Sunday, November 19, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 20

With hard work, Mei Tien has finally slimmed down a bit. She also told Koon Hei that this kind of sacrifice for love is worth it. Koon Hei also discovered that he had fallen in love with Bo Lok. Wong Ting and his wife were seeking for Mei Tien’s help as they wanted her to help the Dai family to sew clothes. It turned out that Man Yi was trying to prevent Dai Hei from participating the fashion contest. Therefore she has reassigned all workers to help the new designer.

During all the confusion, Mei Tien appeared to help Dai Hei. However, Dai Hei was afraid that he will blurt out about the bet to her and made her worry. Mei Tien felt very happy knowing that Dai Hei insisted on continuing the large clothing line because of her. She even started imagining the wonderful scene with her successfully slimmed down figure. It turned out that Man Yi used this to strike Dai Hei and thus made him give up and leave D-Day. However, she didn’t foresee that Mei Tien was able to cheer Dai Hei up again. A market study revealed that Dai Hei had fifty percent chance of winning. Therefore Man Yi cold-heartedly used her last weapon. Sau Laan discovered that Mei Tien was eating slimming pills in order to help herself lose weight and was unable to restrain herself from scolding Mei Tien. Ka Fai came to her defence and Mei Tien was so moved that she started crying. He also used this opportunity to tell her that he was actually her most ideal partner.

Man Yi intentionally told Mei Tien the wrong news and even informed her of the ongoing bet. She even requested Mei Tien to stop Dai Hei continuing this bet. When Mei Tien visited Dai Hei, they had a huge row about it and Mei Tien fainted. It was only then that Dai Hei found out that Mei Tien was losing weight for him. Mei Tien didn’t want Dai Hei to lose his career and thus gave him a hard time. Ka Fai proposed to Mei Tien to return to the Philippines for a while to rethink things.

Source: TVB

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