Sunday, November 19, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 18

By the sunflowers, Dai Hei expressed to Mei Tien that they will face all problems together. When Man Yi knew that Dai Hei wanted to break up with herself, she pretended to be casual and elegant about it in front of them. Man Yi had one request when Dai Hei broke up with her which is that he gave up D-Day’s large clothing line. As soon as Yat Nim learned about this matter, he expressed his love for Man Yi but was actually rejected by her. She also said that at the moment she only has her dignity and career left.

When Sau Laan found out that Mei Tien’s dream came true, he wanted Dai Hei to buy all the flowers in the shop for his girlfriend. In the end, Mei Tien was fired and Sau Laan allowed her to open her own company as a wedding planner called “Fei Tien Hei See”. Because of sickness, Ka Fai was admitted to the hospital again. When Mei Tien and Dai Hei visited him together, Ka Fai wanted to pursue Mei Tien again. Mei Tien didn’t oppose against Ka Fai’s persistence and allowed him 24 hours to express his sincerity. In order to move Mei Tien, Ka Fai has committed himself fully to help her construct her company. He didn’t force her to date him at all. Although Mei Tien is deeply grateful, she also let him know that some things can’t be forced. Understanding it, Ka Fai finally gave up.

Seeing the two of them so happily, Nim Heung urged them to get married. Dai Hei wished to have some beautiful memories of his dating period with Mei Tien. Therefore, he put down his work for a while and went on a 24 hours date marathon with Mei Tien. In a restaurant, the two of them encountered Dai Hei’s colleagues and Mei Tien made a fool of herself in front of them. On the other hand, Man Yi thought that Dai Hei was too influenced by love so he couldn’t focus on his work anymore. Yat Nim took this opportunity to instigate it.

Source: TVB

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