Ho received other’s appreciation. This was also the beginning of his bond with the stage.

After his graduation from high school, Tse Kwan Ho frankly said that he has been through a confusing period. He has been an office clerk, a sales person and a street sales man. Till The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts started to enrol new students, but unfortunately he failed the first time for his entrance exam. Afterwards he took the exam to become a nurse and went to the United Christian Hospital for his practice. In his second year, he returned and passed his entrance exam for The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has already set the first step for his future acting career.

Epilogue: Next year October still in bloom
One day before the interview, a friend of mine told me to ask Tse Kwan Ho when he will be performing on stage again. I believe this is also the aspiration of his many fans. Not only his fans are looking forward to it, Tse Kwan Ho also longs to stand on the stage again. “Hong Kong will always be where my root is. I also want to spend more time with my family. Next year! I am scheduled to return to Hong Kong next year to cooperate with master Mao Jun Hui on a stage play.” That day I read Tse Kwan Ho’s blog and the date is already set. To quote one line in his blog: “Next year October, Cui Hu returns. Peach blossoms will still be in bloom.”

Source: Singpao

First part previously posted

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Visiting the set of “The Changing Times”

Image Hosted by

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Visiting the set of TVB series “The Changing Times” when filming outdoor scenes. Main artists Damian Lau, Joe Ma, Jessica Hsuan, Sheren Tang and Michael Miu were all present on the set. The males all wore an one-coloured, expensive suit with a very handsome result. Jessica wore a black evening dress which brought out her beauty.


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Straight from the set: Kenix Kwok clad with mud

TV series “Red Powder” is currently filming at an incredible speed in Suzhou. For the last few days, the female lead Kenix Kwok has been suffering a lot filming a prison scene.

That afternoon, rain was pouring down in Suzhou. Kenix, wearing ragged prisoner’s clothing, was eating lunch in the car of her caretaker. Afterwards, Kenix wore filthy and muddy clothes to continue filming labour scenes in a valley. When Kenix had to run down a highly dangerous, slanted slope; she smilingly expressed: “It’s actually quite a lot of fun.” However, she probably wasn’t aware that she was grasping her assistant’s arm tightly for safety sake. In addition, Kenix portrays a prostitute. Besides wearing sexy clothes and being coquettish in the series, she also has to suffer violence and work as a coolie in a mine. However, the weak-appearing and slender Kenix didn’t complain at all: “I rarely accept Mainland series, but this time I have received a good script. And I also happen to have time in my schedule, so I have accepted this series. Of course, my pay check is also very satisfying!” Reports say that Kenix’ remuneration is almost two million yuan, which made her the highest paid artist in this series.


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Monday, October 16, 2006

TVB promotes new travel program “Landscapes and Beauties”

Image Hosted by

From the 15th on TVB will broadcast a brand-new travel program “Landscapes and Beauties”. The hosts Bowie Lam and Wong He will take us to eight big cities in the Mainland. There they will collaborate with the local TV station to select one beauty from four candidates in each city. At the end of the year, these beauties will participate the finals in Hong Kong. The winner, the second and the third will represent their cities as confirmed candidates in the “Miss Chinese International Pageant” next year in January.

Earlier at the press conference, the following Miss Hong Kong contestants and artists represented the eight cities namely Tracy Yip, Carrie Lam, Rabee’a Yeung, Heidi Chu, Queenie Chu, Maria Chan, Anita Chan and Griselda Yeung. Together with the two hosts they carried out the ‘entering the world’ ceremony in a three-legged race.

Busy for the new program
Bowie already revealed that they have been to the four big cities Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. Later on, they will go to Xian, Chengdu, Nanning and Guangzhou. Although Bowie has been very busy for this program recently, he still kept an eye on the news regarding the awards for “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” at the TVB Anniversary. This year he is only nominated for “Dance of Passion”, but he is still confident. However, he sees Adam Cheng and Damian Lau as his strongest opponents. He smiled that if Adam, Damian and him would be able to go through the top five, he will already feel that he has won. Fortunately, there isn’t an Ah Wong (Roger Kwok) this year or else his chances would have slimmed considerably.

Although he has once won the “Best Actor” award, Bowie still hopes to win the award again. This is because he feels the award is an honour and affirmation of a year long work. Also it is a good reason for an increase in salary. Regarding the intense competition for the “Best Actress” award, he feels that the hot favourites Sheren Tang, Ada Choi and Charmaine Sheh all have a fairly good chance. As for Myolie Wu’s “Lush Fields, Happy Times”, he hasn’t seen it yet so he doesn’t want to comment on it. However, he thinks Myolie is very hardworking.

