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To Grow with Love

Plot summary

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Myolie Wu – Ho Mei Tien

24 years

Occupation: D-Day sales woman/ wedding planner

Personality: Carefree and open, every time she encounters some unhappy events she will face them optimistically, vigorously seeking for solutions. She is good-hearted as she helps others enthusiastically, moreover she doesn’t argue and isn’t afraid to suffer losses. Regarding love, she has a lot of expectations. She believes that love is only based on communication and it only has a palpitated feeling, nothing else. She also believes that one day she will meet her perfect partner.

Andy Hui – Dai Hei

33 years

Occupation: Owner of a renowned fashion brand

Personality: His outer appearance is proud and calm. He also depends on his own intelligence and hard work. He will work passionately and worked his way up from rags to riches. In the fashion world, he made great positive results quickly. He established his own brand ‘D-Day’. In a few years, it became the most popular brand in the city. Because of this, he is very confident of himself and self-centered.

Claire Yiu – Song Man Yi

28 years

Occupation: Fashion chain store transport manager

Personality: Intelligent and graceful, frank and straightforward, initiative and decisive, clear and pure mentality. Very stubborn and persistent towards ‘beauty’. She will always maintains a perfect appearance. A very conscientious pursue towards health and beauty. However, she doesn’t accept to be recognized as a ‘vase’ by others. She wants to show her ability through her work. She is also very ambitious and career-minded. With regards to love, she is also very calculative. When choosing a partner, she will pay attention to his personality and future. A very initiative attitude and she will forge ahead.

Selena Li – Kwok Bo Lok

24 years

Occupation: Wedding dress company business clerk

Personality: Very loyal, very generous towards friends, a quick spender. She handles love the same way she manages a business. For her, meeting boyfriends is like an investment. She often plays with her suitors like they are shares. She believes that when they are compatible, then they should be together. If not, they should break up. However, she still longs for a happy marriage and hopes to live with her lover till death.

Jack Wu – Lam Koon Hei

26 years

Occupation: Rich son of a restaurant owner

Personality: Sluggish, likes to escape from reality, not willing to accept defeat, only knows how to seek pleasure. As he is fat, he feels inferior. Because of his inferiority complex, he also turns very arrogant. He often boasts and puts up a rich kid attitude. All day long, he stays inside the restaurant and rejects contact with the outside world. To avoid being teased by others, he often makes the first move and ridicule the others. In the end, he is labelled as ‘bad mouth’. As he wasn’t successful in his education, he turned to food and after many practice, he finally became a good chef.

Gigi Wong – Yeung Sau Laan

Over 40 years

Occupation: Owner of a flower shop

Personality: Emphasizes outer appearance, she dresses appropriately with an attractive outward appearance. Because of her focus on work, she often does several things at the same time and thus lack household skills. Therefore she hires hourly workers to take care of her household. Although she is the owner of a flower shop, she isn’t very good in business management. She doesn’t understand the methods of business management, so she has lost a lot of money. She has many debts and poor finances. Every time she is short of money, she will become very petty with others. She appears to be conservative, but she is actually a love expert.

Eddie Kwan – Cheung Yat Ming

Over 40 years

Occupation: Business man

Personality: Heroic, competent, bold and views people in a small way. Wallowed in the business world for many years, very informed and experienced. He treats people with a kind face, yet cruel heart. He appears to be amiable, tolerant, smooth and even suave. However, he likes to have the controlling power and handles business matters cruel and merciless. When you are in his bad books, he will not know you. Flirty and romantic. If he encounters true love, he will give his heart completely.

Chun Wong – Ho Nim Heung

Over 50 years

Occupation: Philippine rubber king

Personality: Because he is fat since his childhood, he is often being teased by others. Therefore he doesn’t have much self-confidence. Fortunately, he is carefree and simple as he knows how to comfort and open up himself. At home, he is a satisfied and filial son. After his marriage, he is an obedient and forgiving good husband. He is also a responsible and good-hearted father for his children. With his optimism, he isn’t afraid to suffer losses. However this is rather a disadvantage for his business.

Ram Tseung – Dai Fu (Albert)

39 years

Occupation: General manager of fashion company

Personality: Solid and introverted, easy-going and loyal, aloof from the world. Clumsy with words, he doesn’t know how to express himself. He also lacks opinion and he is easily manipulated by others. He is carefree by nature and not afraid to suffer losses. Diligent and hard-working. He also has a lot of experience in the fashion world and thus accumulated many important relations.

Natalie Wong – Lau Ka Man

30 years

Occupation: Fashion shop manager

Personality: Amiable, friendly and all-round perfect. Her working ability isn’t truly remarkable, but she understands to make it up with hard work. Earnest and responsible, she also earns the approval of her bosses Dai Hei and Dai Fu in the company. She appears to have no opinion, but she actually knows her position. She doesn’t have many friends. Therefore she will bury her heart affairs deep inside her and she will not easily reveal her emotions in front of others.

Matthew Ko – Cheung Man Chun (Joe)

24 years

Occupation: Successor of the family business

Personality: Kind-hearted, impulsive, rebellious towards family members and hates business life. His hobbies are arts and sports. He is also very active. He is also very emotional. In order to contend against his family, he acts solitarily.

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