Sunday, November 12, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 14

When Nim Heung woke up in hospital, he immediately wanted Mei Tien to apologize to Ka Fai. Because Mei Tien doesn’t want to hurt Ka Fai even more, she sticked with her own decision. However, Nim Heung perseveres in wanting Mei Tien to marry Ka Fai, so Sau Laan took Mei Tien away. Nim Heung didn’t have a clue how to explain it to Ka Fai’s parents, so he cut of their father-daughter ties. Mei Tien was very scared and begged Nim Heung to forgive her, but he actually fiercely slapped her.

Mei Tien cried all night and in the morning, she prepared a huge breakfast in the hope that her father will calm down. Unfortunately, Nim Heung announced in front of everyone that he has adopted Candy as his daughter and emphasized again that they don’t have any ties anymore. Sau Laan tried to reason with Nim Heung, but he got angry and disappeared. He wouldn’t listen to anyone. Nim Heung has invited all the neighbours, but Sau Laan also took Mei Tien with her to the drink. In the end, everyone decided to take Sau Laan’s side. It made Nim Heung terminate the adoption. But it turned out that this was all Sau Laan’s plan to allow him to not lose face. Unfortunately, in the end all efforts were wasted. Mei Tien felt really helpless, so she threw herself into her work. However, because she was labelled a runaway bride, nobody asked her for help. Therefore, she was scolded by her manager.

To avenge Mei Tien running away from their marriage, Ka Fai wanted her to continue follow up her own wedding plan. He even wanted Mei Tien to find him a suitable bride. In order to satisfy Ka Fai’s requests and standards, Bo Lok asked for the help of Koon Hei’s female friends. He was very displeased with it, so Bo Lok apologised to him. Ka Fai was not content with all the candidates. Like Dai Hei, Ka Fai also made a wedding dress and he requested Mei Tien to wear it.

Source: TVB

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