Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 17

Sau Laan saw Mei Tien working hard on Dai Hei’s wedding and unexpectedly told her to snatch back Dai Hei. Mei Tien opposed. Bo Lok still couldn’t forget about Man Chun and she took the opportunity to express her love for him again. However, she was once again rejected by him. Because Dai Hei requested his wedding will be held at D-Day, Mei Tien feared that she would hinder him in his work during the day. Therefore she especially inspected the location during the evening and she happened to meet Dai Hei who was doing late work.

Man Yi returned to Hong Kong from her business trip and mentioned that the response to the large clothing line wasn’t very ideal in South-East Asia. Yat Nim and Man Yi both agreed to stop the production, but Dai Hei continued stubbornly. Dai Hei’s work didn’t go smoothly and took out the pictures of Mei Tien trying on clothes to look at. At the same time, Mei Tien text messaged him which made Dai Hei have an inexplicably warm feeling. A magazine published the rumours between Dai Hei and Mei Tien. Dai Hei thought that it was part of Yat Nim’s publicity plan, but didn’t think that it was actually arranged by Man Yi. Dai Hei was shaken up by the words of Yat Nim and Dai Fu. Sau Laan believed that the timing is right and organised an opportunity for the two to meet. However, she was scolded by Mei Tien for stirring up trouble, so Sau Laan left indignantly.

Dai Hei suddenly ‘woke up’ and sent a text message to Man Yi saying “sorry”. Man Yi’s heart sank deeply upon seeing it. The Dai family understood that Dai Hei had Mei Tien in his heart and intentionally made Mei Tien read his diary to understand him. Dai Hei told her the truth and Mei Tien was so touched that she started crying. Out of rage, Sau Laan locked herself at home. Lam Sam was worried and visited her with food. Koon Hei said he didn’t mind having her as his stepmother.

Source: TVB

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