Sunday, November 12, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 15

Seeing her wedding photos for the first time, Bo Lok couldn’t bear to look at them and she couldn’t help feeling extremely sad. Because of this, Ka Fai discovered that Bo Lok is also quite cute. Bo Lok agreed on a condition with Ka Fai: if she manages to gain weight till Ka Fai’s standards, then she will become his wife. When Bo Lok was eating a lot in restaurant Sam to increase her weight, she found out there that Koon Hei had pneumonia because he shielded her from the rain. However, she hided this in order to not let Lam Sam know. Bo Lok then visited Koon Hei with Candy and even made Candy leave jealously.

Bo Lok received from Ka Fai’s parents a black golden card as a present and felt her dreams will come true. When Ka Fai’s parents proposed to meet her parents, she said that they have already passed away. However, the truth is that they have already divorced a long time and she didn’t know where they were. Bo Lok hoped that Mei Tien and Nim Heung will attend her wedding together and invited the two of them for dinner in the hope that they will make up. But at the same time, Man Chun suddenly appeared and expressed his love for Bo Lok. This made Bo Lok doubt and everyone understood then that she didn’t earnestly wanted to marry Ka Fai. Once again, it was Sau Laan who had arranged this all. She told Bo Lok the words that Mei Tien used for her good friends. This made Bo Lok misunderstood that Mei Tien was jealous of her, it made her dislike her.

At the wedding rehearsal, Ka Fai suddenly went missing and Bo Lok became worried that she wouldn’t succeed in marrying a rich guy, so she vented out her frustrations on Mei Tien. It turns out that Ka Fai went to the Philippines to seek Dai Hei who was there for business. He wanted Dai Hei to promise him to look after Mei Tien. Dai Hei rejected his request and told him that he successfully asked Man Yi to marry him. After Ka Fai returned to Hong Kong, he discovered that he still couldn’t let go of Mei Tien. In the end, he asked Mei Tien to cancel his wedding for him. She really felt awkward and difficult.

Source: TVB

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