Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gigi Lai to become a sassy spinster

Yesterday Gigi Lai and Ray Lui attended a promotional function in Panyu, Guangzhou as ribbon-cutting guests. Thanks to her TVB series, Gigi has received more opportunities to earn money in the Mainland. Besides performing on stage, she also cut ribbons for many new businesses. Her work opportunities increased into the north due to the good responses of her broadcasted series “War and Beauty” and “The Charm Beneath” in the Mainland. Her biggest goal is to make the entire country a place for her to earn money. She plans to buy a flat building with her future money.

Gigi’s greatest investment was to support her brother’s studies financially. Currently his dermatology practice is going very well. In the past, she went with a skin allergy to his practice, but because there were too many patients she couldn’t jump the queue. Gigi joked that now her brother’s business succeeded, it is time for him to repay her. Although her brother has urged her to retire early, but she likes the satisfaction of performing too much. She also joked that her chances of finding a partner became dimmer and dimmer. Therefore, she will have to become a sassy spinster whose brother’s girlfriend will have to be approved by her first.

Ray Lui is currently shooting the movie “Breaking through the Army” directed by Wilson Yip. However, he complained of a slow filming process which disrupts his work routine. He said that they have scheduled five days to film for “Breaking through the Army”, but in the end they only worked one day. As he has to shoot the TV series “Vietnamese King” soon, he feels really helpless because his time is tied up by “Breaking through the Army” yet they aren’t filming.

Source: Mingpao

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