Sunday, November 19, 2006

To Grow with Love episode 21 [The End]

Mei Tien was imagining that Dai Hei was taking her away like Ka Fai, but it was only a dream. She then received a text message from Dai Hei saying that he was waiting for her at the company. However it turned out to be a lie from Ka Fai. Mei Tien told Ka Fai that she didn’t want Dai Hei to lose everything because of her. Ka Fai suggested that Mei Tien send a text message to Dai Hei to let him know that she is returning to the Philippines. Because of this, Ka Fai sent about twenty text messages to him, but he didn’t respond to any of them. Mei Tien left disappointedly.

Bo Lok questioned Lam Sam why Koon Hei had been missing for a certain period. Lam Sam said that his son went to Africa to visit Candy. Bo Lok let it sink in slowly, but jealously as well. She wasn’t even interested when Man Chun suddenly appeared. Man Chun continued to help Koon Hei prepare a secret wedding, he even asked Sau Laan to organise all the flowers for ‘Yat Nim’s wedding’. Sau Laan committed herself fully for this big job. On the day of the wedding, she saw Lam Sam arriving in formal clothing which surprised Sau Laan a lot. Throughout the wedding, Bo Lok didn’t see Koon Hei and felt sad. With the help of Man Chun, Koon Hei unexpectedly arrived with a slim body! Koon Hei even expressed that he lost weight entirely because of Bo Lok and immediately proposed to her.

After Sau Laan learned the truth, she was furious. Lam Sam saw the expression on her face and immediately hid away. Dai Hei successfully participated in the fashion contest and even obtained large orders. Man Yi generously accepted her defeat. However, Dai Hei couldn’t share his success with Mei Tien. The only thing he could do, was to write it all down in his diary. In the Philippines, Mei Tien sat there alone watching the sunset but…

Source: TVB

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