Thursday, November 23, 2006

Steven Ma aiming at the throne of the ‘king of ratings’

With his character Sheung Chi in “Safe Guards”, Steven Ma took home the TVB award for ‘My Most Favourite Character’. His acting skills were recognised by the audience. 2006 is the year that Steven has obtained the best result in his acting career.

Regarding his good results in 2006, Steven said: “This is definitely the best reward! My colleagues and producer were also very happy for me. I will definitely hold a celebration dinner. It will be celebrated with my co-stars and producer from “Safe Guards” as it was this series that gave me an award. However, I will continue to do my best and hopefully I will receive another award next year!” He frankly said he would like to know how it’s like to win the “Best Actor” award. He will set this as his goal. It is another case whether he would succeed or not. It is the most important that he has this initiative. Asked him whether his return to TVB was a correct decision, Steven said: “I considered for half a year. I have talked many times with Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang. Seeing TVB’s sincerity, my confidence in the company grew. In the end, it proofed that my choice wasn’t wrong. I am really grateful for their support as well as the company’s!”

Doesn’t believe that Kevin Cheng’s win was fixed
After the awards ceremony, there was many noise that it was fixed. All of these were pointed at the “Best Actor” Kevin Cheng. However, dark horse Steven wasn’t among them. He reasoned calmly: “Kevin and I are fellow apprentice-brothers. He entered this business a half year before me. I am very happy to see him obtain such a result. Throughout the whole ceremony, some people will be very joyful and others will be disappointed. The most important thing is to obtain the audience’s approval and recognition. Some things will pass very quickly. I understand very well that they have done a lot of hard work at that time. They can only continue their hard work.”

Hoping to release an album again
Talking about the projects for next year, Steven hopes to record another album again. However, he will not anticipate any award for it. He is aware that he is no longer a singer. This kind of awards is better if it stayed with real singers. Steven said: “If I have the opportunity, I would like to try shooting a movie. However, I have a lot of series lined up next year. I will be switching from modern series to ancient series and back again.”

Source: TVB Chinese News Collection

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