Sunday, November 19, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 19

Koon Hei saw that Lam Sam is especially caring towards Sau Laan. When he had clarified Lam Sam’s intention, Bo Lok and he encouraged Lam Sam to pursue Sau Laan. Man Chun saw that Yat Nim wanted to pursue Man Yi. Therefore he took Yat Nim to Sau Laan’s flower shop to ask her for advice on the best pursuing method. Bo Lok told Lam Sam to organise a mysterious and romantic wedding to obtain Sau Laan’s favour.

Mei Tien wanted to attend Dai Hei’s fashion contest with the best figure, so she took up boxing as a way to lose weight. However, she couldn’t sustain it and fainted. Ka Fai requested that they should lose weight together, therefore they could look after each other. Yat Nim allowed the whole company to know that he was pursuing Man Yi and Dai Hei even expressed that he didn’t mind. On the other hand, Yat Nim and Man Yi were still opposed to the fact that Dai Hei wanted to continue his large clothing line. Yat Nim even proposed a bet with Dai Hei’s shares as the stake. If the sales of the large clothing line failed, then Dai Hei will give all his shares to Man Yi and resign. Dai Hei quickly accepted the bet. In order to guarantee her career, Man Yi privately discussed with Yat Nim to promote the designs of a new person as an assurance.

At a rare opportunity for Dai Hei and Mei Tien to meet up, Dai Hei ordered a lot of delicious food for her. However, Mei Tien secretly ordered the food as take-away to give it to Ka Fai. Seeing Mei Tien suffering so much, Ka Fai told her to bite in her own arm and pretend it to be steak. Koon Hei wanted Lam Sam to give Sau Laan flowers. Although Lam Sam is afraid of embarrassment, but in the end he used a mysterious, anonymous identity to send her flowers.

Source: TVB

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