Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 16

As Bo Lok didn’t succeed in marrying, she went off to a park and cried bitterly. Koon Hei became the one whom she vented out all her frustrations, however he didn’t complain at all. Ka Fai’s parents and Nim Heung saw that Mei Tien and Ka Fai were doing things their own way, so they angrily returned to the Philippines. Bo Lok forced Mei Tien to move out and Sau Laan immediately arranged for her to stay at the roof apartment. At the office, manager Chu wanted to fire Mei Tien. However at the same time, Man Yi requested Mei Tien to be her wedding planner.

Sau Laan told this matter to Ka Fai who questioned Dai Hei about it. It was only then that Dai Hei knew Man Yi asked Mei Tien for help. Mei Tien understood that Man Yi was actually trying her out, so in front of everyone she expressed that Dai Hei and her is already history. Therefore she joyfully accepted this wedding preparation. Mei Tien felt really happy knowing that Dai Hei’s large clothing line was completed smoothly. Man Yi and Dai Hei invited Mei Tien to be a model. Sau Laan told Mei Tien that this was a good opportunity to vindicate all fat people and Mei Tien complied. After Bo Lok lost her man and job, she didn’t have anything to do all day. She wanted Man Chun to accompany her to have fun. Man Chun arranged for her to work at D-Day and she became Mei Tien’s image consultant. At work, Bo Lok was always complicating things for Mei Tien. Dai Hei couldn’t endure her attitude any longer and said that Ka Fai has once sought him. Because of this, Bo Lok and Mei Tien became friends again.

D-Day’s large clothing line came on the market and was met with criticism from its picky clients. They said that fat people wearing these clothes looked unattractive and even said that they could better asked a pig to be a model rather than Mei Tien. Dai Hei especially followed her out to comfort her. Mei Tien was very happy with Dai Hei’ s transformation and told him that she will do her best to organise his wedding. Because of her busy work schedule, Man Yi asked Mei Tien to substitute her at her wedding rehearsal. Dai Hei was starting to get doubts seeing Mei Tien’s joyous face.

Source: TVB

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