Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kenix Kwok: "Frankie Lam is my singing master"

Kenix Kwok has always appeared with the status of TVB’s big sister on the television screen. Recently, she showed her singing often at CCTV’s big gala. Although she was singing songs from others, her popularity is still very high. She has thus obtained the recognition and approval of the audience and the sponsors.

Before accepting the interview from the reporter, Kenix expressed that she liked to sing a lot. She would often sing karaoke with Frankie Lam at home, however she had never underwent any training for it. Her only singing teacher has been Frankie. Kenix expressed modestly that she approached singing as an amateur. But Frankie is very skilled in it. At the moment, he is preparing his new album. Everyone will be able to enjoy his singing skills soon.

Earlier, Frankie and Kenix attended a function in the Mainland. On stage, Frankie also sang the songs “The Invisible Wings” (by Angela Zhang) and “Goodbye Kiss” (by Jackie Cheung). The audience seemed to be very appreciative of it. At the contract signing ceremony for their new boss, Frankie sang “The Invisible Wings” and brought the release conference to a high atmosphere.


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