Mainland girls are very beautiful, aren’t you afraid to be compared to them? Tracy answered: “Beautiful? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am Shanghainese, although I don’t understand and speak the Shanghai dialect. However, my skin is very good: white and clear, so I am quite beautiful as well. Although I did gain some weight lately. [Didn’t you keep fit?] I go to do sygmass. I also tried out bone movements. It really does help you slim down. [Aren’t you afraid of the danger?] Previously, my left knee cap stuck out a bit, but now I can move it again.”

Source: The China Press

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tavia Yeung indicates that Bosco Wong is usually very warm

Tavia Yeung is currently filming the series “Sweet Heart Tempest” and portrays a couple with Bosco Wong. Regarding the claim that Bosco took advantage of Fala Chan in “King of Games”, Tavia defended Bosco: “Perhaps it is a habit as he has dogs. He always treat male or female, young or old the same. He is also often touchy-feely with Moses Chan. Actually it’s normal for friends to place your hands around his/her shoulders. No one should question him. Bosco also treats me in such a warm manner. He has a very playful personality, so I don’t believe he will take advantage of female artists. Besides, if Fala was really being taken advantage of, she will stand up for herself. However, just wait for me to teach him. I will tell him not to place his hands everywhere. He should put them in front of him, so that everyone could see them.”

Source: Singtao

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Joe Ma full of confidence to be the best

TVB series “Maiden’s Vow” has just broadcasted its final episode the previous day. Both the male and female lead of this series Joe Ma and Charmaine Sheh have been nominated for respectively “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” award for the TVB Anniversary. Yesterday, Joe accepted a telephone interview with our reporter where he expressed that he is confident in his odds for an award this year.

Before he entered the entertainment circle, Joe was a G4-agent in the Hong Kong police force. With a friend’s introduction, he shot his first advertisement. Since then he took on modelling as a side profession. Afterwards, he resigned his police work and focused on completely joining the entertainment circle. Having worked quietly for many years, Joe finally became a household name through his series “Triumph in the Skies” and “Revolving Doors of Vengeance”.

In “Maiden’s Vow” Joe portrayed four different kind of characters. This is the first time that Joe tried to play such a comedic character. He said: “I think this funny way of acting is very refreshing. The appearance is also very special. If I have the opportunity I hope to try out more funny, comedic characters in the future.” Nearing the celebrations of the TVB Anniversary, Charmaine is one of the hot favourites for the award of “Best Actress” this year. Joe also expressed his support: “I believe that her chances for winning the award are very high, because her performance in the series was very good.” And who will be the “Best Actor” then? Joe immediately replied with a smile: “Me! Haha, how can an artist not have self-confidence?”

After he finished shooting “Maiden’s Vow”, Joe took half a year of vacation. The first series he will be working on after his vacation is the collaborated series between TVB and CCTV, namely the grand production “The Changing Times” which will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Hong Kong handover. The cast for this series is also very strong, besides Joe, it includes Damian Lau, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Michael Miu, Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu and Sheren Tang. Joe said: “I am very happy I can work together with all these artists. I have already cooperated several times with Ron and Charmaine, so I hope we will be able to create some new sparks!”


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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma highest odds in first voting

Preparations for the 39th TVB Anniversary are currently being made as the list of potential nominees were made public for the various awards. On the internet a poll voting has already started and the results are lead by the rumoured couple from “Maiden’s Vow” Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma for the awards of “Best Actress” and “Best Actor”. The competition for this TVB Anniversary is very fierce. Charmaine is leading with 138 votes over Sheren Tang’s 103 votes for “Best Actress”. However, Sheren is in first position for “My Favourite Character” with 106 votes compared to Charmaine’s 84 votes. It’s quite clear that the differences between the two of them are very small. Both have the opportunities to turn their defeat in victories. Another hot favourite Myolie Wu only received 11 votes as of now. The reason is that “Lush Fields, Happy Times” hasn’t broadcasted yet and thus the votes have been quite low.

Strengthening force to defeat Raymond Lam
For the award of “Best Actor”, originally Raymond Lam was leading with his series “La Femme Desperado”. However, Joe caught up with him and has received 62 votes compared to Raymond’s 55 votes. Joe also obtained 73 votes and is the temporarily winner of the award for “My Favourite Character.

With regards to the award for “Best Series”, “La Femme Desperado” received very successful ratings and is thus in first position with 130 votes. However the second, which is “Maiden’s Vow” only obtained 50 votes.

Not only does “Beautiful Cooking” have the highest ratings, but the online voting poll also reflects how popular this program is. No matter for the awards of “Most Creative Program” or “Best Variety Show” “Beautiful Cooking” has obtained the highest results. Originally, the host of “Beautiful Cooking”, Ronald Cheng, was leading the award for “Best Program Host”, but he has been overtaken by Sammy from “15/15” with 86 votes compared to Ronald’s 84 votes.

Bowie Lam’s four favourites
Asked Charmaine about this matter, she replied happily: “If these results also appear at the anniversary then it will be very good. However, it’s still too early to tell now. I hope that the internet community will continue to support me with actions, therefore my confidence is growing. Two of my series have been nominated, I will be happy with whichever series that wins.”

In addition, one of the contestants for “Best Actor” Bowie Lam is also focusing on the intense competition for the “Best Actress”. His favourites includes Sheren, Charmaine, Gigi Lai and Ada Choi. However, he didn’t mention the other hot favourite Myolie. He explained that Myolie’s series hasn’t been broadcasted yet, so he doesn’t know how her performance is. Therefore he doesn’t dare to make any judgements yet.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Roger Kwok cooperates for the first time with Jess Zhang in “春蠶織夢”

The forty-episodes comedy series “春蠶織夢”, set in the Man Chor period, will soon be broadcasted. This series has a very strong cast including Liu Xiao Qing, Mainland’s most gentle female Jess Zhang and Hong Kong’s ‘thousand faces siu sang’ Roger Kwok. This is also the first TV collaboration between Jess and Roger, they will portray an ill-fated pair of lovers. They will experience several partings and reunions, but in the end they will overcome all their difficulties and continue their road together.

It is said that the scenery in this series is exquisite as they filmed in the ancient town Huangyou at the city of Hezhou in Guanxi. The drama team stayed over three months in Guanxi. Roger expressed that he was very satisfied as he was allowed to have eight hours of sleep daily. Not only did he sleep early and rise early, but he gave up on tea with milk and changed to drinking yoghurt now. I eat muesli and fruit form an important portion currently. My entire person feels healthy now.

Jess laughed that in the beginning she thought there weren’t many stores in Guanxi. So she has prepared a big box with cleansing water, masks, make up and cup noodles. However, it turned out that there were many supermarkets, so she really regrets bringing all those stuff.

In regards with the three-months separation from their partners, both expressed that there isn’t any problem. Everyone knows this is work and they are all busy with their own work. After work they will phone each other or send text messages to exchange news.


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Friday, October 13, 2006

BES' Blabberings V...

Well, the job hunt has finished and I will be signing my contract on Wednesday. This also means that I can dedicate myself to my blog again instead of writing numerous covering letters and preparing answers for possible interview questions. The good thing about the job is that I don’t have to start until 1st November which means that I still have about two weeks of vacation left. Hurray!

I might be going on a short trip next week though, but nothing is certain yet. In the meantime, I have two other reviews that I would like to share with you.

Safe Guards
"His (Steven Ma) whole attitude just oozes confidence, intelligence and determination. His deep voice conveys enough authority to keep one listening to him. Emotional scenes were portrayed with such power that he literally overshadows every other character in the same scene."

Strike at Heart
"You would
ve thought that after playing these kind of characters for so long, she (Charmaine Sheh) would have enough practice."

Hope you enjoy them!

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Chilam Cheung filming a movie: safety first

The movie “Crouching Tiger” will be released on the 26th of this month, but the premiere will be held this coming Monday evening. One of the male leads is Chilam Cheung. Although he is currently busy filming a series in the Mainland, but that evening he will return to Hong Kong to attend the premiere.

In the “Crouching Tiger”, Chilam will take on an evil role for the first time. One of the scenes tells that Francis Ng hits him on the head with a baseball bat. For safety reasons, they have been rehearsing this scene many times before the actual shooting. Chilam said that he will soon become a father, therefore he will put safety first. As his girlfriend Anita Yuen is heavily pregnant now, he doesn’t want to worry her too much.

Source: Takungpao

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Takuya Kimura: “Me again? Can it really be like that?”

Voted as ‘Most Favourite Japanese Artist’ for the thirteenth time consecutively
The thirteenth time. Takuya Kimura has been voted as ‘The Most Popular and Favourite Artist of the Year’ in Japan. Thirteen years is definitely not a short period, especially in the fast evolving entertainment world. It could be considered as a feeling of forever. However, there is only one Takuya Kimura in Japan. No matter how you look at it, this isn’t really a matter worth rejoicing about.

Him again, even he thinks it is strange
The newest edition of the Japanese female fashion magazine “an·an” came out yesterday. In this edition, the magazine has printed its yearly ranking – the voting for ‘The Most Favourite Male Artist of the Year’. As predicted yet still surprising, Takuya Kimura came out first. He is already leading this ranking for the thirteenth following year. Votes were received through the magazine, the internet and post cards. There were in total 15 409 votes of which more than the half 7723 were given to Takuya Kimura. This has definitely earned him the right to sit at the throne of the ranking. However, previously almost the entire media was reporting that Takuya Kimura’s popularity was waning. Moreover, the TV ratings and box office results of his recent series and movies were only average. Even Takuya Kimura himself feels awkward by this ‘great honour’. Yesterday, he attended a promotional function of a certain saloon car of which he is the spokesperson. After he was informed by the reporters of his first position, he suspiciously asked them in return: “It is me again? Is that possible?”

Manga culture, Japan doesn’t have a mega star anymore
In the “an·an” voting of the ‘Most Favourite Male Artists of 2006’ the popular group SMAP also received an honourable position. The captain of this group Masahiro Nakai became third with 5271 votes. Other members Shingo Katori and Inagaki Goro respectively took the eighth and ninth place. What is more important, Takuya Kimura, who took the first place, is also a member of SMAP. This means that from the five-member group SMAP, four members are listed in the top ten of ‘The Most Favourite Male Artists of 2006’.

For SMAP, this is a worthy and proud result. However, for the Japanese entertainment circle, this is certainly not a good result. SMAP was established in 1988 with the eldest members Takuya Kimura and Masahiro Nakai born in 1972. The youngest member Shingo Katori was born in 1977 – one could only conclude that they aren’t very young anymore. In addition, the top ten also includes Masaharu Fukuyama, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Satosi Tsumabuki. They are also ‘seniors’ in the Japanese entertainment circle with many years’ of experience. Perhaps their popularity could be supported in Japan. But if one look broader, to the Asian market, all these artists have already passed or are nearing their expiry date. Doesn’t Japan have newcomers anymore? A senior editor pointed out: “Actually, every year Japan has newcomers, but they all just don’t become popular outside our country. The reason is that the Japanese entertainment world has become more and more involved with the manga phenomenon in recent years. Nearly all the TV series are adaptations of mangas. The actors are all very young. Their fans are usually the Japanese youth. Japan doesn’t have such a popular big star as Takuya Kimura, who appeals to all countries and all ages, anymore.”

Hallyu wave, how about the ‘Japanese wave’ with Takuya Kimura
The mature direction of the Korean entertainment world form a big and sharp contrast with the Japanese entertainment world, which focuses on beauty and young audiences. Take South Korea’s hottest star of the moment, Rain, for example. This celebrity, born in the eighties of the previous century, only made his debut a few years ago. No matter in singing, movies or TV series, he focuses on the entire Asian market as well as the international market. With his diverse work, he is trying to please the female audiences from eight till eighty years old. Nowadays, he has became the representative example of the Asian entertainment world for the people in Hollywood. In addition, the new old Korean stars Bae Yong Jun, Song Seung Hun and Jo In Sung have initiated the strong Hallyu wave. They have successfully entered the Asian market, including Japan, and thus filled in the vacant positions of mega stars. Ultimately, even if Takuya Kimura was even stronger, he could only rely on the ‘Japanese wave’ to stand aside.

Two days earlier, the Hallyu wave had a frontal confrontation with the ‘Japanese wave’ – the Korean star Kwon Sang Woo was seen meeting up with female wannabes in Japan. The Japanese media labelled him as ‘fooling around with girls drunkenly’. To this negative news, the introverted Kwon Sang Woo clarified painfully: “I wish I could disappear into the earth”. The Korean media immediately retaliated that this was an attack of the Japanese media to counter the Hallyu wave. The Japanese media defends their own entertainment circle that there is nothing to criticize about. The ‘Japanese wave’ is so oppressed by the Hallyu wave that it doesn’t have any space to stand. If the star structure won’t be redeveloped and the focus direction isn’t changed thoroughly, even Takuya Kimura would be forgotten by the Asian people in two years.


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